Between Studs Jewelry Storage

Between Studs Jewelry Storage is a great way to get organized and be stylish with your jewelry. Whether it’s necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets, jewelry can easily become tangled and lost within drawers and boxes. Between Studs Jewelry Storage eliminates this issue by providing customizable storage to fit seamlessly between the studs of any wall.

This unique storage system offers a number of advantages compared to traditional storage methods. First, it makes organizing jewelry simpler, as all items are visible at once and can be sorted into their designated compartments. Finally, since the Between Stud Jewelry Storage system is custom built for each customer’s individual needs, there is no limit to the amount of space including type of jewelry pieces available for storage – something not typically achievable through store-bought organizers.

In addition to its practical convenience, Between Studs Jewelry Storage also adds a beautiful aesthetic touch to your living space. With high-quality materials such as wood products, high-gloss laminate and acrylic panels available in different finishes – between white oak and walnut wood versions – you can easily tailor the look of your wall-mounted system to fit your home décor style.

You may also accessorize this system with various hooks as needed – whether you want standard hooks or S-hooks for statement necklaces or large hoop earrings.

With Between Studs Jewelry Storage, you can easily transform an empty wall into an eye-catching display that showcases your favorite accessories while keeping them well organized – a win-win situation. So take charge and start organizing your jewelry collection today.

Benefits of Using Between Studs Jewelry Storage

Between studs jewelry storage is a great solution for keeping jewelry and other small items organized and out of sight. Not only does it take advantage of otherwise useless space but it also provides an easy way to store items in a neat, orderly fashion. The organization and storage solutions offered by between studs jewelry storage offer numerous advantages.

One advantage of using these storage solutions is that it helps keep the things you need most readily accessible, thereby allowing you to find what you need quickly without having to rummage through multiple drawers or boxes on a daily basis. With the right arrangement, any item can be stored in between the walls’ studs so all your favorite pieces will always be easy to access.

You’ll also find that with proper planning, a sufficient amount of space can be allocated for all those small accessories and keepsakes that would otherwise pile up around the dresser or closet.

Another excellent benefit offered by this type of storage is its tidiness and aesthetic appeal. If done right, it can help showcase your favourite pieces and add to the beauty of your space while still remaining highly functional at the same time.

This can be beneficial for making any room look more inviting as well as providing an efficient way to store valuable items in just one space such as necklaces, earrings, bangles etc., eliminating clutter from spilling over from other places into your living area with this one simple measure.

Plus these little pockets within the wall boards are quite discreet and great at concealing unkempt treasures when guests come over or you want them out of sight when unexpected visitors tend to pop up at awkward times.

Overall, between studs jewelry storage provides an elegant solution that doesn’t put too much strain on budget but gives everyone plenty of incentive for investing into such useful organization setup at their home in order to keep things organized yet stylishly beautiful.

Plus if done properly with certain practical elements taken into consideration during installation, these concealed (jewelry) boxes will last long enough for them to deserve every bit of their purposeful use and integrations within your interior designs no matter whether it’s living room or bedroom environment.

Different Types of Between Studs Jewelry Storage

Between studs jewelry storage is a great way to add convenience and organization to your home. With between studs jewelry storage, you can store all of your favorite pieces in one convenient, easy-to-reach place. The between studs jewelry storage system fits directly inside the wall cavity between two studs and offers additional space without increasing the overall footprint of the room.

The most popular type of between studs jewelry storage is modular, which means that it can be adjusted to fit any sized space. These systems typically consist of a track bar and several plastic or metal vertical dividers that slide into place so that each section is tailored precisely to the size of an item you wish to store.

Depending on the item, different depth options can be chosen so that earrings, rings, necklaces, watches and other items have plenty of room without becoming mixed up with one another. Most models are capable of holding up to 500 pounds so there’s plenty of room for even the heaviest items.

Many people employ multiple modules side-by-side in order to optimize their space – either by installing a larger number in their drawers or simply having some modules dedicated solely for jewelry storage and others used for general household items such as medication or supplies like batteries.

Additionally, many modern models now come with LED lighting installed beneath them which illuminates more brightly when pressure is applied; allowing users easier access to their items without having to squint at their hands or fumble around in order to find what they’re looking for.

