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Crystal Mama Jewelry is an independent company that specializes in handmade artisan jewelry. It is unique and sophisticated with pieces specifically designed to make any individual stand out and feel confident.

From statement crystal earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets to kitschy art and fun trinkets, these pieces are the perfect way for any woman to express herself, make a bold fashion statement or simply show off her own personal style. In addition to being beautiful, Crystal Mama’s jewelry is also of excellent quality; all their pieces are carefully crafted using only the finest materials available.

Convenience of Shopping Online For those who don’t have the luxury of shopping in-store, Crystal Mama now offers convenient online ordering on its website so that customers can purchase one-of-a-kind items from the comfort of their home.

Their website is easy to use and allows users to easily browse through different categories depending on their mood or needs; whether it’s something simple as a pendant for everyday wear or extravagant crystal encrusted necklaces for special occasions.

Furthermore, they offer free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $100 so you can save money while still getting the quality items you want.

Exclusivity & Support of Artisans Crystal Mama Jewelry Sales Websites recognize that buying quality handmade goods contributes not only to individual self-expression but also acts as an act of solidarity towards fellow artisans who strive at maintaining time honored traditions while keeping up with modern times. By supporting small businesses rather than big corporations consumers ensure that their dollars get directly distributed back into local communities.

Thus, by shopping Crystal Mama’s Website customers can join this movement towards exclusivity while simultaneously supporting the creation of unique pieces created individually with dedication & care and received with joy & admiration.

Benefits of Shopping for Crystal Mama Jewelry Online

Shopping for crystal mama jewelry online is both easy and convenient. Consumers no longer have to make trips to physical stores and can spend more time doing things they love. Having a vast selection of products to choose from right at your fingertips is also another advantage of buying crystal mama jewelry online.

Whether seeking out simple earrings, bold statement pieces, or affordable gifts, shopping online provides a much wider range of options at your disposal as opposed to limited selections of physical stores. Online shoppers can also benefit from being able to read comprehensive descriptions about the product and compare prices easily.

Another great benefit of shopping for crystal mama jewelry online is that it’s faster than making trips to brick-and-mortar stores. You can find the perfect piece without wasting precious time searching through cluttered shops or waiting in line for help from staff members who may not be available or knowledgeable in all areas.

At an online store like Crystal Mama Jewelry, shoppers can search for what they need with specific words and find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. Moreover, professional customer service representatives are always available via live chat or email to answer any questions or provide personal recommendations if needed.

Lastly, one of the most attractive reasons why many people shop for crystal mama jewelry at online outlets is because they usually offer lower prices than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Many vendors have low overhead costs which mean they don’t need to pass on the cost of running a physical store on their customers.

Additionally, there are often discounts and seasonal sales that provide even deeper savings which could result in significant savings over time when buying items like pendants, necklaces, bracelet sets, earrings, rings and bangles regularly.

How to Choose an Authentic Crystal Mama Jewelry Store

When shopping online for jewelry made with crystal mama stones, it is important to make sure you buy your pieces from a reputable source. The authenticity and quality of your purchase will depend on where you shop as well as the techniques used in crafting jewelry with the stones. Here are a few tips on how to choose an authentic Crystal Mama jewelry store:


The best way to make sure you select an authentic retailer is by doing your research first. Read up on the type of pieces they sell, look at past customer reviews, and look into any certifications that they may possess. It is also important to verify if the website is secure before entering any payment information or personal details. It’s worth taking time to find out as much as possible about a jewellery store before making a purchase.

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Check Authenticity

A reputable online shop should have certificates of authenticity and use third-party laboratories for its gemstone testing process. This includes verifying that each stone meets strict standards for colour, clarity, cut and carat weights – attributes which give the stones their quality and value rating. Avoid buying from stores that do not have this kind of assurance as there could be risks associated with them.

Materials Used

High quality pieces crafted with crystal mama stones will incorporate strong yet subtle metal settings like gold or silver plating or pronged designs so that the stones will remain secure in their mountings whilst also allowing the beauty of each individual gemstone to come out through their sometimes fragile structure.

Check whether these types of materials are used within the pieces you are considering then find out more about who made them and the techniques involved in creating them – paying attention to this detail gives you more confidence when buying since it provides an indication regarding how long-lasting those accents would be.

Gauging Quality of Crystal Mama Jewelry

When it comes to gauging the quality of a product like jewelry, it is important to know what to look for in order to make sure you’re buying something that will last. In particular, Crystal Mama jewelry can vary widely in quality depending on many factors including materials used and craftsmanship. Here are some key things to look out for when determining the quality of crystal mama jewelry:

  • Design and Craftsmanship – Look at the design of the piece and make sure the craftsmanship appears to be good. Poorly made pieces sometimes feature uneven or jagged edges, crooked prongs or clasps, visibly layered colors that don’t blend together well, and cheap materials.
  • Materials Used – The type of metal used in a piece of jewelry can have an enormous impact on its longevity and overall value as a possession. Look for pieces crafted with durable metals such as sterling silver or gold-filled instead of plated metals which may tarnish more quickly.
  • Gemstones – Authentic gemstones used in crystal mama pieces keep their shine for longer than plastic or glass substitutes. Furthermore, genuine stones often exhibit visible characteristics such as inclusions or cloudiness which can clue you into whether they are real or fake.
  • Finishing Touches – Pay attention to the finer details such as the presence of glossy lacquer applied over gold-plating and sealed along all edges and crevices (this helps prevent oxidation). Also look for additional styling touches such as hand filigree; selectively drilled facets; scattering of seed pearls; blanket coverage with tiny diamonds; often these techniques add unique elements and sparkle that simple machine polishing alone cannot match.

