Current Jewelry Trends Fall 2019

From statement earrings and sparkling necklaces to bold bangles, current jewelry trends for the fall of 2019 promise to make a statement. Fashion accessories allow you to build a signature look that suits your style and draw attention to your way of expressing yourself. With eye-catching jewelry pieces in creative shapes, unique color combinations, and fresh designs, it is no wonder that fashion is turning towards greater variation this season.

One trend dominating the market this fall is hoop earrings. Imbue any look with a touch of glamour by opting for contemporary hoops crafted from gold or silver, or channel your inner ’90s child with some classic circular hoops of varying sizes for an edgy twist on the must-have staple item.

If you like one-of-a-kind design details and want to express your individuality then consider stacking multiple hoops of different shapes and sizes when dressing up an outfit.

Another current jewelry trend promising to take over fall 2019 is big necklaces. Whether it’s an oversized locket or an afternoon outing – striking statement neckpieces can enhance a casual ensemble instantly.

Flattering layers, combinations of materials such as gold, silver and pearls, colorful stones and other dazzling embellishments can be seen among emerging necklaces style designs which will surely help you stand out at any event. While chunky pendants are in vogue right now, smaller versions have grown steadily popular due to their resurgence in vintage pieces recently redesigned by crafty jewelers to give wearers beautiful jewelry pieces with personal resonance as well as a fashionable finish.

Mixing metals has also become increasingly trendy lately for daring individuals who aren’t afraid to show off their creative side. Combining rose gold, silver and yellow gold layered together creates a bold statement for all ages that promises maximum attention.

Jewelry trends this season feature eclectic textures intertwined along arm cuffs or dainty rings combined with dramatic stone encrusted collars – making it easier than ever before to add styles from contrasting eras into one beautiful piece ideal for wearing every day or special occasions.

Statement Pieces

This Fall, statement jewelry pieces are the way to go when it comes to accessorizing your wardrobe. From chunky pieces to bold and eye-catching items, there’s a style for everyone. For those who like a more subtle look, classic gold or platinum necklaces with pendants and charms have been making an appearance in many fashion collections. For those who like something that’s a bit more out there, chunky gemstone rings are sure to outshine any outfit.

One of the most popular statement jewelry trends this Fall is wearing multiple rings on one finger, often combining various shapes, sizes and colors for an eclectic feel. Rings featuring malachite or agate stones have also been spotted on celebrities and fashionistas alike, making these stones must-haves for any Fall wardrobe.

Choker necklaces in gold or silver accentuating the necks of models during New York Fashion Week revealed that as far as necklaces go this season, the shorter they are the better. Single-strand chokers featuring colored gems remain all the rage while friendship bracelets offer an exciting new take on an old classic.

Natural materials such as 925 sterling silver remain highly sought-after among accessory aficionados especially if adorned with unexpected details like colorful stones or zodiac signs emblems set along delicate chains. Oversized flower earrings offer a classic yet modern touch to any ensemble while satin ribbon chokers give elegance styling a fresh boost.

XL hoop earrings in contrast colores can instantly create an edgy vibe and vintage-inspired designs blend wits intricate details for timeless stay chic look making them perfect for any evening gathering or night out with friends.


Jewelry trends this fall are looking to the natural world for inspiration. Women everywhere can make a connection with nature and express their love of the outdoors through jewelry pieces inspired by birds, flowers, and trees. From statement earrings to delicate necklaces adorned with beautiful cherries or hummingbirds, there’s something for everyone.

Not just limited to colors, birds, and trees either; other natural elements like stones and feathers are gaining favor for jewelry as well. Whether it’s a big statement piece or something more understated, these items will bring the best of nature into your wardrobe spectacularly.

However you decide to express your admiration of Mother Nature through her beautiful bounty in fashion form this fall is really up to you. An intricate and detailed flower necklace would add that pop of glamorous feminine sophistication day-to-day – perfect for when you want to show off your glam side without taking away from the gorgeous pieces you’re wearing underneath.

