Current Jewelry Trends 2019

Current jewelry trends for 2019 focus on making a mix and match statement. From layered necklaces to statement earrings, there are many ways for individuals to express their style with the hottest trends of 2019. Some of the most eye-catching pieces feature bold colors and shapes, while others opt for an edgier vibe with dangling charms and skull motifs. With so many options, it’s easy to find the perfect piece of jewelry that’s uniquely you.

Earring Trends: Throw Your Look Over The Edge

The opportunities are endless when it comes to statement earrings in 2019. Bigger is usually better when selecting your favorite pair. Look for oversized hoops and beaded designs that will make your outfit pop. When wearing an edgy outfit, don’t forget about over the top baubles like cascading chandelier earrings or mismatched styles adorned with trinkets. Statement earrings are perfect for embracing your rockergirl vibes without having to commit to anything permanent.

Necklace Trends: Show Your Style With Multiple Pieces

This year it’s all about layering necklaces together so you can create your own unique look. The trick is to combine pieces in different lengths such as long pendants with chunky chains accompanied by a classic fine jewelry piece like a silver necklace with a diamond heart pendant encrusted at its center.

A choker necklace is also trendy right now, but they don’t necessarily have to be traditional – think velvet fabric embellished in crystals rather than plain leather or plastic. If you want something sophisticated yet still sparkly, go for modern geometric shapes decorated with pave diamonds or cubic zirconia stones.

Lariat necklaces are another great option and add subtle drama with long draping chains that don’t overwhelm the neckline. For those who want something more subtle, opt for minimalist pieces like simple gold bracelets or delicate pearl studs that can easily transition from day to night outfits.

Conclusion: Create Your Own Statement Jewelry Look

Make sure your style stands out this season by combining current jewelry trends from 2019 into an innovative look that expresses who you truly are. From extravagant earrings to mismatched chokers, there are plenty of options available for creating one-of-a-kind combinations tailored specifically towards your personal sense of style and personality.

Also don’t forget simpler items like simple pearl studs if you need something quick but still chic. It’s time to show off your unique fashionista side by experimenting with fun accessories and incorporating them into your wardrobe rotation.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry, often large and flashy pieces that are meant to command attention, is one of the most prevalent jewelry trends for 2019. From engagement and wedding bands all the way to top-of-the-line fashion jewelry, statement pieces are all the rage.

With so many different designs and styles to choose from, one could go as bold or subtle as they please-allowing every person to have a unique look. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Oprah Winfrey have embraced the trend with show stopping accessories for red carpet events or simply for running errands around town.

One of the major statements recently derived from this trend comes by way of gold band rings made with multiple precious stones in varying colors and sizes. Not only do these rings provide a timeless look that can be paired with both casual wear and a glamorous evening outfit but they also offer accessorizing options that make buying these items irresistible. A single ring can transform any ensemble; it makes even the simplest jeans/t-shirt combos look chic.

The amazing thing about Statement jewelry is not just its versatility but also its affordability. Designers like Roberto Coin, Judith Ripka, AJ Armani Scalamandre and Christian Dior are creating statement pieces that carry an element of luxury but at an accessible price tag.

For example, Roberto Coin Cosmo Hoops feature 18k yellow gold set with round brilliant cut diamonds that can easily be purchased for under $1,000. Not only does this instantly upgrade your everyday wardrobe but it also lands you into a modern classic room within seconds.

Overall statement Jewelry has been an exciting trend in 2019 and will remain fashionable through 2020 as well. Whether you are searching for something maximalist or minimalist – there’s something available for everyone’s style preferences and budget concerns. As long as it carries personality and uniqueness – you can be sure to stand out in a crowd wearing signature statement pieces on your next night out on the town.

Vintage Revival

The current trend in jewelry for 2019 is a return to vintage sensibilities. Designers are beginning to expand beyond the typical contemporary fare and digging deep into the past for inspiration for their pieces.

Elements of classic elegance like pearls, diamond accents, and gold chains are all in fashion right now. Bold statement pieces, like art deco rings or an antique tiara are also popular among modern women who want to give off an air of sophistication while they flaunt their individual style.

In addition to returning to classic shapes and design elements, many jewelry designers are experimenting with mixed metals such as combining rose gold with silver or yellow gold with brass elements. Textiles and other materials are being incorporated into jewelry designs creating unique one-of-a-kind works of art that buyers love because they have something custom tailored just for them.

