Can You Clean Jewelry With Baking Soda And Vinegar


Cleaning jewelry with baking soda and vinegar can be a great way of bringing back the sparkle to your favorite pieces. It is an easy DIY method that simply requires combining a few common household items together, allowing you to safe on money and time by avoiding trips to the jeweler. This combination of baking soda and vinegar has powerful cleaning properties which make it perfect for removing grease, oils and dullness from gold and silver jewelry. Additionally, this method is safe to use on most jewelry pieces as it is non-toxic, provides deep-cleansing action, does not contain harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and is highly effective at polishing away dirt buildup. With proper use, this simple method will help restore your jewelry’s brilliance and leave them looking like new.

Different Types of Jewelry That Can Be Cleaned With This Method

You can clean a wide variety of jewelry at home with baking soda and vinegar such as silver, gold, gemstones, pearls, stainless steel, costume jewelry (made from base metals or materials) and diamonds. Silver jewelry can be easily cleaned by making a thick paste from equal parts of baking soda and water. Cover the affected areas with this paste; rub gently and then rinse it off with cold water. Gold jewelry, which may be plated or solid gold pieces can also be effectively cleaned using this method. Using a soft cloth or brush, massage the paste into the metal to remove any dirt or grime from the surface. Finally rinse it off with cold water and dry it with a soft cloth. Gemstones can also be lightly whisked in a solution of baking soda and white vinegar for about five minutes before being thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Rinse again after adding some drops of detergent free dish soap in order to completely remove any residue left over on the jewels’ surface. Pearls are quite delicate so they should only be wiped gently rather than soaked in these solutions. Stainless Steel jewelry is also quite easy to clean simply by soaking it in one part white vinegar mixed with three parts lukewarm water for 15 minutes before drying it off with a soft cloth afterwards. Costume Jewelry (made typically out of either base metals or other materials such as glass crystals), should not be soaked but instead it should be gently scrubbed using water plus some drops of mild liquid dish soap and then dried off after being rinsed clean. Diamonds will do best when using an ammonia-based cleaner combined with warm water – wiping GENTLY over them – before rinsing them well under cold water finally to remove any residues still remaining on their surfaces afterwards

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Preparing the Cleaning Mixture

Yes, you can clean your jewelry with baking soda and vinegar. To make the cleaning mixture, simply mix together equal parts of baking soda and white vinegar. This should create a thick paste that’s ideal for wiping down your jewelry. For extra cleaning power, add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the mixture. With the proper materials assembled, it’s time to begin cleaning your jewelry. Start by moistening a damp cloth or soft toothbrush with the baking soda and vinegar concoction and gently rub it over your jewelry piece. For stubborn grime or built-up dirt, let the cleaning mixture sit on the area for about five minutes before scrubbing it off. Rinse any remaining residue off with warm water and dry with a soft cloth – being careful not to leave any lint or fibers behind.

How to Apply the Cleansing Solution onto Your Jewelry

In order to clean your jewelry with baking soda and vinegar you will need a bowl with warm water, a teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of white distilled vinegar. Place the jewelry into the bowl of warm water and let it sit for a few minutes before adding the baking soda and vinegar. Stir together the mixture until all ingredients are thoroughly combined. Then using an old toothbrush or small brush, gently scrub each piece of jewelry with this solution. Rinse under running water and remove any remaining residue or suds. Finally, lay out on a soft cloth or towel to dry completely before wearing again. Enjoy your clean Jewelry!

Aftercare for Cleaned Jewelry

Once you are finished cleaning your jewelry with baking soda and vinegar, it is important to take some extra steps to ensure the longevity of your jewelry. First, rinse your jewelry under lukewarm water to remove any remaining residue. Secondly, pat dry with a clean cloth and air dry completely before returning to the jewelry case or box. For best results, offer additional protection and shine by polishing gently with a soft cloth or brush. Finally, store in a safe place away from moisture and extreme temperatures, as these elements can cause tarnishing or other damage to your jewelry.

Top Tips for This Method of Jewelry Cleaning

Yes, you can clean jewelry with baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar can work together to dissolve dirt and grime from all kinds of jewelry. To get the best results when using this method for cleaning jewelry, here are some top tips for you to consider:

1. Before cleaning your jewelry with baking soda and vinegar, make sure to remove any loose stones or fragile parts from the piece of jewelry. This will help ensure that nothing is damaged during the cleaning process.

2. Create a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar in a bowl by combining two parts baking soda with one part vinegar. You may need to use more mixture depending on the amount of jewelry you’re trying to clean.

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3. Allow your jewelry to soak in the mixture for several minutes before taking items out one by one with a soft cloth, gently wiping away any loosened dirt or grime as you go. Pay extra attention when it comes to fragile stones such as pearls, as they may get damaged if rubbed too hard or if left in the solution too long.

4. Finally, rinse your jewelry off with lukewarm water until completely clean. Make sure all traces of the solution have been removed before patting dry with a soft cloth and allowing your sparkling pieces of jewelry to air dry thoroughly before wearing again!


Yes, you can clean jewelry with baking soda and vinegar. The process is simple and requires very few ingredients. All you need is baking soda, white vinegar, a large bowl or glass, a soft-bristled brush for small crevices, and cold water. Start by combining 1 part baking soda with 2 parts white vinegar in the bowl or glass and stirring until it forms a paste. After that, submerge your jewelry into the mixture and using the brush if needed to scrub away any dirt or grime that may be on the piece. Allow it to sit for up to 10 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water and allowing it to air dry. Once dry you can use a polishing cloth to shine your jewelry up!


Baking Soda and Vinegar are two common household items that can be used to effectively clean jewelry. Baking Soda is a mild abrasive and will help remove dirt, oil and grime buildup. Vinegar is an effective disinfectant and has anti-oxidizing qualities which help to restore the shine and luster of metal jewels. When the two ingredients are mixed together they form a slightly acidic solution that can successfully remove tarnish from many types of jewelry. As an added benefit, baking soda and vinegar are very affordable and easy to find common household items, meaning you don’t have to spend money on expensive chemicals or specialty solutions. Additionally, as no harsh chemicals are used it is much safer for you than cleaning jewelry with commercially produced solutions which could contain harsh elements that could potentially damage delicate stones or cause discoloration over time.