Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case

The elegant Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is the perfect way to organize and display your favourite pieces. With its classic circular design, this jewelry storage case will easily fit onto a dresser or side table and bring a touch of sophistication to any bedroom or dressing room. With its white faux leather exterior, this case features an array of compartments in sizes that are ideal for jewelry organization.

The interior is lined with soft grey fabric which is ideal for protecting your precious jewelry from scratches and abrasions. The lid is made out of glass and allows you to showcase your jewellery collection with ease, while still protecting it from dust and dirt.

Design Features: A Closer Look at the Boulevard Ava Jewelry Storage Case

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage case features 3 levels with 8 total compartments divided into two tiers to maximize storage efficiency. The two lower-level compartments have square openings that make them perfect for larger items, such as watches or costume jewelry.

Above the two lower-level compartments are four round compartments that are ideal for storing small earrings, rings, and other delicate pieces of jewelry. As each compartment lines up perfectly with the next one in a circular formation, all items are easily visible through the glass lid.

Additional Benefits: Making Good Use Out of Your Boulevard Ava Jewelry Storage Case

Not only does the Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case provide an effortless means of conveniently organizing and displaying your jewellery collection, but also adds a stylish statement piece to any bedroom décor. Its sturdy construction makes it perfect for long-term use while its subtle designs guarantee it will stay fashionable no matter what trends come into play over time.

For those who need help finding their favorite strand – worry not – as the lidded design prevents all items stored inside from getting lost in drawers or boxes alike.

Benefits of the Case

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is one of the most storage solutions on the market. It helps you keep your jewelry and small accessories safe, organized, and easily accessible without taking up a large amount of room. There are several advantages of opting for this case as opposed to other storage options.

The first benefit is that the Boulevard Ava has a spacious drawers and sections with clear dividers. This allows for easier sorting, keeping your items separate and untangled, while still making use of all available space. Furthermore, each drawer comes with its own removable tray so you can organize your items in small sections or just quickly grab what you need when you’re on the go.

The case is also very attractive; not only is it made from strong yet lightweight material like plastic and metal, but it features an elegant yet functional design. The top lid lifts up to reveal a mirror that provides an excellent place for examining yourself before leaving the house with your new pieces on display. Additionally, two side panels slide open to provide access to additional hidden compartments which work perfectly for holding larger items like necklaces or bangles.

Finally, security measures have been taken into consideration with this case – it features a combination lock as well as reinforced corners which adds extra protection in an effort to prevent prying eyes from looking at your belongings without your knowledge. Combined, these features make it one of the most secure ways to store jewelry while still maintaining easy accessibility whenever needed.


The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is a great option for those looking to organize and store their bespoke jewelry. This case has innovative storage options, allowing the consumer to customize its design and features with ease.

Unlike many other subscription jewelry boxes, the Boulevard Ava offers an array of customization options that are completely tailored to one’s individual needs. From personalization of the exterior with different colors and textures, to customizing features like lockable drawers with velvet linings, each user can create a unique experience depending on what they need from their jewelry storage system.

The Boulevard Ava was specifically designed in order to provide a secure environment for your special pieces. It is made up of multiple compartments, each equipped with an organizing tray and velvet liner that greatly helps keep contents secure inside the various sections.

The lid of the case also comes with a double-locking system; making it easy for users to ensure valuable items remain safe within the container. Furthermore, removable partitions allow for further customization during times when more or less space is required; significantly reducing clutter amongst components and items stored inside.

Overall, there is no question why many consumers choose the Boulevard Ava Jewelry Storage Case as their go-to choice for jewelry storage solutions. With quality construction and top-of-the-line materials used throughout each model offered, these cases are capable of providing extra security needed for any kind of precious items you wish to keep are away from harm’s way.

Plus, thanks to how easily customizable it can be, you can always customize your own settings in order to make sure everything looks exactly how you want them too – giving you complete control over your own optimal security solution.


The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is a stylish and innovative way to store and organize your jewelry. The case is constructed of metal, making it strong and durable, providing maximum protection for all of your treasured pieces. It has two tiers, with the larger tier on the bottom and smaller one on top.

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Both tiers have trays with compartments designed to easily fit a variety of shapes and sizes of jewellery. Each compartment is provided with padding so that each piece will remain secure and safe while stored inside the case. With its beautiful design that shows off the contents within, it makes an excellent centerpiece in any room.

To maximize storage space within this case, consider using dividers or partitions between each partition inside the case. This allows you to further customize how your pieces are arranged; it also helps in structuring separate sections for things like rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

You can also use index cards which come in various colors or styles to label each section accordingly. Additionally, purchasing small pouches or drawstring bags separately can help to contain multiple items at once; this comes in handy especially when storing those tiny earrings you don’t want getting lost among everything else.

Another way to keep your Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case organized is through labeling each drawer or tray section according to type of jewellery it contains. This can be done by simply placing a post-it note with the name written clearly on it over each section that corresponds with a specific item; for example ‘Rings’ would correspond with a drawer that contains all of one’s rings from different collections.

Additionally you could designate a folder within each cabinet specifically for gold or silver pieces depending on what kind of materials match up better together and are easier to organize since they hold their own categories. Another great thing about these cases is that if preferred, due to its size and shape, it’s easily moved so you can take it along wherever you travel for long trips where space saving becomes an essential part of organization when packing.

Security Features

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is the perfect case for storing and protecting jewelry. It features a comprehensive set of security features that offers protection against theft and burglary, while also providing convenience to the user.

The case is equipped with an extended locking system that includes a pair of key locks on each side of the case that provides easy access and secure closure. The double-bolt design helps discourage any unwanted intrusions and offers reliable security against any potential tampering attempts. Furthermore, it also offers the ability to lock itself automatically once closed, so you know your items are safe and sound when locked in this case.

