Current Handmade Fall Jewelry Trends 2018

It’s no secret fashion is a reflection of our culture, and keeps us looking at the future with anticipation. This especially holds true when it comes to setting the trends in handmade jewelry.

For this reason, staying up-to-date on the current handmade fall jewelry trends 2018 is extremely important for crafty jewelers. To help stay ahead of the game, this post looks at some of the top falling accessories that can take any look to the next level.

Statement-Making Pieces – Bracelets, necklaces and earrings that represent bold statements and establish presence.

Statement pieces are rampant among popular fall jewelry trends 2018, with chunky necklaces, long earrings featuring unique charms in natural materials taking center stage. The addition of enamel elements to existing designs allows wearers show off their personal style and standout from the crowd without constraints. Moreover, wearing bold-colored statement bracelets gives an added touch of sophistication which is perfect for fall fashion accessories.

Minimalist Charm – Producing an understated elegance through simplistic jewelry.

In contrast to statement pieces, minimalist charm jewels also make impressive additions to your set of accessories this coming season – without necessarily stealing focus from your ensembles. Simple geometric shapes like circles and angular elements such brushed metal rods remain constant changes in any wardrobe all year round. Also, small pendant necklaces made out high quality gems are perfect accents to round off those more subtle Autumn looks.

Overview of Commonly Seen Fall Jewelry Trends for 2018

This 2018 fall season there are a number of stunning handmade jewelry trends that everyone can enjoy. Reoccurring themes such as natural materials and raw-looking stones are at the forefront of what is trending this season. Jewelry designers are using materials such as horns, bone, coral and semi-precious stones to create truly unique pieces.

Many have adopted a “raw” look with their designs embracing the idea of leaving some of the natural texture of the material visible in the design. Rather than perfect geometries and perfectly carved stone; these rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings proudly show off the imperfections of their source materials creating an organic feel to each piece.

Fall also brings with it textures traditionally associated with this time year such as leaves and branches. Jewelers turn these into otherworldly designs featuring either an abstract twist or clear depictions of the nature they were taken from while still maintaining the jewellery’s contemporary relevance through methods such as oxidization on metal hardware or by coating the whole piece in rose gold.

Depending on preference, both styles are highly stylized without appearing childish or too costume like; making them usable for any occasion from formal meetings to casual dinners out on town

Additionally popular this fall is jewellery that contains soft dangles giving pieces movement when worn; Large black crescents also bring a mystical yet trendy vibe to all types of jewelry pieces from large hoop earrings to chokers resulting in strong looks that make accessories dominate an outfit if desired.

All these trends play together nicely allowing for multiple genre blends no matter if traditional or punk influences are dominant giving individual style freedom and flexibility when choosing which trend will work for any given wearer.

These aforementioned trends leave one curious driving even more exploration today in sustainable handmade goods searching for other amazing innovations being created now.

Gemstones and Metals

Gemstones are making a big splash in the handmade jewelry world this fall. Labradorite and moonstone have been a popular choice, as their pearly coloring lends itself to the wistful hues of autumn. The strong black veining found throughout many varieties of labradorite set against the iridescent blues and greens create a complex balance that is perfect for season’s shift towards more muted tones.

Similarly, moonstone has captured jewelry maker’s hearts with its soft, glowing sheen. Its pink and white opalescence makes it easily adaptable to many pieces, adding a delicate balance to heavier metals as well as providing lightness to more dramatic pieces.

Next on the list of popular gemstones used this season are rose quartz and smoky quartz. Rose quartz is especially popular among those with romantic sensibilities, due to its pale pink color giving off a more gentle, innocent vibe.

The similary opalescent nature of smoky quartz creates even more sympathy with the season’s shades, namely heather grey throughout clothing and makeup palettes seen on catwalks everywhere. This sometimes semi-transparent stone can provide grounding in an overly intricate piece or be worn as a statement standalone item.

