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Brighton Jewelry Stores is a long-standing company that was founded in 1971 by a small group of entrepreneurs. It quickly became known for its sophisticated style, superior craftsmanship and customer service, and has since expanded its presence across nearly 400 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

Over the decades, Brighton Jewelry Stores has established a strong reputation as an industry leader dedicated to providing customers with high-quality fashion jewelry and accessories at all price levels. Their selection includes earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and more in both classic and modern styles—all designed to showcase each individual’s unique sense of style. In addition to its retail outlets, Brighton provides an online shopping experience on its website where customers can purchase direct from them and take advantage of exclusive discounts.

The company continues to grow steadily by launching new collections regularly and building even stronger relationships with retailers across the globe. As it moves into the future, it strives to remain at the forefront of fashion trends while continuing to provide quality products for every occasion.

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Brighton Jewelry Stores is committed to providing only the highest quality jewelry and services. Our customers can attest to that! Below are just a few examples of what our loyal customers are saying about their experiences with us:

“My experience shopping at Brighton Jewelry Stores was nothing short of perfect! The staff were so friendly and helpful, and had an incredible selection to choose from. The pieces I purchased were even more beautiful in person.” -Susan

“Every time I come here, I’m always amazed by how much variety they have in store. Something for everyone! Plus, everything is really high-quality and well made. If you’re looking for unique pieces at great prices, make sure to check out Brighton Jewelry Stores!” -Bill

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“I bought my engagement ring here several years ago, and it’s still as sparkly and shiny as the day I got it. But more than that, the customer service has been unbeatable every step of the way. Highly recommended!” -Katie

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Quality: Brighton Jewelry Stores have a great reputation when it comes to the quality of their jewelry. Many customers have shared great reviews of the quality and craftsmanship found in pieces purchased from Brighton, exceeding expectations. In comparison, many local and national stores may offer less unique pieces, lacking in craftsmanship and lasting value due to mass production and inferior materials.

Price: Brighton Jewelry Stores are competitively priced for the quality offered when compared to other similar jewelry stores. Prices will vary depending on the materials and craftsmanship of each piece, but generally remain competitive across the board. Other local and national jewelry stores may offer more competitive pricing for cheaper materials, though not necessarily showcasing the same level of quality found in Brighton Jewelry Stores.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere within Brighton Jewelry Stores is inviting and friendly. Sales associates are happy to help curate pieces for you to find the perfect treasure within all selection options provided. Other local or national jewelry stores may lack this friendly comfort as they focus more on profit margins than providing an enjoyable experience for their customers.

Service: At Brighton Jewelry Stores, customer service is top priority. Associates are always willing to work with customers via phone or email to provide a comfortable experience while finding the perfect item they’re looking for. Comparatively, some other jewelry stores may prioritize profit margins resulting in fewer services at higher costs with choppier customer service approaches .

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Brighton Jewelry Stores is a world leader in sophisticated and affordable jewelry. From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and watches, Brighton Jewelry Stores offers the perfect jewelry piece for every occasion. Explore their wide selection of accessories, from handbags to belts. Whether you are looking for a special gift or treating yourself to something special, Brighton Jewelry Stores has the perfect style for you!

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For more information and resources related to Brighton Jewelry Stores, visit their website at Here you will find highlights on new collections, falling sales prices, sale items, editorial stories and much more that can help enhance your shopping experience with Brighton Jewelry Stores. Additionally, browse through their informative blog which contains helpful tips on jewelry maintenance and styling as well as other engaging content related to fashion and more! Connect with Brighton Jewelry Stores on all of their social media channels including Facebook (@brightonjewelrystores), Instagram (@brightonjewelrystores) and YouTube (@brightoncelebration) to hear about the latest product releases or upcoming deals. Follow along today!

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Brighton Jewelry Stores is proud to offer customers exclusive deals and discounts. We will be having a promotion in the upcoming months, offering purchasing gifts with any item over $250.00. Additionally, Brighton Jewelry Stores offers a loyalty program for our regular customers. This allows them to collect points on their purchases which can later be exchanged for store credit. Customers can also get special discounts when they bring in old jewelry and exchange it for a new piece of Brighton jewelry. Finally, we are launching a new line of limited edition pieces every month as part of our ‘Featured Collection’, which all receive special discounts from the usual retail price.

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