Carly Cooke Jewelry

Carly Cooke Jewelry has made a name for itself in the world of exquisite jewelry. Their mission is to provide each client with personalised pieces that make them not only look good, but feel empowered. They achieve this through their dedication to craftsmanship and use of beautiful materials sourced from respected suppliers around the world.

Carly Cooke Jewelry has become recognised for its standout designs, which have been widely recognised by industry experts and press alike. The company earned itself an honouree award at the 2019 Jewellery Awards for ‘Best Direct to Consumer Brand’, among many other awards.

The brand prides itself on designing and creating beautiful pieces that reflect the true beauty around us. Their vast collection features flawless necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with unique silhouettes and edged details inspired by nature’s stunning crystal formations and found treasures.

Every piece stands out as a glorious reflection of luxury without compromising on quality or comfort. They also pride themselves on using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones which are set within sterling silver or 14K gold vermeil frames for strength.

The driving force behind Carly Cooke Jewelry is the passion co-founders Carly & Maddie’s have towards serving their customers with thoughtfully designed pieces that add sophistication to any outfit. This enthusiasm is reflected in every design element, including luxurious yet wearable fine jewellery crafted in delicate filigree patterns, making it truly special piece within your jewellery box.

All of their pieces come beautifully packaged ready for gifting – evidence of their mindful intention to enable everyone to present friends and family with special gifts that will be cherished forever.

Feature Local and/or Upcoming Events

Paragraph 1: Carly Cooke Jewelry has been working to bring her unique hand crafted jewelry to the public for years. She specializes in custom designs, making pieces that range from delicate and feminine to bold and eye-catching. Her commitment to high quality craftsmanship ensures that every piece is one of a kind, beloved by the person who wears it.

Customers can find her jewelry in a variety of locations, including select stores and online retailers. Additionally, she features local shows and events at galleries, boutiques and other small businesses.

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Paragraph 2: These events serve as great opportunities for people to meet Carly Cooke personally and get an inside look into her work. She enjoys interacting with customers, showing them examples of pieces she’s made and hearing about their individual stories as they relate to the jewelry they choose.

A customer may also have the opportunity to work with Carly directly on custom pieces if desired. Additionally, at trunk shows, customers can also receive special offers or discounts not available online or in stores normally.

Paragraph 3: Customers interested in attending any upcoming event should be sure to check out Carly Cooke Jewelry‘s website or social media pages periodically for updates. Types of events include:

  • Gallery showings
  • Local market days
  • Craft fairs
  • Trunk shows
  • Pop-up shops

Donations and Philanthropy

Carly Cooke Jewelry is well known for its donations and philanthropic practices in the communities where its pieces are crafted. Carly Cooke works with individual artists from around the world, creating custom pieces that honor local tradition and culture. When they purchase supplies from these artisans, the company donates 10% of their proceeds directly back into the community to support education, health initiatives, and other vital needs.

Supporting Local Communities in Africa

In addition to providing monetary assistance in Africa, Carly Cooke also provides direct assistance. The company has incorporated a charitable program called “Buy A Piece – Give A Piece”.

For every piece of jewelry purchased in any part of the world, Carly Cooke will donate an identical piece to a person living in a developing nation who cannot afford such items. This has been especially beneficial to African communities as it gives people access to items that would otherwise be out of reach due to economic constraints.

Sponsoring Education Initiatives

Carly Cooke Jewelry is also a strong proponent of education and sponsors several education initiatives within Africa. Most recently, they provided financial support towards the construction of two schools in Uganda-one for girls and one for boys-to help further the educational opportunities among children living there.

They have used a portion of their proceeds to fund scholarships at universities across Africa for students studying topics such as agriculture, medicine, business or engineering. They strongly believe that by investing in education in these communities will result in more skilled workers thus helping grow their economy both locally and globally.

Jewelry Tips For Maintenance


Par affording jewelry has become increasingly popular over the last several years. As more consumers look for ways to stay on trend without breaking the bank, they are drawn to affordable fashion jewelry. This demand is reflected by the fact that in just the last 5 years, sales of fashion jewelry globally have more than doubled from $101.9 billion to $210.3 billion USD.

Successful jewelry designers recognize this growing market demand and offer cost-effective yet stylish options – such as Carly Cooke Jewelry. With an ever-evolving selection of pieces that reflect current trends in color, materials, and designs, Carly Cooke’s collection stands out among the competition.

They use bold hues like emerald and fuchsia alongside classic neutrals mixed with textures such as leather and corduroy to create pieces that can be easily accessorized for a variety of occasions-whether casual or evening wear.

Carly Cooke also stays ahead of trends by responding quickly to changes in customer preferences with new collections inspired by season or style movements such as minimalism and maximalism. Additionally, their carefully curated inventory is constantly refreshed monthly so they always remain up to speed on what’s currently in style. By keeping their collections fresh, Carly Cooke caters to those who want a timeless look that’s still fashionable without being overly trendy.

Generally speaking, their goal is create accessories that are timeless rather than following fleeting trends. As a result, all Carly Cooke pieces are sophisticated enough to last many seasons yet remain modern enough not to look outdated anytime soon.

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