Or maybe a pair of colorful bird earrings would be more your style; pairs like hummingbird earrings set with dangly gold chains are both stunning and interesting – perfect for adding drama to any outfit.

But it doesn’t stop at predatory animals and fruit – elements such as stones have also become popular additions to jewelry pieces this fall season. Armlets or wristbands featuring beautiful stones in every variation including onyx, opal, moonstone and rose quartz will draw attention whatever the occasion – ideal for adding an edge or extra flair of fabulousness when needed most. And don’t forget the feathers; they made large appearances on runways everywhere this season.

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Perhaps it’s time to grab your own feathered jewels – perhaps earrings encrusted with gemstones in different colors of soft feathers? Whatever your preference is when it comes to nature-inspired jewelry pieces this fall season – make sure you take some extra time out for yourself searching for accessories that truly reflect who you are as a natural beauty inside and out.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric Jewelry is one of the hottest trends for Fall 2019. This jewelry is characterized by bold abstract shapes, which add an element of visual interest to any outfit. From free-flowing curves to angular points, geometric shapes can bring an extra bit of vibrancy to any ensemble. Women are pairing with both simple and intricate pieces from delicate necklaces to statement earrings.

Materials used to create geometric jewelry vary widely, ranging from metals and stones such as gold, brass and diamonds, to colorful resins and plastics. The kind of materials used will depend largely on the desired look of each piece. For those looking for more subtle pieces, organic shaped stones often prove best. While bigger statement pieces tend to use brighter colors and bolder geometries achieve a unique look that lifts any outfit.

Not limited only to accessories worn around one’s neck or wrists, geometric jewels can also be incorporated into everyday items such as handbags or even shoes like sneakers or high-heels All manner of things now feature technical styling; circles formed from loops in straps or three dimensional triangles clustered together form a great look.

Several fashion designers this past season have showcased collections comprised almost entirely of pieces featuring symmetrical geometrical shapes applied throughout their entire lines with many taking inspiration from ancient beliefs about order in nature itself.

For anyone looking for something with a bit more edge than traditional accessories, geometric jewels are certainly worth a shot.

Chunky Jewelry

This Fall 2019 season, add structure and balance to your look with jewelry pieces that make a statement. Chunky jewelry is one of the hottest trends of the season – bold hoops, bejeweled earrings and statement necklaces are making waves in fashion hangouts. Not only do these items provide a bold look, but will also earn you some serious style points from onlookers.

Bright Rose Gold: Romance Your Look With Soft Metallic Tones

Bright rose gold is another big trend for the Fall 2019 season. If you’re looking for an up-and-coming yet already popular trend this autumn, then opt for jewelry pieces in soft metallic tones. Pieces made from rose gold accents such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces will immediately add romance to any outfit.

Even if your wardrobe mainly consists of neutral colors, using rose gold accents will give it a touch of sophistication and femininity. These trendy pieces lend themselves well to both formal occasions as well as everyday looks so rest easy knowing you can wear them no matter the occasion.

Charm Power: Let Your Personality Shine with Charms Pendants

Another fashion favorite of the season is charm power. Charm pendants are great because they allow wearers to display their personality through what they wear on their bodies; the possibilities are infinite when it comes to personalizing charm necklaces or earrings. You can choose between classic symbols such as stars or hearts, or opt for more creative designs featuring animals or letters that spell out unique words like “love” or “grateful”.

No matter what message you want to send through your charms, you can easily express yourself with this trending jewelry trend for Fall 2019. Plus, who doesn’t love having something meaningful hanging around their neck?

Dainty Chains and Charms

The fall season means it’s time to start dressing in layers and there’s one jewelry trend that will make all the difference when putting together your look. Dainty chains and charms are having a moment this fall. This delicate combination of chains, layered necklaces and pendants dripping with feminine details is a subtle way for you to add a hint of glamour to any ensemble.

