Cara Irish Jewelry

Cara Irish Jewelry offers authentic, handcrafted jewelry representing the beauty of Ireland. Every piece is made using traditional Irish techniques and materials from family-run businesses so customers can rest assured they’re getting a unique piece of history each time they shop. Coupled with their commitment to excellent customer service, Cara Irish Jewelry has become the go-to destination for those looking to adorn themselves with Irish tradition and craftsmanship.

Irish tradition – Explain some of the rich symbolism found in Celtic and Claddagh jewelry

The symbols used in Irish jewelry are rich with history and meaning. The Celtic knot is representative of never-ending love and friendship due to it having no beginning nor end. These items often represent eternity, loyalty, and strength; given as a token of those qualities to someone special. The Claddagh style features two hands clasping a crowned heart symbolizing faithfulness in friendships and relationships; rings such as these signify love and loyalty between spouses, even after one passes away.

Uniqueness – Describe how Cara Irish Jewelry offers customized pieces that allows customers to personalize their purchase

At Cara Irish Jewelry, customers are able to have certain aspects of the designs customized according to individual preference or personalized with inscribed messages or initials-making it a truly custom experience that is valued by recipients.

Whether an item is created straight from existing pieces in their collection or designed based on the customer’s requests, they allow shoppers to get creative while crafting their own piece of art that will stand proudly in store displays for years to come.

History of Cara Irish Jewelry

Since its inception in 1980, Cara Irish Jewelry has been known as one of the most prolific and leading contemporary jewelry companies in Ireland. Founded by father-son team Gerrit and Osmond Kranenburg, the company’s mission is steeped in Irish pride and pays homage to their heritage through intricate designs that incorporate elements from their Celtic roots.

The name Cara itself is derived from the Gaelic phrase for “love” which further speaks to their dedication to craftsmanship that reflects upon Irish culture and history. All of their pieces are handmade with hallmarks that signify quality, such as gold or sterling silver, enamel finishes comprised of rare minerals, and gemstones found within Ireland.

The Kranenburgs believed strongly in ascribing meaning and symbolism to each piece they crafted. With this idea at the core of the production process, not only did the Kranenburgs achieve product distinction over similar competitors but also was able to solidify a strong relationship with loyal customers over time providing them with exclusive items that were akin to works of art.

This use of meaningful iconography intuitively derived from sources like runes carvings on ancient Celtic crosses also enables customers to purchase custom-made pieces tailored personally for them visible only by looking deeper into design features beyond carefully crafted visuals.

Beyond merchandise production, Cara has also worked diligently over recent years towards positive societal change empowering both men and women through financial stability made possible by jobs provided within the manufacturing sector. And although an important part of Irish culture, Cara believes fully in breaking boundaries and celebrating individualism in unique ways made possible through timeless jewelry pieces driven by innovative visions.

Highlights from the Cara Irish Jewelry Collection

The Cara Irish Jewelry collection celebrates classic Irish Icons. Flags, shamrocks, and intricate Celtic symbols are all celebrated through these hand-crafted pieces of jewelry. Every piece tells a story of Irish heritage and culture. The intense detail, vibrant colors, and expert craftsmanship make these pieces a perfect choice for any special occasion or as an everyday accessory.

The classic Emerald Shamrock Necklace is one of the most iconic designs from the Cara Irish Jewelry collection. This beautiful necklace features genuine emerald gemstones set into the ever-popular shamrock design on a delicate gold chain. The emerald stones bring out a deep green color that represents life and renewal. It’s perfect for showing your pride in your heritage or as a gift for a special someone.

The Double Trinity Knot Earrings are another signature design from the Cara Irish Jewelry line up. This stunning set of earrings features two tiny trinity knots crafted from sterling silver and covered with a layer of gold plate for added shine. Each knot floats freely on its own charming link making this design classic yet modern. These earrings will stand the test of time and look great with just about any wardrobe item.

The Claddagh Ring is perhaps the best known piece from the Cara Irish Jewelry collection and beloved by people around the world because it symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship with its unique design featuring two hands clasping together over a heart adorned by a crown symbolizing loyalty at its center. The Claddagh ring comes in many variations such as gold, silver, or even alternative metals like tungsten or titanium depending on your style preference and budget size.

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Each ring comes with a personal inscription so that you can add an extra special sentiment to your gift for someone you love dearly.

Quality Craftsmanship

When crafting Cara Irish Jewelry, attention to detail is one of the most important considerations. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Ireland by skilled artisans who have a deep understanding and appreciation of traditional Irish adaptation and fashion. They take pride in every aspect of the craftsmanship and strive to create pieces that will become valuable heirloom pieces for generations.

The materials used for each piece, from precious metals to gemstones, are carefully sourced from all around the world ensure that only the highest quality materials are used. Each stone’s unique characteristics are taken into account when selecting which stones or gems best suit a particular piece. Additionally, special care is taken when setting the stones so that they accurately capture their natural beauty and light.

The intricate designs that feature on each item are concepted and implemented with skill, ensuring each silhouette has considered strokes executed with clean lines for maximum effect. The signature symbols common to much Irish culture make regular appearances throughout the line, helping to make sure its Irish origins aren’t forgotten.

Lastly, each piece is polished to perfection before being wrapped up and sent off on its way; earning it more than just a gleaming new look but rather a symbolism of its makers’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

Gifting Cara Irish Jewelry

Cara Irish Jewelry is renowned for creating meaningful, precious pieces that represent a person’s most special memories, moments and milestones. Whether it’s a heartwarming piece of jewelry for someone who has had their first child or something timeless to show appreciation to a loved one, Cara Irish Jewelry captures these moments with its fine selection of exquisite crafted necklaces, rings and pendants.

