Costume Jewelry Marked C


Costume jewelry marked C is a type of jewelry that has been stamped with the letter C as a mark of authenticity. It is usually made from precious metals, such as gold and silver, and is used to decorate items of clothing or accessories. The mark “C” on the piece indicates that it is a genuine product from the manufacturer and not just a knockoff. In some cases, costume jewelry marked C will also feature semi-precious stones or other materials which offer a more unique design than more widely available pieces of jewelry. Costume jewelry marked C can also be identified by its distinct designs and patterns which are typically quite intricate and carefully crafted. Many pieces of costume jewelry bear the stamp “C” not just to indicate authenticity but also to show that they have been produced in accordance with high standards set by reputable manufacturers or designers.

The History of Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked C is said to have been in existence since the early 1800s. Circa 1880 it became popular in areas such as Paris, France as a means of affording stylish jewelry to the masses who otherwise may not be able to purchase finer pieces. Pre-1920s costume jewelry was often made using a process referred to as japonisme, which involved enameling metals with the influence of Japanese art and tradition. This style was particularly attractive because it allowed for a greater range of color combinations that could be achieved by combining multiple precious stones.

The earliest use of letter stamps on Costume Jewelry seemed to date back to the French jewelers during this period who would stamped their pieces with an “F” for France or “V” for Vienna after Napoleon had declared himself emperor of France in 1804. Then from 1940 onwards manufacturers began to use different letter stamps, the most recognizable being “C” after Charles (or perhaps Coro). While Charles may refer to Charles Hirschhorn & Sons Inc., Coro could possibly stand for Emanuel Cohn and Gerald Rosenberg who established Coro Jewelry Company back in 1907.

Today, C markings are still seen on many vintage pieces of Costume Jewelry including necklaces, earrings and bracelets that feature faux pearls and bright crystals set in various metals such as gold tone alloy or silver tone base metals like rhodium or stainless steel. AlthoughCoro closed operations over 30 years ago, people still covet these engraved costume jewelry pieces due to their classic design and timeless elegance.

What to Look for When Buying Costume Jewelry Marked C

One of the things to look for when buying costume jewelry marked C is a stamp on the back or near the clasp of the item. Usually, this identifiable c will resemble an “all-capital” imprint reading: “C” within a circle shape. It could be surrounded by words such as “USA”, “Made in USA”, or sometimes simply a large letter C with no surrounding text. Additionally, most pieces marked with a “C” were made before 1955, though very few post-1955 pieces contain this label. Furthermore, to ensure its vintage casted age and integrity, examine it for signs of its original patina – an additional indication of the piece’s crafted date. Such patina comes about from zinc oxide (a common alloy used in vintage costume jewelry dating back to the 1930s), enamel accents on some items, copper tones on lead and non-magnetic goldplatings (considered early settings). Lastly, when shopping for jewelry marked with a “C”, don’t forget to check both antique malls and online resources for similar pieces in diverse styles and periods.

Popular Brands of Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked C can be a great way to add a little extra sparkle and shine to your outfit without spending too much money. There are many popular brands that produce costume jewelry marked with the letter “C” which is an indication of quality. Common names include Coro, Carolee, Castlecliff and Connemara. Coro produces vintage costume jewelry that often feature intricate designs in rhodium or gold tone finishes. Carolee is a brand specializing in higher-end pieces crafted from beads and crystals, making them modern collectibles. Castlecliff designs range from art deco-inspired bracelets with sparkling rhinestones to bold necklaces featuring unique shapes with leaf or animal figure themes. Connemara features bold geometric shapes and dainty floral designs made of delicate stones, like rose quartz and moonstone. No matter which brand you choose, costume jewelry marked C make a statement of sophisticated fashion style at an affordable price!

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Different Styles of Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked “C” can vary in style and type. Depending on the period and maker, pieces can come in a wide variety of looks, ranging from minimalistic pieces to more ornate, statement items. Common styles of costume jewelry marked C include vintage brooches, necklaces, chandelier earrings and clip-on earrings. Some pieces feature floral designs with bright stones such as ruby and sapphire stones, while some feature bold geometric designs made with glass or simulated pearls. Other popular finds include charm bracelets with dangling charms such as hearts or stars and ornate pendants featuring intricate trinkets like birds or angels. Other notable pieces in this range are Art Deco inspired pieces that feature modernised futuristic diamond cuts crafted from brass or German silver. Costume jewelry marked C has a timeless quality which makes it perfect for any occasion!

Care and Maintenance of Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked C is a type of jewelry made from various non-precious metals and may be plated with silver or gold. Although costume jewels have been around since the 1920s, more recent pieces are made of brass, bronze, pewter, or a combination of these materials. Costume jewelry marked C requires special care and maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

Firstly, it’s important to store the jewelry away from direct sunlight and heat which can cause tarnish over time. Make sure that pieces aren’t clanking against each other as this could lead to scratches or fading of color. It’s also important that pieces don’t come into contact with other types of metal such as copper or nickel. To clean your costume jewelry marked C you should use a damp cloth with mild soapy water rather than harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia which could damage the metals used in the construction over time. After cleaning it’s best not to wear the piece for at least 24 hours afterwards as this will help to restore any lost luster or shine. Finally make sure you regularly check for any signs of wear and tear such as fallen crystals or loose settings which require professional repair before they become further damaged through wear and tear.

