Can Jewelry Be Cursed


Yes, jewelry can be cursed. Jewelry has been used to cast spells for centuries, and the intention behind a cursed piece of jewelry can often vary. Often times these spells are cast by a practitioner of black magic or dark witchcraft in order to seek revenge on someone or something else, or to gain an advantage over another person. A cursed piece of jewelry may also be used to protect against harm or bad luck, like a good luck charm. Curses are typically designed so that when the intended target wears or owns the item in question it will come with dire consequence, usually involving harm or loss of some sort. In some cases people have hunted down particular pieces of jewelry to have their curses removed and reversed. This type of magick requires skill and experience and should not be attempted without proper guidance from a qualified witch.

Different Types of Curses

The idea of cursed jewelry has been around for centuries. From the evil eye, a curse of bad luck believed to be cast by your enemies, to the idea of curses brought on by being offended in some way, tales of cursed jewelry span many cultures.

Hexes: Hexes refer to curses that are said to cause intense amounts of physical or mental anguish for the victim. It is said that these negative energies can be described as evil entities or environment of sadness and doom that haunt and disrupt those who are hexed.

Occasional Curses: Occasional curses may not always be intentional, but the results still cause great upset for those affected. These might include a piece of jewelry with a hidden defect or an item coming from someone who held negative sentiment toward its new owner—or even if it carried negative energy from previous owners or environments.

Curses From Feuds: Curses from feuds have been known to cause misfortune amongst family members and rival clans throughout history. The pieces most commonly associated with this type of enchantment are ones that have been passed down through generations while holding on to a powerful magical connection and resonance between them, thus providing an ongoing source of power and protection against their opponents.

Cursed Jewelry Symptoms

There is a lot of debate over whether or not jewelry can be cursed, with many people believing that such an event is not possible. However, those who believe in curses believe that jewelry and other objects can be infused with dark energies that can have damaging effects on the person wearing them. Depending on the intensity of the curse placed upon it, some victims report deep feelings of depression, anxiety, physical illness, negative energy being attracted to them, or feeling as if they are a target for supernatural threats.

Those who swear by cursed jewelry symptoms list several signs that may indicate an item has been cursed: sudden changes in one’s behavior; unexplained bad luck; “dark forces” emanating from the piece of jewelry; increasing levels of fear surrounding it; insomnia and frequent nightmares; physical illness or abnormally fast-aging skin in the area where the object was worn.

What Cleans Jewelry At Home

For safety reasons, it’s recommended to check the provenance of any antique heirlooms before deciding to wear them – especially if you have no family history connected to the object. If your research reveals a mysterious past to your piece of jewelry including “spooky” reports from its former owners then it’s best to bury it somewhere far away and never wear it again.

Redeeming a Cursed Jewelry Piece

When attempting to break the curse that has been placed on a jewelry piece, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what kind of curse it is. Some things to consider might be:

• Was it hexed by an evil witch or dark magick?
• Is it an ancestral or familial curse?
• Was the curse spoken directly or indirectly?
• What element is at play with this particular curse?

Once you have established the origin and nature of the curse, there are several methods you can use to redeem and break its hold on the jewelry piece.

One such method is Repatterning. This involves going over each energy pattern associated with the cursed piece in order to transform them into more positive and harmonious vibrations. It could be verbal; repeating words like peace, love, kindness etc., visual; through guided meditation or symbolic images, kinetic; touching and manipulating objects related to the item, or aromatherapy; using essential oils as part of a spiritual cleansing ritual. Additionally, adding certain crystals like Amethyst or Smoky Quartz may help neutralize and remove negative energies from both you and your item. You may also wish to incorporate feng shui principles into your process for best results. Finally praying or chanting mantras may bring an air of tranquility and healing light around yourself and the item. Remember that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to redeeming a cursed jewelry piece so experiment with whatever works for you!

Recommended Protection Tactics

The answer to whether or not jewelry can be cursed is yes. Therefore, it is important to take protective measures to safeguard yourself and the items in your possession. Some of the suggested protection tactics for preventing the hexing or cursing of jewelry include:

• Cleansing or purifying your jewelry with blessed herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme, salt water or sage smoke.

• Physically protecting items by placing them in a box lined with protective crystals, like obsidian or turquoise.

• Wearing items that have protective properties such as the evil eye amulet or an item containing tourmaline.

• Creating an energy barrier around the item by drawing a mental picture of a white light surrounding it while setting intentions of safety and protection.

• Reinforcing all intention words said during meditation sessions and cleansing rituals with powerful symbols like a pentacle or other sacred geometry patterns.

• Bury belongings safely within your garden space, creating an additional layer of physical protection against curses.

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True Stories

It is possible for jewelry to be cursed, and many people around the world have reported that they have lived through experiences of this kind. The most common forms of cursed jewelry are rings and necklaces, but brooches, pendants and other types are also known to carry a sinister aura.

So what do these stories generally tell us about cursed jewelry? Many involve the sudden onset of strange illnesses, bad luck or troubling dreams which have been attributed to the wearing of the jewelry in question. Some have gone further claiming that it has caused them to suffer accidents, losing their jobs or physical debilitation.

Others have said that upon removing the jewelry from their person, their luck seems to improve substantially and their health returns as if by magic! While some may find this hard to believe, those who experienced it firsthand vouch for its authenticity.

Interestingly, a number of people who have had dealings with cursed jewelry report not wearing the items anymore in order to avoid any similar occurrences in the future. It is often recommended that those who feel they may own such objects should contact experienced professionals (such as psychics or spiritualists) who may help reverse whatever curse has seemingly taken place. Moreover, some individuals refuse to part with potentially cursed objects due to a deep-seated superstition or out of respect for its previous owner – suggesting that one’s approach towards such matters can be rooted in varying notions and beliefs.


Yes, it is definitely possible for jewelry to be cursed. This article has detailed various stories and myths surrounding the idea of a cursed piece of jewelry, and although each story may offer slightly different details, they all share a similar underlying theme–that an item can become cursed by an association with dark forces such as death or evil intentions. Whether you believe the stories are true or not, it serves as yet another reminder of the powerful associations humans can have with physical objects. For readers hoping to avoid any potential curses, it’s best to research their jewelry thoroughly before making any purchases or accepting them from others. Additionally, if you ever find yourself in possession of an item that appears to be cursed for any reason or by unknown circumstances, it’s always wise to take extra precautions when handling jewelry things and consider disposing of it in a safe way out of abundance of caution.

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