Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is a high-end jewelry label offering timeless pieces with modern flair. It was created in the fall of 2019 by designer Cara Cruz, who has been inspired by her lifelong passion for fashion and artistry. Originally from Colombia, Cara grew up around beautiful handcrafted jewelry and artifacts that took her to places she had only dreamed of before.

Eventually, she found herself wanting to design something special that would honor her beloved cultural heritage while also providing a modern twist. Thus, Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry was born – an expression of Cara’s unique aesthetic and love for unique, exquisite pieces with both classic and modern influences.

The Mission – Exploring Cara’s mission to make each piece special in its own way

The mission at Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is to offer top quality handmade jewelry designed with love and care. All pieces are crafted with attention to detail and feature exquisite materials such as sterling silver combined with semi-precious stones from around the world.

The designs range from minimalist styles to statement pieces crafted using traditional techniques passed down through generations of artisans in Colombia. Every piece is made to be treasured for years or even handed down through family members for generations.

The Designs – Delving into the many types of designs offered by Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry

From simple stud earrings and sleek gold layered necklaces, to intricate statement rings and delicate layering bracelets & anklets – you’ll discover something special at Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry. With a focus on blending classic shapes with modern designs, the collection pays homage to South American culture while keeping things fresh and unexpected.

Whether you’re searching for unique gifts or something special just for yourself, there’s something surely perfect in this vast collection of one-of-kind vintage-inspired jewelry.


Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is a creator and designer of bespoke, handmade jewelry founded by Cara Cruz in 2020. For many years before then, Cara was creating and designing pieces to wear and sell on the weekends at small fairs held around New York City.

Although she had long desired to create and sell her work full-time, too many responsibilities pulled her away from pursuing that goal-until 2020 came along. That year, with newfound energy and determination, Cara launched her own Etsy shop for selling her handmade jewelry and called it Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry.

Since its inception, the brand has been focused on crafting quality pieces that are as beautiful as they are timeless. Every piece of jewelry is made with careful attention to detail and excellence in craftsmanship.

The goal of the brand has always been to create pieces that look stunning when being worn yet also have lasting appeal; something someone can keep and wear forever. In addition to this focus on quality design over trend following, Cara puts a great emphasis on customer service so every buyer can have an enjoyable buying experience with any purchase they make from the company.

The main design philosophy behind all of the pieces crafted at Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is, “investment pieces for everyday wear” – something special yet practical enough for daily adornment. Bold statement necklaces that don’t compromise in terms of functionality or comfortability are staples of the collection, rounding out simpler options such as dainty earrings with pops of color or charm bracelets meant for multiple styling looks throughout the day.

All materials used for making their products are ethically sourced both locally within NYC shops or from independent suppliers across Turkey and Greece who prioritize sustainable practices and clean production methods.

Design Philosophy

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is a collection of handmade, unique jewelry designs. Founded by designer and goldsmith Cara Cruz, the company specialises in creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces for their customers. Each design is crafted from only the finest quality materials, including silver, gold, diamonds, precious stones and organic materials like wood or antler.

The brand’s commitment to crafting stylish and eye catching creations is immediately apparent from their designs. Rather than mass producing uniform objects like many of its competitors, Cara Cruz insists on giving each item its own character.

By carefully selecting special components for every piece and adding her own artistic flair to them, she ensures that every design is truly unique and has a distinct sense of style. Not only do these stunning creations stand out in terms of their aesthetics but they also represent quality and craftsmanship which elevates the products far above anonymous high street offerings.

The high standard of construction no doubt contributes to the brand’s admiration amongst customers who have come to associate it with “out-of-the box” fashion statements that can help them make bold statements about themselves or express what gives them joy in life.

Jewelry Maintenance

For these reasons, even today fans of Cara Cruz continue to search for her creations in the hope of finding something which speaks to them and helps them bring out their very best selves through fashion.

Ultimately not just offering something unique but also an experience that will stay with them forever – that’s what sets Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry apart from its competitors.

The Collections

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry has been inspiring women for over ten years with their collections that capture the essence of femininity with boldness and brilliance. All of their pieces are handmade from precious metals and gemstones, making them some of the most sought-after jewelry in the world. The brand focuses on producing unique designs for each customer, coupled with best-in-class craftsmanship and materials that ensure a long lasting product.

The collections from Cara Cruz Brooklyn are packed with exquisite pieces that draw from diverse design inspirations across a wide range of cultures and styles. Whether they’re created to honor traditional patterns or embody modern trends, every single piece carries its own story and individuality behind it. From classic silhouettes to statement earrings, necklaces and bracelets, Cara Cruz offers something for everyone in its stunning jewelry collection.

One of the major draws of Cara Cruz’s collections is that customers can find something different than what they usually see in mainstream jewelry stores; they become part of the process so they can create wholly personalized items created just for them. Their ongoing Evening Wear collection is crafted using mixed gemstones cut into geometric shapes with minimalistic silver settings, creating a timeless elegance perfect for formal events or dinner dates.

On the opposite end is their Everyday Wear line – filigree rings made out small discs linked together or art deco inspired necklace pendants set against glassy moonstone beads decorated with freshwater pearls or small rose quartz stones.

