Celebrity Jewelry Trends Are Big

Celebrity jewelry trends are big, and it’s easy to understand why: they often represent current fashion movements while tapping into the star power of a much-loved actor, musician, or TV personality. Thanks in large part to social media, celebrity jewelers have more influence than ever before and are having an impact on fine jewelry trends on both runways and at the consumer level.

Amongst the crowd of modern celebrity jewelry designers can be found iconic names like Robert Procop, Stephen Webster and Lorraine Schwartz. Robert Procop has become renowned for his bespoke collections created in association with Angelina Jolie. His designs as well as those from his team have become staples of high-end red carpets around the world – a testament to their timeless appeal and expert craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, Stephen Webster’s rock ‘n’ roll-influenced creations bring style and energy that’s been appreciated by clients including Mick Jagger and Madonna amongst others. Finally, Lorraine Schwartz is known for her spectacular use of colored diamonds across entire collections, with stars such as Kanye West turning to her for custom designs for special occasions – notably Kim Kardashian’s iconic diamond sparkler for their 2014 wedding.

The effect these luxury celebrity jewelers have had on jewelry trends has been far reaching. While Haute Couture houses like Cartier & Burberry may remain traditional key players in setting trends both on the runway & with consumers alike; colors, cuts & innovative shapes popularized by modern celebrities connect instantly with younger generations – a target sought after by many in today’s market.

Furthermore as social media continues to develop evermore intricate ways of connecting people worldwide; superstar endorsement & promotional vehicles are now widely available meaning exclusive rare jewels designed specifically by one vendor can reach markets almost instantaneously around he globe via demand created through posts, likes & shares originating from fans eager to ‘be like the stars’ they admire so greatly.

Comparisons of Price Points

Celebrity jewelry trends have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. Whether it’s a chunky chain link necklace or an opulent diamond ring, celebrities are always accessorizing their outfits with flashy, eye-catching baubles. Not only does the fashion industry take inspiration from famous personalities, but fans of these stars also aspire to imitate their jewelry choices.

But is buying celebrity-style jewelry worth the investment? With some high-end brands costing thousands of dollars and cheaper alternatives available for much less, understanding the value of different price points is key when deciding which pieces to add to your wardrobe.

For those who are on a budget but want to get that designer look without spending too much money, it’s important to do some research before committing to a purchase. Affordable jewellery can be found online or at vintage and antique stores if you’re willing to put in some effort looking around. The stones may not be as high quality as those in expensive pieces, but they still make great statement pieces.

Another option is shopping designer brand websites for reduced items or sales promotions. Many companies offer discounts on outdated collections when new seasons come out so it’s worth checking out for discounted items that can still provide that same ‘bling’ factor. It might mean having older styles rather than the newest ones worn by celebrities, but with careful comparisons and shopping around you can find great deals that won’t break the bank.

Fall 2020 Jewelry Trends

For those with more expansive budgets looking for luxury items, reputable jewellers are key when finding more expensive options like diamonds or precious gems with certified authenticity labels attached. In addition, look for good warranties and guarantees on any item – luxurious materials require greater care and protection regardless of cost point.

Last but not least – possible resale value – if you ever wish to resell in the future, maintain appraisals on higher priced items as this may influence your decision making process when selecting an item and how long you choose to keep it in your wardrobe/collection moving forward. Overall, selecting jewelry at whatever price point requires careful consideration and awareness of true quality materials – arm yourself with knowledge when making monetary decisions influenced by celebrity fashion.

Jewelry from Decades Past

The world of celebrity jewelry is constantly evolving. From ancient times to modern days, the trends employed by popular figures have often been influential when it comes to styling and fashioning jewelry. It can be difficult to keep track of all the different trends that can appear but being aware of them can give you an insight into understanding the history and culture which contribute to the visibility that celebrity jewelry possesses today.

Over the centuries, royalty throughout Europe and Asia have given us a glimpse into their luxurious lifestyles through iconic pieces such as tiaras, necklaces, and bangles. Dazzling with intricate designs often made from diamonds or gold, these items were used to denote status and wealth among their classes.

