Current Jewelry Trends 2020

The jewelry trends of 2020 are all about making a statement, whether it be through bold colors, chunky pieces, or incorporating personalized accessories to set you apart from the crowd. These trendy pieces can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, regardless of if it is a formal event or just a casual day out with friends. With so many styles to choose from, finding your perfect accessory for 2020 is easy.

The most popular jewelry trend for 2020 is chunky statement pieces. It’s all about wearing an oversized necklace or bracelet that makes a bold statement and shows off your personality and style preferences at the same time. Large pendants have been seen on every runway recently and can make an edgy yet chic look that will surely turn heads.

Another current fashion statement in jewelry is mixing different metals together in one look. People are now freeing themselves up to combine gold and silver, sterling silver and brass, or any other mishmash of metals they feel fits their personal style best.

This gives them the freedom to pick various combinations that work together well but don’t necessarily match perfectly with each other; adding a unique element to anyone’s wardrobe that stands out from the rest of the fashion crowd.

Finally personalized jewelry has become increasingly popular when it comes to 2020 jewelry trends; people want something special that cannot be found elsewhere so adding characters like initials onto necklaces and bracelets has become huge this year. Customized necklaces with “mom” concept for mothers on Mother’s Day allows them to feel special with these unique gifts given by their loved ones.

Custom cufflinks can be seen upon special occasions like weddings and anniversaries; couples now prefer customizing cufflinks with both their initials as opposed to wearing plain single color sets which as been gaining attention recently amongst millennials as they try find new ways expressing themselves through their fashion choices.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are having a major moment this year and fashionistas everywhere are eager to get their hands on these glamorous accessories. From gold-plated medallions with Bedouin carvings to big pendants of fairytale roses, each and every piece aspires to make a statement.

These pieces will dress up any outfit, whether it’s jeans and a T-shirt or an elegant maxi dress; you can really make it your own by matching the necklace style of your choosing to provide the perfect finishing touch.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to statement necklaces. Chunky styles featuring multiple chains and tassels will help you achieve a grand and daring look, while butterfly designs personalized with precious stones can provide an indulgent yet subtle upgrade for a more classic getup.

From long tank tops to off shoulder silhouettes, there is no limit to how to pair these cherished items with your wardrobe. What’s more, intricate beaded collars awash with vibrant colors look stunning against bare skin making these necklaces perfect for wearing at those special summer events.

Unlike many other jewelry trends that come in one size fits all mentality statement necklaces should be catered towards each individual style. Whether you opt for minimalism or boldness, opt for organic ingredients, playful shapes – try making sure they say something about your personality too.

After all accessorizing with such captivating jewels means shining bright both inside and out. Another way of being creative is mixing and matching different jewelry pieces together as opposed to relying on just one necklace – this way you can make sure that no matter where you go everyone knows who they’re seeing: the Fashionista Extraordinaire.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have been a popular trend in 2020, with the pandemic changing up trends for occasions that require more dressing up. Despite this, statement earrings remain a key trend for both casual and formal events.

Chunky statement earrings are all the rage right now and range from classic designs such as hoops to contemporary shapes like plates. Designs with larger stones embellishments, color blocking or tassels add an interesting touch to any wardrobe. Whether you decide to combine your look with larger studs or go full-on bohemian style by adding two different chandelier earrings – customize your look this season with a pair of big and bold earrings.

Subtle statement pieces make their presence in 2020 as well, with minimalist designs crafted of sterling silver adorned with gemstones and pearls taking it center stage. For those who prefer something more toned down than larger statement pieces these subtle ones offer a sophisticated yet still eye-catching alternative.

The perfect choice for feminine and timeless looks for special occasions such as small family gatherings or other limited indoor activities that may have taken place during these times of reduced mobility due to the pandemic.

Earrings can be combined amongst each other for more drastic changes in style so don’t hesitate to mix things up by combining different earrings from traditional patterns to abstract ones obtain the desired end result: an edgy look that allows you create different personalities within self according to the actual situation while maintaining glamour at its highest level.

Pendant Chains & Chokers

The current jewelry trends of 2020 are dominated by over the top designs in pendant chains and chokers. Chokers are a timeless classic, with this season seeing them take on some daring new looks. Whether it’s big, bold pieces or delicate pendants they’re popular among all types of fashionistas.

Layering and stacking various pieces is another way people enjoy playing up their look and expressing their personal style. Long thin pendant chains are also extremely fashionable right now, often adorned with meaningful symbols representing the wearer. They can be worn alone for a minimalist approach to add a splash of color to an outfit or layered with other necklaces for an edgier look.