Metals like oxidized sterling silver are being used alongside these stones to create beautiful contrasts in varying jewelry pieces this fall. Lighter gold tones such as gold plate and rose gold plate also feature heavily throughout ongoing seasonal trends; These warmer tones allow for a softer edge compared to harsher industrial silver blends – particularly when combined with darker gemstone choices such as faceted tourmaline or rubies – playing up the sliver hues without having an overly hard look or feel overall.

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Earring Styles

Fall jewelry is a great way to make a fashion statement this season. Accessorizing with the right pieces can either complete an outfit or make it stand out even more. This fall, many stylish and unique pieces have been catching the eyes of trendsetters. One of the hottest trends seen on the street are various types of eye-catching earrings.

Statement earrings are making a big splash in 2018’s fall jewelry trends with bold shapes, colors, textures and sizes being worn by stylish women everywhere. Popular styles include large hoop earrings made from metals in silver and gold finishes as well as bright colored pom-pom rainbows that look like candy. Others are wearing sweeping tassels with intricate beading and natural wood for earthy vibes or festive motifs that remind us of all things Halloween.

Also popular this season are abstract geometric shaped earrings inspired by patterns from exotic cultures around the world. Some feature beautiful prints using colorful fabric strands others delicate metalwork crafted into stunning designs which ensures there is something for everyone to love.

There has also been some playful takes on animal shape motifs such as deer antlers or flying birds which add a bit of whimsy to every look. No matter what style you prefer, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding just the right pair of earrings that you love and can showcase your unique sense of fashion this season.

Necklace Styles

The fall season of 2018 has presented a range of stunning and unique handmade jewelry trends. Necklaces, in particular, offer a variety of styles to accent any outfit. Whether you are looking for something to blend in with an already existing wardrobe or want to stand out, there is an option for everyone.

Various styles of necklaces have been seen trending this season. Layered and chokers are among the most popular necklace styles. Each do the same job of being eye catching and draw attention to one’s face. However, in order to get a truly astonishing effect from these jewels, layering is vital as it adds depth and dimension to your look.

When layered correctly with shorter or longer necklaces your casual look can become formal with ease and without compromising on style. Chokers on the other hand provide a strong dose of attitude paired with class many women seek out when accessorizing. Furthermore, personalization options such as letters or just basic geometric shapes offer a more personal touch to an otherwise common trend piece – ensuring that every fashionista stands out from the rest.

Finally, statement necklaces are seeing success this fall season like never before. These big bold pieces add interest no matter what type of clothing you choose to pair them with; from smart office looks to relaxed Sunday outings and everything in between – anyone can make them work for their taste without having to compromise on quality or style.

Also known as bib necklaces due to their shape, statement jewelery pieces go great even when wearing simpler outfits due their interesting shapes and marvelous designs. From diamond encrusted tiaras (yes – this fashionable choice also gets its time under the spotlight once more) all the way down small charms – these easily wearable jewels will guarantee any wearer a show-stopping status throughout their autumn months.

Bracelet Styles

One of the most popular bracelet styles that are being seen in fashion this fall 2018 season is chunky bangles. These types of bracelets can often be found crafted out of semi-precious stones, metals and leather.

The trend is overall very eye-catching, and the bold designs featured on many braclets adds an extra flair to any outfit. Whether they are gold or silver colored, with colorful stone accents, or possibly engraved charms, these bracelets scream sophistication and glamour which makes them a must have for anyone wanting to stay fashionable this fall season.

In addition to the classic metals featured in fall 2018 jewelry trends, natural materials such as woven thread or even macramé are also being used to create simple yet beautiful pieces. Being lightweight and comfortable to wear,these accessories will instantly add a hint of elegance to your look without sacrificing comfortability. Although traditional pieces may appear when wore as part of an outfit, patterned weaves and intricate knotting will definitely make you stand out.

Finally a classic style which has made its way back into modern day fashion – friendship bracelets. With a plethora of colors and patterns available this season, you can easily switch up the look without buying a new accessory each time.

