Can I Charge My Jewelry With Eclipse


Eclipse charging is a process in which you can charge jewelry with energy. This form of energy charging involves raising the vibrations and frequencies of your jewelry, which creates an even stronger connection to the jewelry’s wearer. By using this method, you can create pieces of jewelry with powerful energetic effects.

When using Eclipse charging, different types of jewelry can be charged with energy—from stones such as agate, quartz, and more to crystals like citrine and amethyst. Depending on what type of effect you’re looking to create, some materials are better suited for Eclipse charging than others. For example, amethyst is known for promoting good sleep and relaxation whereas citrine is believed to help stimulate creativity. Additionally, certain metals also work well with Eclipse charging and provide specific properties such as grounding or protection. These include silver and copper although brass also works too.

Benefits of Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

Charging your jewelry with eclipse can bring many benefits. Firstly, it will enable you to reap the energy healing energy of crystals for an extended period of time. By leaving your jewelry near the light of a full or partial lunar eclipse, you’ll be able to increase and amplify the energy in your crystals so that they can better empower and heal you. Secondly, charging your jewelry with lunar emanations will help strengthen any intentions you’ve set for a crystal as this cosmic event carries powerful magical properties. Some believe that during a full or partial lunar eclipse we can tap into dark forces for magic that are otherwise untapped. Lastly, charging your jewelry in such a way could also serve to freshen up its overall vibrations which could lead to improvements in not only its effects on our physical bodies but its vibrationally-energizing effects on our etheric realms as well.

Pre-Charging Rituals Before Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

Yes, you can charge your jewelry with eclipse. However, it is important to perform a pre-charging ritual before doing so. This ritual is designed to help clean the energy of the jewelry and then attract positive energy into the area. To begin, find a comfortable place and take some time to sit quietly and relax. Set an intention for charging the jewelry with positive energy and invoke any spiritual guides or deities you may feel guided to call upon for assistance. After that, hold or place your jewelry on a flat surface such as a piece of crystal, quartz or other stone thought to promote good luck or health. Meditation or visualizing white light cleansing the jewelry after wards may also be beneficial. Finally, it is time to begin charging your jewelry with eclipse by exposing it to the full moonlight and setting aside all negative thoughts of worry or concern while repeating positive affirmations.

Tips for Choosing the Right Eclipse for Optimum Results

When considering charging your jewelry with an eclipse, it’s important to take the time to select the right eclipse for the job. There are a variety of eclipses available, such as Lunar and Solar, that can be used to charge different types of items. For example, Lunar Eclipses may be more suitable for charging crystals or gemstones, while Solar Eclipses could be better for energizing metals such as gold or silver.

It’s also important to note that each eclipse offers its own unique type of energy, and which will vary depending on where it occurs in the sky. For instance, solar eclipses generally offer more active and dynamic energy than lunar eclipses due to their position nearer to the sun. Therefore, when selecting an eclipse for your jewelry charging session it’s wise to choose one that best aligns with your intended purpose and desired outcome. You might also want to consider using an eclipse that is occurring during a favorable astrological period in order to magnify its potential power.

Finally, charging jewelry with an eclipse should always be done carefully, as certain materials are sensitive to this type of energy and could react badly if exposed too long or in conjunction with another element such as fire or electricity. To ensure safety while experimenting with different types of eclipses and other natural energies it’s recommended you work under close supervision of an experienced practitioner who can guide you and help you identify any potential risks involved in the process.

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Steps to Follow When Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

1. Collect the jewelry that you would like to charge with eclipse energy, such as a crystal pendant or gemstone ring.

2. Create a safe and comfortable environment for dedicated meditation. You can light a candle, practice yoga poses or create a sacred space in your home or yard filled with fresh flowers, incense and crystals.

3. Sit in an upright and alert posture and close your eyes if desired once you feel comfortable and relaxed .

4. Focus your thoughts on your intention to bring about transformation through charging the jewelry with eclipse energy. Picture the goal that this healing process could bring about and express gratitude for the opportunity to grow from this experience of connection with the natural world.

5. Visualize rays emitting from your body leaving through either your crown chakra or your heart chakra towards the jewelery item until it becomes centered in an egg-shaped sphere of shimmering light – now overshadowing it completely with floweys shades of purple, pink, blue and gold.

6. Allow the energy of the universe radiating within you to build up into an amplifying force that charges now also connects you – on a spiritual level – with cosmic forces far beyond this world’s physical boundaries like planets , galaxies , stars and distant constellations in space . With conscious awareness focus on feeling them pulsating through you while maintaining this meditative state as long as is comfortable to you . Finally let go of any remaining thoughts towards eclipse energies radiating out behind you after each inhalation . On exhalation connect back to our shared planet’s resources by imaging them flowing through all living things on Earth for 10-15 minutes at most .