From large scale runs for businesses to individualized compartments perfect for home use, there’s a model suited specifically for everyone’s needs.

Jewelry Storage Bath And Beyond

Fortunately, regardless of your living situation or budget price point, between studs jewelry storage systems are always an affordable solution thanks in no small part from the fact that they don’t require extra construction work – making them perfect for people who are leasing or just looking to maximize their existing shelf space effortlessly. Additionally their durable construction ensures none of your precious trinkets will get scratched during installation (or afterwards.)

making this type of long term investment incredibly attractive no matter how much time has passed. No matter where you reside – urban apartments, suburban homes or rural farmhouses – between studs jewelry storage system offers a simple and efficient way to keep all your favorite accessories organized neatly while adding an attractive element to any room.

Construction & Installation

When it comes to achieving the perfect jewelry storage solution, Between Studs Jewelry Storage is an excellent way to go. Not only does this jewelry storage system provide a convenient and efficient way to organize and store all your necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, but it helps to keep them away from small hands as well.

However, before you can reap all the benefits of Between Studs Jewelry Storage, it is important to understand how it works and how to properly install it.

Installing Between Studs Jewelry Storage requires minimal effort when done correctly. It is highly recommended that before installing any hardware into the wall studs you measure the correct height at which you want your unit installed.

This is a very important step because if you make a wrong measurement then your unit won’t fit correctly on the wall. Generally speaking, once you have taken these measurements correctly it should take no more than half an hour or so for installation purposes.

During installation first you must choose the location where you would like mount your storage box – preferably flanked by 2 studs or mounting anchors. After that attach steel hooks (using bricks or drywall screws) into one of them so they are firmly secured in place.

You may also need supplies such as a Phillips screwdriver and appropriate screws for mounting purposes; those must be purchased separately from the kit. Once everything has been attached properly then hang up your Between Studs Jewelry Storage unit onto the newly mounted hooks and screw down with two screws for extra security measures – although not necessary unless desired more stability.

Finally after all that hard work you should now have successfully installed your new Between Wall Jewelry Storage unit. Just remember that proper installation is worth taking the time for – not only will this provide even more structural support but it will help ensure years worth of use from this wonderful product.

Tips & Tricks

Maximizing a small space in your home for extra storage can be tricky, but between studs jewelry storage may be able to help with that. This type of storage is ideal for items such as pieces of jewelry since its in between the studs of a wall that are designed to take advantage of space not otherwise available.

With some creative planning and the right materials, you can make use of between studs storage to store items like necklaces, earrings and other smaller accessories.

Using between the studs storage doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be quite simple. All you need is an existing set of two or three studs along an interior wall or a closet, depending on how much room you need for the jewelry you plan to store there.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your new storage area, measure twice before cutting a rectangle out of the wall that encompasses both pairs of studs and no more; this will ensure your piece fits perfectly. Nail thin strips of wood around the perimeter of the rectangle recently cut from the board, then drill several holes into those pieces so nails or screws don’t slip through when attaching the boards needed for your jewelry box.

Once all these steps had been completed, easily attach thin dowels or springy hooks within each opening at different heights in order to hold jewelry hanging off them nicely.

This may seem tedious at first but with patience and careful measurements taken prior it won’t take long until you have finished creating places where all different types and shapes of jewelry can hang – tucked away neatly behind closed doors while also taking up less additional space than something like a dresser might end up doing.

Gallery of Inspiration

Between Studs Jewelry Storage offers a clever way to store your favorite accessories without cluttering up the room. By utilizing the space between two studs, you can now hang your necklaces and jewelry with ease.

This type of storage is perfect for a minimalist or those who prefer subtle yet elegant décor in their home or apartment. Beyond just a simple place to hang jewelry, this type of storage is also an exquisite decorative feature that can be used throughout the entire home.

Adding Between Studs Jewelry Storage to an entryway allows guests to feel welcomed as soon as they enter the home by incorporating personal touches like favorite pieces of jewelry or family heirlooms. For example, adding some hooks between the studs next to the door and hanging a statement strand of pearl beads provides personality while simultaneously filling any unused space on the wall.

