Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace

Cara Ny Jewelry began in 2017 as an ode to modern glamour. For the creative minds behind the brand, contemporary design acts as both a reflection of their own unique signature style, and an expression of its timelessness. The Double Tassel Necklace is one of Cara Ny’s signature pieces, crafted with clear quartz for a look that’s continuously stylish. This 18K gold plated necklace is designed to add luxury and effortless glamour to any outfit.

Style – Explore how the Double Tassel Necklace can be styled for different occasions The Double Tassel Necklace from Cara Ny Jewelry straddles the perfect balance between versatile and impactful styling options. Thanks to its grand pink quartz double tassels set in gold-plated 18K chain, this necklace creates the perfect statement piece when worn on its own during special occasions or evening events.

For a more casual look, it can also be styled with other necklaces; stacking together multiple delicate pieces against this bold yet subtle design can have top-tier results. The tactile detail of this necklace is always sure to draw attention-no matter how you choose to wear it.

Quality – Establish why jewelry from Cara Ny stands out because of quality materials & craftsmanship Jewelry from Cara Ny stands out for its exceptional workmanship and quality materials. Every piece in their collection is painstakingly crafted by experienced hands with careful details taken into consideration. Each bead and string used in their pieces are handpicked for ultimate perfection before assembly begins.

This precise approach translates into unparalleled durability; all Cara jewellery pieces can be counted upon to sparkle like the first time they were put on. The neutral color tones ensure that these pieces never go out of style-allowing them to thrive as wardrobe staples for years on end no matter how trends may come and go.

Benefits of the Double Tassel Necklace

The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace is popular for its unique design and quality materials. This necklace has two draping tassels with shiny hexagonal detailing that give this piece an extra touch of sophistication. It is made from brass, and the chains are plated in 18K gold for added protection and durability.

  • Made of Brass: The tassel necklace is made from highly durable brass which results in high-quality pieces.
  • 18k Gold Plated Chains: The chain is plated with 18k gold, making it resistant to corrosion or rusting which can spoil the look of the jewelry.
  • Timeless Piece: The design of this necklace never goes out of style, providing a timeless look no matter what season or year it is worn.

The Double Tassel Necklace by Cara Ny Jewelry also features a lobster clasp closure, so users don’t have to worry about the necklace falling off while wearing it. It makes for a secure yet stylish fit that won’t cause any discomfort when worn.

  • Secure Fit: Thanks to its low profile lobster clasp closure, wearers can enjoy a secure fit without worrying about the necklace coming apart easily while being worn or stored.
  • Affordable Price Point: Despite its high-quality materials and detailed design, the Double Tassel Necklace does not command an exorbitant price point; making it accessible to many without breaking budgets.

Style Combinations

Earth Tones

The perfect outfit accompaniment for the Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace are earth tones. With earthy colors such as clay, sepia, teal, and even rust reds, the necklace can really pop.

These deep and inviting tones would be best suited for for colder seasons where a neutral backdrop can set off the statement piece in the right way. For shirts or sweaters in these kind of muted shades, pair them with neutral black looks such as trouser jeans and black boots to amplify the accessory’s presence to make sure people take notice.

Classic Color Palette

For those who wish to stay away from loud colors but still complement a look with an accessory like this one, classic monochrome is always a go-to color combination. Neutral whites or light greys create some balance against the gold tassels while still managing to keep the look elegantly elevated.

Perfect for days at work or night outings alike, this kind of color palette is resilient enough to transition through varying occasions easily whilst making sure you look chic at all times.

Bright & Bold

Sometimes all we need is some vintage-inspired accessories like this necklace paired with bright and bold choices that match the feel of summertime. A great summer look revolves around pairing one statement clothing item with intricate and emphatic accessories that stand out – perfect for inspiring conversation at poolside gatherings. The necklace’s tassels could be complemented by bold yellow dresses or mustard trousers – adding a pop of brightness which makes one’s style cheerful yet still sophisticatedly stylish.

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Hair and Makeup Pairings

A Day at the Races

The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace is a timeless and elegant show stopper. For a day outdoors at the races it could be paired with a sleek updo that will be comfortable in warm weather, while taking advantage of every chance to showcase this beautiful piece. Wear your hair in either a low bun or French braid updo, keeping it neat and stylish.

For makeup, choose tones that complement the colors of your necklace such as champagne golds or taupes for the eyeshadow and a nude lipstick. Soft pink blush brushed lightly on the apples of your cheeks can add just enough color to make you look radiant. Finish off with some highlighter to give you an extra boost of glamour and you’re ready to go.

A Gala or Evening Party

For black-tie events or nighttime parties, channel retro chic with a hairstyle like Brigitte Bardot’s iconic bouffant curls (or faux pas as seen on celebrities today.) complete with volume and plenty of bounce. Make sure the sides are smooth – no flyaways.

To finish off this fabulous look, create bold winged eyeliner using deep brown shadows around the eyes and intense black kohl in the corners – it’ll draw attention to both your eyes and necklace. Accentuate your lips by drawing attention up toward them with soft peaches in place of bright red colours; gloss will help reflect light for an eye-catching finish.

Date Night Out

For date night glamour try wearing half-up half-down hairstyle – lots of loose curls contrasts nicely against a fashionable top knot, while giving hair an extra dose of volume too. The combination works great if you have thinner hair as lovely waves framing down around your face bring some texture and movement to enhance this look further.