This trend is perfect for those who want to prove less is more when it comes to their accessories. Minimalistic looks can be easily achieved with these delicate pieces. From bar necklaces accented with a zirconia cubic encrusted dangle charm or a Cubic Double Key necklace proudly displaying two charming keys representing love and loyalty, these unique and modern pieces are perfect for someone looking for something different in their wardrobe this season.

Opting for dainty chains as opposed to bold statement jewelry not only gives you the opportunity to show off some personal style but also allows you to express yourself without being too ‘flashy’. Plus, these pieces work year-round a bomb for making the transition from summer tank tops into the cooler temperatures of Fall and Winter months easy even though the weather is cooling down your jewellery can stay hot.

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Overall, this trend can take an outfit from bland to glam so quickly – perfect for all occasions whether it be day or night – you can find something that works for look no matter what vibe you’re going for. And with plenty of options out there on offer its never been easier to mix prints, colours, textures and metals giving every outfit an effortless personality – So go ahead make your mark on whatever outfit you wear.

Colorful Accessories

The current jewelry trends for fall 2019 are all about embracing the power of color. For example, one trend that is becoming increasingly popular is shimmery rainbow jewelry. This can be seen everywhere from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings.

These pieces come in a variety of styles including stones, metals, acrylics, and more. Another fun way to add color to your jewelry collection is through bright colorful beads. From chunky necklaces to stacked bracelets, these pieces will definitely turn heads.

Layered Jewelry: Add Visual Interest with Layers of Jewelry Pieces

Another trend that has been dominating the runways this season is layered jewelry. Whether you’re looking for an edgy or delicate look, layers can provide that added bit of visual interest.

This could include multiple necklace layering made up of a mix of metals, charms and charms or even a combination of multiple necklace lengths; mixing thin and thick chains will instantly add dimension and drama to any look.

As far as layering bracelets go, there are endless possibilities when it comes to stacking them together – go bold by elevating gemstones in unison or deliberate by sticking with traditionally-shaped bangles in varying sizes – it’s always best to experiment until you get the perfect combination that compliments your style.

Statement Earrings: Wearing Eye Catching Earrings That Speak Volumes

For those who love making a statement with their jewelry pieces should consider statement earrings for fall 2019. With bold shapes like oversized hoops or scalloped rays giving off major impact on an outfit – these earrings are not just eye-catching but also speak volumes about your fashion-forward style.

If you’re looking for something slightly more subtle but still want the wow factor, then consider dainty designs such as feathers or trellising which provide plenty of movement while still adding plenty of glitz & glamour when paired with other accessories.
Adding colorful pieces, layers and statement earrings into your wardrobe this season will ensure you’re keeping up with all the latest trends while also making sure that you stand out against the crowd.


Layering jewelry is becoming a major trend this fall season as it allows individuals to customize their look in an easily accessible way. Layering pieces can create a unique and one-of-a-kind look. Whether you choose to layer dainty pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, or diamond stud earrings, layering jewelry can be the perfect way to express yourself.

The key to successful jewelry layering is choosing the right pieces. To begin with, pick out bold items that will compliment your outfit and make a statement. Adding delicate items in as accents helps provide contrast and balances out the entire look. Choosing different lengths of necklaces, types of chains and selecting various metals also helps when creating interesting combinations.

In addition, picking out statement pieces such as large and bold statement necklaces will give your ensemble the boost it needs. Indeed, larger color gemstones and glittery medallions are great ideas for delicate yet flamboyant jewelry looks. Lastly, anklets with multiple thin chains also add an element of uniqueness to any style.

When accessorizing edit your choices down to two or three pieces depending on the complexity of each individual item being used. Each piece should then be able to have its own unique identity shine through in order for everything to flow cohesively when put together in an ensemble.

The secret is not only picking items that have the same underlying theme but also complementary elements such as metal type, shapes, colors and textures which will allow them all come together nicely without any one single element overshadowing another piece in the process giving you a stylish personal fashion look at no cost.

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