Current Jewelry Trends Winter 2019

One of the most popular jewelry trends for winter 2019 is art-inspired pieces. Whether it’s a pair of statement earrings or a bold necklace, art-inspired jewelry can make any outfit look more interesting and modern.

Bold colors and unusual shapes add a boost of style to any ensemble, and you can easily dress up or dress down the look with one simple piece of jewelry. Look for designer-made pieces with intricate details for extra impact, or go for handmade styles for something truly unique.

The minimalistic trend is also popular this season – simple designs that feature clean lines and subtle colors are perfect for day-to-day styling. A dainty necklace in gold or silver is a timeless classic, while delicate bracelets with subtle embellishments add just the right amount of sparkle to your look.

Minimalistic jewelry can also be stacked up to create a more edgy effect without looking too busy, so be sure to check out all of your options before making your final pick.

Don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry pieces as well. Large hoops, chunky necklaces, and oversized cuffs in unexpected materials are key elements in this trend – think gold hoops emblazoned with semi circle shells or cuffs made from natural wood and jute fibers. Contrasting designs fit perfectly into today’s fashion landscape and create fascinating accents within an outfit – no matter what you end up wearing.

Conclusion: These are only some of the current winter 2019 jewelry trends that have been taking over the fashion world by storm – from art inspired looks to minimalistic styles to statement pieces, you can find something that fits each style you wish to embrace. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or simply adding an accessory to your weekend wardrobe, now is a great time to take advantage of all the stunning options available.

Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is the hottest trend this winter season, just as it is consistently throughout all the seasons. Gold jewelry has been around since ancient times and since then, it has never gone out of style. In today’s fashion climate, gold jewelry is making a huge comeback due to its standout look and refined elegance.

When picking gold jewelry for the winter season, there are various options and styles that one can choose from. Aside from classic yellow gold pieces, modern trends have included sophisticated white gold accented with diamonds and precious stones to create elegant designs.

Rose hues from rose gold are also making an appearance in many of the popular designs this season. Large statement pendants or collars with gradient details add a sense of glamour when layered over neutral tops or dresses for defined looks that are both bold-yet-soft at the same time.

Another trend for this upcoming winter involves combining different rings as well as bracelets together to make more interesting eclectic pieces every day on your own terms. Mixing subtle golden chains with pearls and monogrammed rings can help transition any everyday look into something more special without too much effort required.

It has never been easier to experiment with different combinations until you find your unique style that enhances your personality even further. With the right jewelry pieces by your side this upcoming season you can look effortlessly chic.

Statement Pieces

The winter of 2019 has brought about a surge of bold and eye-catching jewelry trends. Statement pieces have been all the rage this season, with daring designs being showcased by both established and emerging brands.

From bright colors to intricate details, statement jewelry has gained in popularity thanks to celebrities proudly wearing celebs such as chokers, cuffs, multi-finger rings and charm pendants. On runways for designers such as Chanel, Dior and Vera Wang have featured head-turning pieces that combine coins, chains and a punk feel to finish an outfit with edgy flare.

It is no secret that sporting statement jewelry can make your look stand out in any crowd. But it is important to know how to wear these loud accessories if you want them to truly shine. Take the time to choose one or two key items that express your personal sense of style – be it a headpiece, a pendant necklace or a stack of colorful rings.

It’s best to pair the statement piece with apparel that lets it stand out against a contrasted background such as black or white clothing, allowing the accessories to do all the talking. To complete your look you can add simple yet elegant hoop earrings for an understated added element that does not take away from your dynamic design piece.

It is safe to say that statement jewellery items are here to stay this season so go ahead and don’t be afraid of experimenting with new trends. Need more inspiration? Take advantage of Pinterest boards, magazines and blogs when deciding on what design would best suit you and make sure you stay up-to-date when it comes to fashion trends so that you can rock your accessory with confidence whenever you walk out the door.

Current Trends In Fashion Jewelry

Delicate and Minimal

Jewelry is making a statement this winter with delicate and minimal designs dominating the trend. From simple gems on thin filigree metals to nearly-invisible earrings, an understated aesthetic is Key. The rule of thumb for pulling off these styles is to be intentional with your accessories: make sure each piece works well with the others in order to create a complete look.

Pairing clean lines and static elements creates a modern look. Opt for thin but sturdy materials, like aluminium or steel, as they will stay timeless despite small details coming in and out of fashion. Try finding pieces that correspond in shape and texture to unify your design – think geometric shapes juxtaposed against organic curves.

This way it’s almost like you are creating a puzzle, where all the parts interact to form something greater than each individual component. Earrings can go small or large depending on how subtle or showstopping you would like your ensemble to be; just remember less is more when creating a minimalist look.

Colours range from neutrals such as gold and silver to poppy hues that pack a punch without taking away from the understated feel; even if it’s just one vibrant element contrasting the rest of your outfit, it will still shine through without feeling overwhelming. For ultimate simplicity consider using one metal throughout, avoid flashy stones and take time layering necklaces (each piece should be slightly different sizes).

Breaking up extravagant displays into more subtle ones carries more impact while still leaving room for interpretation. Regardless of what pieces you decide to rock this season, delicate and minimal jewelry designs are here to stay.

Layered Looks

One of the main trends in jewelry this winter is layered looks. Layered accessories can add variation and a unique touch to any outfit. With so many pieces of jewelry available in the market, it can be tough to decide which combinations are going to work together for maximum effect.