Flower motifs featuring colorful gems and diamonds prong set in a variety of patterns also seem to be a worthy addition to any fashionable modern jewellery collection this year.

Current Trends In Jewelry Industry

Geometric Creations

With 2019 comes a whole new set of jewelry trends. Geometric creations are everywhere, from earrings made from interlocking shapes in vivid color palettes to necklaces that try to capture the beauty of forms and blocks, both regular and irregular. Bold statement pieces can be seen in collections from many designers; with chunky stones and heavy metals these pieces stand out and will be sure to turn heads at any event.

Another popular trend is the addition of different textural elements. Whether it’s pearls or lacework, it adds an interesting layer to the overall look.

One of the hottest trends taking jewelry collections by storm right now is mixing bold colors together, like pairing rose gold and sapphire blue. This combination can range from minimal designs with small stones to bold architecture style pieces with intricate chains and marquees setting stones within a structure that combines geometry with abstract artistry.

This type of creative riff is becoming more popular when paired with the use of brighter gemstones such as opals, citrines, tourmalines, peridots and blue topaz; they each bring their own individual flair into a piece that helps make it truly unique for whoever wears them.

Statement rings are also very much in style this year; whether you’re searching for a simple solitaire or an eye-catching cluster ring made up huge riveting jewels, you can find plenty of variations available no matter what your needs may be. There’s also plenty of amazing chokers either made out of classic metal chain links or completely encrusted in brilliant gems that help draw attention up toward your face and finish off any look perfectly.

No matter how you prefer your bling, there’s something here for everyone so get out there and show off your fabulous sense of fashion this season.

Bold and Big

Jewelry trends have been all about standing out from the crowd and this season is no exception. For 2019, it’s time to go extra bold and make a serious statement with your jewelry pieces. One of the top trends this year is the oversized look. That means rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces….everything gets bigger.

Whether you love chunky layered necklaces or diamond cocktail rings that dramatically take center stage, go for those larger than life pieces. Bigger also means brighter with rainbow germs popping up in necklaces and earrings, geometric forms made trendy with striking stones like emeralds and saphires. Even pearls in sizes that sit across an entire chest are being proudly worn by fashionistas around the globe.

The beauty of embracing this trend means endless possibilities for self-expression. Go for bright colored gemstones in big round cutouts or simply choose one standout piece in a traditional style but with an exaggerated size. Designers are pushing their imaginations and bringing new takes on retro designs from the past to fit a modern twist.

The creative opportunities are limitless when it comes to creating something stunningly oversized. Aspiring jewelry artisans can also get creative by crafting their own colorful accessories from scratch to showcase eccentric styles of dripping gemstone earrings or raw aesthetic looks crafted into big cuffs for arms and wrists.

Popular chain designs are also vying for attention this season with heavy linked trinkets taking over wardrobes everywhere. Bold strands alone or layered delicately around necks make them quite versatile when it comes to staying ahead of the seen while still expressing ones individuality.

Popular metals of choice remain gold which is perfect for versatility purposes as well as silver which seems to sparkle like never before under natural lighting… What better way to bring something unique than bold silhouettes overflowing with shine?


Pearls are known to be the ultimate symbol of elegance and beauty. However, with modern trends, pearls have recently become available in a variety of styles and materials, allowing for more versatility within the fashion industry. This is particularly true when it comes to professional jewelry trends for 2019. Clothing and accessories featuring pearls have increased significantly over the last few years and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Traditional white pearls are certainly making their way back into mainstream fashion but so too are statement colored pearls such as pink, purple and black. One popular trend is layering pearl necklaces since they are very versatile and compliment most clothing styles while still being completely traditional in nature.

Another favorite look among fashionistas involves wearing chokers with single or multiple strands including colorful beads and pearls – a great way to add some edginess to your wardrobe. You can even enhance these designs further by incorporating unique metals such as rose gold or yellow gold for an extra-luxe touch.

For those who prefer a more understated look but still want to remain on trend, delicate hoop earrings featuring tiny freshwater pearls can be paired with simple necklaces like chokers made from leather strands which feature one (or many) small individual pearls dangling intricately from delicate gracefully woven knots – achieved all by hand.

