Current Jewelry Trends 2014

Current jewelry trends 2014 are ever-changing and always fascinating. This year’s jewelry trends feature a range of styles, from modern to handmade, fun to edgy. From the statement necklace to delicate stacking rings, there’s something for everyone in this year’s trendiest looks.

The first trend that is highly visible this season is layered necklaces. This trend involves wearing many layers of different types and lengths of necklaces in one outfit. Statement necklaces with vivid colors and bold shapes are perfect for creating an eye-catching ensemble. Delicate pendants on thin chains also look great when worn with multiple pieces.

Another popular jewelry trend for the 2014 season is bright, bold colored stones set into simple metal settings. These vibrant stones bring excitement to ordinary jewelry by adding a pop of color to any outfit. They can be seen displayed in stunning earrings, bracelets and necklaces alike. The combination of the brilliant colored stones and plain metal settings gives each piece a memorable appearance that won’t soon be forgotten.

Additionally, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces are being seen more widely this season than ever before. This emerging trend features unique pieces that have been personalized according to the wearer’s taste and style; they often incorporate alternative materials such as feathers, leather or natural stone beads into their designs. Handmade jewelry provides an opportunity for customers to create pieces that express their individual sense of style while still remaining up-to-date with current fashion trends.

In conclusion, current 2014 jewelry trends range from elaborate statement pieces to simple handmade creations with all sorts of options in between for virtually every occasion and personal style preference. Whether you choose a dazzling gemstones set confidently on plain metal or prefer handmade accessories decorated with natural elements, you can be sure you’ll make a lasting impression.

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are one of the biggest trends in jewelry right now. They come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains consistent – they all make a statement. Whether you prefer a colorful beaded set of chains or clusters of bright gems and stones, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

One example of this trend is the use of vivid hues and eye-catching metallics. As the sun reflects off each gem, it surges luminosity from within; rendering a perfect balance between radiance and sophistication. The simplest combinations can create subtle looks that can easily be dressed up, while intense color combinations can make quite the impact when worn with clean lines and solid colors only.

Another popular option for 2014 is statement pieces with sleek designs that emphasize modernism with linear beads, focusing on geometric shapes like rectangles, ovals, and circles. These differ bet to the traditional round necklaces which increase in size near the center.

Instead these types consist of all sorts of daring shapes featuring clear concise lines or curves, creating interesting designs which allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd. Such statement pieces make less noise than their bulkier counterparts but still display your unique style allowing people to make out any intricate details close up.

Overall statement necklaces offer something for every fashion enthusiast. By incorporating different types of materials (beads or cut gemstones) into various vibrant forms; they allow easy personalization without being limited by anything other than one’s own imagination.

Stacked Rings

Jewelry trends for 2014 are full of creative opportunities to express personal style. This season, the trend is all about combining multiple rings to create an eye-catching stack. Not only can stacked rings add a dramatic punch to any look, they also allow jewelry-lovers to mix and match to make their own unique combination of colorful stones and luxurious metals.

As stacked rings become more popular this season, jewelers are offering a larger variety of options personalized for each individual’s taste. The most popular cuts and shapes up for grabs vary from bold geometric forms to traditional designs featuring simulated diamonds in round and heart-cut styles. While some designers focus on creating daring two-tone combinations, others opt for total extravagance with gemstones like rubies, sapphires and topaz backed by intricate filigree details.

The best part about stacked rings is that there are endless combinations perfect for every fashionista regardless of her budget or style inclinations. For example a sweet combination could feature a midi ring with an accentuated square cut white topaz set in sterling silver alongside delicate bands studded with cubic zirconia or golden brass tones in braided patterns or pavé designs.

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More daring combinations could feature multi-colored gold statement pieces ideal for making a subtle yet lasting statement at special occasions like weddings or galas. Whether you opt for bright colors like purple amethyst or go for classic hues like white topaz, wearing them with love will cement your status as a true trendsetter this season.

Bohemian Bracelets

Jewelry trends for 2014 are citing boho-chic bangles as a popular trend. These eclectic and unique bracelets come in interesting shapes, sizes and materials allowing the ultimate expression of personal style. Bangle charms include shells, ribbons, glass beads, jangles and vintage trinkets that can be crafted together to create one-of-a-kind designs.

One of the best parts about this trend is that anyone can build a collection of bohemian bracelets to match their wardrobe – even with a small budget. Working with inexpensive metals and materials like elastic, leather cord or ribbon; you can find creative ways to put together bangles that are unstoppable fashion statements.

Stores like Forever 21 and H&M offer reasonable prices on trendy jewelry such as rings and pendants that work perfectly when searching for pieces to DIY your own cool bracelet stack.

This year’s trends encourage adding complimentary colors to express yourself even more effectively. Pastel charms pair well with sturdy silver chains while organic pearls look gorgeous against bright beads. Adding contrast will also give your final design motion and draw attention so don’t be afraid to add in intricate thread tassels or funky buttons for a bit of texture change.

Combine multiple strands for an arm party-perfect upgrade too. Mix patterned fabrics, big link chains along with found objects like coins or even vintage keys – the only limit here is your own imagination. So if you’re not afraid of making bold statements with your jewelry choices, bohemian bracelets are all the rage this season.

