Current Jewelry Trends 2018

Current jewelry trends for 2018 have been all about taking it back to the basics. The fact is, classic designs never go out of style and for this year, vintage remains in vogue. Large statement pieces – think chunky gold or silver chains featuring loose gemstones pendants – are at the top of the list for this season’s must-haves.

Other popular items include cocktail rings with a single, spectacular black stone set in a bold metallic band – perfect for making a simple ensemble stand out from the crowd with confidence Layering is also high on the list of preferred trends. Elements such as pearls and delicate pendants mixed together result in an enchanting look that’s visually bewitching while continuing to emphasize that timeless aspect of vintage-inspired accessories.

Bold colors like bright yellow and turquoise mixed with more subtle tones like deep red and champagne are being seen gracing wrists and necks throughout 2018 fashion shows-assertive pieces chosen to add perfect vibrancy to any outfit whether casual or dressy.

Speaking of dressier looks, designer labels including Gucci, Burberry, Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton currently dominate designer jewelry lines with bracelet cocktail rings serving as standout items for day to night transitions all season long. Silver continues as one of spring’s leading metals although gold still dominates when it comes to pricey luxury brands, proving perhaps higher-end designers will always prefer this material above everything else when creating memorable accessories.

One thing hasn’t changed after all these decades: Jewelry remains one of history’s oldest and most beloved forms of expressing yourself with flair. By combining classic elements with modern touches, you can create an outstanding look no matter what type of crowd you choose for attending any time this so far warm 2019 season.

Brighten Up with Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has long been a staple of the fashion world and 2018 is no different. With eye-catching pendants, earrings, and even necklaces that are made of gold, we continue to adore all that bling in our wardrobes. This season to ensure your look is on point why not add bright touches with beautiful pieces of canary yellow gold?

The dapper yellow gold accessories will easily be able to wear down a too-girly ensemble or amp up a rocker denim look. Choose from statement necklaces with cascading designs to sleek hoop earrings or interesting drops in an extra vibrant color for an effortlessly chic touch.

Bring On Pearl Accessories
Think sophistication and class. Pearls are quickly becoming one of the latest trends this season as designers have jumped on board the wave and introduced various pieces fashioned with pearls – allowing us mere mortals to indulge in this fashionable luxury.

Adding pearl jewelry is perfect for that young lady who enjoys classy accessories that can be appropriate for work and still age her when transitioning into nightwear attire. With unique necklaces sporting gradiant of pearls or oversized rings featuring chunky gemstones you’ll find yourself looking neat at every occasion this season.

Metallic Bling Jewellery
For those ladies who prefer bolder pieces here’s a metal treat. Semi precious metal accents such as copper or silver give extra sparkle when layered together giving you a new take on traditional shelved items making them one fitting for 2018’s modern wardrobe.

Metallic looks are usually accessorized with bigger stones allowing attention-seeking pieces to really stand out from usual jewellery options. Make sure that you observe the colour selections carefully though – as it’s very easy to over-do it when diving into high fashion territory – but when done right adding piece like these can do absolute wonders for your confidence.

Emerald’s Splendor

2018 is seeing a resurgence of emeralds, the gemstone of royalty, among the current jewelry trends. This verdant green gemstone carries with it a strong air of opulence and class. Paired with sparkling diamonds or other specks of sparkling stones, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will provide the wearer the ultimate luxury experience.

Designers are exploring different cuts to enhance the vibrancy of the stone. From sweeping curves to smooth lines to bold asymmetrical shapes, emeralds provide versatility for any style preference. This year is also seeing many designers opt for more organic elements that add physical character to their pieces and bring out intricate geometric shapes subtly embedded in each piece.

The incorporation of vibrant colors has been extremely evident on red carpets this year as unique shading adds an extra layer of glamour with additional hues beyond just unsaturated shades. However subtler tones including soft lavender and powdery gray have achieved necessary prominence among current jewelry trends as well.

This year is proving that classic white diamonds still have impeccable staying power but there is also an appreciation for sapphires which offer off a brightening effect that stands out in all its royal blue shades.

This year’s jewelry trends go beyond accessorizing clothing with classic pieces but extend into wearing artfully created intricate sculptures set in precious metals such as gold or sterling silver exuding a subtle boho-chic vibe to refined evening wear and everything else in between.

