Copper Handmade Jewelry

Copper handmade jewelry is becoming increasingly popular due to its beautiful, unique look and wide range of uses. Copper is one of the oldest known metals, with the earliest pieces of copper jewelry dating back from 8000 BC in Ancient Egypt.

Copper has a natural shine that no other metal can match and its malleability makes it a great choice for creating custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. In addition, copper is also very lightweight yet highly durable, making it perfect for everyday wear.

When you are looking for a special piece of jewelry, copper handmade jewelry is an excellent option. Because copper is so malleable, there are endless possibilities when it comes to design and creativity – allowing you to express yourself through your own unique style.

Depending on how it is processed and treated by the craftsman or artisan creating your piece, each piece will have its own individual characteristics that make it stand out from all others. For example, hand-forged pieces that are heated up and pounded into shape often have an organic texture that adds to the character of the piece.

Another bonus to buying copper handmade jewelry instead of mass produced items made from other metals is that you know your purchase was made with the utmost care and crafted with great attention to detail. Copper looks best when handled properly – polished regularly with specific cleaning products and buffed off afterward – meaning that every high quality piece will last much longer than average factory made ones.

Plus, buying handmade ensures that every item has been given individual love directly from the person who created it.

History of Copper Jewelry

Copper jewelry has been around as long as 4500-5000 BC. The oldest known copper jewelry was found in Northern Iraq, belonging to The Royal Cemetery of Ur, a Sumerian city state which was founded in 3000 BC. Copper soon became a symbol of wealth and fertility amongst the wealthy family members in civilizations that followed. Notable instances include Cleopatra wearing copper jewelry during her reign and even incorporating it into her wardrobe for public appearances.

Over the centuries, copper jewelry has taken on different shapes and sizes; from the earliest bangles and anklets worn by women and children alike, evolving to earrings, rings, nosepins and pendants. Forms such as bronze swords embossed with images of religious deities were also common amongst certain cultures as symbols of status and power within society.

Styles of Copper Jewelry

The most popular metal for making jewelry in modern times is silver or gold due to its inherent value; however copper has its own unique sets of qualities that can add an element of mystique into a piece:

  • Its innate beauty: Given its longevity in jewelry-making, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that over the centuries people have become quite fond of this natural metal.
  • Wide range: Due to its malleability when heated (which makes it perfect for engraving or molding), copper lends itself incredibly well to countless designs.
  • Durability & Affordability: When compared with silver or gold it is much less expensive yet fairly durable.
  • Gaining popularity again: Since the 2000s there has been a notable rise in popularity due to fashion trends focusing on handmade pieces made using traditional techniques.

Types of Copper Jewelry

Copper is a popular choice for handmade jewelry due to its malleable and low-cost properties. With so many styles available, there is the perfect piece of copper jewelry out there for anyone’s taste – from bright and bold statement pieces to understated and classical designs.


Earrings made with copper can range from delicate studs or hoops, to elaborate dangling designs. Copper earrings may feature textures such as hammered metals, stamping, enameling, wire wrapping and gemstones. Copper also makes an excellent material for creating custom shapes such as crescents, circles or discs.


Necklaces designed with copper offer a vast array of options including variants like large pendants to smaller choker style chains. Like earrings, hammered craftsmanship and etched textures are among the most common varieties displayed on copper necklaces. Additionally, these can be customized with patinas, dyes or wire wrapping techniques for unique colors and texture effects.


Rings are a popular choice among those wearing copper jewelry pieces but this type of jewelry is just as versatile as the rest. Copper rings that display bezel feathers and wirework are especially fashionable while others may choose solid bands or ornate engagement-style rings featuring gemstones like turquoise or opals that have been set in the metal; often these pins are accentuated by twisted metal bands for depth in color and texture.


Bracelets constructed using pure copper hold more advantages over other materials used in jewelry making due to their non-corrosive properties that make them less likely to deteriorate over time which adds longevity since they will remain looking beautiful even after heavy use.

Types of bracelets crafted using copper come in all sizes and forms like cuff bracelets featuring geometric shapes with special etching carved into its design or simple cable chains with giant loops laid into thin layers of flat plated metal sheeting; either way these handcrafted pieces easily add style to any outfit when worn alone or paired up with your favorite accessories.


Pendants made from copper offer versatility by pairing well with any outfit; they can be dressed up more formally or worn casually depending on the design itself. In most cases these creative pieces have some sort of complimentary texture often crafted by skilled artisans who take their time adding hammering techniques or etching into their creations which gives each one unique character we can admire even without seeing its vibrant colors shining brightly against our skin tones.