The company began in Dublin in 2013 with their signature Celtic infinity knot pattern which has since evolved into an extensive range of designs that symbolize love, equality and togetherness. As customers shop through the beautiful collections they will find that every piece has been handcrafted with thoughtful attention to detail to ensure maximum quality and beauty.

Giving Cara Irish Jewelry as a gift is the perfect way to show your special someone how deeply important they are to you. Designs come etched with symbols such as hearts, crescents and stars signifying strength and courage – making it easy to express your feelings without having elaborate conversations.

In addition each design is delicately crafted in gold or silver providing the recipient with a reminder of their special moment that can be treasured forever. Better yet each item also ships perfectly presented within its own gift box creating a timeless gift experience suited for any occasion such as weddings, holidays or even just for saying “I Love You”.

Finally Cara Irish Jewelry has launched several collections throughout recent years from personalized name pendants to best-selling family tree necklaces honouring the bond between family members across all generations – allowing customers to proudly carry forward their family heritage long after the last generation has gone. These meaningful pieces honor life’s connections near or far giving all wearers comfort in knowing no matter where life takes them a small part of home is always with them.

With these incredible pieces Cara Irish Jewelry allows customers everywhere an opportunity of providing warm heartfelt gifts guaranteed to make everybody smile today & tomorrow.

Exclusives & Limited Offers

Cara Irish Jewelry is the perfect way to add sparkle and something special for any occasion. From statement pieces ideal for special events to delicate pieces that can be worn daily, Cara has something for everyone. When it comes to exclusive offers or limited deals, Cara is sure to put a smile on your face.

For starters, customers can take advantage of Cara’s new loyalty rewards program. Not only do they offer free shipping on every purchase over fifty dollars, they also give customers points as they shop in increments of $25. These points can then be redeemed for discounts and other special offers–making it easier than ever to get the best bang for your buck when shopping with Cara.

Cara also offers special discounts and packages just for their loyal customers. On some occasions, customers who opt in for emails or newsletters will receive exclusive offers such as early bird access to sales and discounts, or custom deals that are not available anywhere else. Additionally, from time to time customers may even qualify for complimentary gifts with a qualifying purchase.

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These are all amazing options available at Cara Irish Jewelry, but it doesn’t stop there. The company also frequently hosts trunk shows along with social media contests where winners can select their own prize jewelry item right from the store. There are always so many unique opportunities to scoop up something extra special at fantastic prices as a customer of Cara Irish Jewelry.

Showcase Customers’ Testimonials

Cara Irish Jewelry is a one-stop shop for all of your Irish jewelry needs. For over thirty years, they have been supplying the most beautiful and highest quality of Irish-inspired pieces to customers both in Ireland and worldwide. Their designs range from classic to contemporary, featuring traditional Celtic markings, intricate stone-dotted pieces and endearingly symbolic shamrock figures.

Kudos from customers are pouring in every day, as each piece conveys an unsurpassed level of beauty that resonates with those looking for something special. Cara Irish Jewelry offers unique and fashionable designs to its devotees who are sure to be wearing a timeless piece that will stand the test of time.

From the amulets and pendants featuring Haddock’s signature Celtic knots all the way to the Bo Mead earrings made with Claddagh motifs, this collection contains exquisite works of art that speak volumes with their unparalleled expression of craftsmanship and creativity.

The customer reviews shared on Cara Irish Jewelry’s website speak volumes as to how appreciative they are of their wonderful merchandise service offered by them. Reviews describe how impressed they are with not only the esthetic qualities of each creation but also how well it was packaged – thus ensuring that none of the pieces get damaged during transit – followed by excellent customer care services that provide assistance if ever issues arise either via email or telephone line.

With such a helpful assistance combined with their impressive craftsmanship; it is no surprise we have had such an influx in positive customer reviews.

The positive customer reviews just goes to show how truly amazing Cara Irish Jewelry is when it comes to providing quality designer pieces for its patrons worldwide. These reviews emphasize the jewellery’s stellar quality, durability and overall appreciation from its existing clientele. Whether someone is seeking artistic jewellery updated with modern style, or something more authentically traditional-looking; Cara Irish has you covered.


Cara Irish Jewelry is a wonderful collection of classic and contemporary fine jewelry pieces. All the pieces are handcrafted from sterling silver, yellow and white gold, and various semi-precious stones and gems.

With a myriad of designs inspired by Irish culture, Cara Irish Jewelry is diverse enough for customers to find a unique piece that fits their personal style. Whether you’re searching for seasonal gifts or just looking for something special for yourself, Cara Irish Jewelry can accommodate your needs with their wide selection of beautiful pieces.

The history behind the collection gives each piece character. The craftsmanship is rooted in ancient Celtic symbolism and traditional art forms, making each item extra special. The pieces feature intricate details such as Claddaughs, trinity knots, shamrocks, crosses, and more – all meaningful symbols to the owners of authentic Irish jewelry. You can be sure that each item carries with it quality standards rooted in Artisan tradition which ensures its durability and value.

At Cara Irish Jewelry there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for timeless classics or on-trend items guaranteed to make a statement – they have it all. From pendants and rings to earrings and brooches; there’s sure to be an exquisite piece waiting for anyone who chooses to explore the delightful collection of Cara Irish Jewelry.

We invite you to discover the beauty of authentic Irish jewelry at Cara Irish Jewelry. Browse through the selection today to find a piece that speaks to your individual style while also resonating with charming Celtic symbols.