Another important feature of the Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is its sleek design. The lightweight construction makes it a breeze to transport, while its contemporary look envelops all items placed inside with an extra layer of protective style. The faux leather exterior helps keep your belongings safe under all conditions, as does the removable tray at the bottom which can be customized using dividers to help organize stored items according to need or desire.

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case may not be bulletproof but it certainly provides solid levels of protection without compromising on aesthetics or function. Its sophisticated combination locks provide natural deterrence and help protect valuable investor jewelery or sentimental family heirlooms from being stolen during transportation or visitation trips; while also offering users peace of mind each time they open their case knowing exactly what’s inside remains safely tucked away until they choose to otherwise access it.

Care and Maintenance

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is designed to provide optimal style and storage solutions for all your jewelry needs. To keep it in top condition, proper care and maintenance are necessary. Here are some great tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your jewelry case.

First, it’s important to keep the case itself clean to help protect any silver or gold plating on it. To do this, use a soft cloth or cleaning brush to clear away dust and debris. Special attention should also be paid to wiping away fingerprints from the exterior as finger oils can cause damage to the finish over time. Additionally, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners as these can damage the materials used in its construction.

When using the case, make sure that you’re placing heavier items near the bottom of the compartments so that they don’t press up against too much pressure on lighter items towards the top. This will help prevent breakages or noticeable wear-and-tear on delicate pieces.

You should also regularly inspect the dividers and check for any signs of splitting or warping which can occur with heavy use over time. If any problems are noticed, check your warranty information before attempting DIY repairs as many manufacturers offer repair services included within their deposit policies.

Finally, it’s helpful to store jewelry individually within airtight zip-lock bags when not in use – especially hypermetal jewelries like sterling silver – to slow down tarnishing or oxidation over time by keeping moisture away from pieces exposed in open air. With regular maintenance and appropriate storage solutions, you can maximize your experience while enjoying long lasting use out of Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case for years to come.

Versatility and Functionality

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is the perfect storage unit for a variety of jewelry. This case features a clear front with both openings and drawers for easy storage of jewelry items. The insulated interior is velvet lined, which is great for protecting expensive items or pieces that require extra care. It also comes with two removable trays that can be used to keep small items separate and organized within the case.

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This stylish case can be used in many different ways. For those who need to store larger pieces of jewelry, they can take advantage of the outer compartments of the case, which are ideal for broaches, necklaces and earrings.

Similarly, rings can be kept in one of the four drawers while watches can go in the two larger openings on the front. Additionally, there is enough room inside to keep other valuable items such as money clips and credit cards if needed.

The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case also makes an elegant way to give gifts such as an engagement ring or special anniversary necklace tucked away inside its velvet lining. The compartments make it simple to organize multiple presents into one box; all that needs to be done is tucking each gift away securely in its respective place so that it will be safe from any external damage such as scratches or dents.

Moreover, it’s small enough to travel with but large enough for an array of indulgences without worrying about taking up too much space in luggage; a perfect companion on romantic getaways or nights out where you don’t want to lug around a heavy purse.


The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is one of the most popular products on the market right now. It’s perfect for storing and organizing jewelry, watches, earrings, necklaces, and more. Customers have been leaving glowing reviews, with many customers noting that they are impressed with the quality of the case. Many customers appreciate that it has a beautiful mirror finish that adds an element of sophistication to their desks or nightstands.

One customer noted in their review that they were surprised at how much space was available inside the case. They mentioned that all their items fit perfectly and that it was large enough to hold all their jewelry pieces without feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

Another customer expressed appreciation for how secure and easy to use the locks on the case were; no matter how much you move around your desk or bump into it, nothing will fall out due to its secure latches. This feature has allowed them peace of mind knowing their jewels are safe and sound with no worry about them ever being lost or misplaced.

Finally, customers appreciate that this product is not only stylish but also highly functional. Its design allows for easy access so users can find just what they need quickly without having to hunt through hundreds of drawers or boxes.

Plus, its interior is made from velvet-lined material so items won’t get scratched when placed inside of it-unlike some other jewelry cases on the market which may be made from low-quality materials. These aspects make this product a great investment as its sure to last many years and keep items safe no matter where you take it or store it in your home.


The Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is an attractive and practical way to store and showcase your jewelry. This storage system provides numerous unique benefits for the user, not least of which being that it is attractive and very easy to assemble.

The case measures 12 inches in diameter and comes with four adjustable shelves, allowing you to customize its layout according to your individual needs. Additionally, the interior is lined with velvet, which helps protect the contents from scratches or damage.

Overall, the Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case is an excellent investment that any jewelry enthusiast should consider. Not only does it offer a reliable way of keeping all your favorite pieces organized and dust-free, but it also adds character to any bedroom or dressing room space with its chic design. What’s more, its circular shape means that it will fit neatly into even the smallest spacer saving you valuable floor space.

Also worth noting are the impressive range of options available for this storage case; you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes such as eggshell white or gold hue in order to best match your existing décor style at home. For added convenience there are two handles located on either side of this case making it easy for you to maneuver around whenever need be – perfect for those who like to move their jewelry collection around often.

Finally, this case does come with a built-in lock key so as to protect your precious items from potential thieves or pesky little hands.

In conclusion, the Boulevard Ava Circular Jewelry Storage Case offers almost any type of jewelry enthusiast a great way in which they can store and showcase their items safely while also creating an aesthetically pleasing look within their home. With its adjustable shelving options, velvet lined interior and conveniently placed handles plus secure lock attachment – this product really couldn’t be better suited for all your adornment needs.

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