Bico Jewelry Care

Bico Jewelry Care is an innovative line that helps keep jewelry looking as good as new. Bico jewelry pieces are crafted with precision, both stylish and beautiful offering a diverse collection featuring unique designs that combine contemporary trends while respecting traditional craftsmanship. The materials used are of superior quality, boasting the highest standards in design and durability. With proper maintenance and care, Bico jewelry can retain its attractive look for years to come.

The Bico Jewelry Care line utilizes a special foaming cleaning solution specifically formulated for the delicate metal components in jewelry. This type of solution ensures that oils from skin or other agents will not damage the piece’s color or shine.

In addition to providing extra protection against tarnishing, it also prevents rusting and corrosion which result from contact with air and moisture. Moreover, when used regularly it reconditions metal to add extra luster and shine to preserved pieces over time.

Applying non-abrasive cleaners like the ones found in Bico Jewelry Care also helps reduce the risk of scratches on stones and gemstones, both synthetic and otherwise. A soft cloth is included along with each cleaner, enabling users to delicately remove dirt residue without damaging any elements incorporated into the jewlesry’s designnor eliminating any oxidation treatment that might have been applied beforehand.

This allows owners to maintain their treasures without having to be concerned about diminishing their overall value. Using this complete set allows consumers to maintain a high level of quality regardless of who manufactured or designed each particular piece.

Benefits of Bico Jewelry Care

Bico jewelry care is an essential part of keeping your valuable pieces bright and beautiful for many years. By taking simple steps to protect your jewelry, you can enjoy a piece that will look great for longer. Here are some of the key benefits that come with choosing Bico jewelry care:

  • Lifetime treatment – Certain pieces from the Bico range have been treated so that they last longer and never require a re-treatment.
  • Tarnish protection – An additional layer of protective coating on each piece helps to prevent tarnish and maintains the sparkle and shine.
  • More options – The Bico range includes a wide variety of styles including gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and more.

Many who choose Bico jewelry opt to take advantage of the ‘Bico Protection’ service. This offers customers additional peace of mind in case any unexpected problems arise with their jewelry. If there are any issues with a piece within five years of purchase, help is available quickly for repairs or replacements.

The ‘Bico Protection’ program also includes ongoing cleaning services – something that should be carried out once every 12 months depending on use. A comprehensive cleaning process removes residues such as lotions or perfumes that accumulate over time as well as polishing away everyday scratches. Doing this can refresh old pieces and bring back their original brilliance.

Another great thing about the Bico range is that it comes with unique gift boxes which make it perfect for gifting or treating yourself. These boxes come filled with padding material which protects its contents during transportation. Plus all jewels purchased through Bico have details printed directly onto each piece, adding authenticity to every item purchased.

Techniques for Proper Jewelry Maintenance

Cleaning and polishing jewelry can help keep it sparkling and looking new for years. Regularly doing this will help protect the metal and gemstone settings from dirt, dust, grease build up, oxidation, and tarnished surfaces. To get the best results, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Always use a jewelry cleaning solution that is specifically designed for your type of jewelry.
  • Never clean gold jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner as this could damage the stones or create scratches on softer metal components.
  • Polish precious metals like gold or silver with a cotton ball, flannel cloth or soft-bristled brush using mild detergent.

For storage, proper protection is key. To ensure your jewelry remains safe from scrapes and scratches, you should use a pouch or box made of soft fabric or plastic. Additionally you should avoid packing it in with other jewelry pieces as they may scratch each other. Make sure to keep different types of metals away from one another to prevent them getting tarnished by contact. You can also wrap each piece in acid-free tissue paper to protect it further.

When traveling, avoid putting any jewelry pieces into checked baggage as there is always a risk of luggage being lost or stolen. Additionally when wearing delicate pieces like necklaces, make sure not to fasten them too tightly against the skin.

This will help reduce sweating buildup around the piece while allowing air flow which prevents discoloration due to oxidation build up over time. Lastly try to find out if there are any local restrictions on importing precious stones into certain countries before traveling abroad – failure to do so may result in confiscation of items at customs points during your return journey home.

Preservation Fundamentals

In order to ensure that your bico jewelry lasts a lifetime, it is important to understand the common factors that can lead to degradation of jewelry. This includes both environmental and structural issues. It’s also important to note that the care guidelines listed here apply equally to any other type of metal or plated jewelry, not just Bico specific pieces.

