Costume Jewelry Cleaning Diy

Taking care of your costume jewelry is no small task. Whether you got your favorite piece of jewelry at a thrift store or you made it yourself, it’s important to maintain its appearance and keep it looking its best.

Fortunately, there are several DIY costume cleaning projects that can help restore your jewelry and keep it sparkling for years to come. With a few simple materials, some common household items, and a little bit of elbow grease, anyone can easily tackle these easy cleaning tips for costume jewels.

Project One – Soaking Your Jewelry in Solution

This is an easy and effective project that requires only two ingredients: warm water and dish soap. Fill up a small bowl with the warm water, squirt in some dish soap, and let your jewelry soak for at least five minutes.

This will help break down any oils or grime on the surface of the metal and make it easier to clean away with a soft cloth or brush. Afterwards, rinse off the pieces with cool water before drying them off completely with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

Project Two – Use Baking Soda Paste Cleaning Method

Soaking may not always be enough when it comes to deep-cleaning costume jewelry since some furnishings may call for some extra scrubbing power. To address this issue, try using baking soda paste as an abrasive cleaner mix up equal parts baking soda and water in a small bowl or cup until you get a thick paste-like consistency.

Then with an old toothbrush (or other soft-bristled brush) gently apply by brushing hard-to-reach areas like cording and crevices where dirt gets trapped over time. Let the mixture set for about 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water then dry thoroughly as above mentioned before storing away your pieces safely for next usage cycle.


Cleaning gold plated jewelry or sparkly statement pieces doesn’t have to be difficult-DIY costume jewelry cleaning projects are quick and inexpensive. From soaking delicate items in solution all the way to scrubbing stubborn spots using baking powder paste methods – these techniques are highly recommended if you want to take care of yours jewelries properly by preserving their luster over time.

At the end of the day – taking proper care of your precious gems is definitely worth effort as this guarantees enjoyment out of wearing such fashionable accessory affordably.

Supplies for Home Cleaning

If you’re going to clean your costume jewelry at home, it’s important to gather the right materials before you get started. The supplies you should have on hand depend on the items that need cleaning and the level of risk you are willing to take with each individual piece (i.e., costly ones versus cheap imitations).

Generally, there are a few basic supplies that every jewelry-cleaning enthusiast should have as part of their costume jewelry cleaning DIY arsenal.

Firstly, it is important to have plain white toothpaste, lukewarm water, and cotton balls or a soft-bristled toothbrush on hand. Both toothpaste and lukewarm water can be used for more delicate pieces without an excessive risk of damage. The toothbrush is only necessary if the dirt has set into crevices requiring extra scrubbing power. Secondly , having a cloth specifically for polishing is fundamental for enhancing the overall look of your jewelery after being cleaned.

Polishing clothes are mostly made from cottom flannel or muslin material which can help buff away tarnish and leave your jewelry looking new again. Furthermore , if any of your pieces require a deeper clean beyond what can be done with nonabrasive materials it is beneficial to also have a store bought cleanser or mild detergent called anti-tarnish solution.

This solution not only works at cleaning gold and silver but will also keep them lustrous longer than other cleaners due its unique formulation.

In conclusion, when embarking on cleaning your costume jewelry at home it is important your select the right materials to avoid unnecessary damage being done with harsh products or abrasive tools. By ensuring you have plain white toothpaste , lukewarm water & cotton bales, polishing cloth specifically serves for buffing issue , a store bought cleaner /anti-tarnish solution available to use when needed. Your costume jewelry DIY endeavor should be much more successful ensuirng you possess these fundamental supplies beforehand.

Prevention & Care

Costume jewelry is an excellent and affordable alternative to the beautiful, expensive pieces available in the market. However, to keep them looking their best there are a number of precautions you must take to ensure their longevity. The first step in taking care of your costume jewelry is prevention. Avoid wearing your pieces when going for a shower or swim.

Keep your jewelry items away from lotions, perfumes, and other harsh chemicals because these substances can cause corrosion in some metals. It’s also important to store each piece in its own separate box or pouch. Keeping all the pieces together can lead to scratches, dents and other damage on them.

The next step is cleaning your costume jewelry regularly; especially if you wear it often. A regular cleaning routine can help reduce unwanted dirt and grime from settling on the surface and maintaining its gleam.

