Current Jewelry Trends 2021

As fashion and styles are constantly changing, so are the jewelry trends that accompany them. 2021 is no different. This year there has been a new focus on dainty statement pieces, making for a beautiful combination of statement-making with subtlety. Gold is still very popular right now, along with natural elements such as stones, crystals, and pearls. It’s important to mix these combinations in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming – less is more.

One of the biggest current jewelry trends this year is the layering of necklaces. By combining two or three delicate necklaces together of varying lengths, a unique layered look can easily be achieved. Wearing necklaces both longer and shorter than one another creates extra depth and dimension – plus it ensures none of your other accessories will overshadow the rest.

Another popular trend in 2021 has been mixing matte metals with shiny ones. You can mix different colors such as white gold with rose gold for an interesting variation in texture and color.

Or if you want to stick to just one color metal consider pairing bright with matte – this makes any piece instantly have twice the impact that it would alone. The same principle goes for colorful gemstones: mix complimentary colors within the same tones and complement them with diamonds or sparkly accent stones to really make them pop.

Ultimately what’s great about jewelry trends in 2021 is that they all feel very liberal – wear whatever makes you happy without following strict ‘rules’. Layer different shapes and sizes of gold necklaces together; pick out earrings with colorful stones in odd shapes; find rings stacked with others in varied widths…whatever makes you smile – chances are it will be stylish too.

Statement Necklaces as the Centerpiece of Any Look

Statement necklaces have been an essential accessory staple in the fashion world since time immemorial and appear to continue unabated in 2021. According to stylists, statement necklaces form the center of an outfit – allowing you to wear something special and make every look stand out.

A bold yet beautiful necklace can add a touch of opulence to your ensemble regardless of its simplicity and color scheme. Whether oversized or delicate, chunky or shimmery, statement necklaces always bring something excellent and unique no matter what the occasion is.

They can be paired with solid colors or funky patterns for a fancy night out or a casual day look. The most popular style is characterized by large stones or beads that make a bold yet glamourous statement. On top of being stylish, many statement necklaces are also intricately handcrafted which adds an artistic flair to any outfit.

Hoops for Everyday Elegance

Hoop earrings fall somewhere between classic staples like studs and traditional dangling drop earrings making them extremely versatile pieces of jewelry that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion while still looking fabulous. No matter if they are silver ones with pearls in the middle or gold hoops encrusted with diamonds – they cannot fail at adding elegance to all sorts of outfits ranging from sportswear to evening wear.

Additionally, this type of earring is also useful as it’s suitable for mothers that need comfort while they do housework without sacrificing their sense of style. Hoop earrings come in all different sizes and designs, so there’s an embodiment for everyone, no matter their lifestyle or taste preferences.

Chunky Gold Chains For Street Style

Streetwear-inspired jewelry has seen a surge in popularity due partly to its versatility – you can pair these pieces with anything from sneakers and jeans to power suits for maximum “Cool Girl/Boy” vibes. One particular style that never goes out of fashion is chunky gold chains either worn alone for maximum effect or along with other chains in varied thicknesses for a layered look suited 90’s era rap moguls alike.

Chunky gold chains – whether real gold or plastic – are essential items in your street-style wardrobe especially if you’re aiming for a bold aesthetic; try pairing them with clothes featuring bright colors like yellow, green, blue alongside lots of logos and patches-the more clashy the better really.

Layering Different Trends for a Unique Style

It seems that jewelry is always on trend but, in 2021, some of the most popular pieces include layered chains and charms. Layering different types of necklaces and bracelets together can create a customized look that stands out from the traditional styles.

For example, pairing multiple charm necklaces with chunky chain links gives the outfit edge in a way that one necklace can’t – it’s all about combining unique pieces to express your own personal style. On top of this, statement beaded lariats are starting to become more popular as they provide a stunning pop of color while being minimalistic.

The rings selection has also seen some changes over the years with more emphasis placed on the size and shape rather than material quality. People are ditching expensive metals like gold and silver for trendy materials like bamboo and ceramic. Bamboo rings have been gaining attention in recent months as their unique design combined with earthy appeal add just enough spice your outfit without standing out too much.

They come in a variety of colors and textures so you can mix or match different tones to create interesting edits for day-to-day activities or special events. Similarly ceramics have experienced resurgence due to their edginess and status in certain culture circles coupled with its affordability compared to other materials.

Earrings are arguably where it’s at right now when it comes to jewelry trends 2021, as people are looking away from small studs to opt for funkier hoop earrings that can make any accessory pop. Hoops come in several shapes such as petite twists, messy loops or bold dangling pieces which give off an effortless air while giving you an instant new look without much effort at all.