Designs range from simple hoops encrusted with tiny peridot and pink tourmaline stones to ornate dangles full of movement and masterly crafted detailing hung beneath powerful stones like lapis lazuli depicting stories both spiritual and elegant.

Current Costume Jewelry Trends

No matter what your personal taste, this years jewelry trends will surely add a delectable touch to every ensemble.

Big and Bold Earrings for 2018 Fashion

The trend in 2018 is all about making and wearing bold statements. Through fashion and jewelry, women are keeping up to date with the latest looks. When it comes to jewelry, big and bold earrings are becoming increasingly popular this year.

Taller ‘ear climbers’ can be seen rocking the catwalks of various top designers, as well as being worn on numerous celebrities for red carpet events. This look has been around for a couple of years now, but its popularity is increasing rapidly as more people become aware of it.

Earrings have always been a great way to express yourself and there is no better way than with chunky earrings that make a statement. As this type of accessory increases in popularity, so too do the designs available on the market.

From intricate gemstone encrusted pieces to larger monochrome designs; there is something out there that will complement almost any style or outfit. By pairing these large pieces with smaller ones such as studs or hoops, you can easily complete any look and add a touch of fun to any wardrobe choice regardless of your age or lifestyle choices.

Not only can larger earrings create an interesting juxtaposition through the outfit they are paired with; they also bring attention to certain features such as face shape or hairstyle. While everyone should wear accessories in whatever colors or shapes would suit them best, those interested in trying this jewelry trend should opt for a piece that stands out from their existing collection; one that makes use of different colors and textures to create an eye-catching finish.

From classic gold hoops dotted with gems, to silver chain explore designs – the combination possibilities when it comes to big and bold earrings are seemingly endless but all promote stunning results when done right.

Comfortable and Chic Everyday Wear Jewelry

Jewelry trends in 2018 are focused on comfort and chic everyday wear. Consumers are looking for pieces that they can easily style with their clothing and look stylish yet still comfortable. Popular items include necklaces featuring delicate pendants, bracelets with stackable beads and charms, dainty rings and thin layered chains, often adorned with a coin or circle charm. These styles allow the wearer to customize their jewelry depending upon the outfit they are wearing.

Gemstone Jewelry

When selecting gemstone jewelry this season, consumers should expect to see crystal, quartz, opal and turquoise being used in jewelry items as these stones provide a unique look yet still complement every outfit. Pendants made from crystals also offer a touch of boho-chic to an everyday look. Some other trendsetters are taking it one step further with bolder colors such as deep reds and blues added into their everyday looks via necklaces and earrings.

Additionally there is large resurgence in rose gold settings compared to the traditional yellow gold we have seen for many years now. Despite rose gold’s popularity some people prefer the more classic look of white gold or even silver which works best when an individual is going for a clean yet understated look.

Statement-Making Accessories

When looking for statement-making accessories designers are currently showcasing pieces that feature colorful accents that draw attention to both necklaces and earrings alike while still being delicate enough to not be overly ostentatious. Alongside these bolder designs single pearl earrings have become extremely popular as of late due to their ease of styling along with the classic elegance they bring especially when combined with more modern design elements.

Lastly statement cuffs complete both casual outfits and formal attire while transporting those who wear them back to Victorian times complete with jewels such as diamonds set in intricate patterns creating truly captivating pieces of art that draw eyes from all around the room.

Nature-Inspired Organic Jewelry

Jewelry trends for 2018 are leaning towards nature-inspired organic designs. Instead of the traditional fine metals traditionally used in jewelry making, designers are creating unique pieces with natural elements like textured bark and raw stones like quartz and granite.

These materials often contain irregular shapes and variations in color, making them visually interesting to wear. Not only is this trend looking beautiful, but also it is sustainable and eco friendly as most of these pieces are made from recycled materials.

Inspired by traditional forms and craftsmanship, many jewelry pieces contain juxtaposing shapes that are both modern yet ancient. Hand-crafted silver, copper, and bronze with added gemstones create vibrant colors while beading is once again becoming a popular technique found in many items.

This makes the jewelry truly bespoke, allowing the wearer to individualize their look with items that are telling of their own personal style. Chain detailing has also become a desirable item that can be worn as a necklace or as a neat part of rings or earrings for an edgy look.

The modern bride wants something one-of-a-kind when it comes to her wedding day accessories. Designers have created chunky statement necklaces which take center stage for brides wanting to add sparkle without the fuss of too many colors or details.