Handmade Recycled Jewelry


Anklets fashioned from copper boast stylish flair when intricately designed with colorful crystals and beads embedded inside layers upon layers of intricate detailed wire wrapped around it; this has become a trendier fashion statement seen particularly during summer months as you will find women wearing different types depending on what vibe they want emanating off their feet.

Furthermore, minimalist anklet designs such as open bangle styles give off effortless elegance while allowing maximum freedom at same time because they do not constrict your ankle movement unnecessarily like chains would do if too tight.

Shapes and Designs

Copper jewelry forms a large base of handmade items, from plain hoops and bands to designs with intricate geometric shapes that bring together small pieces to form a larger motif. They can be fashioned into many different shapes and styles to create beautifully crafted works of art. Some popular shapes for copper jewelry are as follows:

  • Circles
  • Swirls
  • Animals
  • Geometric shapes
  • Abstract art pieces

The circle shape is the basis of all copper jewelry and is often used in rings, earrings, bracelets or bangles. Swirl shaped pieces make classic statement pieces such as necklaces or pendants. Animals such as birds, fish and sea creatures have become popular symbols in copper handcrafted adornments recently. Dramatic scenes created with geometric and abstract shapes can come together to captivate onlookers with their elegant composition.

Copper jewelry has endless versatility when it comes to crafting statements designs in both sophisticated and whimsical ways. The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring the different colors, textures, materials, finishes and sizes attainable through this medium – making each piece as unique as its wearer. With modern techniques combined with traditional methods from experienced craftsmen, artisans take great pride in creating bespoke pieces that appeal to individual tastes.

Care & Maintenance for Copper Jewelry

For mothers, daughters, and grandmothers alike copper handmade jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Copper jewelry can be a wonderful gift of beauty that often symbolizes love and friendship. With proper care, your copper handmade jewelry can last for many years.

Caring for your copper handmade jewelry starts with cleaning it regularly. To clean you can use a soft cloth to gently rub away grime from the piece. Do not use abrasive cloths as this can scratch the metal finish. Use a mildly soapy (no harsh detergents or ammonia) solution to remove tougher stains or grime. Once cleaned pat dry with a nonabrasive soft cloth and lightly buff for shine.

To prolong its life, store your copper jewelry in an environment free of moisture as too much exposure to humidity can cause tarnishing and discoloration. Jewelry boxes are ideal storage containers that help protect pieces from water damage, dirt, dust, direct heat/sunlight and more.

When traveling with your copper handmade jewelry make sure each piece is individually wrapped securely in a plastic bag and stored separately from other harder gemstones such as diamonds which could easily scratch softer pieces like turquoise.

Regularly Polish Your Copper Jewelry

  • It’s important to remove any developed patina on your copper pieces using a soft cloth applying
  • Never use soap/detergent when polishing traditional metallic sterling silver
  • Once finished with normal polishing then spray/wipe down anti-tarnish protector onto the surface of the finished piece.
  • These simple steps should keep away oxidation & discoloration on all your favorite & valuable Sterling Silver to enjoy it longer lives.

How to Select the Right Piece

Copper handmade jewelry is an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their outfit. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone special, the right piece of jewelry can make you feel confident and beautiful. But, as with any jewelry, there are several factors to consider when selecting the right piece.

First and foremost, body shape is important. To get the most out of beautiful copper handmade jewelry, customers should take into account what styles would look best on them. For example, if a customer has an hourglass figure they could pair broad arm cuffs or necklaces with substantial pendants like medallions or diamonds to create a balanced look while still emphasizing their curves.

Next, skin tone should also be taken into account when purchasing copper handmade jewelry. Tones such as rose gold and antique copper look great against lighter or olive skin while darker shades such as gunmetal compliment bronzed skin tones even better. Copper also adds warmth so deciding between the various brightly colored and subtle patinas can help find the perfect balance.

Furthermore, some customers may need to take lifestyle into consideration when selecting their copper handmade jewelry. Some pieces are more elaborate than others and might work better for occasions like weddings or other formal events while some simpler designs may be suitable for everyday wear.

Finally, always consider the occasion for which the piece will be worn as this can affect your decision-making process significantly when shopping for copper handmade jewelry; will it be worn to a wedding? Will there be dancing involved? Or perhaps it’s simply just needed for an impressive office presentation. ;

List of Considerations

  • Body shape: Which style will best suit customer’s figure?
  • Skin tone: What hues are most flattering?
  • Lifestyle: Which pieces are suited most towards daily activities? Special occasions? Outings? Activities? etc).
  • Occasion : Selecting pieces depending on where they will be worn (wedding, interview, lunch date etc).

