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brooke astor jewelry auction sothebys

When Brooke Astor died at the age of 105 in 2007, the nation mourned the loss of one of its most celebrated philanthropists. Her estate was valued at more than $200 million, and after a lengthy court battle, most of it was willed to charity. A portion of her estate, however, was set aside for her son, Anthony D. Marshall, who was convicted of exploiting his mother in her final years.

In March 2009, Sotheby’s held an auction of Brooke Astor’s jewelry, with the proceeds going to her son. The highlight of the auction was a diamond and platinum necklace that once belonged to Wallis Simpson, the American socialite who became the Duchess of Windsor. The necklace sold for $8.8 million, making it the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold at auction.

Other notable items sold at the Brooke Astor auction included a diamond tiara that had been worn by Simpson on her wedding day, which sold for $1.9 million, and a diamond and platinum bracelet that once belonged to Jacqueline Kennedy, which sold for $1.5 million.

Bronze For Jewelry

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, and it is the most commonly used metal for jewelry. It is strong and durable, and it has a beautiful golden color. Bronze jewelry is often given as a gift to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding or a milestone birthday.

Bronze jewelry is also a popular choice for everyday wear. It is comfortable to wear and it doesn’t rust or tarnish. In addition, bronze is a relatively affordable metal, which makes it a popular choice for people on a budget.

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If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable, and affordable metal for your jewelry, bronze is a great option.

Most Expensive Jewelry Metal

Gold is the most popular and valuable jewelry metal. The metal is soft so it is often combined with other metals to create alloys like gold-silver, gold-copper, and gold-platinum. Gold-platinum alloys are the most expensive. Gold is also a good conductor of electricity so it is often used in electronics.

Costco Jewelry Return


Costco offers a generous return policy on all of its jewelry items. You can return any item, for any reason, within 90 days of purchase. The only exception is if the item has been engraved, customized or altered in any way.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the item to any Costco location. You will need to present your original receipt and the item must be in its original condition. If you do not have your original receipt, Costco will be able to look up your purchase information in its system.

You can also return jewelry items by mail. Simply package the item securely and include your original receipt, the item’s barcode and your contact information. You can mail the package to:


Attn: Returns

P.O. Box 34331

Seattle, WA 98124-14331

If you have any questions about the Costco jewelry return policy, please contact the Costco Member Service Center.

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