Made mainly from cotton braided strings, these comfortable pieces tend to be adjustable in length making them ideal for any wrist size; despite their simplistic designs these unique pieces can easily be paired with party hor d’ouevres for evening events as well as during more formal seasons, equipping you with everything you need throughout every fashion moment.

Popular Color Palettes

This season, some of the most popular colors featured in handmade fall jewelry are shades like mustard yellow, deep scarlet red and vibrant cobalt blue. Each of these colors adds a perfect autumnal touch to any outfit, creating the perfect balance between summer and winter. Mustard yellow is a perfect reminder of fallen leaves or golden fields accompanied by a refreshing breeze.

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Vibrant cobalt blue is reminiscent of dark endless skies with just enough sparkle to be seen under the lightest of stars. Deep Scarlet Red gleams as if it were plucked from nature itself as it celebrates jewel-like berries and apples in abundance.

Along with these strong monochromatic tones, we have also seen some that show more support for the muted side of this season’s palette. Sage green has become a favorite among trend-setters due to its versatile nature; a dusty hue which pairs well with so many other shades often found within now blackened branches, mushroom heads, and forest ferns.

To bring about an even more subtle look for an ensemble, delicate earth tones such as terracotta and olive are often used to add texture and shine from sunrise all the way through nightfall.

Amidst all this neutralized color there must still be flairs of maximalism; after all we are still celebrating life no matter what time it is. Glints of silvers or whites bring out those starry nights or snowy days while hints of blush pink or warm garnet draw us back into those mild yet memorable evenings that winter brings around this time every year.

To put it simply; come cooler nights or days thereof one can style their earrings, necklaces or rings with tidbits that speak volumes but appear ever so subtle within your items of handmade jewelry this season.

DIY Tutorials

The fall of 2018 brings with it a new wave of jewelry trends that are perfect for any occasion. One of the most popular trends this season is handmade jewelry. These pieces of handmade jewelry range in style from bold statement pieces to delicate, everyday accessories. With some simple supplies and tools, you can make an eye-catching piece of jewelry quickly and easily.

DIY tutorials are more popular than ever in the crafting world, and those looking to express their creativity through jewelry will find plenty of resources online. Tutorials are designed to allow even first time crafters to create unique and stylish jewelry with ease.

Beaded bracelets, simple wire rings, necklace pendant chains – all these pieces can be made with the right instructions and supplies. More experienced crafters may go beyond tutorials into full-blown projects that create larger, custom pieces of art or fashion accessories.

If your hobby tends towards the traditional end of things then you’ll love current silhouettes inspired by ancient artifacts or decorative details reminiscent of early art movements like Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau styles. For a more modern twist, look for shapes influenced by household items like utensils or kitchenware such as fun spoons earrings.

Right now gold plating is on trend but many other types such as sterling silver or rose gold remain timeless yet versatile choices suitable for evening looks as well as effortless casual wear ensembles for day-to-day activities. Whatever look you’re aiming for there is sure to be a handmade item out there to fit your needs and tastes perfectly.


It is beneficial for anyone who creates handmade jewelry to stay up-to-date on the current trends of this Fall season. Keeping abreast of the recent fashion in jewelry will allow you to stay relevant, modern, and stand out amongst other jewelry designers. It is also important to look back on what has been popular in past seasons, as incorporating elements from the past can give your pieces a unique charm while still staying contemporary.

For those looking to create their own designs, it can be extremely beneficial to do some research on the current styles and trends. Fine art galleries, online magazines, social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start.

By studying popular colors reminiscent of the season, or design elements like leaves or fall motifs can often inspire many unique ideas that fit into the realm of current trend yet still maintain an individual touch. One example of this is oil-slick rainbow plating combined with earthy metals – the mix of vibrant colors with more muted hues creates an eye catching contrast suitable for any autumn wardrobe.

Whether you’re a professional jewelry designer or just making pieces for yourself and friends, staying ahead of these current trends will set your designs apart from the rest. While it is true that fashion cycles come and go, keeping up with seasonal changes will undoubtedly help shape your jewelry journey in all the right ways.

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