Black Precious Stones Jewelry

Black precious stones jewelry has become increasingly popular. Whether it is for a night out on the town or an important business meeting, this style adds an elegant touch of sophistication to any look. Stories of why people choose to wear black precious stones jewelry often come from a variety of backgrounds and mindset unique to each individual.

For many, wearing black precious stones jewelry can tell a story about their ability to rise up against the odds in order to bring a sense of security, strength and elegance to their life. Many times when an individual looks back into their family history, there are numerous stories that can be shared about how these pieces of jewelry have been integrated into family heritage for generations.

For instance, one might find that the purchase of such item was not just an act of fashion nor investment but more symbolic reflection for the immense value it had with sustaining their spiritual journey.

In other cases, wearing black precious stones jewelry can also signify the embracement of significant milestones in their life and serve as a reminder that one has overcome difficult obstacles and achieved success through sheer determination and hard work.

It is true that precious gems help others commemorate extremely unforgettable memories that shape who they are today; ultimately giving them permission to affront life by showing authentic courage and power that resides inside them regardless of what society’s norms could be at any given moment in time.

All in all, there is no doubt that black precious stone jewelry brings forth vibrancy not only in terms fashion but also as symbol for resilience individuals’ showcase during battles toward triumph. With every piece comes endless potential gratitude regarding not only tangible items but also personal self-awareness allowing wearers create unique perspectives reflective on nobility and taking unexpected adventures towards self-discovery while being thankful for all life experiences they are overcoming or conquering along the way.

A History of Black Precious Stones Jewelry

The use of black precious stones to make jewelry is an ancient tradition which dates back to 2000 BC and is as varied as the cultures in which it was practiced. Over the years, different civilizations have developed their own styles and techniques for creating beautiful pieces of jewelry incorporating different gemstones, metals and shapes. While some materials used in the production of this type of jewelry are universal, others are specific to certain regions.

Black Diamonds

One of the most universally renowned black precious stones is the diamond. The process of enameling diamonds has been used since ancient times where a small portion of a large diamond was encrusted with metal, resulting in unique patterns.

Black diamonds were also popular among royalty and aristocrats throughout Europe who would wear them set in gold colored mounts or as pendants, rings or earrings. A particularly famous example is the Devonshire Diamond necklace owned by the Dukes of Devonshire and gifted to Lady Elizabeth Cavendish by her father-in-law King George III around 1782.


Onyx is another popular black jewelstone that has been used since Antiquity for various decorative objects, from jewelry to cups and plates. In Ancient Egypt it symbolized power due to its association with protection from darkness; amulets made with onyx were said to be able to protect people from harmful forces.

Ancient Romans and Greeks also believed onyx held magical powers, as they thought it could increase happiness and health when worn close to the skin. Today onyx is still appreciated for its unique beauty in colored stone jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets; it’s a favorite gemstone for many contemporary jewelers due to its dark eye-catching tones which contrast nicely against silver, gold or rose gold alloys for a modern style statement piece.

Black Jade

Lastly but not least there’s Black Jade, revered for its rich symbolism since ancient China’s Zhou Dynasty over 4000 years ago; Chinese literati believed jade represented goodness so they often embellished their poems with imagery associated with it.

Nowadays Black Jade can be found incorporated into many designs of different origin such as South American Native American jewelry featuring animals carved into this stone combined with turquoise beads dangling from strings like necklaces or belts worn around the waist area in traditional ceremonies.

Ancient Uses of Black Precious Stones Jewelry

Black precious stones jewelry has been used throughout history for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Rituals and ceremonies
  • Signifying wealth and grandeur
  • Symbolizing particular meanings or memories

These uses have remained largely unchanged over the course of centuries. During ancient Egyptian times, black precious stones jewelry was widely associated with fertility rituals – usually for pregnant women due to the stone’s ability to represent an abundance of potential life-force. Pharaohs were often attributed black stone items such as lapis lazuli necklaces and bracelets; these items were displayed to assert their power and authority in regards to weather superstitions.

Black stones could also be used during religious rites held on feast days; the presence of black stones served as an offering to goddesses like Aset (or Isis). Such practices harken back to pre-dynastic times when dark-colored mineral gems were polished into icons in honor of deities.

In later civilizations, black precious stones jewelry was an integral component of the wardrobe of the wealthy upper class. Wealthy people adored luxury products that expressed their affluence; one example being jet jewelry fashioned from coal black gemstones that hints at subtle glamour under candlelight.

Additionally, high ranking families during Victorian England would use jet pieces for mourning ceremonies since it matched then established dress codes for honoring the recently deceased. These funeral customs then carried over into North America where somberly colored gems were traditional elements in funerary ceremonies up until recent decades.