Dainty earrings can still be worn to complete the perfect balance between heavy and light jewelry pieces – creating an effortless timeless shape with bright colors at the same time which give off a lovely ethereal feel. Overall, we’re seeing nature influence fashion in its truest form this year as people look back to earth’s beauty as they seek out pieces that bring joy and appreciation for life outdoors into your wardrobe choices.

Beaded Jewelry Trends 2021

Geometric Shapes

One of the biggest jewelry trends this year has been the increase in pieces that feature geometric shapes. Whether they consist of circles, squares, triangles, or more abstract interpretations; geometric-inspired jewelry is now staple this season, reflecting a modern and edgy appeal.

Jewelry such as large hoop earrings or drop earrings bring a touch of structure to an outfit by emphasizing asymmetrical compositions. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these pieces are incredibly versatile and easy to style for any occasion.

Cascading Jewels: Necklaces with Movement

A new trend that is taking over the fashion world is necklaces made up of cascading jewels. These necklaces feature smaller jewels flowing from larger gemstones along the length of the chain.

It creates movement within each individual piece and adds a unique beauty that makes it stand out from everyday necklaces. This trend works especially well with larger statement pieces such as pendants made from various stones and gems like onyx, turquoise and moonstone which are also popular this season.

Mixing Metals: Unique Combinations

Another major trend this year has been mixing different types of metals into one piece instead of wearing only gold or silver jewelry exclusively. This allows customers to create their own unique look with combinations such as gold and rose gold together or pairing silver with copper accents.

Its a great way to add subtlety when styling an outfit while still making an impactful statement. Mixing metals together can be done with almost any type of jewelry including rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces so take advantage and have fun experimenting.

Get Cosmic with Meteorite Jewelry

Meteorite jewelry made an impact this year, allowing fashionistas to accessorize with cosmic style. Meteorite pieces have become particularly popular among the younger generations who are attracted to their modern vibe and individualistic spirit. Men’s meteorite rings are especially popular, but you can find handcrafted earrings, pendants and cufflinks too. The unique patterns of the stones make each piece look unique so even if it’s mass-produced, no two pieces will ever be completely alike.

In addition to new materials like meteorite, classic metal jewelry also remained in demand this year. Silver is often preferred over gold due to its affordability while being just as natural and organic-looking as other precious metals.

Women gave silver necklaces and rings a trendy edge with delicate charms ranging from zodiac signs and lettering to pretty emblems such as feathers, hearts or butterflies. Silver works especially well for stacking rings and bangles which instantly create a bold look that exudes confidence.

Another trend that kept popping up on fashion runways was the use of gemstones in various kinds of jewelry designs. Colourful gemstones such as amethyst, turquoise or rose quartz were featured prominently in statement earrings, midi rings and necklaces that appeared somewhat bohemian yet still polished enough for more formal occasions.

Some of the most popular shapes included hexagons, tear drops and orbs which gave off a modern vibe that looked especially striking when paired with monochromatic fabrics like leather or velvet. As for color combinations, yellow topaz mixed with obsidian looked gorgeous while smoky brown quartz became unexpectedly chic when worn together with aquamarine stones.


Jewelry is making a triumphal return to the fashion runway. 2018 brings a fresh outlook to this age-old trend, with architecture and nature both influencing designs. A few of our favorites from this season include the following:

These statement earrings provide plenty opportunities for versatility – -from dressing up a casual t-shirt and jeans to transforming a basic office outfit into something truly memorable.

And because they draw so much attention these days due to their size and eye catching color palettes, statement earrings can actually act as offsets or anchors within an outfit while still allowing other pieces shine without competing too much with each other (such as layering delicate chain necklaces or wearing sleek metal bracelets.)

Jewelry lovers rejoice; 2018 looks like it will be offering up plenty options no matter what the occasion.

Finally, more traditional materials such as gold and silver continue be popular among some shoppers who still seek pieces that possess an heirloom quality-one likely passed down through generations if cared for properly (so make sure you keep up on those cleaning appointments.) Through simple settings framing semi-precious stones such as opals or moonstones are just some examples showcasing how timeless gold styles can blend seamlessly with today’s trends.

Whether you desire luxurious stones set onto lustrous metals or simply enjoy utilizing chunky wooden wrist cuffs to add some texture onto an ensemble-2018 Jewellery trends has something for everybody.

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