Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case

Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is a great way to store and organize cosmetics, skincare products, jewelry, and more. The product is made from high-grade crystal clear acrylic that is easy to wipe clean and keeps your items dust free. It also comes with removable drawers that have dividers allowing you to store your items individually.

This product can be used as a vanity or dresser top organizer for yourself or for gifting. Customers rave about the ease of use of this product and appreciate how it helps them keep their cosmetological products organized.

Features: A more detailed look at the features of Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case
The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case has several different features that make it attractive for many users. This attractive display case offers plenty of storage options in its 10 individual drawers, which have adjustable dividers that can be used to separate different cosmetics or jewelry pieces in multiple ways for maximum convenience.

The large top drawer provides additional space for items that don’t fit into the dividers below. This feature allows users to store most of their essential cosmetics and jewelry in once place, eliminating the need to rummage through cluttered drawers or storage boxes looking for a specific item they need.
In addition to the adjustable dividers inside each drawer, another great feature of Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is its customizable nature. Customers can choose between two different sizes – standard (22″W x 10″ D x 10″H) or larger (24″W x 12″D x 12″H).

Furthermore, each drawer includes four optional interior labels so you can label each one according to type of items stored inside it such as blush, lipsticks, eyeliner etc., making it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for without having to search through all the compartments manually.

For those who like an extra touch of personalization, there are also six interchangeable center panels which come included with the display case – three black swirls designs or snow-white marble patterned options – so you can mix and match according to your decor preference.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is a great choice for anyone who wants to organize their cosmetics and jewelry in an attractive, visible and easy to access manner. This unit provides ample storage within its two transparent acrylic drawers, each offering four different levels of compartments for easy organization to store all your essential cosmetic items of various sizes.

The drawer can also accommodate jewelry in specially designed compartments. For an even more spacious solution, there’s a separate lid that lifts up to give you even more storage possibilities to keep larger items at a convenient height.

The best feature of this case is the full-length mirror which comes along attached on the top of the box. It makes it easier for individuals to make sure they have not missed any aspect of their makeup while getting ready and also doubles as decor piece when the display case is empty or kept aside while not in use.

Additionally, its sleek and luxurious design blends seamlessly with any interior space without overpowering other elements around it. The clear surfaces even make it easier to spot items quickly without rummaging through individual compartments – something many makeup organization cases fail to do well.

What really sets this makeup organizer apart from others on the market is the range of unique features it offers: door openings enable access from both sides; highly practical shelves provide extra storage options; its locks secure safety; and its reinforced materials ensure long lasting endurance through high levels use over a period of time.

Unlike other brands that often compromise on quality for affordability, Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case gives its customers the best value for money with a product composed of premium grade construction materials resulting in maximum durability and convenience for all types of users whatsoever.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Storage Display Case is the perfect addition to any bathroom or vanity, offering highly customizable storage space for organizing a variety of items including cosmetics, jewelry, skin care products, and much more. Featuring an eye-catching clear acrylic design that brings style and visibility to all your items stored within, this product is an ideal choice for those looking for a beautiful way to organize all of their favorite items.

The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Storage Display Case features many customization options. With adjustable components such as the variable tray heights, customizable compartments, and removable drawers that can be adjusted according to individual needs.

Additionally, size accommodates most vanity tabletops while remaining out of the way in their designated spot just below the countertop. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to store your lip glosses or a safe place to keep your earrings when not in use, this product will fit perfectly into your life.

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The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer and Jewelry Storage Display Case is also designed with convenience in mind: its wide top surface provides ample space for makeup application or simply storing beauty items on display. This convenience factor makes it especially beneficial for busy mornings where every second counts as you get ready.

Its four swivel caster wheels add mobility so that you can easily move it from room to room based on where you need it most-making it simple to access your items without unnecessary fussing.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is designed to maximize the storage potential for cosmetics and jewelry. It comes with three drawers as well as two bins, allowing users to store an impressive number of items in an organized manner. An effective way to organize cosmetics and jewelry with the display case is to separate items by type or color.

Cosmetics can be divided into liquid foundations, such as foundation or concealer, creams such as blush and mascara, and powders such as foundation or eye shadow. Alternatively, cosmetics can also be categorized according to what type of area they are used on: eyes, face, lips, and nails. This can help make it easier to locate the product when needing to touch up one’s appearance throughout the day.

Organizing jewelry with the display case is also easy with its variety of storage compartments. Earrings can be separated into categories such as studs, drops/dangles, hoops, etc., while necklaces and bracelets should be hung on one of the hooks provided in order for them to not become tangled and damaged over time.