Anna Beck Jewelry Care


The environment plays a key role in preserving your jewelry and requires special attention if you want your valued items to last for years to come. Avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach or cleaning agents; these can cause discoloration or even damage over time. Also make sure not use abrasive cleaning methods as these can create scratches or gouges on the material’s surface which will weaken its structure and long-term durability.


To keep your bico jewelry looking shiny and new, be sure to store it away from extreme elements like humidity, high temperatures and sunlight which could fade or discolor some metals over an extended period of time. As an additional precaution, keeping it in an airtight container helps protect against rust due in humid environments as well as avoid contact with dust particles and dirt which can “dirty” the item’s surface making it appear dull over time.

Cleaning Process

When cleaning BICO Jewelry, do so using a soft cloth dampened with either lukewarm water or mild soap solution and gently scrubbing the item until clean then drying with another soft cloth. Contrary to popular belief, using heavy-duty cleaners instead of natural household items such liquid detergent could potentially damage its overall finish so proceed with caution when cleaning any type of metal jewelry.

Protecting Your Investment

When buying jewelry, it’s essential that you understand how to properly care for the pieces you select. Proper maintenance and cleaning can mean the difference between a treasured heirloom and scrap metal. Here are the most important points to consider as you shop around.


The type of material your jewelry is made from has a huge impact on its durability. Some metals, such as gold and silver, are inherently softer and will require more protection. Platinum and titanium have superior strength, but they tend to be more expensive than other options. Selecting the right metal based on wearability and budget will ensure that your jewelry stands up to daily wear and tear – invaluable when it comes to preserving your initial investment.


Sometimes antique metal pieces or stylish modern designs require plating with another metal like rhodium or chrome. While this enhances the overall look of the item, it is also prone to fading or damage as time passes. If a piece of jewelry requires plating, research how often it needs restoration over time for best results – some need regular plating every few months while others may only need yearly maintenance depending on wear.


Embellishments like stones can take any piece of jewelry from plain to precious in no time – especially if they happen to be diamonds, rubies or sapphires. Like metals however, the type of stone selected affects not only its durability but also its care requirements over time; emeralds need different cleaning solutions than quartz for example.

It’s essential that you have a plan in place prior to purchasing your jewelry in order guarantee good number one for years to come – both for aesthetic reasons as well as resale potential down the road.

Common Jewelry Pieces and How to Care for Them


Rings are a very popular piece of jewelry, worn everyday for a variety of reasons. To ensure their longevity it is important to care for them properly. Before wearing a ring, it is recommend to check that the setting is securely fastened and inspect the prongs to be sure that all gems are firmly held in place.

After wearing, clean your ring with a soft cloth and mild soap and warm water (do not use harsh chemicals) and pat dry carefully. Store the ring in a box away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, as this can cause gems to lose their shine or tarnish metal components.

Make sure you bring any unusual wear or tear to the attention of a professional jeweler quickly – they may need to adjust the setting to keep your ring in tip-top shape.


Necklaces are another extremely versatile accessory; with different styles of chains being available from classic linked varieties all the way through slinky long ones designed for layering. As with rings, check the fastenings promptly before wear so nothing falls off during its lifetime.

Cleanse carefully after wear using mild soap and warm water; steam cleaning should also be employed every few months depending on how much you use the piece (make sure it is not heat sensitive). For pendant necklaces look out for loose stones too when you steam clean or polish – make sure they remain securely attached even after becoming wet with soap and warm water when cleaning them by hand alternatively.


Like necklaces, bracelets come in various shapes, sizes, and styles – yet require particular attention as they often have more intricate decorative detailing. To keep these details great shape take an extra step when cleaning your bracelet: use a soft brush along with soap and water will help narrow down dirt build up between gemstones/spaced elements on some intricate pieces such as link/bangles ones.

Much like rings consider storing your bracelet away from direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays can dull gemstones over time) or high temperatures such as leaving it in cars/windowsills etc which can discolor metals especially gold components causing cracking or tarnishing over time; opt for fabric-lined boxes and wraps if transporting longer distances than daily commute level journeys too.