Current Trend In Boho Jewelry

People are also wearing mismatched earrings, allowing you pick two different sizes or styles to add complexity and subtlety chic vibes onto your look regardless if their intention is intentional mismatch or not – no matter what way you wear them you won’t be lacking on edge. Adorning both your ears is something that never gets old every year so take advantage of the diverse range of options around today.

Tailoring Jewels with Natural Stones, Pearls, and Metals

Jewelry trends for 2021 reflect a strong desire for customization and tailoring. As jewelry designers seek to provide unique products to stand out from the crowd, they are turning to natural materials like stones, pearls, and metals. Commentators note that global demand for jewelry is increasing due to recent accelerated digital technology and distribution platforms, making it easier than ever before to create and purchase personalized pieces of jewelry.

One trend that has seen much attention this year is stone setting in particular. Combining individual stones with precious metals such as gold and silver, creates contemporary pieces with an air of luxury.

Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, amethysts – all prized gemstones – have been popular in 2021 so far. Proof of this is the entire video marketing campaigns dedicated solely by fashion jewelry focused retailers and brands centered on latest jewelries featuring these expensive gems as well as various Instagram merchandise giveaways heavily influenced by this theme.

Another popular form of jewelry is heavy use of pearls combined with metals or intricate designs made out of them by themselves – or also combined with other beads or stones-. Trendy styles include baroque shapes which draw inspiration from classic iconography from the era captured in their unique irregular shapes; coin pearls signifying social awareness for women’s rights & ethnic inclusion; and keshi seeking simplicity.

Furthermore metallic accents meant both for earrings or necklaces have been largely embraced throughout the year because they are not only bold but also quite fashionable statement pieces unifying an edgy yet classy look perfect for any rising fashionista without burning a hole in their pocket.

Overall current trend in diamonds suggest modern classics using forms of geometric shapes, floral designs & creative clusters. This revival type designed especially with the 2021 consumer’s expectations & lifestyle changes in mind reflects better quality that won’t always be super expensive but still leave shoppers ecstatic at what they’ve found while remaining within budget while satisfying consumer tastes which seem to gravitate towards more personal preferences when it comes to self ornamentation nowadays.

Glossy and Sleek Gold Hoops

Gold hoop jewelry continues to remain a staple accessory in any fashionista’s wardrobe. In the year 2021, glossy and sleek gold hoops have been making waves among the trendiest of circles. This look is achieved by not only buying classic flat sided hoop styles but giving them a high shine finish that reflects light for an alluring glisten.

You can add a modern twist to your hoop earrings by opting for oval-shaped or twisted design versions instead of the traditional round ones. An understated way to make this style stand out is to choose an 18k gold plating while wearing matching light colored clothing.

Organic Formed Gemstone Earrings

Organic designs are a fresh incarnation of statement earrings. For the last year, many designer brands have been creating organic shapes with bold colors and edgy styling. Organic formed gemstone earrings are now becoming one of the most popular jewelry trends in 2021 and with good reason.

These unique pieces add some exciting flair to your outfit and break up the monotony of traditional silhouettes. Usually consisting of multiple swerving shapes featuring vibrant stones, these beautiful earrings can be found in both gold and silver adornments so you can find the perfect match to any outfit you own.


Pearls have become more popular over recent years, as people discover their versatility and beauty as no other gemstone exhibits shine quite like them. Currently, trendy pearl jewelry designed with different cuts like baroque pearls, puffed disks and starbursts are vogue-worthy pieces found on celebrities such as Rihanna, Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian Wests signature Instagram posts all year long.

Not just limited to necklaces and bracelets, these designs can also be seen on stunning earring styles ranging from dainty studs to accentuated drops crafted with unique stones or pearlescent crystals for added shine. Whether it’s adding elegance or creating drama – there is something regal about wearing pearls that makes it one of 2021’s hottest jewelry trend.

Chain Links and Collars for a Modern Edge

Chain link jewelry is one of the hottest jewelry trends in 2021 and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’re seeing more chunky silver and gold collar necklaces making an appearance, giving us a modern edge that effortlessly elevates any look. The adjustable length of these collar necklaces make them extremely versatile, because you can wear it tight around your neck or keep it loose; either way, it stands out with its unique allure.

Additionally, we’re also seeing longer link necklaces which gives a regal touch to any outfit. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, you get to choose the length and type of chain links according to your own preference.

Statement Earrings are In

Another trend that has made quite a statement in 2021 is statement earrings. Be bold and embrace these beautiful pieces crafted from natural materials such as shells and seashells, agates or lapis lazuli stones; the combinations are endless. Statement earrings offer a boisterous vibe that easily adds style to any ensemble you wear.

From tiger eye stones wrapped in silver accents to pink quartz crystal with laser cut metal shapes creating texture – there’s something for everyone. Plus they come in various sizes so you can go big and make a bolder statement or small and subtle depending on your taste.