You can make a DIY cleaner at home by mixing equal parts liquid soap and warm water in a bowl or bucket before gently soothing the pieces with it using a soft brush or cloth cloth, being careful not to be too abrasive with them as they may scratch easily.

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Once clean, rinse off the soapy water with a damp cloth before allowing it to air dry completely prior to storage. Make sure never to use any abrasive cleaners like bleach or ammonia-containing products as these are very aggressive chemicals that can damage your costume jewelry instantly.

When not wearing them, store each piece separately inside of its own drawer away from direct sunlight as ultraviolet rays cane discolor both metal and stone settings over time which causes dullness on them no matter how much you polish them afterwards.

Keep in mind that humidity may play an equally large factor on how well your costume jewels fares overtime; try storing things such as necklaces inside pouches with some dried rice in order disperse moisture that naturally accumulates due to environmental factors if need be.

Despite how reliable many Costume jewelries might appear after years of ownership ,it’s still always advisable for regular checkups at the hands of a professional jeweller for maintenance purposes at least once every two years. Following this simple advice will help protect your costume jewels keeping it looking new for longer.

Jewelry Variety

Costume jewelry is an affordable alternative to traditional gold, silver, and gemstones which has been around for generations. The range of costume jewelry includes everything from cheap plastic trinkets to high-end fashion pieces made with precious metals and semi-precious gems. One of the most common types of costume jewelry is metal jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. It’s important to understand the makeup of these pieces in order to give them proper care and cleaning.

Most costume jewelry consists primarily of non-precious metals; nickel silver, zinc alloy and brass being the most popular. These will typically have some type of coating applied over them to produce a shinier finish or a more desirable color; gold plating, rhodium plating (silver), copper plating (red/orange) and lacquer coating are examples one may find.

Due to the use of non-precious metal alloys in many types of costume jewelry it can be more prone to tarnishing than precious metal pieces.

When it comes to cleaning these pieces there are two methods that should be used depending on the type piece; wiping down with a cloth or ultrasonic cleaning. Wiping down with a cloth should always come first as it removes dirt and debris without damaging fragile surfaces; however for deeper cleaning it’s best to opt for an ultrasonic cleaner which safely agitates any grime away using sound waves without damaging coatings or stone settings.

Gardex Jewelry Cleaning Solutions can make this process easier by providing specialized products specifically formulated for certain metals and materials found in costume jewelry so one can clean safely without worrying about causing damage. Simply follow the instructions on bottle before immersing your pieces into the solution for cleaning.

Cleaning Guide

Clean and colorful costume jewelry is an essential part of any wardrobe. While it may not be as precious and expensive as fine jewelry, it can still cost quite a bit to replace. Therefore, keeping your costume jewelry clean is important if you want to preserve its quality. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to DIY clean costume jewelry at home.

Let’s get started with the cleaning process. The first step is to make sure that all of the pieces are free from dirt. Start by brushing your fingers over them while they’re still dry. If there are any visible bits of dirt or dust, remove them gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush, or a jewelry polishing cloth that won’t damage the metal or stones.

Next, create an effective mild cleansing solution; mix 2 cups warm water with 1 Tablespoon dish soap into a medium size bowl. Place your item(s) in the bowl and let soak for 5 minutes before removing them and rinsing off with cold running water. Afterwards you should dry off each piece thoroughly, addressing extra special attention on any stones that may be present on the item (i.e., sapphires, diamonds).

Once your pieces are dried off completely (which should take about 10 minutes), use a separate cotton swab with some olive oil for pressing further polishing needs–rubbing around any crevices where dirt may have formed over time or tainting has occurred on the metal surface area of the pieces. Complete this final step and all should be looking good as new.

As long as you follow these steps correctly, you should see that costume jewelry cleaning becomes easy at home without having to worry about professional services being required for expensive installment fees. Costume Jewelry Cleaning DIY can definitely become enjoyable in several ways for anyone looking to maintain their jewels’ expected beauty level for years to come.

Professional Cleaning

Costume jewelry cleaning is something that many people take on as a DIY project, but it’s not something that everyone is comfortable doing. There are certain instances when it is best to seek professional help for costume jewelry cleaning.