Think bronzey shades for eyeshadow; these hues won’t take away from the sparkle present in the necklace but still keep it looking glamorous enough for a fun night out. Complement with vibrant pink lip colour – natural shades will be easier to wear but if you want something more daring then opt for fuchsia tones – these kind of pops of colors when worn together give any evening look shimmering allure.

Occasion Ideas

Casual Outings

The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace is the perfect addition to a casual weekend outfit. Whether you’re headed on a shopping trip to your favorite mall with friends or running errands around town, this necklace will instantly add an elevated style to any outfit.

Its effortless combination of semi-precious stones set against gold-tone hardware creates a subtle look that will have you looking chic and put together with ease. Layer the necklace with other pieces in your jewelry box for an extra special finish.

Desk to Dinner Chic

The versatility of the Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace doesn’t stop when it comes to more formal occasions either. For the professional woman who wants to make a sophisticated transition from desk to dinner, this necklace offers just what you need.

The double tassels crafted from synthetic leather adhere perfectly to minimalist office wear while still allowing you to add a bit of flair as you go out for after-work drinks or dinner. Easily able wrap it up and take with you as your day winds down – creating an effortless finish that looks amazing each and every time.

Night on the Town

When it’s time for hitting the town, make sure you’re wearing the Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace This accessory pulls a dressy outfit together in seconds and keeps all eyes draw to its striking design.

Whether you pair it with your favorite Little Black Dress for an evening out at the city’s hottest nightspots, dress down a glamorous evening gown for dinner at an upscale restaurant or create something fun and wild by layering multiple necklaces together – this piece is sure to stand out in any situation.

Accessorizing Tips

The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel necklace is a stunning accessory to study. Featuring two dangling tassels, with glossy gold charms and topped with beautiful pink beads, it instantly catches the eye. This statement necklace is the perfect glam-piece to complete casual or evening looks.

When wearing multiple necklaces for a layered look, my advice is to combine pieces of varying shapes and sizes. Try one long, one short, with some mid-sized in between.

Additionally adding different colours will really bring this layered look to life; especially as you can pick up the subtle differences and create an interesting contrast. With the Cara Ny Double Tassel necklace being enviably eye-catching, I recommend keeping the other add ons more subtle; something minimalist with a little sparkle like a gold chain would work perfectly to offset the boldness of this piece.

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A statement necklace such as this should be reserved for days where you want all eyes on you. Worn against neutral shades – think white blouses or black dresses – will help your chosen piece stand out even more.

The Cara Ny Double Tassel necklace works best against outfit choices that showcase its intricate details; cropped tops paired with high waisted skirts or trousers can be great options for mindfully drawing attention to your collarbone area without taking away too much from your featured accessory.

In contrast if you’re wanting something understated but still make an impact then simply changing your go-to style of wearing gives it fresh appeal. To add power to an already powerful statement piece look at layering the Cara Ny Double tassel over a crisp white shirt or angora sweater; pared back yet dramatic enough to turn heads without overwhelming your outfit choice with too much spirit.

Outfit Matching

Creating the perfect look doesn’t stop at picking out the ideal piece of jewelry – it also involves matching the necklace to the right outfit. The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace is a great choice for any woman that wants to make a fashionable statement. This elegant accessory is fashioned with two cascading tassels made from sterling silver, and can be worn in a variety of ways to complete your look.

Casual wear

A casual look can be easily upgraded when you pair it with this necklace. Whether you’re rocking jeans and a sweatshirt, or an eye-catching maxi dress, the double tassel necklace completes the look. For a modern take on casual style, opt for spring-inspired colors such as pastel blue, pale pink or mint green. To add texture and contrast, choose an asymmetrical pattern for your top and print pants that feature similar colors as the necklace tassels.

Work Wear

For work days, this piece looks great when paired with black sleeveless tops or crisp white blouses so that it stands out. Throw on a fitted navy blue blazer over the ensemble for some added structure to balance out the boldness of this necklace. Try matching solid shades of different hues together like navy fading into sunshine yellow or forest green meeting hunter orange for a dynamic color combination that won’t fail to get noticed.

Party Attire

When attending parties or other evening events, make sure you stand out from the crowd by accessorizing with this stunning necklace. Choose clothing pieces with metallic accents like vests with fringe detailing or dresses with sequin adornments for extra sparkle. If you’re feeling daring enough try going all-out glam by pairing vibrant jewel tones such as emerald green and ruby red which provide excellent color combinations when paired up against sterling silver chains and tassels.


The Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace is a stylish and versatile accessory that can be worn for any occasion. Its timeless design and gorgeous colors make it the perfect addition to any outfit. The necklace’s comfy feel paired with its luxurious look will set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out like never before.

The double tassels are adjustable, so anyone can enjoy the spiffy style of this beautiful necklace regardless of size or height. Add some elegant flair to your collection today with Cara Ny Jewelry’s most beloved accessory – the Double Tassel Necklace.

The versatility of the necklace allows it to fit seamlessly into almost any wardrobe. You can create an everyday look sure to catch eyes or channel your inner luxury wearing this trend-setting statement piece.

Each time you wear it, you will get a new rush of energy empowerin you to take on anything life throws at you with style and grace. Whether its a night out with friends or a celebratory event, the CaraNy Jewelry DoubleTassel Necklace has got you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it – try out the necklace for yourself. We are 100% confident that once you get that first taste of high end glamour, you’ll be hooked forever. So why wait?

Buy your very own Cara Ny Jewelry Double Tassel Necklace today and let everyone around know how luxe and inspired your sense of fashion is. With its effortless beauty, comfort, and durability all combined into one incredible package, we know in our hearts that this spectacular product will not disappoint.