Different Options for Bico Jewelry Care Products

Bico Jewelry Care Kits

For maximum protection and convenience, Bico offers jewelry care kits. Each kit comes with all the necessary supplies for a full jewelry-care routine: items like professional-grade polishes, deep-cleaning solutions, luxe cloths to give your jewelry that sparkle after you’re done.

Jewelry Help Regular Cleaning Maintenance

Many of the materials used in Bico’s product kits are crafted from natural ingredients to keep your jewelry safe throughout the cleansing process. The cleaning solution in the kits is free of acids and other harsh chemicals so it can be used on any type of stone or metal without fear of corrosion.

The kits also come with some extra, useful elements. A handy carry bag ensures everything stays together when users take their kit out for travel; and tiny metal tipped applicator brushes make it easier to clean intricate settings like those often found in rings or necklaces.

Finally, magnets are included which help to easily separate pieces between washing sessions – a necessity when dealing with multiple elements. All these items are designed to make caring for your precious jewels as straightforward as possible.

Bico Jewelry Cleaners

Bico has several cleaning solutions available beyond what might be found in a kit. They offer powerful solutions designed to remove grime from even the most delicate pieces of jewelry. These cleaners come in formulaic concentrations differentiating by solvency – anything from light to heavy cleaning needs can be catered for with this range of products – and they act quickly and effectively upon contact with dirt or body oils found on multilayered gem settings, clasps, chains, and so on.

Most importantly they contain no harmful chemicles like acids that could potentially damage soft stones such as pearls or opals after prolonged exposure during the polishing process, making them ideal for cleaning lenses too. Additionally, one of Bico’s most popular cleaner is suitable for use on 14k gold fillings.

Bico Jewelry Polishes

Finally, there’s no better way to finish off a deep cleanse than restoring luster than through polishing up the affected element(s).

Bico provides a vast selection of professional grade polishing compounds designed specifically for safe use on costume jewelry such as glass beads and crystals as well as fine metals like sterling silver and platinum-plated pieces.Polish selections also include creams that utilize microscopic particles for conservative removal of tarnish buildup that accumulates over time according to user’s environment (such humidity).

Other cream options have lemon oil extract added which reinforces protection against moisture while giving it an invigorating shine at the same time. And if you’re not using one of their full line up kits but want something ultra-concentrated then you can dabble into one-time application wax sticks that adhere lightly onto metal surfaces helping protect against abrasion while keeping a glamorous appearance.

Best Practices for Bico Jewelry Care

Taking good care of your BICO jewelry is important to preserve its condition, vibrancy, and longevity. In order to maintain its appearance, it is best to establish a regular maintenance routine; one that not only helps keep the jewelry clean but also protects it from undue damage. Below are a few key best practices for BICO jewelry care.

The first step in helping protect your BICO jewelry from damage is proper storage. It is best to store precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum separately from each other in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight and any sources of heat or moisture.

This helps lessen metal oxidation which can lead to discoloration when the metals come into contact with air pollutants and airborne chemicals. Moreover, when you’re not wearing your jewelry it should be kept in an appropriate box or bag where it will remain protected from dust, dirt and other debris accumulation.

One of the most effective ways of taking care of BICO jewelry is by properly cleaning it often. This chart lists right cleaning instruction for all types of materials: Gold-mild soapy solution, Silver-prewarm temperature water and mild soap solution, Platinum-special cleaner for platinum gemstones and pearls-warm water & mild soap solution or lukewarm temperature water & gentle cloth.

Cleaning regularly helps with maintaining a nice sparkle on precious items such as gemstones while at the same time helping preserve their integrity against damage caused by body oils and environmental factors like dirt or dust that could build up overtime. When using cleaning solutions, make sure they are safe for use on delicate items since strong chemicals are known to cause discoloration on some stones due to altering their chemical composition.

In addition to cleaning your BICO jewelry properly with the appropriate methods you should also check each item frequently and ensure there are no signs of skin irritation or allergies that may have developed due to contact with perfumes/lotions/makeup products etc If these symptoms do occur immediately remove jewellery piece and consult a doctor if necessary before continuing wear (if any at all).

Additionally, regular visits to certified jewelers can help extend the life of your pieces by having them checked up after certain intervals – this ensures that damage caused due to everyday wear is caught quickly which can save you money down the line by avoiding bigger problems like needing full repairs/replacement later on.

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