Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate

Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate has received rave reviews amongst customers who have purchased and used it on their jewelry pieces and diamonds. Hundreds of testimonials have been presented by customers regarding the exceptional results they have achieved while using this cleaner. They claim that not only does it provide an instant deep clean, but also, imparts a shiny gleam to the jewelry piece with minimal effort.

The Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is formulated to clean delicate delicately without leaving any kind of residues behind. It’s designed to be used on all kinds of jewelry – gold, silver, platinum, gemstones and even pearls – and promises to remove dirt, grease and grime from your jewelry pieces in record time, returning them to their former glory.

It contains cavitating agents which cause bubbles to form upon contact with the jewelry pieces shining away any dirt or dust trapped within the microscopic crevices making them sparkle like new. It also works splendidly for diamonds which need gentle cleansing to make them stand out again after being buried underneath layers of oils or soaps.

Furthermore, its non-toxic properties make it safe for use and ensure you don’t damage your skin when cleaning or come into contact with toxic substances which can cause harm in the future. Additionally, buyers will love the fact that they can reuse this product multiple times before having to buy more so it stretches up their investments greatly.

Customers worldwide appreciate the mild cleaning effect as well as fast results achieved by using Connoisseur Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate and surely highly recommend trying it if you’re looking for a reliable jewelry cleaner.

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Using the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is an easy way to keep your beloved jewelry looking its best. The gentle cleaning formula is perfect for gemstones and jewellery made from a variety of materials, and it requires no additional scrubbing or polishing to restore their original shine. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step how to use the cleaner with some helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

The first thing you need to before using the jewelry cleaner is to fill a small container with lukewarm water, then add one teaspoon-about 8 ml-of the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate. Swirl around the mix until all of the powder is dissolved in water and your cleaning solution will be ready.

Or if you prefer, add one tablespoon of Lestoil instead of Cleaner Concentrate. However, please use equal parts of liquid soap and Water as instructed on package label when using Lestoil instead.

Now that your cleaning solution is ready, dip your jewelry into it while avoiding direct contact with other pieces of jewelry in order not to cause scratches or damage. Keep in mind that hard stones or gems should be treated separately due to their vulnerability against abrasives and strong chemicals which may be found in some cleaners.

All gold metals can last up to 3 minutes in the cleaning solution but take extra care with silver metals since these are prone to stain more easily. Once it’s done soaking, carefully remove your jewelry from the solution and rinse with clean water afterward before drying it off with a soft cloth.

Using the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate will keep your precious pieces always looking like new, so make sure you always store them away safely after each cleaning session inside individual velvet bags in order not only protect them from dust but also reduce risks of corrosion due to their contact with oxygen molecules present in air.

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If you have any additional questions about how to use the cleaner concentrate or any other tips on keeping your treasured items shining bright like they’re brand-new again, don’t hesitate visiting our help page on our website where you can find further details on all things related jewelry care routine.


Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is a powerful yet gentle way to clean jewelry. It works equally well for cleaning valuable metals such as gold, silver and platinum, as well as stones and gems of all kinds, ensuring that your pieces look their best with minimal effort. Compare it to traditional cleaning methods and you’ll find it’s far superior in efficiency, effectiveness and convenience.

Traditionally, people have gone to great lengths to keep their jewelry sparkling by scrubbing and polishing their pieces with products like baking soda paste or even toothpaste. However, these methods are often labor intensive and can also damage some jewelry if used too aggressively. Additionally, using non-specialized cleaning solutions risks stripping away protective coatings applied to the metals during manufacturing. These cleaners may also leave behind residues that can attract dirt and contribute to tarnishing over time.

In contrast, Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate offers a safe and effective alternative that quickly removes tarnish without the need for vigorous scrubbing or alternatively abrasive chemicals. All it takes is adding the concentrate with water in a bowl or sink, immersing the jewelry pieces accordingly – then simply use the included brush for gentle abrasion if needed – before rinsing off any remaining solution with tepid water for sparkling results every time.