Many brands have embraced metal as another way to bring an interesting edge to their jewelry collections. Gold is still on trend but silver has become increasingly popular as well as copper, titanium and stainless steel options too.

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Rose gold also remains a prominent feature, having been hugely popular in recent years so it shows no sign of changing any time soon either. Delicate shapes such as moons and stars make wonderful gift ideas for friends and family alike who are looking for something personalised to show how much they care.

Chunky statement pieces that incorporate a variety of stones and materials continue to be incredibly fashionable, especially amongst younger generations. From chunky gemstone rings and sparkly drop earrings there’s something out there for everyone who wants to make an impact with their look whatever the occasion may be.

For those wanting to find original but affordable items online shops offer great choices when finding unique yet stylish accessories that won’t break the bank too. Find a design you love and mix up finishes like gold, silver or rose gold for truly custom look that’s sure to make heads turn when you walk into the room.

Layering Necklaces & Bracelets

The hot new trend of 2020 for jewelry is layering necklaces and bracelets. Stacking and layering jewelry has been a popular look for many women, and now it is becoming mainstream. From asymmetric necklaces to multiple bangles and chains, these daily trends are perfect for achieving maximum style with minimal effort.

One of the best aspects of layered jewelry is that it allows you to create unique looks with your existing pieces. Piles of necklaces with different lengths, metals, charms and pendants can be hooked together to make a very fashionable statement. Another way to layer up your jewelry game is by incorporating delicate or thicker strands and adding multiple styles at once. For example, combining different geometric forms like circles, squares and triangles produce an interesting complementary effect.

The current trend also encourages mixing up materials such as sterling silver or gold tones with natural elements like druzy stones or turquoise accents for an extra special touch. It’s even become easier than ever before; many retailers carry jewelry stacks already put together so you don’t have to add too much thought into how each piece looks when placed in combination with others.

You can also purchase all one kind of material and layer different styles that come from the same color palette.

Layered jewelry gives you the freedom to experiment with fashion, regardless of what kind of individual style you might have. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to pop off any section that’s not pleasing anymore without losing out on the rest of the piece’s beauty. So go ahead and play up the layers in funky ways while working everyday scenes – these breathtaking trends are sure to turn heads this season.

Cocktail Rings & Stackable Bands

A current trend that is impacting the jewelry industry is the emergence of large cocktail rings, as well as stackable bands. These are both becoming popular with customers because they offer an opportunity to create a signature look with their jewellery.

Cocktail rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with stones being set into bold designs. They can be made in yellow or rose golds, and they often feature colourful gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. This type of ring is particularly popular for special occasions such as weddings or engagements due to its eye-catching looks.

Stackable bands on the other hand, allow customers to mix and match different metals in order to create an individualised look suitable for everyday wear. In 2020 these are typically designed in sterling silver or white gold, with accent metals such as rose gold also available to perfectly complement one another. Popular styles include claddagh bands, birthstone rings, statement cuffs and charm bracelets – all easy wear pieces where no engraving is required for a meaningful personal look.

These two trends have created a lot of excitement within the jewelry industry at the moment because of the unique level of customisation offered by them. The ability for customers to design their own distinct looks has led to many jewellers introducing new lines specifically dedicated towards catering for this demand.


Pearls are an utterly timeless style trend, making their way into jewelry designs in different ways throughout history. From the traditional pearl jewelry of past centuries to the more modern and minimalistic pieces of today’s fashion, this look never goes out of style. In 2020, fresh twists and reimagined glamour have been added to classic pearl jewelry collections.

From pearls strung on a choker or bracelet to those suspended from drop earring or rings, pearl pieces create eye-catching timeless looks. For those looking for a touch of elegance with just the right amount of understated sparkle, pearl jewelry can be the perfect accessory for any occasion.

The versatility and versatility of pearls make them a striking option for day-to-night ensembles as each piece can easily transition from an elegant wear at home look to party ready glitz. While single strand necklaces made with white and cream pearls epitomize chic vibes, uber contemporary options like gold hoops embellished with multiple strands of various sized pearls imitate high drama.

Pearl statement earrings pique interest when paired with crisp shirts worn untucked in colorways ranging rich reds to hunter green will brighten up white workwear basics; while kaftan dresses with tassels are enhanced gracefully by colorful stringed necklaces using blush teardrop beads ruched together over longer chains that arrive below the collarbone area.

As fashion is once again leaning towards sophisticated statements that put emphasis on uncomplicated but thoughtful elements such as gemstones, metals and pearls – touches of romance and whimsy have already been creeping into women’s accessories collections this season. A good measure for staying on trend is to choose simple offerings adorned with charmingly delicate elements such as dainty heart shapes around frames of small ensconced stones or miniature floral garlands.