Precious Stones Jewelry

Several cultures continue to value highly symbolic uses tied closely with memories shared with a deceased loved one; typically wearing a funereal item containing a specific type of gemstone known as “Chanelite” (Chanelite is related a romanticized French word which translates roughly into English as meaning “tears drop”). Chanelite is thought to contain unique healing abilities assisting those seeking solace through reconciling grief while accepting an eventual peace through one’s mourning process.

This powerful gemstone holds much promise and so various cultural traditions incorporating Chanelite acts as a reminder of connecting deeply with past relationships through tender unobtrusive remembrances.

Types of Black Precious Stones Used in Jewelry

Black precious stones jewelry is one type of jewelry which has a unique, simple beauty that is unmistakable and will stand out in any crowd. From the traditional black opal and jet to the more modern obsidian and tourmaline, each stone has its own captivating allure. Here, we will take a closer look at the materials used to craft these alluring pieces of jewelry.

  • Opal: This milky white gemstone with black flecks or patches is created through the combination of silica and water deep within the Earth.
  • Jet: Jet is a type of coal found near ancient burial sites, due to its ability to absorb negative energies.
  • Obsidian: Another volcanic product, this glassy material has beautiful flashes of colour when light hits it.
  • Tourmaline: Tourmaline is found in many places around the world, including Brazil and Kenya. It comes in an array of colors from black to rainbow shades.

The traditional process for crafting jewelry with these stones starts with selecting raw stones from their country of origin; however, for large production orders of certain types of stone such as tourmaline or opal, they may be purchased in larger parcels from dealers worldwide. The selected rock (or parcel) must then pass through a sieving process where it is graded according to size, shape, colour and clarity criteria.

Once selected materials are ready for use there are multiple techniques employed by skilled craftsmen in order to craft pieces – from using metal saws to cut slices or cabochons from larger pieces right down to polishing them with rotary tools and diamond pastes – depending on the design desired.

The most popular finishes for black precious stone jewellery include waxing polish for matte finish styles (as seen with jet), cold enamelling or silver plating for more intricate designs (opals tende be treated this way) and laser engravings – particularly suited for smaller flat surfaces such as tourmaline or obsidian earrings. Additionally these pieces are often completed with rhodium plating or gold foiling applications before being mounted into settings or fixings ready for resale/marketing purposes.

Symbolic Meaning of Black Precious Stones

Black precious stones have been a large part of history. Before modern society, they were widely accepted and used by many cultures for their vast symbolic meaning. Ancients believed these gems were symbols of power, protection, knowledge and even immortality.

It is thought that these precious stones helped keep evil away and inspire courage in the midst of difficulties. Black crystals like Obsidian, for example, was typically associated with sacred rituals intended to drive away spiritual negativity and create a barrier between negative and positive energy.

Ancient Greeks considered it to be a sacred stone from the gods while in Egypt people believed the use of Onyx gave protection from harm, as it was believed to be a magical stone capable of turning enemies away.

The Romans saw black gemstones as providing physical healing energy as well as mental wellbeing. According to them gemstones could heal physical diseases while also aiding emotional issues such as depression and fear. As many black gemstones are known for their protective energies, they are still used today in jewelry.

Both ancient cultures and modern day societies have seen wearing black gems or having them nearby offers protection from emotional stress and physical harms brought forth by outside sources if worn correctly Fast forwarding into contemporary times, we still witness how powerful belief systems define the way different societies interact with black jewelry across the world. Today they are particularly popular among alternative spirituality enthusiasts, being used frequently in crystal therapy treatments.

These days it is possible to witness crafted jewelry made out of various combinations of black crystals intertwined, leading one to think deeply about its symbolism within specific rituals such as spiritual cleansing or simply by adorning oneself with these powerful stones that hold an everlasting mystical value beneath them throughout any culture you might choose to look at them through.

Popular Black Precious Stones Jewelry Designs

Black precious stones jewelry draws upon the idea that basic black never goes out of style. There is something timeless about fashioning eye-catching pieces with black gemstones. Jewelers have embraced this trend wholeheartedly, and now there are many different styles of black stone jewelry available on the market. From earrings to necklaces, rings to bracelets, chokers and brooches; you can find anything in Onyx, Obsidian, Jet or Black Opal. Here are just a few popular designs:

  • Onyx Inlayed Gold Earrings: These exquisite dangle earrings feature gold settings embedded with Black Onyx Stones for added splendor. Perfect for formal occasions.
  • Jet Stretch Bracelet: This bracelet is reminiscent of the Victorian Era with its single teardrop Jet Stone surrounded by two bands of silver and gold metal loops.
  • Obsidian Stainless Steel Choker: Add an extra bit of sparkle to any outfit with this obsidian stainless steel choker; the perfect combination of style and class.
  • Black Opal Nugget Necklace: This sleek necklace features six black opal nuggets set in sterling silver for a fashionable touch that is sure to turn heads.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessorizing with black precious stones jewelry. It adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to any outfit while also making a bold statement that says, “I know what I want and I won’t settle”.