List of Jewelers Offering Authentic Costume Jewelry Marked C

Founded in 1975, C Jewelers is renowned for timeless and alluring pieces set with stunning gemstones, unique finishes, and incredible craftmanship. The company’s signature collection offers a wide selection of costume jewelry crafted with an eye to exquisite design. From necklaces and earrings to rings and brooches, you’re sure to find something that will complement any outfit or occasion. Furthermore, each piece is marked with the iconic ‘C’ logo designed by master jeweler Curt Bendis and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Another leading brand offering authentic costume jewelry marked ‘C’ is Taylor & Belieau Jewelry. Established in 1982, this Paris-based company boasts a premium collection of delicate handcrafted necklaces and bracelets featuring their hallmark Art Deco style designs. Each piece carries the ‘C’ hallmark which signifies superior quality and hallmarked craftsmanship making it ideal for special occasions.

For unforgettable jewellery pieces that stand out from the crowd then La Maisonette has what you are looking for. Founded in 1949, this family-run French business offers exquisite pieces such as florid rings and pendants, bejewelled brooches, art deco inspired bangles and breathtaking chokers made from luxurious materials including gold plated sterling silver. And like most other brands mentioned here each creation carries the ‘C’ mark signifying quality assurance.

Moreover, Haigas Jewelers offer beautiful designer jewelry marked ‘C’ set with precious stones in ornate 18k gold settings to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe. Their collection features everything from statement rings to intricately designed necklaces making it perfect for formal affairs as well as casual day wear outfits alike. So if you want sophisticated jewelry guaranteed to make lasting impressions then head over to Haigas Jewelers today.

Examples of Vintage Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked with a C is usually attributed to modern jewelry manufacturers and designers that have been using the mark since the 1950s. This type of costume jewelry is typically characterized by its bright colors, bold designs, and flashy looks. Many popular names in the vintage costume jewelry industry have used this mark, such as Coro, Christian Dior, and Carl Art. Common materials used in vintage costume jewelry marked with a C include rhinestones, faux pearls, glass beads and cabochons, enameled metal settings, brass or copper plating, etc. One very popular example is the Coro Craft Jewelry line from 1957-1960 that was particularly known for its intricate rhinestone pins with abstract shapes and vibrant colors. A more recent brand with pieces that feature a C mark would be the Christian Dior line from 2006-2010 which featured daring enamel artwork on base metals like brass or copper-plated finishes.

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Pros and Cons of Wearing Costume Jewelry Marked C


1. Costume jewelry marked C is often quite cost-effective. It can be a great way to look fashionable on a budget.

2. Costume jewelry often incorporates bolder or trendier designs which are not always seen in more expensive pieces.

3. For those who have allergies or sensitivities to metals found in normal jewelry, costume jewelry may offer more hypoallergenic options as it’s usually made with non-precious metals and materials.


1. As costume jewelry is cheaper, it may not be as long lasting and durable as higher quality pieces such as gold and silver pieces, making it necessary to replace often or after a few seasons of wear.

2. Since many costume jewelry pieces are mass-produced in factories, the quality of each piece can vary drastically due to lack of attention to detail given when crafting them.

3. Costume jewelry does not hold its value like more costly pieces do, so if you ever decide to sell your piece you likely won’t make back what you paid for it originally.

Creative Ideas for Styling Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked “C” can add a unique and stylish element to any outfit. Here are some ways you can make the most of your C-marked costume jewelry:

• Layer different pieces of the same color for an elegant look that works for both casual and formal events. For example, try pairing a delicate collar necklace with longer drop earrings in coordinating tones, or layer multiple bangles or cuffs on one arm.

• Dress up plain, straightforward clothing with dazzling statement jewelry marked C. Bold, eye-catching pieces take center stage and become true conversation starters!

• Wear bolder pieces with simple outfits to draw attention to your standout accessories. These are perfect for special occasions like weddings or holiday parties since they will instantly boost your style quotient!

• Make sure accessory clashes work in your favor by pairing subtle, neutral-toned jewelry with bold prints or bright colors. Slip on a brightly colored cocktail dress with some earrings and bracelet set in exactly the same shade for maximum impact!
• Add interest to an otherwise monochromatic wardrobe by mixing pieces from different sets together such as pairing flower rings and bracelets from different brands together. This is an easy way to get more mileage out of every piece of jewelry you own.

Conclusion Summary of Costume Jewelry Marked C

Costume jewelry marked C is a type of jewelry that contains the letter “C” in its marking. It typically indicates that the item was made after 1939 and is usually made out of a base metal such as brass, copper or zinc, with gold or silver plating atop it. Additionally, some costume jewelry items may contain precious or semi-precious gemstones or crystals. The quality of the craftsmanship on each piece determines its value, with higher quality pieces costing more. Costume jewelry marked C can be found in numerous styles, colors and sizes and usually last through many wears if properly cared for.

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