Color-coding jewelry is also a great way of making it easier for one to find their accessories quickly and efficiently in the morning when getting ready within a limited timeframe. Additionally, sunglasses should always be stored carefully so that they do not get scratches from other pieces of jewelry while being placed in the drawer-like bins below.

Finally it’s important to remember that any makeup or lotion containers should not have direct contact with any part of the display case as this could cause permanent damage. To prevent this damage from happening make sure each item is returned back into its container before being placed into either the drawers or bins provided within the Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is a must-have for all cosmetics and jewelry lovers. This attractive product features space for all of your small items, from makeup to jewelry and other accessories. Its clear design and removable drawers make it easy to customize and use the storage container in any way that suits your needs.

The cosmetic makeup organizer has several uses, from organizing small skincare products to separate compartments for jewelry and lip gloss. You can also store cosmetics brushes, applicators, and even medication bottles in it. An extended top tier gives you an automatic makeup brush holder while also providing extra shelf space, so you can organize all of your items in one neat display.

The versatility of the Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case allows users to customize the product easily according to their individual needs. Many customers have used the display case as an art supply organizer or craft materials storage unit, while still keeping it looking tidy and stylish. Thanks to its light weight construction and handle, you can even carry it around with ease if required, be it an art studio or grandparent’s house.

You don’t have to limit yourself just to cosmetics – many owners have repurposed their display cases for items such as stationery supplies, toys for smaller kids, pet items like treats, combs and bandanas, coins and more. Whether you want practical storage solutions or something with more flair – this multi-functional acrylic display case will suit any purpose without busting your budget.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is constructed of superior quality materials, ensuring strength and durability. Made from 100% acrylic, the organizer’s panels are shatterproof which helps to protect its contents as well as preventing accidental cuts or splinters. The surfaces are also scratch-resistant so that even with daily use, the organizer will look new for years to come.

This scratch resistance also makes it easier to keep the case clean given everyday wear and tear. Additionally, all edges have been rounded and polished for an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

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The crystal clear panels allow light to pass through the makeup organizer while still protecting its contents from dust and dirt particles. This helps create a more pleasant environment for cosmetics, jewelry, accessories and other items stored within.

Furthermore, each panel locks securely into place with provided screws which can be tightened for maximum stability as needed. This extra measure of security provides increased peace of mind knowing that all items within the case will remain safe from accidental spills or breakage during travel or regular trips to and from the bathroom countertop.

Finally, because of its durable construction, this makeup storage display case requires minimal maintenance in order to maintain its good condition–just a mild soap solution used sparingly combined with damp cloth should be enough to keep it looking great over time. This makes it easy not only store but also take care of this valuable asset without too much hassle in a day-to-day setting.

All these features combine to make the Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case a must have when looking for a stylish way to store your beauty essentials at home or on the go.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case is a dream come true for anyone who loves cosmetics and jewelry. It provides superior convenience, organization, and accessibility to store makeup essentials and personal jewelry items. The clear acrylic construction offers a classic, sleek look that won’t clash with the user’s aesthetic. Additionally, the organizer functions as a spacious display case for precious trinkets like charms and fine earrings.

The Casafield organizer has many consumer benefits that can’t be overlooked. For one, it saves users’ time when finding or replacing products as everything can be located quickly in one central location. This makes it ideal for people who often need to get ready on the go or move around their cosmetics between different households or locations.

Furthermore, the case allows everyone to take pride in their individual product collections while still maintaining a tidy appearance. Finally, this storage system helps extend the life of products by organizing items such as mascaras and lipsticks upright instead of having them jumbled together at the bottom of powder cases or cluttered in drawers which can cause bacteria growth.

Many customers have expressed great satisfaction over this product’s usability and versatility. “I love my new makeup case. The design is expedient because I know exactly where everything is stored without having to rummage through my bathroom drawers,” said one Casafield consumer from Texas.

Another reviewer from New York exclaimed: “This is exactly what I needed when storing all my precious diamond pieces in it.” Ultimately, this amazing beauty accessory has found many admirers due to its high-quality construction and attractive presentation style that gives individuals everything they need to organize their cosmetics and accessories into an aesthetic home display that reflects their own unique style.


The Casafield Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Organizer & Jewelry Storage Display Case offers excellent value for the price. The sturdy design ensures that it will last for years and that cosmetics, jewelry, and any other items stored in it will remain as clean as when they were placed in it. All-in-all this makes the Casafield a great purchase for anyone who enjoys organizing their cosmetics or loves to show off their accessories.

What makes this product even better is its reasonable pricing. For what you get, the Casafield represents a terrific value. It is simple to assemble, looks good in any room, and can help store any item of your choosing for easy use and access. The clear acrylic also does a great job at showcasing items, which helps if you are putting on an event or display and looking to try something new.

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