When a piece of costume jewelry is heavily encrusted with dirt or debris, or if there are intricate designs and deep set stones, taking it to a professional will ensure the best possible outcome. Professional cleaners have the right equipment and knowledge to thoroughly clean difficult pieces without risking damage. They use special tools and techniques to handle even the most delicate jewelries in order to bring them back their former brilliance.

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Generally, professional jewelry cleaners go through a cleaning process that includes inspection, ultrasonic cleaning (where special solutions are used), hand-polishing with soft cloths, steam cleaning and finally coating the stones with rhodium or other protectants where necessary. The process can be extremely time consuming, especially with intricate pieces like vintage jewels.

Therefore any savings gained from doing a DIY job may well be counteracted by an expensive professional restoration service afterwards due to preventing further damage from being caused due to inexperience or an absence of the correct materials and methods required for such work.

Once you’ve taken your piece of costume jewelry to a professional cleaner – make sure you ask what kind of treatment they recommend for continued maintenance and care before leaving your prized possession in their hands. Professional cleaners will be able to advise which home maintenance methods would be appropriate for the type of material your jewelry’s made from in order to ensure its longevity and sparkle remains long after its initial clean.

To maintain your jewellery’s shine at home, simple steps like regularly wiping down with soft cloth after use often helps – this should prevent dirty build up over time that may otherwise require more intensive cleaning sessions in future.

Mistakes to Avoid

Costume jewelry is a great way to accessorize and dress up any look, but cleaning it properly can be tricky. Doing it the wrong way can ruin the piece, so it is important to know the right methods. One thing you should never do when cleaning costume jewelry is using harsh chemicals or solutions.

Dishwashing detergents, ammonia, bleach and vinegar are all too powerful on costume jewelry’s finishes and delicate settings. Those products will remove any protective coating on the jewel and can corrode the metal and stones that hold the piece together.

Another mistake to avoid when you are cleaning costume jewelry is washing it in an ultrasonic cleaner. Even if it is marketed as being safe for gems and metals, post-antique pieces should not be put through this process as it can cause damage to those materials. This method works best with high production jewels such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds that have been made with a higher grade of material than costume pieces.

Polishing cloths are also not advisable for use with costume jewelry as these often contain abrasive particles that could easily damage the finish of vintage pieces or antique production jewelry from many years ago. Jewelers cloths work well instead because they contain oil or wax-based substances which help retain original shine while protecting delicate components from getting damaged in the process.

In addition to avoiding harsh solutions and polishing cloths, people should avoid using toothbrushes or anything with wire bristles when cleaning their costume jewelry. The wires may dislodge stones or scratch fine metals – thus damaging them beyond repair.

Toothpicks can also be problematic-even if you think they make effective scrubbing tools since they can accidentally wedge old debris into hard-to-reach places where water may not reach during regular care of your piece(s).

Instead opt for softer brush options like makeup brushes made specifically for removing dust on fragile items such craft pieces or collector items; these brushes typically come on disposable foam heads which provide gentler scouring motion over surfaces without perilously penetrating delicate areas that could cause damage over time.


When it comes to costume jewelry, there are a lot of different options for keeping your pieces looking great. Investing in quality costume jewelry is a great way to ensure it lasts longer and looks better with age. If proper care isn’t taken, however, costume jewelry can end up looking dull and tarnished. Fortunately, there are DIY cleaning solutions that you can make at home or buy online that will help bring the sparkle back to your favorite pieces.

In addition to purchasing high-quality items and having them professionally cleaned from time to time, there are many simple steps you can take at home to ensure your costume jewelry looks its best for years to come. By combining regular washing with disinfectants like alcohol or cleaning with gentle toothbrush-tips and baking soda solution can keep your costume jewelry sparkly and bright.

Finally, storing these items properly when they are not being worn helps keeps them clean and prevents them from getting damaged or scratched too easily.

Given how delicate these items can be, the best rule of thumb when caring for costume jewelry is prevention rather than cure; both before wearing and after taking off the pieces. Take extra caution when handling any costume jewelry pieces in order to prevent dirt, perspiration and oils from ruining the shine so it remains looking as fabulous as ever.

With basic everyday care tactics combined with occasional deep cleans using homemade concoctions or purchased cleaning kits, you can ensure your show-stopping accessories become heirlooms for generations.