Can You Wear Jewelry During A Pet Scan


A PET scan, also known as a Positron Emission Tomography scan, is an imaging test that uses a special dye containing small amounts of radioactive material to help evaluate organ and tissue functions within the body. During the exam, a scanner rotates around the patient’s body recording images used to detect diseases such as cancer and determine how well organs are functioning. As the special dye circulates through the patient’s bloodstream, gamma rays picked up by the scanning device create detailed images of organs and tissues including abnormalities that show up darker on scans.

Since jewelry can interfere with the machine’s ability to accurately take readings during the PET scan process, it should not be worn for this procedure. Some hospitals may allow you to remove items beforehand and place them in a locker before entering into testing area or remove them at the time of your appointment. However, depending on which hospital facility you visit certain guidelines may change resulting in certain regulations being in place. It is always best to call ahead if you have any questions so that specific instructions can be provided as needed.

Necessary Preparation for PET Scan

You will be asked to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing with no metal (no zippers, buttons, snaps). If you normally wear a wig or hearing aide, you may keep it on during the procedure. It is important to remove any jewelry such as necklaces and watches prior to the scan. In some cases, piercings must also be removed before entering the scanner; however this is determined by the scanning technologist based upon specific PET scanners and protocols. Ask if you are not sure about any item of clothing or jewelry that you are wearing. Any remaining pieces of clothing should be tucked into the table cushion provided for safety reasons during your scan. Sleepwear can also be worn for a scan since there are extended times associated with it.

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry During a PET Scan

When preparing to have a PET scan, patients may be unsure whether they can wear jewelry during the procedure. The answer is typically yes—patients are allowed to leave watches, rings, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry on for the duration of their scan. In fact, there are several benefits associated with wearing jewelry during a PET scan.

First, it may help reduce anxiety or stress during the procedure. Wearing jewelry that has particular personal significance can be comforting and reassuring as it acts as an anchor in this unknown situation. Secondly, it keeps recordings accurate if the machine is tracking movement or does require patient feedback about pain levels or physical sensations throughout the process; for example, if specific points generate more discomfort than others during an injection of dye for a scan. Finally, allowing patients to keep certain pieces of jewelry on their person creates a level of trust between team members and patients which further assists in creating a safe space to communicate any feelings of discomfort or other issues which may arise before, during or after scans have taken place.

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Potential Health Risks of Wearing Jewelry During a PET Scan

Yes, contrary to popular belief, you can wear jewelry during a PET scan. However, it is important to understand the potential health risks of wearing jewelry while undergoing this imaging procedure. The PET scan uses radioactive tracer dye that gets injected into your bloodstream via an IV injection. This radioactive material accumulates in certain organs and tissues where it produces a signal that the PET scanner can detect. The emission of the radiation can have a negative effect on your jewelry and may cause them to heat up or become damaged due to exposure from the radioactive materials and the strong magnets used in the machine. Additionally, if you are wearing any metal object during the scan, it could interfere with getting accurate results as well as potentially damage your clothes or skin due to potential burns. For these reasons it is best to remove all jewelry before having a pet scan performed.

What Types of Jewelry are Safe to Wear During a PET Scan?

During a PET scan, it is recommended that you not wear any jewelry or clothing with zippers, clips, and snaps. This is due to the risk of artifacts appearing in the final images due to metal interference. This includes wristwatches, rings, earrings, chains, and necklaces. Some types of non-metallic jewelry can be worn during a PET scan as they create little or no artifact on the scans. These include bracelets made of plastic, leather or cloth as well as lightweight fabric anklets and toe rings. It is important to remove any form of jewelry before undergoing a PET scan even if it is medically approved for use inside the scanner room. If any type of metal comes between the camera and patient it will result in distorted images.

Tips for Keeping Jewelry Safe During a PET Scan

Due to the high magnetic fields of a PET scan, you should remove any and all jewelry before entering the exam room. Metal can distort or create artifacts on the images and interfere with the radiologist’s ability to accurately interpret them. This means it is important that no valuable jewelry or metal objects be worn during your PET scan.

If you are unable to remove all metal pieces of jewelry (belt buckles, piercings, etc.), please make sure the technologist on duty knows about this beforehand so they can take any necessary safety precautions prior to scanning you. Additionally, if there are watch faces with metallic parts or frames, these could be damaged when exposed to the magnet field and therefore should not be worn either.

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Other items such as certain dietary supplements which contain iron or iron compounds may also need to be removed for 48 hours prior to your PET scan appointment in order for the radiologist to get accurate results. If you have any questions regarding what should and shouldn’t remain on your person during a PET scan please contact your doctor or imaging center beforehand.


It is generally considered safe to wear jewelry during a PET scan, depending on the type of jewelry and its material composition. Non-metallic accessories such as leather, cotton, and wood are allowed, however it’s important to check with your doctor or technologist prior to your procedure when wearing metallic items such as rings, watches, bracelets and necklaces. Metallic objects can interfere with the images produced during a PET scan, potentially affecting diagnosis accuracy.

If possible, it is best and safest to avoid wearing any type of jewelry while undergoing a PET scan. As metal in the form of buttons that are part of clothing may also distort images seen on the machine’s monitor, you may be asked to undress and put on hospital gown before being examined. During titanium implants, metal dental fillings or certain body piercings may remain intact if they don’t obstruct any part of the body or head being scanned but should still be discussed prior to undergoing a PET scan. Ultimately it is important that you inform your healthcare provider about any metal objects inside or near your body so staff can take this into account when performing the examination. This increases safety for patients so that informed decisions about whether or not to utilize accessory items like jewelry can be made based on both risks and benefits involved in any particular case. Generally speaking however most physicians advise avoiding metallic elements that could limit image clarity which affects diagnosis accuracy during a sensitive medical imaging procedure like a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan involving radiation exposure.