Bollywood Style Bridal Jewelry


Bhangra Bangles were inspired by ancient Indian cultures and traditions, with the idea that adding a little bit of bling to your bridal jewelry could completely transform a look. For centuries, women in India have been wearing heavy, ornate jewellery pieces to celebrate special occasions like weddings. These intricately-designed pieces are created using complex designs, colorful stones and various metals. From oxidized gold jewellery to bold kundan details, these traditional pieces of bollywood style bridal jewelry can add an extra touch of glamour and elegance for your special day.
Systematically cut diamonds or semi-precious stones such as rubies and emeralds give Bhangra Bangles their allure and showstopping qualities. You can make a statement with some beaded jewellery pieces, or choose from array of intricate patterns which also make for standalone pieces. The sparkle which is provided by each set of Bangles will make you shine on the most important day of your life! By incorporating fine craftsmanship and ruby red polkis, even the simplest design can take on a traditional elegance. It’s said that the shine in Wedding Jewellery reflects the joy in families coming together. So whynot step out into this world with something extraordinary? Be funky and interesting with B hashed Bhangra Bangles Accessories; they make you instantly standout at any event! Go ahead and let every movement speak volumes about you – choose Bollywood style Bridal Jewellery today!

Historical Context

Bollywood style bridal jewelry has been heavily influenced by the rich culture and heritage of Indian royalty. Traditional forms of bridal jewelry, known as Solah Shringar, were worn by Indian brides to signify their love, beauty and marital status. These pieces were crafted in exquisite detail using expensive stones such as diamonds, ruby and pearl. Each piece was handcrafted and designed with intricate designs that reflected the traditional symbolism behind each stone and material used in their making.

The Mughal period is richly represented in Bollywood style bridal jewelry. This era was marked by an influence of opulent designs featuring precious metals such as silver and gold. Complex geometric patterns adorned these pieces for a look that was luxuriant yet somehow delicate at the same time. Common gemstones included Kashmiri sapphire, Burmese ruby, Colombian emeralds, chrysoberyl cats eye’s and cabochon diamonds. A few pieces also incorporated enamelwork or filigree detailing to add texture and colour to the overall design.

Modern day Bollywood style bridal jewelry builds upon this strong foundation while bringing a contemporary twist to classic designs. Statement necklaces made with fine crystals and Swarovski elements are popular among modern day brides as they offer a dazzling allure without compromising on classiness or grandeur. Large jhumka earrings are also popular for their ability to accentuate traditional attire while adding sparkle to any ensemble regardless of its cut or colour.

The Different Types of Bollywood Style Jewelry

Bollywood style bridal jewelry is characterized by its intricate, eye-catching designs and bold colors. This jewelry is associated with the larger Bollywood movement, which refers to the emerging film scene in India from 1986 onwards. These pieces often feature colorful stones such as sapphire, rubies, and emeralds set within an ornate pattern of gold or silver. From chunky statement necklaces to dazzling earrings and rings, Bollywood style bridal jewelry provides the opportunity for brides to express their personal style with more opulence than ever.

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In addition to necklaces and earrings, typical Bollywood style bridal jewelry also includes maangtikka sets, a type of head jewelry traditionally worn by Hindu brides after their wedding ceremony. It consists of three pieces – one long piece which typically rests in center of the woman’s bun; one which fastens around her hair at the side; and one that dangles behind her head like a pendant. Maangtikkas are highly symbolic among Indian women since they signify marriage and marital status. Other types of Bollywood-style bride jewelry include armlets or baju bandh, anklets or payals, bracelets known as kadas, toe-rings called bichiyas, waist belts called kamarbands, arm cuffs known as kada malas and finger-type nose rings known as nathniyaal. These different pieces create an overall stunning effect for any traditional Indian ensemble for occasions like weddings or other special events.

Essential Components of Bollywood Style Jewelry

Bollywood style bridal jewelry has recently become a popular choice among the young and fashionable. This style of jewelry is strongly influenced by traditional Indian culture, creating unique designs featuring vibrant colors and elegant craftsmanship. Essential components of Bollywood style jewelry include ornate earrings, statement necklaces, chandelier-style maang tikka forehead pieces, intricate bracelets, beautiful armlets or baju bands, layered stone rings and bangles adorned with gems and precious stones. In addition to these traditional pieces, modern bridals often opt for contemporary looks like dangling pendant necklaces with bold gemstones or elephant motifs embedded in antique-inspired settings. The most eye-catching Bollywood bridal jewelry pieces usually have an element of mix-and-match styling with multiple pieces worn in one look. This allows for individuality, allowing the bride to make her own statement on her special day.