Iridescent hues like peach and pastel pink bring warmth when crafted onto necklace segments that end cleverly in creamy white cultured sea pearls; while single hoop earrings combine black orbs alongside subtle silver dots guaranteeing a stylish outcome every time they are brought out to play.

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Trends for Men

Gone are the days when men’s jewelry choices were limited to a watch or wedding and/or signet ring. In 2020, masculine trends have widened quite a bit in terms of styling, materials and symbolism. The popularity of statement-making pieces such as signet rings and gemstone rings has grown, with custom rings becoming something of a trend for the modern man. Such pieces are designed to cement his place within life and look resplendent on the finger.

Earrings have also become increasingly popular among men, especially with newly designed hoops and huggies being widely accepted as an accessory for any season or occasion. Bold chain styles have been making rounds too – think heavy gold chain necklaces showcasing artistic pendants that demand attention.

Another décor element making its way into men’s closets is bracelets; beaded bracelets are all the range right now, alternating between plain gold chains to ones highlighted with crosses made of diamonds or pearls or precious colored stones.

The aged fashion mantra “less is more” holds true for most guys in 2020 when it comes to their wardrobe jewelry options – even though trends indicate heavier looks with personalized details. Men are encouraged to choose quality over quantity, seeking exceptional pieces that stand out from the everyday crowd instead of loads of chunkier jewelry playing off each other at once.

Finer metals such as 18K yellow and rose gold get a thumbs up too; designs with intricate finishes that seamlessly merge contemporary lines with traditional elements create eye-catching intrigue but without being overly ostentatious.

Must-Have Picks for Every Budget

2020 has been an eventful year for fashion trends, from the changing face of wedding dress styles to the resurgence of 70s-inspired fashion. Jewelry trends are no exception. As with clothing, jewelry trends can be summed up as classic with a modern twist, with pops of color and new styling. Here are some of our must-have picks for every budget that you can incorporate into your wardrobe this year.

One of the biggest current jewelry trends is chunky pieces in gold or silver tones. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings featuring bold jewels and links are extremely popular right now. For those who prefer a minimalist look, thin gold or silver chains can be used to create simple yet chic everyday looks.

Layering delicate necklaces is also a great way to express your style without making a bold statement. Delicate coin necklaces are perfect for this trend, as are multiple rings on each finger to create more interest in your look.

The timeless appeal of pearls has never been higher than it is now. The modern take on traditional pearl jewelry features unconventional pieces juxtaposed against more classic options–think antique buttons mixed with natural fresh water pearls or crystal with baroque pearls for extra drama.

These mixed material pieces offer sophistication and femininity for timeless elegance perfect for any occasion. Also making a comeback after decades in the background are statement rings in larger sizes featuring multicolored stones like amethyst or citrine that help add an interesting pop of color to any outfit.

For those looking to make an even bigger statement at their next event, long pendant necklaces featuring coins or other symbols are becoming increasingly popular. The ancient symbol jewelry movement has seen a resurgence in 2020; attracting many who appreciate distinctive designs that harken back to earlier times when timelessness was key in fashion accessories.

For example , opulent ancient coin pendants set with diamonds have become especially trendy and can easily become the focal point of an ensemble as they come in all budgets depending upon the type of metals and stones used.

No matter your style or budget there’s plenty you can do this season when it comes to jewelry trends 2020. With so many options out there it should be easy to find creative ways to accessorize any outfit you put together – so go ahead and start shopping.

Wrapping Up Current Jewelry Trends of 2020

The jewelry trends of 2020 have been all about big, bold statement pieces. From maximalist earrings to layered necklaces, this year’s trends are sure to make any look a stand out. These pieces are perfect for any occasion and can complete an outfit with the perfect finishing touch. Chunky gold is having a moment as well as chic monochrome ensembles featuring black and white tones.

While classics like pearls have been and will continue to be popular in the world of jewelry, we are also seeing more organic shapes being embraced this year such as petals and bubble-like shapes. This trend has made it easy to style different looks from everyday casual wear to more elegant evening attire.

Multi-layered necklaces give the effect of adding multiple layering pieces but with one convenient item. They come in many different looks varying from chunky jewels or pearls and are sure to help tie together an ensemble of any kind.

Bold hoop earrings have been on the scene for a few seasons now and they aren’t going away anytime soon. The double hoop design has become especially popular; offering an edgier take on classic hoops while still being versatile enough to integrate into both casual and formal looks.

Bracelets are also continuing their reign into 2020 with cuffs, stacks, or stylish beads – take your pick. With this wide range of jewelry trends it’s easier than ever to add personality and style to any type of outfit.

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