Not only does Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner save time, but it ensures a precise level of cleanliness which eliminates worries about damaging any surface type.


Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is an easy and safe way to clean your jewelry, even the more delicate pieces. Here are a few tips for safely cleaning your various types of jewelry:

Rings: Gently rub the ring with a soft cloth or brush saturated with concentrated cleaner for a few minutes then rinse in lukewarm water. Finally, dry with another clean cloth. Be sure to remove any extra cleaner concentrate after use by rinsing again in hot water as certain types of rings may be harmed by prolonged exposure to the solution.

Necklaces: Create a sudsy mixture of concentrated cleaner and warm water and set the necklace in it. Gently clean away any dirt and grime using a soft-bristled brush then rinse and dry as above. Do not use this method to clean necklaces containing pearls or gems since these can become cloudy or damaged if exposed to the jewelry cleaner for too long.

Bracelets: To clean bracelets, prepare a bowl with the same sudsy cleanser as used above but on a smaller scale – – just enough to submerge the bracelet in it. Again, gently scrub away dirt or grimy buildup while paying special attention to harder-to-reach crevices if applicable, then rinse and dry off thoroughly with a soft cloth before storing away your freshly polished jewelry piece.

These tips should help you get started when cleaning your precious jewelry pieces using Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate. Be sure you keep safety top of mind when cleaning; some gemstones can be easily damaged by harsh chemicals so always do your research prior to cleaning them specifically since additional precautions might be necessary.


Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is an effective and safe cleaner for a variety of jewelry types, such as fine gold, sterling silver, diamonds and pearls. The concentrate contains an advanced cleaning formula that suspends dirt and grime for gentle yet deep-cleaning action without damaging the delicate materials. This cleaner was designed by experts to lift oils and other buildups on jewelry.

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Using the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate does not require many instructions, but there are some tips that you should consider when using this product for optimal results. To begin, gather all of your jewelry pieces in a bowl and combine 2 heaping tablespoons of the concentrate with 2 cups of warm water. Then dip a soft cloth or makeup brush into the mixture, then wipe off all areas of the jewelry one piece at a time.

You will be able to see any dirt or buildup dislodge from your pieces while they are being cleaned; make sure you thoroughly rinse them after each session with cold water in order to avoid leaving presents of soap residue behind. After rinsing off the items, air dry them until completely free of moisture before wearing or storing them away.

In order to maintain your jewelry and protect it from becoming dull over time, it is important to follow certain steps after using Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate for cleaning purposes. If you have sterling silver items made with wax or plating materials, use specific solutions designed for those materials such as tarnish remover specifically catered towards them instead; these must not be mixed together.

Additionally, always use a polishing cloth catered towards silver items when polishing after every few months in order to keep their luster intact; these cloths help prevent tarnishing too. Lastly, store your items away in airtight plastic bags or wrapped in soft fabric which will help avoid oxidation by preventing air flow around those surfaces exposed when stored in open containers like boxes.

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Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is the perfect choice for all of your jewelry cleaning needs. It comes in an easy to use concentrate that is biodegradable and contains no phosphates or sulfates, making it non-toxic and safe for all jewelry types. The jewelry cleaner removes dirt, oil, and other grime from gold, platinum, diamonds, costume jewelry and more.

Using Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate will give you the best possible results in a fraction of the time needed with home remedies. You just mix 1 teaspoon of the concentrate solution into 1 quart of hot water.

No scrubbing necessary; just dip your jewelry in the cleaning solution for 15 seconds and then rinse with cold water to restore its sparkle. Thanks to its unique blend of ingredients including glycerin and oils, this professional grade cleaner also helps to condition metal surfaces so they look as good as new once again.

Whether you have a beloved piece of family heirloom jewelry in need of an extra sparkle or that special necklace all dressed up partying with friends, Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate will help you keep your precious pieces looking their absolute best. Don’t forget to follow us on social media too – spread the word about our must-have cleaner concentrate.

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