7. Once finished , take some moments for contemplation before opening up again being still mindful about any new insights & inspirations arisen during this ritualistic encounter then thank yourself & universe for this moment & opportunity as well ..

Preparing Jewelry for Charging

In order to successfully charge jewelry with an eclipse, it is best to begin by cleansing the item before use. This helps to clear away any negative energy and make sure that the appropriate energies can be drawn during use. Popular methods of cleansing include smudging with sage or passing through incense smoke, holding under running water while thinking thoughts of purification, passing through the energy of a singing bowl, or simply leaving on a windowsill in moonlight overnight. Once your item has been cleansed, it is ready to be charged!

Essential Tips for Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

1. It is best to charge your jewelry with the moonlight of a new or full moon, which is said to be the most powerful and cleansing source of energy. To make the charging more effective, face the moon directly on each piece as you place it either outside on its own or beneath a crystal grid.

2. Incense can also be used to help clear away negative energy and other unwanted influences. It can also reinforce positive intentions if desired by using herbs such as lavender, cedar, sandalwood, frankincense, sage or myrrh.

3. Crystals themselves have their own vibrational properties that can help strengthen the power of whatever you are hoping to achieve when charging your jewelry with Eclipse. Place whatever crystals you feel connected to near your pieces during this time for extra support and guidance – clear quartz, tourmaline, and selenite can all be used in this way.

4. Visualization is an important part of the process of charging your jewelry with Eclipse. As you place each item in the spell circle or beneath a crystal grid (or both), focus on your intention and visualize it resonating with each piece of jewelry before allowing it to be charged fully under the moonlight’s rays. You might even say a chant out loud such as “I invoke love/protection into this piece of jewelry for its wearer” for added potency if desired

5. When finished charging each item with Eclipse, remember to close off any protective spell circle created for added security against unwanted influences or energies that may linger after completing your magical work!

Other Ways to Maximize the Benefits of Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

Yes, you can charge your jewelry with an eclipse. Charge the jewelry in direct sunlight or moonlight for up to 24 hours. This will maximize the energy absorbed from the sun and moon, which can bring out their healing powers. Other ways to maximize the benefits of charging jewelry with an eclipse include: cultivating a peaceful environment and focusing positive intentions onto the jewelry; speaking aloud positive affirmations; and surrounding yourself and the piece with crystals that support its purpose (such as quartz crystal or citrine for mental clarity). Additionally, some people believe in blessing their pieces before giving them away or wearing them. This could be done by first blessing it with incense smoke or infused oils like lavender and rosemary and setting intentional statements around it to bring out its true power and blessings denoted by its wearer.

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Common Myths About Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

One of the most popular misconceptions about charging jewelry with an eclipse is that it will make the stones in the jewelry stronger. While some forms of energy work do indeed promote a stronger connection between gemstones and their energies, eclipses do not have that same effect. An eclipse may provide a boost to any energy present in the stones, but it does not magically make them stronger or increase their effects.

Another myth about charging jewelry with an eclipse is that doing so will grant special powers or effects. This too is false–an eclipse can enhance any existing qualities of a stone, but cannot create effects out of nothing. Moreover, charging jewelry with an eclipse is discretionary and should only be done if you feel comfortable connecting your jewelry items to this powerful astrological event.

Trouble-Shooting Tips for Charging Jewelry with Eclipse

1. Make sure both the jewelry and Eclipse are in good working order. Check that the jewelry’s power source is on, cords are properly connected, and that nothing has been damaged or broken during shipping or storage.

2. Utilize the correct charging rate and only use chargers treated as safe by their manufacturers. As far as accessories go, make sure they’re of high quality – don’t cheap out on third-party knockoffs which are usually fake and may damage your jewelry or Eclipse.

3. Leave some space between multiple pieces when charging at once, so as to avoid overheating. Keep away from water, combustible merchandise, and extreme temperatures at all times when charging with Eclipse – these precautions will help ensure safety for you and your pieces!

4. Allow for the appropriate amount of time for each charge cycle before unplugging your accessories from the Eclipse charger – information regarding charge cycles depends on the type of jewelry being charged. Generally speaking, allow between 1-2 hours per piece depending on features such as size and power levels needed for efficient use.

5. As always, exercise caution when taking electrical components near water or other liquids – keep kids safe by teaching them not to touch anything plugged into outlet while in use. Lastly; if problems persist after following all these tips, consulting a professional may be necessary to get an expert opinion about how to proceed with any issues affected by your attempts to charge items with an eclipse charger!


You can definitely charge your jewelry with Eclipse. This is a great way to keep your most precious pieces of jewelry looking their best, as charging them with Eclipse helps protect the finish of the metal and prevents tarnishing. Not only is it easy and convenient, but you’ll also love how safe and secure it is– all your jewelry will be kept in an airtight container so there is no chance of oxidation. Plus, you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Charging jewelry with Eclipse means that you won’t have to take that special piece to a professional cleaner every few months, saving you money and hassle.