Organic Shapes Inspired by Nature

What better way to express our love for nature than wear beautiful jewelry inspired by her? Organic shapes such as rocky mountains, leaves and crescents unfurl along metal plates – handmade with passionate artistry behind every piece – allowing us to become one with nature while still commanding attention wherever we go.

Current Trends In Jewelry

From baroque-style pendants accentuated by gemstones such as sapphires & diamonds, to delicate gold rings making an iridescent glow – this trend moves hand in hand with our reluctance in wanting to lead lives embracing harmony between man and earth which may explain why it’s going strong well into 2021.

Varying Depths and Widths for Chokers

Jewelry trends for 2021 have been strongly influenced by the revival of the choker. Specifically, chokers have seen amazing amounts of popularity through unique designs that reflect varying depths and widths in their structure. Everyday materials such as nylon and leather have featured prominently in many of the designs, creating a blend with contemporary aesthetics that transfers seamlessly from day to night.

The demand for heavier jewelry pieces has also increased due to the wide range of combinations available today. Layers upon layers of gold and silver can be tastefully offset against bold yet delicate charms which accentuate any outfit beautifully. Pendants featuring inscribed initials or date coordinates add a personal touch, while gemstones like opals, rubies and sapphires bring an air of luxe to any ensemble.

Of course a woman’s best friend can still be found in the form of timeless diamonds. These glimmering stones sparkle in settings specifically designed to further enhance its natural brilliance; giving off an otherworldly energy that no other gem can capture so perfectly.

From tiny studs to statement earrings, every diamond cut is sure to make a strong impact throughout 2021 and beyond. All these pieces work together to create unique looks suitable for any occasion – making them one of this year’s most sought after trends.

Bold Earrings in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

In 2021, bold and statement earrings are in and minimalism is out. Everywhere you look on the runway, celebrities and influencers are accessorizing their look with ostentatious earrings that demand attention. Within this trend there is a great range of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from so there’s something for everyone’s personal style. Matching sets of statement earrings featuring vibrant colors or metallics create a coordinated yet eclectic vibe, while mismatched styles show off your creativity.

Teardrop hoop earrings are popular options for those who love two classic designs in one pair. These feature classic hoop earrings but with a teardrop shape at the bottom for an added touch of chicness to any outfit. Whether made from sterling silver, rose gold or yellow gold, these eye-catching pieces will add extra flair to any ensemble. Colorful stones like blue topaz, peridot, aquamarine and amethyst are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit.

For those looking for everyday wear that add a little bit more than studs, comfortable huggie hoops can be just the thing to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe rotation. Plus they’re super comfortable to wear whether you’re at work or hanging out with friends.

Delicate threader Earrings too can lend an effortless stylish vibe – making them perfect when you want a fashion-forward style but don’t want the hassle of other larger statement pieces. Make sure your style is on point by combining different lengths into one eye-catching design that adds texture as it swings elegantly with each movement.

These current trends offer plenty of new opportunities for you to make an unforgettable sartorial statement – all through wearing just one accessory alone. When it comes to 2021 jewelry trends make sure bold is always better and don’t be afraid to mix up sizes, shapes and colors when picking your favorites.


When it comes to jewelry, 2021 is all about making a statement. The current trends use both up-and-coming materials such as sustainable metals, and more classic materials such as precious stones and beads to create something truly unique.

Chains and necklaces were among the most popular pieces in the jewelry trends 2021 had to offer, often layering multiple necklace styles for maximum impact. Trailing pendants are also on the rise, with intricate shapes that add an extra touch of elegance to any look.

For those looking for something a little more eye-catching, there are plenty of bright colors and exciting shapes available in bracelet designs. Bold lines and buckles help create an interesting juxtaposition between the delicate material being used. Look for materials like sterling silver or gold plated copper for an extra touch of luxury.

Rings are another great way to make a statement with your 2021 jewelry trends. Statement rings are bolder than ever before, with large circular stones adding color and texture to your fingers. Geometric designs provide excellent balance when incorporating asymmetrical shapes into your outfit creating remarkable visual interest in your overall look.

Finally, earrings remain a favorite choice among this year’s top jewelry trends. Long dangling styles continue to be popular – from sparkling teardrops to natural pearl earrings – providing sophistication and grace with every movement you make.

Ear cuffs also remain en vogue, often featuring various textures and finishes that reflect light differently when worn out of the house. Whether it’s layered chains or bold ear cuffs you’re after, there is sure to be something special available amongst this year’s jewelry trends that perfectly suits your style preferences.

Browse through the world’s top jewelry design houses and find yourself something that truly stands out from the crowd this 2021 trend season. With loose silhouettes and modern elements found within each piece, you’ll be sure to make heads turn wherever you go whilst wearing one of these trendy pieces of jewelry.

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