Nowadays there are similar trends that echo back to these ancestors but tailoring them for a modern audience using increased availability of materials such as silver or crystals. With celebrities in particular there is an immense amount of money invested into purchasing high-end expensive jewels which link them with excellence in fashion and style.

In recent times there has also been a renewed trend towards retro jewellery styles which is becoming increasingly common. In particular more vintage art deco pieces such as drop earrings or brooches are becoming fashionable once again due their classic aesthetic mixed with modern influences allowing stars like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid make this look stylishly accessible to everyone.

There has also been evidence of a slight resurgence in large statement necklaces which have featured heavily on both female and male celebs who opt for chunky statement pendants studded in precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires allowing one piece of jewelry to make all the difference when it comes to making an outfit pop.

Celebrity Style Tips

Jewelry trends taking the world by storm have been inspired by some of our favorite celebrities. Whether they’re rocking a classic and timeless piece or something more trendy, Hollywood stars have become an inspiration for jewelry lovers everywhere.

From stars like Cardi B opt for statement-making necklaces paired with bold earrings and oversized hoops to Zendaya with her sophisticated pendants and delicate rings. Outfits aren’t complete without the perfect finishing touch, making jewelry from popular celebs a hot commodity.

Paying homage to celebrity styles is easiest through accessorizing with jewelry items similar to those worn by fashion icons. You can keep it simple but still show your trendy side by mimicking the likes of Kendall Jenner who often rocks dainty bracelets or hoop earrings that go with any look easily.

There’s also beaded chokers, layered necklaces, colorful statement earrings – all typically associated with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Kylie Jenner – and unique mixing of metals on chain ensembles that are reminiscent of Rihanna’s personal style.

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2017

In addition to those classic celebrity looks, you can mix it up. Maybe try adding gemstones to simpler jewelry pieces as Miley Cyrus has often styled them within her outfits – keeping things extra chic & playful but at the same time achieving a classic Hollywood look. To make sure all eyes are on you choosing bold cuffs and statement metal pieces like Cara Delevingne will do just that.

If you want subtle yet creative Jewelry celeb like Kim Kardashian can provide good ideas on how to make an artistic glamor statement without going overboard. Getting creative is key when trying to achieve any kind of powerful ensemble for a memorable look so don’t forget about adding your own personal flair when creating your own style at home.

Interviews with Jewelry Designers

In the world of fashion, jewelry trends often take center stage and become a focal point for fashionable individuals. Celebrity jewelry trends are especially big right now as major celebrities such as Cardi B, Amandla Stenberg and Kylie Jenner embrace statement pieces in their public appearances. In fact, these women have done more than just sport designer jewelry – – they’ve also had a direct impact on the fashion industry with their choices.

To get a better sense of the current celebrity jewelry trend, the team at Glamour interviewed several designers to learn their perspectives on how celebrity endorsements shape the industry.

Joshua Anzano of Anzano Jewelers stated that he believes having celebrities wear his designs is crucial for any designer’s marketing plan. “Celebrities give added credibility to a brand or product,” he said. “It quickly becomes an internationally recognized symbol of quality and prestige.” He added that people who normally wouldn’t be exposed to certain kinds of jewelry can find out about it thanks to celebrities sporting the pieces online and in various appearances.

Morgan Odonnell from Azoo Collective shared similar thoughts: “A major aspect of having celebrities endorse products or brands is the ability to reach untapped audiences – those who can’d afford but aspire for something bigger than what local jewelry stores sell.” She added that seeing well-loved stars wear such statement pieces gives them confidence and helps them find their personal style as well as help break free from any sort of stereotype they may want to rid themselves off.

When we asked Christie Gaskell from Topaz & Twine what prompted her to create statement jewelry that celebrities hop on, she answered with simple words: “Specific shapes – like hoops – are very versatile and iconic… We wanted our customers’ pieces to be distinct yet minimal at the same time.” She believes inspiration comes from moments when you least expect it – – going out shopping, window shopping or even travelling; anything which strikes a chord eventually turns into something extraordinary.

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