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At Close By Me Jewelry, we specialize in handcrafted and custom jewelry. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned us numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers around the world.

One such glowing testimonial comes from Lindsey T., a customer from our home state of Michigan:
“Close By Me Jewelry is by far the best store for handmade, custom jewelry! They had so many stunning pieces to choose from and great prices too. The team was incredibly helpful and they gave me superb customer service. I absolutely love my new necklace and can be proud that it was made right here in the USA. I highly recommend giving them a chance!” -Lindsey T., Michigan

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Here is the link to Close By Me Jewelry’s website:

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Creating videos that showcase your Close by Me Jewelry is a great way to generate interest and increase engagement. Your video can feature close-up looks of individual pieces or a model wearing several pieces at once. Depending on the style of jewelry, you could also incorporate music and sound effects or interview the designer or craftsperson to gain further insight into their creative process. Once the video is complete, embed it in your blog post for immediate viewing. If you have access to tracking software like Google Analytics, you can measure just how effective the video was in capturing the attention of readers.

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Feature an Interview

We recently had the chance to speak with Lisa and Andrew, the creators of Close By Me Jewelry. They explained their motivation for creating the brand and what makes it unique:

Lisa: We wanted to create something that was unique and special – jewelry pieces that represented connection and were stylish, too! We worked hard in designing pieces that were both fashionable and meaningful.

Andrew: We believe there is a growing trend of people wanting pieces of jewelry that represent memories shared or experiences they have had together. With Close By Me Jewelry, we hope to fill this void in the market. What really sets our brand apart from others is its commitment to representing real-life moments by highlighting personal messages on every piece. That way, each person wearing a piece is making a statement about who they are and sharing a story only known to them!

Include a Giveaway

Close By Me Jewelry has launched an exciting new giveaway: one lucky customer will win a piece of jewelry of their choosing! Entrants must be 18 or older and do not need to make a purchase to enter. To enter, customers simply submit their name and email address on our website. The successful winner will be chosen at the end of the month on June 30th.

We are so excited to give away this piece of beautiful jewelry, handcrafted with care, to one lucky customer! We hope that our giveaway will draw in more customers and encourage them to explore all the wonderful pieces we offer. So don’t miss out – enter now for your chance to win!

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