Each distinctive piece, small yet symbolic to the wearer alone – offers something special that will standout among the crowd while you make your own statement of personal style.

In conclusion, there is something special about incorporating jewelry pieces that incorporate natural elements into your day-to-day repertoire which can make any outfit feel exceptional without compromising its elegant professionalism. Whether you’re looking for a classic pearl necklace worthy of royalty or an edgier take on traditional jewelry pieces – – pearls present a great opportunity for creative expression in fashion.

Current Jewelry Trends Fall 2019

Stacking Jewelry

The jewelry trends of 2019 have allowed countless people to showcase finer details and intricate textures. One of the trendiest looks in jewelry has been that of stacking. Stacking can range from wearing several thinner bands together, to wearing a larger ring with an accompanying bracelet or earrings. Pieces like these allow for beautiful creation and example of different colors, gems, shapes, sizes and textures.

By embracing the look of layering and stacking your pieces, you can easily represent yourself as fashionable and up-to-date on current trends. Whether it’s thin dainty rings placed together or wider bands paired with chunkier necklaces; they create a cool depth in your look while still staying classic at the same time.

People are also beginning to stack up their favorite everyday metal pieces with gemstone pieces as well when creating their own personalized style. You are able to express individualism by bringing combinations to life with differently shaped stones and diamond beds cut in unique patterns or sizes, such as marquise diamonds being favored among fashionistas today.

Regardless if you opt for yellow gold, silver or rose gold tones; each one offers its own uniqueness to any platinum bead combination that makes it one-of-a-kind.

In choosing which pieces best suit your needs means taking time to weigh out certain factors such as versatility, budget allowance and durability of materials used for construction. There truly is no limit when it comes to stacking up whichever pieces you’d like together or showcasing oversized styles meant to stand out amongst classics. The only thing left is finding your ideal collections that speak what kind of fashionista you’re looking to become.

Colorful Combinations

2019 is a year of color. Jewelry trends for this year are all about creative and unique color combinations that are sure to make a statement. From bold, vibrant shades to subtle neutrals, it’s all about making strong style choices. Jewelers have been combining gemstones, metals, beads and crystals in various ways to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that scream trendy style.

Statement jewelry has become increasingly popular this year and it is easy to see why. Layering various gems or metal pieces allows wearers to showcase their individual take on current trends in an eye-catching way. These large, colorful necklaces are ideal for any event be it dressy or casual. Statement rings also bring a bold look when worn with simpler metal bands or solitaires.

Beaded jewelry is another favorite this season and comes in many different shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched depending on the desired look. This type of jewelry includes more understated items such as thin chains with small charms that hang delicately across the collar bone for a delicate touch. This trend is perfect for everyday occasions but can easily be dressed up for more formal events too.

Multi strand necklaces made up of randomly assorted beads are particularly popular in 2019 as they add a wonderful, textured effect without looking too flashy or overbearing. Many styles also feature subtle accent colors, allowing wearers to incorporate multiple hues into their finished look with ease.

Ultimately, current jewelry trends in 2019 advocate personal expression through focus on design aesthetics and color combinations while still capturing the essence of modern fashion influences from around the world. Experimentation with mix and match components will result in final pieces of jewelry that cater specifically to each wearer’s creativity while providing an indication of general style trends currently swirling through the fashion industry at large.


The 2019 jewelry trends are in, and they definitely bring a lot of exciting new styles. For one thing, there is a move toward bolder, chunkier pieces with larger baubles. Statement necklaces, for instance, are all the rage right now, as well as hoop earrings and large pendants that make a seemingly subtle stylish statement. Oversized rings have also been popular so far this year, along with intricate stacking bracelets.

One of the biggest trends in terms of material used has been gold – both yellow and rose-gold – though intense colors like red and blue can be seen in different accessories such as pins and brooches. Other materials such as silver and even plastics are seen to add more color to the designs.

And last but not least, pearls continue to reign supreme. They are being used to create delicate but stylish layering necklaces that look exquisite whether worn alone or combined with other pieces for an extra boost of style.

Of course no review of the latest jewelry trend would be complete without talking about tactile elements. We are seeing lots of natural stone textures such as turquoise or even jasper being utilized in creating unique necklaces or pins as well as abstract designs that create an optical illusion when worn. All in all these trends give everyone something to wear whether you’re looking for a statement piece or an understated stand out accessory.

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