They also offer special gift sets like their Mothers & Daughters Entourage Collection so families can share newborn baby’s fingerprint jewels with mom’s matching rings, reflecting their eternal bond no matter the distance that separates them. With each purchase from any one of Cara Cruz’s collection, wearers receive more than just another accessory; they get to witness life through jewelry as a reminder of how brightly it can shine inside every woman’s heart.

Materials & Processes

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is an eco-friendly, fashion forward brand that produces high quality jewelry pieces for everyone. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by hand using only the highest quality materials available, ensuring that it will last for years. In order to create these unique and timeless designs, the brand utilizes different materials and processes.

When it comes to the materials used in the production of Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry, they often source their eco-friendly items such as recycled silver and gold from various suppliers. This ensures that all of their pieces are completely sustainable and no new materials are used in their production process. Some of the metals they use include brass, bronze, copper, gold filled, palladium, sterling silver and vintage plating treatments.

In order to create beautiful pieces of jewelry with these metals they may use a variety of techniques such as hammering, filing, burnishing or soldering. They also use stones like Turquoise or Lapis Lazuli for necklaces or earrings along with semi-precious gems like rubies or sapphires for rings or bracelets.

The craftsmanship behind each piece of jewelry is one that cannot be replicated. Every single item created by Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is made with love and attention to detail that can be seen in every design as well as feel of each finished product.

From buffing metal surfaces to polishing gemstones and setting stones into metal designs; they make sure they have a team devoted to producing only the very best products that their customers could wear with confidence always.

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry prides themselves on not just creating stunning pieces using a combination of sustainable metalworking practices and modern aesthetics but also on educating its customers about why buying sustainable items matters so much when it comes to preserving our environment for generations to come.

By sharing their knowledge about each material and process involved in producing the pieces we wear daily; this understanding better equips us to choose ethically sourced goods from global brands who care just as much about people as they do profit margins.


Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is a rising star in the fashion world, with its commitment to quality craftsmanship and unique design. They design pieces with a focus on creating luxury jewelry that matches individual tastes and styles. In order to ensure the best customer experience, they emphasize continued service throughout the entire purchasing process.

In order to further create an environment of great customer service, Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry provides customer reviews and feedback from fashion or beauty bloggers. These reviews come from real people so that customers can get a true sense of what other customers think about the products they are considering buying.

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Additionally, this authentic review system helps build trust between Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry and their customers. This system also gives customers an opportunity to understand how online shoppers feel about the products that Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry offer before making a purchase decision for themselves.

Another way that Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry ensures that their customers are happy is by highlighting any awards or accolades that the brand may have earned from distinguished organizations or magazines. This could include such awards as Best Newcomer of the Year or Best Quality Runner-Up from well-known establishments like Vogue Magazine or WWD Women’s Wear Daily.

Highlighting these awards reinforces the exceptional quality craftsmanship displayed in each piece offered, allowing customers to purchase with confidence knowing others have already taken notice of excellence provided by this company.

Ultimately all these efforts by Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry come together to help customers enjoy an exceptional shopping experience tailored towards their individual needs and wants in terms of jewelry selection and quality design. With continuous reviews and feedback sources, along with special recognition awards, customers know they will be getting high quality products along with outstanding customer service when they select items from Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry.

Style Inspiration

Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry is new and exciting brand with a flavor of New York City style. Its pieces are designed to have a certain edge that spells urban chic but can be given an individual personal twist to create looks perfect for either professional experiences or casually for everyday wear.

The styles themselves inspire confidence and pairing the jewelry with other items of clothing can complete a perfect look for any occasion, be it for a brunch date over the weekend or rockin’ an edgy look perusing around town. Cara Cruz Brooklyn offers an array of jewelry from dainty pieces like necklaces featuring cross pendants lined in crystals to large hoops with gem-style encrustments giving sultry glamour and romantic vibes ideal for both day and nightwear.

The options are endless when it comes to wearing Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry and inspiration lies within you, allowing users to be creative when choosing how they want to accessorise their fashion delights – after all that’s what styling is all about.

It’s not necessary to pair Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry with matching items of clothing; its design makes sure that it stands out on its own which means that there’s potential for making something truly sensational when paired with stand-out wardrobe staples such as statement coats, floral dresses or lace blouses.

Get creative, play around and watch your own personal look get taken up a notch.


The recently launched Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry has provided a much-needed breath of fresh air to the jewelry industry. It draws on Middle Eastern, Indian and African influences to bring out extraordinary pieces that give off an undeniable air of distinctiveness.

The creative and daring designs of their collections pique the interest of customers looking for something unique to show off their individual style. Whether it is through playing with colors, offering multiple textures or combining materials in unconventional ways, Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry has something amazing to offer its customers.

Particularly noteworthy is the tremendous attention given to detail as each piece is crafted thoughtfully and carefully – showcasing only the highest quality materials in order to deliver beautiful accessories sure to last over time. There are many options available with different colors and styles so that everyone can find the perfect item for themselves or for someone special in their lives. Beyond jewelry, Cara Cruz Brooklyn also carries handbags, scarves and earrings.

All in all, Cara Cruz Brooklyn Jewelry has made a name for itself as not just another jeweler but as one that stands out from the crowd for its daring and refined designs and bonus items such as talismans, crystals and other spiritual amenities. With this in mind, anyone interested should take a look at this new brand and explore its exquisite collections tailored for modern fashionistas who won’t settle for anything but the best when making a statement.

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