It is also important to research any Crystal Mama jeweler before making a purchase online – read reviews from previous customers and investigate the company’s return policy in case you need to send an item back later on. Doing so should help you ensure your special find is both beautiful and long lasting.

Types of Crystal Mama Jewelry Available for Purchase

1. Rings: Crystal Mama offers a variety of beautiful rings of different sizes and cuts made with natural stones and crystals. The available stones include, but are not limited to, sapphires, diamond, rubies and tourmalines. Each ring is exquisitely crafted to create quality pieces that are sure to be cherished for many years to come.

2. Necklaces: Make a statement with an eye-catching necklace from Crystal Mama. These handmade necklaces are made with semi-precious gemstones like rose quartz, smoky quartz and lapis lazuli strung together on a sleek cord or silver chain. Choose from a variety of styles such as layered, pendant or choker to find the perfect addition to any outfit.

3. Bracelets: Showcase your unique style with a bracelet handmade by Crystal Mama using natural gemstones combined with metal components for extra glittering effect. Popular choices include rose quartz, amethyst and jade bracelets intricately wrapped in gold or silver wire combinations as well as traditional cuffs featuring crosses or hearts in both classic colors and more unique combinations like pinks and purples.

4. Earrings: Take your looks up a notch by accessorizing with earrings from Crystal Mama. Made exclusively from natural white topaz and freshwater pearl stones these gorgeous dangling earrings add elegance and sophistication no matter what occasion. They also feature an easy-to-use hook back closure for comfort while wearing them all day long.

Variety of Prices for Crystal Mama Jewelry

Crystal Mama jewelry is well-known for providing excellent product and customer service. Their inventory includes an extensive selection of categories, including accessories, bridal, raw materials, and one-of-a kind pendants. With such a wide variety of items, the prices of Crystal Mama Jewelry range from those suitable for a budget to those that could be classified as luxury items.

How To Make Crystal Jewelry Ring

There are many pricing options available to customers depending on their desired item type and budget. For example, they offer affordable pieces using Swarovski crystal components for around $20 or less as well as high-end custom made pieces using rarer stones that can cost several hundred dollars.

In between the low end and high end are designer jewelry sets with semi-precious stones like garnet or citrine that could sell for up to $100 depending on the size and style of the piece. Additionally, all orders over $100 receive free shipping in the United States.

For customers shopping on a tight budget looking to add some sparkle to their wardrobe with just a hint of luxury, Crystal Mama offers:

  • Crystal bangle bracelets with Swarovski crystals – starting at $19
  • Small earrings featuring a single bead or stone – starting at $17
  • Necklaces with mirrored charms – starting at $18

Customers looking for something more unique may choose to splurge on higher priced pieces like:

  • Custom designed necklaces featuring amethyst gems – starting at $159
  • Silver statement rings set with labradorite stones – starting at $85
  • “Compass” brooch pins featuring four different colors of Swarovski crystals – starting at $84

What to Consider before Making a Purchase

When searching for crystal mama jewelry and sales websites, there are many important things to consider. First and foremost, a buyer should take care to only purchase jewelry from reputable vendors. Doing an online search for the website’s credibility can go a long way towards ensuring buyers receive top-notch products of high quality.

Do Your Research

Furthermore, research is essential in locating favorable prices. Some retailers offer discounts or special deals when purchasing on their website; however, many buyers find that it is helpful to shop around and compare prices. Checking out Whatsup Inc., Jewelry stores such as PandaHall or even Etsy can help you determine where to purchase high-quality goods while saving money on purchases.

Customer Reviews

Also, taking the time to read customer reviews offers additional assurance of quality that can serve as peace of mind. When reading reviews, make sure they are genuine by looking at how recent they were posted as well as viewing the overall amount provided (a good sign is if there are more positive than negative ratings).

Watch Out for Scams

Finally, it is important to be aware of any potential scams and financial risks associated with crystal mama jewelry sales websites. Never give your credit card information or personal data unless you personally know the vendor or have scoured their customer reviews in search for legitimate feedback. Even then, be sure to verify sites with SSL Encryption encryption certification before making a payment – this will ensure that your private information remains secure from prying third parties.


Crystal Mama Jewelry provides their customers with the opportunity to get their hands on beautiful and unique pieces without spending an excessive amount of money. Shopping for jewelry online is convenient, hassle-free, and can save time and money for those who are looking for something special.

Not only will customers find much lower prices than in stores, but they also have access to a greater variety of jewelry selections online than many local stores can offer. The natural beauty of each Crystal Mama Jewelry piece also makes them excellent gifts for any occasion.

Furthermore, all orders purchased from the Crystal Mama Jewelry website come with free shipping so there are no worries about additional costs when ordering online. They have a professional customer service team available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns so customers don’t have to worry about making sure they get the perfect piece that fits their individual style.

And lastly, by purchasing from Crystal Mama Jewelry customers can rest assured that they are purchasing quality jewelry made with only the best materials which is handmade to order with love and care.

In conclusion, when it comes to shopping for beautiful and exciting pieces of jewelry, Crystal Mama Jewelry provides its customers with countless options at low prices along with free shipping and reliable customer service support. Its unique collections crafted with quality materials make it an ideal choice for those wanting something special but affordable.

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