Making the Best Choice When Buying Bollywood Style Jewelry

When it comes to buying Bollywood style bridal jewelry, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First and foremost, always take the time to research and compare different brands and designers in order to find the best quality pieces available. Try not to be influenced by trends in fashion – instead, choose a look that speaks to your own personal style. This jewelry should complement your unique beauty on the special day; therefore, avoid over-the-top designs and patterns that may overpower with their presence. As far as materials go, gold plated silver is popular because of its affordability without sacrificing quality. Similarly, semi-precious stones such as pearls and gems give off delicate yet impressive vibes for a timeless look. Additionally, since your wedding will undoubtedly involve some dancing, consider how light or heavy the pieces feel on you – this could make all the difference when it comes to comfort level. Finally, don’t forget about complementing clothing items such as dresses or blouses too – having a balanced aura that combines different elements of design is sure to make your special day even more memorable!

Advantages of Wearing Bollywood Style Jewelry

Bollywood style bridal jewelry has been gaining in popularity as an attractive and eye-catching accessory for weddings. Wearing this type of jewelry is a great way to make a statement on your wedding day. With its dazzling sparkle and intricate designs, Bollywood style jewelry adds an extra air of glamour to the proceedings. But there are many other advantages to wearing this type of jewelry.

The first benefit is that it tends to be very affordable. Unlike diamonds or other stones, Bollywood style jewelry can often be found at lower prices due to its mass production. This means that you don’t need to break the bank in order to look fabulous on your wedding day.

Another advantage is that it’s quite lightweight, allowing you to move around more freely without feeling weighed down by heavy, clunky jewelry pieces. Additionally, Bollywood style bridal jewelry also comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes so you can easily find a piece that perfectly complements your dress and overall look. Furthermore, the shimmering stones offer a subtle sparkle effect which glistens beautifully when caught in the light – giving you that classic red carpet look all night long!

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Benefits of Shopping for Bollywood Style Jewelry Online

Online shopping has allowed people access to a wide range of Bollywood style bridal jewelry that they may otherwise not have been able to access. Shopping online provides the opportunity to browse through thousands of pieces quickly, and even get the jewelry customized to an individual’s exact specifications. Additionally, prices are often very competitive when compared to in-store options since there isn’t the overhead associated with traditional retail stores. Customers can also shop around for the best deal by comparing products across different vendors and websites. Lastly, shoppers also benefit from having a more personal experience when selecting their bridal jewelry as they can speak directly with experts who specialize in this area and receive tailored one-on-one advice. This is incredibly helpful when selecting delicate or intricate items such as Bollywood inspired jewelry.

Designing Your Own Signature Bollywood Style Jewelry

When it comes to creating a Bollywood style bridal look, jewelry is key. This can be your chance to really bring out your creative side and design something that will truly be one of a kind. Start by researching traditional Indian jewelry designs that are popular among Bollywood stars. Pay attention to the materials used, such as sterling silver, gold-plated metals, and colored gemstones like rubies and emeralds. Once you’ve gathered some visual inspiration, find the right jeweler who is experienced in crafting Indian-style jewelry. Be sure to take inventory of the gems and precious metals they have available so you can create something that stands out from the crowd. Once you’ve designed your piece, make sure you get an appraisal in case it ever needs to be repaired or replaced down the line. With all this research done, you can feel confident choosing the perfect piece of statement jewelry for your Bollywood style bridal look!


When it comes to staying true to Indian culture, nothing quite compares to embracing Bollywood style bridal jewelry. From delicate, traditional gold pieces that are perfect for modern-day brides to bolder and more colorful designs for those looking for statement pieces – there is truly something for every bride when it comes to Bollywood fashion and jewelry. With an extensive selection of traditional, contemporary and even bespoke pieces available at both online and offline retailers, finding the perfect wedding jewelry for any occasion is easier than ever! Whatever your style preferences may be, the beauty lies in embracing the uniqueness of traditional Indian culture that has made an impact on millions around the world. With stunning results sure to make your special day truly unforgettable, you can be sure that Bollywood-style jewelry will never go out of style.

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