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C&L Jewelry is a jewelry company dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality products and services. We are passionate about providing unique, stylish, and timeless jewelry pieces. With the jewelry industry highly competitive, C&L strives to stand out by offering unique designs made with superior craftsmanship. Each piece of our handcrafted jewelry is made using only the highest quality materials that turn vision into reality for our clients. After careful selection of stones, metals and gems from around the world, our artisans create beautiful heirloom pieces designed to last lifetime.

We understand that customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance in any industry but especially in the jewelry industry and we go above and beyond to give our customers one-of-a kind customized service when it comes to buying, maintaining and restoring their cherished pieces. Our staff members are knowledgeable about all aspects of gemology, metalsmithing techniques and fashion trends so they can help guide each customer through the decision making process while also helping explore styles they may not have considered before. Further, we also provide excellent after care services that includes free resizing or cleaning of a piece if necessary so that each item remains as glorious as it was at the time it was purchased!

History of C&L Jewelry

C&L Jewelry opened in 1972 with just two employees and a tiny store located in New York City. The business was founded by the two cousins, Larry Swider and Clifford Smith. Both began their journey by learning the basics of jewelry craftsmanship from a local jeweler and then went on to start up their own company.

Since opening its doors 45 years ago, C&L jewelry has become an iconic success story of a small business built on a dream. Despite limited resources, Clifford and Larry worked hard to expand the business into what it is today—a respected luxury jewelry institution boasting an impressive portfolio of distinguished products sold around the world.

Throughout the years, the cousins have strived to make C&L Jewelry an embodiment of quality craftsmanship and superior customer service. Their dedication to provide clients with custom-made premium pieces that demonstrate cutting-edge technology within design has enabled them to collaborate with some of the greatest creators in their industry including celebrated designers such as Zaha Hadid and Konstantin Grcic. Furthermore, multiple awards for product excellence have been bestowed upon them throughout the years including multiple years being recognised as ‘Jeweler Of The Year’ from IDEX magazine.

Despite all of these accomplishments over its history, C&L Jewelry still remain true to their roots and to this day, they strive each day to build their sense of family between their dedicated employees, suppliers and customers alike — something that has never changed since the original beginning!

Range of Products

C&L Jewelry is an online jewelry retailer that sells a wide range of products ranging from gemstones to metals to custom-made pieces. With over 20 years in the business, C&L Jewelry continues to provide quality fine jewelry pieces and excellent customer service.

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Behind the scenes at their product design process, customers will find a wealth of creative artisans crafting unique jewelry designs. They use a combination of modern technology and traditional handcrafted techniques for each piece of jewelry. The design process begins with gathering materials such as diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious metals. Next, skilled artisans carve intricate shapes into the metal to create beautiful settings and embellishments. Colors are then applied using enameling techniques or added with beads or stones depending on the desired look. Lastly, polishing and stoppers complete each piece of jewelry before they go out for sale. With painstaking attention given to all details, customers can be sure that every product they purchase is made with care and quality that endures for many years, leaving them with timeless investments in luxury fine jewelry.

Craftmanship & Quality

C&L Jewelry is dedicated to crafting high-quality and timeless pieces of jewelry that are truly unique. We put a lot of passion into our work and only use the finest materials to create each piece. We have a design team that brings a wealth of expertise in order to create exquisite items that evoke an emotion or sentiment. Our entire team is fully invested and committed to creating pieces with artistic and technical complexity, utilizing both traditional and modern techniques. Our goal is for each piece to be cherished for years to come, so we carefully pay attention to every detail – from our original hand-sketched designs, down to the finished product. Our mission is to provide customers with extraordinary craftsmanship and quality, which honors the role jewelry plays in celebration, remembrance, tradition and personal style.

Design Inspiration

C&L Jewelry is known for infusing different aesthetics together to create unique shapes, styles and motifs. Their design inspiration spans cultures, continents, and time periods. The designers work with a wide variety of materials such as glass, stone, metal, and thread to create intricate pieces full of symbolism that reflect both art and fashion. They often add various textures to the elements in their collections to further enhance its aesthetic appeal; interweaving threads into these pieces can be seen throughout their work. This technique allows them to mix up traditional themes with modern influences from contemporary art. In addition, they also take care to combine different shapes and sizes of pieces in their collection in order to make them feel more modern as well as timeless. By mixing different aesthetics together, C&L Jewelry is able to create masterpieces that feel truly unique!

Brand Loyalty

At C&L Jewelry, we have some amazing customers who are loyal to us. Here are a few of their stories:

1. Emily is a repeat customer because she always gets excellent customer service from us. She feels like she knows and trusts our team, which she really values.

2. Robyn bought her first piece of C&L Jewelry as an anniversary gift for her husband six years ago, and ever since then she has been a loyal fan of the brand. Her husband tells everyone about the quality of the piece and how much he loves it!

3. Miguel loves coming in to shop at C&L Jewelry because he always finds just the right thing for his wife or kids on any special occasions. He says that we have great selections and affordable options, making it easy to find something unique for his loved ones!

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4. Alex says he’s never experienced any issues with C&L jewelry over the 10+ years he’s been buying from us week after week. He claims that our pieces are always fashionable yet timeless, making them perfect gifts for all occasions!

These stories demonstrate why so many people are dedicated to C&L Jewelry when they shop for jewelry online or in-store! We strive to create trust with our customers by offering only high-quality jewelry and consistent customer service built on loyalty and friendship.

Trends & Events

C&L Jewelry has developed numerous partnerships and sponsorships over the years to stay at the cutting edge of trendsetting in the jewelry industry. They have worked with charitable organizations such as Unicef, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dress for Success, leveraging their name to help raise awareness and monetary funds for those in need. They have sponsored unique events to draw attention to their latest collections, such as fashion shows and style exhibitions. C&L has also utilized many different influencers and consistently works with artists around the world through promotions and private events, giving their customers a one-of-kind experience that is only possible through C&L’s relationships. By doing so, they have been able to stay ahead of trends while still sustaining that classic look that all C&L lovers appreciate.


C&L Jewelry has earned rave reviews and national recognition for its highly crafted jewelry design. People magazine featured the company in their 2020 Special Fall Issue, highlighting their custom-made jewelry designs. Additionally, C&L Jewelry has been featured on Good Morning America, was awarded the coveted CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year award in 2019, and received glowing reviews from customers worldwide. The brand’s pieces have also graced red carpets internationally as seen on some of today’s hottest celebrities. C&L Jewelry continues to be an industry leader offering customers cutting-edge styles with unparalleled quality, standing out among its peers as a premier destination for custom luxury jewelry.


To find the perfect jewels to express yourself and enhance your style, visit C&L Jewelry today! Our website or store has a wide selection of unique jewelry styles that you and your loved ones will adore. Shop our collections now to find one-of-a-kind pieces that show off your personality and make lasting memories. Come on down to C&L Jewelry or check out our website and see what gems await for you!

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