In addition, this type of storage is great for creating fresh wall art; light scarves and colorful beaded bracelets draped around several hooks give off an eclectic vibe while being tidily organized.

You don’t have to limit Between Studs Jewelry Storage to just entrances either; it’s also a great way to bring life into bedrooms or bathrooms alike. For instance, stack shelves alongside with hooks on either side between two mirrored medicine cabinets for a cohesive way to maximize your storing abilities in the bathroom even when there’s limited space in other areas of the room.

Jewelry Storage Snap Box By Bead Landing

Further, bedrooms can include hanging Earring Trees over mirrors lining the walls – this provides added functionality without needing extra accessories taking away from open spaces in tiny homes or apartments.

Using Between Studs Jewelry Storage isn’t only practical but serves as an excellent way to create visual appeal whether it be through repetition with same-sized hooks down long hallways or mixing and matching old-fashioned silhouettes and updated trendy pieces in one area of your home all at once.

Unique Design Ideas

Between Studs Jewelry Storage is a great way to make use of the space between two wall studs, without having to sacrifice valuable floor area. By creating a specialized storage solution that creates additional shelving, you can successfully store jewelry in places that are easily accessible and remain relatively clutter-free.

This type of jewelry storage has become increasingly popular as it allows for more organized living spaces by utilizing vertical space instead of horizontal ground surfaces. Here are some tips on making your own attractive and eye-catching Between Studs Jewelry Storage:

The first step is to determine where your studs are located and then measure their width to ensure the best use of available space. After you have determined what wall tower or assembly you will need, take note of how far apart they may be situated, as well as whether one side will afford easier access to the items within.

If necessary, cut out drywall with a saw around the location of the studs in order custom fit the shelves within them; this should be done cautiously in order to prevent any potential damage being done.

Once completed, consider purchasing an inexpensive range finder to measure not only the full inside dimensions but also from floor to ceiling levels if necessary during installation. To ensure even and varied spacing between each shelf layer after installation, consider using removable plastic spacers which allow for future changes and adjustments in case more storage space is needed later on down the line.

When selecting a paint color or finish for your shelves, utilize bold hues such as blues and greens which lend themselves toward modern themes but may also contain deeper undertones such as browns and blacks allowing them to serve both contemporary as well as traditional styled spaces.

Finally, factor in cost when looking into purchasing various accessories such as railings and dividers; these not only preserve aesthetic appeal but also keep individual compartments separated while being securely hung among one another on either side – allowing exposed visibility yet peace-of-mind closed containment. Whether owned by young adults or older individuals alike – jewelry should always remain safely tucked away within these custom made doorways that can be painted in an exciting array of bold personal colors.


Between studs jewelry storage provides a quick and easy solution to any jewelry lover’s organizing woes. There is no need to waste time or money on bulky armoires and boxes when you can store your jewelry at an easily accessible location that won’t take up much space.

Not only does between studs jewelry storage offer convenience, but it also ensures maximum security for valuables. With the added convenience of being able to see all of your items in one glance it offers an aesthetically pleasing way to keep your necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets organized without sacrificing style.

The benefits of between studs storage are plentiful; items are hidden away yet quickly visible, allowing you to easily access them at any time while still preserving the beauty of their presentation.

This type of storage works well not only as a stand-alone piece in the bathroom or bedroom but can also be incorporated into more elaborate closets and dressing rooms with shelves were constructed stacking two vertical boards in between the studs in a wall utilizing the depth along side it for storage.

This provides a great opportunity for those looking to maximize their space without compromising overall décor design or taste.

In addition to improving the look of your living quarters this type of jewelry display may also provide potential cost savings over long-term use due to its customizable features and greater sustainability compared to other types of closet accessories. The primary benefit here is that once installed correctly there is little need for further maintenance such as painting or repairs which, over time, can become costly.

Moreover due its lack of large components, one is free from worrying about items becoming misplaced when folded or moved around as is traditionally seen with bulky armoires or jewelry boxes making this method slightly ideal for those who move frequently who seek convenient setups which don’t require too much effort upon relocation.

As such between studs storage offers many options for convenience and personal preference; whether one needs just basic access points throughout their home or an elaborate display case within their dressing room there are plenty choices available today so they should have no problem transforming their space into their very own unique oasis.