Copper Jewelry Trends

Copper jewelry is an increasingly popular option for those looking for a unique personal touch to their fashion. This ancient metal evokes a primal sense of beauty, making it ideal for accessories that can be paired with almost any ensemble. Whether adorned with barely-there gems or detailed etchings, copper is a timeless choice and a great addition to many current trends.

The artisanal quality of handmade copper jewelry means that no two pieces are the same, giving wearers up-to-the-minute uniqueness without sacrificing timeless quality. With more intricate techniques such as electroforming gaining traction in the jewelry industry, handmade copper pieces can dazzle even the most discerning tastes. The warm orangey hue of pure copper combined with its versatile malleability also makes it perfectly suited to combine with other materials such as bronze or silver.

Geometric shapes are also very popular when it comes to copper jewelry. Metal bands formed into crescents, triangles and circles create personalized accents that look modern and edgy yet still retain an air of sophistication. And because they work so well with these shapes, hammered textures add extra dimension which increases light reflection on the surface and creates beautiful flecks of shimmering reflections on even plainer designs.

By contrast, oxidized pieces in vintage styles bring an alluring patina to a classic wardrobe accent while still balancing out shiniest fabrics like silk and velvet. These subtle details make for beautiful additions to any ensemble and enhance one’s individual style at the same time.

DIY Copper Jewelry

Making your own copper jewelry is a very satisfying experience. Not only can you make your own personalized pieces that will last for many years, you can also save money since you do not have to buy expensive items from the store. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make stunning handcrafted copper jewelry pieces right at home:

  • Gather materials:
    • Copper wire or sheet in the desired shape
    • Jewelry tools such as round-nose pliers, wire cutters and metal snips
    • Jewelry findings such as earring hoops, clasps and head pins
  • >Prepare the item:
  • Start by straightening out any coils in the copper wire if needed. If you are using a sheet of copper, use metal snips to cut it into a shape that suits your project needs.

  • >Shape the item:
  • Make sure to wear protective eyewear when cutting or shaping with metal tools to avoid any particles from entering your eyes. Using round-nose pliers, twist and twirl the heated copper into its desired shape. Once cooled down, ensure that all edges are smooth and filing or sandpaper may be used if necessary.

  • > Add details:
  • You can use stamps or punches to create patterns on the surface of your jewelry piece. Alternatively, textures can be added by hammering directly onto it Further detailing such as polishing or adding surface patinas will beautify your piece even further. Also consider attaching small beads or gemstones to increase its visual appeal.

  • > Place findings/attachments:
  • Select appropriate findings for each item being made; this includes clasp closures for necklaces and bracelets, posts and backings for earrings and jump rings for other attachments depending on design requirements Each finding should have matching hole sizes so that they fit perfectly together without any issue when attaching them via wire wrapping methods.


As we have explored in this article, copper handmade jewelry is a great way to express one’s creativity and add an extra level of beauty and style to any occasion. Copper is a versatile metal which can be used for creating just about anything you can imagine from simple beads to stunningly complex pieces.

Whether you prefer bold statement pieces or sleek, classic designs, copper jewelry will always provide you with the perfect accent for your look. Moreover, you can be sure that wherever you choose to purchase your copper items from, careful attention has been paid to craftsmanship which will ensure that it will remain in pristine condition even after years of use.

The overwhelming amount of advantages associated with copper handmade jewelry make it a great investment for anyone who loves unique and exceptional crafts. It is affordable, durable and easy to accessorize with whatever wardrobe style you desire.

Its greenish-brownish tone adds warmth and texture to every piece as well as adding sophistication and classiness when worn. With all the wide variety styles and patterns available, it’s possible for everyone to find a beautiful copper piece which reflects their taste and personality perfectly – making it an extremely special accessory everyone will cherish forever.

To sum up, copper handmade jewelry provides an extra layer of classiness when worn while still looking modern enough to fit in the current fashion trends. Its natural coloring adds depth and texture without detracting from the individual gemstones used making them look more unique yet incredibly stylish pieces at the same time.

Most importantly however buying trendy yet timeless copper jewelry gives us both the confidence that our product was crafted with great care and respect for its intended purpose – making it enjoyable for many years into the future while remaining affordably priced so everyone could enjoy this beautiful metal.

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