Bold Bracelets and Arm Wraps

Bright, bold and stylish are the words that come to mind when thinking of current jewelry trends for 2014. Bracelets and arm wraps have been increasingly popular, offering a new and interesting way to accessorize any outfit.

With their eye-catching styles, from stacked charm bracelets to armoured cuff bracelets, you can create an exciting look with contrasting colors, metals and textures. As the trend has continued to evolve, these bold bracelets have been combined with tribal patterns that combine charms, coins and tassels with unique beads creating an unique look.

In addition to their bright designs, these accessories are available in many different kinds of materials. You can find bright neon or pastel colored leather bands that wrap around your arm for a funky edge; or brass bands featuring discolored bronze and oxidized silver accents that provide some glimmer against any solid color outfit.

An alternative is ornate beaded wrap bracelets whose intricate strings wrap themselves up your arm providing a splash of color on any night out or special occasion.

Another aspect of this trend is its versatility; it does not matter if you are going for a formal look or something more laid back as both casual or dressy ensembles can include these beautiful pieces of jewelry as an accessory. For instance there are cuffs embellished with spike studs which give off an edgy feel perfect for rocker style looks while hammered metal structured bangles can add subtle details perfect for more formal occasions like evening events or weddings.

No matter what the event may be there is always room for one of these fun inspired accessories which will only serve to invite compliments.

Feminine Necklaces and Dresses

The current jewelry trend for 2014 is feminity. Women everywhere are looking for ways to add a little softness and refinement to their look and designers have taken notice.

Dresses featuring floral prints, lace accents and scallopped hemlines are popular choices to pair with light and dainty necklaces of all shapes, sizes and colors. Women of all ages are looking to this trend as the perfect way to add a pop of color while still keeping true to the look they desire.

An example of this trend is seen in the many pieces from Kate Spade’s spring line. Necklaces featuring bows, monograms, abstract shapes and playful beading have been featured throughout the collections for each season.

These come in a variety colors including red, blue, black and white allowing women to really tailor each accessory to their individual style. Not only that but these delicate necklaces can easily be paired with nearly any dress or shirt which makes them incredibly versatile pieces in any wardrobe.

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Another key feature that sets this trend apart is it’s affordability as well as quality. One doesn’t have break the bank in order stay fashionable during this season – minimalistic jewelry is still one hundred percent trendy while not going overboard on cost or too flashy with bling factor.

For example middle range stores such as Loft carry feminine necklaces in shades such as teal, lavender and nude – allowing customers to go mix and match affordable pieces which gives off an expensive look for a fraction of the cost. Both experienced fashionistas and newbies alike can successfully incorporate this jewelry trend into their evening wear as well as summer looks – which makes it a great pick for anyone’s summer wardrobe.

Layer for Drama

When choosing jewelry, 2014 has been a year of dramatic layering. The trick to achieving the maximum impact is to mix different materials and styles, from classic diamond adornments to shining sterling silver pieces. This can include big statement earrings, lots of delicate necklaces or colorful charm bracelets for an eclectic look.

Accessorizing with bold colors, chunky stones and mixing metals add a lot of interest and drama; enticing the eye with both color and texture. Big gems in vivid colors will really make a statement when worn together. Make sure different pieces are close in size and color in order to keep the overall impact looking balanced.

Regal designs such as jewels set within ornate frames mixed with simple yet elegant chain textures creates the perfect balance between opulence and contemporary chic. It’s all about adding subtle hints of texture that stand out among other accessories.

You can also choose charms or motifs which have become synonymous with your personal style for an expression of self identity through fashion jewelry. Try combining classic polished elements together with hammered designs for an effective contrast which adds depth to any outfit.

Inject some sparkle by layering sparkling necklaces – rose gold finishes paired with jewel toned gems look beautiful when worn together – especially over textured fabrics like silk or velvet. Finally, be sure to choose your colors wisely – above all else, colors should complement each other so that they create a vibrant but individual look without becoming overwhelming.

Summary and Conclusion

The current jewelry trends of 2014 can be described in three words: bold, vibrant, and elegant. Bold designs with thick metal strands and contrasting color combinations create a strong statement that is sure to turn heads.

Vibrant hints of hues from the rainbow compliment any outfit perfectly and whimsical prints add personality to any wardrobe. Finally, for those looking to go for something more chic and timeless, there’s the softer approach of classic metallic tones with delicate details that look effortlessly elegant whichever way you wear them.

2014 has been a great year for fashion trends overall, but the various selections of jewelry pieces stand out in particular as an accessory must-have for countless numbers of individuals worldwide. Whether it be statement necklaces with textured materials or ornamental inspired rings in fashionably fashionable shades of pink, yellow or blue – this season each individual taste has been taken into consideration.

In conclusion, 2014 has ushered in a new sense of style when it comes to jewelry. Embracing the bold and vibrant elements that often stand out instantaneously while still managing to keep things tasteful on the flip side with classic metallic finishes can be tough to master but seems easy enough when done right – thanks to this year’s versatile accessorizing choices available through designer labels and popular stores alike.

Whether you’re looking for a soft feminine feel or robust masculinity vibe look no further than what’s trending in today’s ever-changing fashion world; as there will surely be something available catering directly to your own style.

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