One way to start layering is by choosing several complementary metals and materials. For example, combining gold and silver chains can create an interesting contrast, or using pieces of jewelry made from leather or wood can add texture to an everyday look. This will also create a more versatile layering option allowing you to customize each look accordingly throughout the seasons.

Another popular approach for this season’s jewelry trend is pairing big statement pieces with delicate ones for a bold yet subtle combo. Big earrings, necklaces and bracelets can be paired with simpler items such as small pendants or tiny studs to frame the face in sophistication.

This allows you the versatility to play up different elements while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing balance between the two sizes of jewelry. Colorful gemstones like amethyst, peridot and citrine are also extremely popular this season when combined with classic metals like white gold or sterling silver for that bright winter glow.

Necklaces are one of the best ways to express personal style during this season’s layered look trend. A combination of several medium-sized necklaces will make for an eye-catching display that pulls your entire look together without compromising on either boldness or minimalism–a win/win situation.

Chains are always timeless as they come in all shapes, sizes and textures but this season crescent moons and astrological signs are set to reign supreme when combined with charms depicting stars, hearts or flowers placed across varying lengths of chain around your neckline.

Alternatively why not combine textured necklace designs featuring modern geometric forms blended alongside ancient symbols? The possibilities are endless.

Versatile Accessories

The 2019 winter season brings with it a unique selection of jewelry trends for people to enjoy. This includes the look of versatile accessories, which feature simple designs intended to be dressed up or down. Versatile accessories are easy to incorporate into day-to-day looks, allowing those wearing them to look stylish no matter the occasion. These pieces also differ from more formal jewelry items, as they come in smaller sizes and a variety of colors.

One great thing about these simple yet stylish accessories is that mix and match options exist in order to create an individualized look. This means that accessorizing becomes more like an art form that emanates ones own style and expression rather than following the herd.

Some popular combinations include hoop earrings paired with minimalistic necklaces or layered bracelets along with statement rings. The versatility factor allows wearers to create their very own accessory interpretation, making them even more special than traditional stands alone pieces of jewelry.

Current Handmade Jewelry Trends 2018 Fall

Another trend in winter 2019 is the use of charms and charms bracelets as a part of everyday wardrobe looks or alternative red carpet outfits. Charms are able to not only make fashion statements, but also tell stories through symbols held deep within one’s heart and soul. Often, charmed trinkets will be passed down from generation to generation and become heirlooms loved by many successive years of family members – adding sentimental value on top of visual appeal.


Pearls are one of the classic fashion staples and they have been a trend this winter season as well. One of the most popular trends this winter with pearls is to use them in statement-making chokers and layered necklaces. With modern, bold designs, these styles become an eye-catching accessory that adds a bit of fun/sparkle to any look.

The beauty of this trend is that it can also be interpreted in more classic ways, such as with single-strand or multi-strand pearl necklaces. No matter what style you choose, wearing pearls can instantly add understated elegance to any outfit.

Another recent trend with pearls has been to incorporate them into earrings for a unique spin on the classic style. Statement earrings made completely out of pearls or featuring pearl accents add an element of sophistication to any look without being overly flashy.

Pearl drops also make for great everyday options; simple pearl cable drops will give your ears an extra touch with minimal effort needed, and these styles come in various sizes so you can decide how low key or bold you’d like your earring look to be.

The last way we’ve seen pearls taking over this season is through some of our favorite rings styles – think colorful oversized pearls set against delicately crafted silver bands. This type of ring adds a bit of luxury and edge to any outfit while still being subtle enough that it won’t appear too loud or overwhelming. Additionally, colorful pearl rings can be arranged together into intricate and captivating sets upon which attention will immediately be drawn.

It’s clear that this winter seasonPearls will continue to reign as a timeless jewelry trend here in sunny California and around the world. We hope that with all these ideas, you’re inspired to wear your own unique interpretations of the classic pearl pieces for yourself.

Investment Pieces

Current jewelry trends for winter 2019 are focused on investment pieces. Instead of regularly updating the jewelry in your wardrobe each season, choosing designs that will remain resilient in both style and quality is the way to go. Chunky chain necklaces and earrings are some of the most popular items this season.

Whether they’re simple, elegant links or made with a variety of heavy metals and gems, these looks are always timeless and are sure to stand out among popular accessory trends. They can also be dressed up or down, making them extremely versatile no matter what type of outfit you need to put together.

Bracelets this winter can go a few different ways: whimsical charm bracelets and cuffs are perfect for adding a bit of personality to any outfit, while more classiclink bracelets with mainly metal accents bring sophisticated vibes. Both come in an array of golds, silvers and other precious metals – as well as lucite styles that bring vibrant color with every look.

Plus, when it comes time to take off them come summertime, lyour bracelet stack will stay protected since none are particularly seasonal hues or motifs.

Finally, rings top off your jewelry ensemble gracefully; from impossibly thin bands in multiple sizes that update minimalistic outfits without feeling too bulky-to oversized statement styles decorated with stones and mixed metals that stand out even against the coziest knitwear-there’s a ring design just right for any kind of aesthetic you’re looking achieve this season.

Be sure to shop around for pieces delivered straight from local designers or check out online sources such as Etsy or Farfetch for unique finds that perfectly complement each winter wardrobe look you put together.

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