Whether you prefer classic designs or more modern looks, there will be something out there that fits your individual style perfectly – just take some time discovering all the options available. Plus, as these pieces become more widely available, they tend to be very affordable too, allowing shoppers from every budget range to enjoy them.

Vintage Semi Precious Stone Jewelry

One fantastic way to flaunt these beautiful jewels is through layering. Layering accents has been big lately; specifically combining gold metals with darkly coloured gemstones such as lapis lazuli or onyx will give a show-stopping look.

Stacking rings makes another great way to highlight your style while still keeping things minimalistic – consider stacking several thin rings featuring faceted black gems for maximum effect without being overly loud or conspicuous. Additionally, large chunky necklaces featuring obsidian pendants make an excellent statement piece alone but can also stand up well when paired with a classic chain necklace for merging modernity with traditional styling ideas.

Aside from wearing them as traditional jewellery items such as earrings or bracelets; these days other components are being included into accessories which also utilizes our beloved black gemstones. Brooches and tiaras adored by jet stones offer unique ways for creative expression when going for an edgy vibe – perfect for special occasions such as anniversaries or costume parties.

Not only does this create interesting backdrops at events but also provides us room to explore multiple shapes and sizes until we find exactly what suits us most. Many brands also create ready-to-wear fashion accessory pieces like crossbody bags detailed with smooth lava stones; altogether creating magnificent looks worth swooning over.

How to Care For Black Precious Stones Jewelry

Black precious stones, such as tourmaline, onyx and obsidian, are beautiful and durable but require regular maintenance to keep their original shine. Black precious stones jewelry should always be professionally cleaned and inspected by a gemologist to preserve its condition and prevent any damage or wear.

Gemologists have the knowledge needed to properly assess the condition of your black precious stones jewelry and will use special cleaning solutions designed specifically for these types of stones in order to protect them from any potential issues. As the hardness level of black precious stones is relatively low when compared to diamonds, they can easily chip or break if handled incorrectly.

Gemologists are also able to identify weakness points that may develop in settings each time a piece of black precious stone jewelry is worn or cleaned so that repairs can be made quickly and efficiently before further damage occurs. Most jewelers recommend replacing any prongs, having the mounting checked for loose setting, or establishing if resetting is needed once every one or two years depending on how often you wear your black precious stone jewelry.

Typically prongs can even become thinner over time due to frequent wear or movement which might cause them to eventually break under strain from everyday activities like putting a coat on or off in a rush.

Additionally, gemologists can provide advice on appropriate cleaning methods which are oftentimes much different than those used with traditional diamonds. Most diamond cleaners such as ammonia based solutions are too strong for fragile materials like tourmaline, onyx and obsidian so mild detergents mixed with lukewarm water should be used instead in order to prevent deterioration and maintain its appearance longer.

Manual cleaning is recommended because ultrasonic machines can create too much vibrations resulting in chipping or discoloration of the stones’ surfaces no matter how careful its usage might be. Following the advice given by professional gemologists ensures that your investment in unique pieces of black precious stone jewelry remains free from harm while providing you with pleasure for many years into the future.


Black precious stones jewelry has become one of the most sought-after accessories in recent times. From fashion adornments to bridal pieces, jewelry featuring black gemstones is the hottest trend around. This article aimed to cover an overview of these stunning stones and discuss the history associated with them.

When it comes to finding more resources on black precious stones, a good start is an internet search which can reveal a number of websites devoted to gemstones-related information. Jewelry stores such as Tiffany & Co also provide exhaustive information on their site about specific black gemstones such as sapphires and tourmalines. Additionally, there are many reputable jewelry brands creating unique designs with all kinds of black gems such as Michael Hill International and Pandora Jewellery.

In addition to browsing online for resources on black precious stones, readers can also consult physical publications as well as periodicals dedicated to gemology and minerals that may offer detailed descriptions regarding the properties and values of each stone or provide informati0on about available sources for acquisition.

Libraries also have plenty of books full of valuable information about jewelry featuring black gems, so readers may want to visit a local library or bookstore to take a look at these materials as well.

Finally, network forums or social media sites may be a great way for individuals to seek out connections with like-minded jewelers or gemstone experts who might be able to provide answers to specifics questions people have regarding black precious stones jewelry – such as how they should care for certain pieces or what types would be suitable for certain occasions.

With some research, patience and creative thought, readers will certainly find the resources needed in order to make informed decisions when selecting and caring for items of jewelry featuring mysterious, beautiful black gems.