Best Jewelry Trends 2016

One of the most popular jewelry trends in 2016 is shapely pieces. Jewelry manufacturers have fashioned rings, earrings, necklaces and other pieces from various angles and curves to style themselves after ballet dancers, athletes and other popular figures. Asymmetrical items are also very trendy, as seen with off-the-shoulder tops and jagged bangles. Colorful combinations of semi-precious stone set in bold metal designs stand out against anything else on the market.

In addition to shapely items, statement jewelry has made a major impact this year. Increasingly popular amongst trendsetters, this distinctive style comprises several components such as mixture of metal chain strands that combine with chunky enamel finished with beading and tasselled charms. These types of necklace are commonly seen as paired with classic evening gowns for a unique yet elegant appearance.

Organic materials are another sought-after trend for 2016 jewelry styles. Items crafted from natural elements like feathers and seashells underline the wearer’s interest in nature while incorporating a wealth of texture options that create interesting pieces. Horn jewelry has been especially masterful among selection made from Mother Nature’s raw materials; when polished up nice they resonate a certain vibrancy that bespeaks its arrival at centre stage fashionably speaking.

Lastly, vintage inspired gemstone cuffs have become extremely sought after due to classic patterns being reworked into oversized fresh statements pieces which have earned them the title “super cuffs” by industry insiders. This ideal combination of nature’s gems set in complementary hues within worn out details offer an imaginative interpretation of classical encounters between artistry and current looks derived from years past regained in new mediums for now – era purposes only.

Statement Jewelry

The statement jewelry trend has been a fast growing trend in the jewelry market for 2016. Materials such as gold, silver and diamonds have been used to create bold and eye-catching pieces that make quite a statement. Cuffs are among the most popular jewelry pieces to use in this trend. They draw attention to any outfit and can make you stand out from the crowd.

Adding jewels and decorations such pendants also make wonderful statement pieces; design sets featuring intricate detail are being showcased all over red carpets and magazines, an indication of its increasing popularity. Asymmetrical earrings is another emerging trend; combining different shapes or styles of earrings with one another adds depth and texture to any outfit, making it truly unique.

One last new trend that incorporates materials like precious metals is layering smaller pieces together or creating sets of three or more alike items which could be rings, necklaces or bracelets in matching colors and tones for an effortless look that is fashionable yet simple.

There are no limits to the possibilities once you have made your design choices; some select matching charms while others make their own combinations – – if you’re feeling daring enough there’s always multiple colored options – – pink, yellow and white gold all wrapped together can look simply stunning.

All in all statement jewelry leaves you with plenty of choices when it comes to accessorizing your favourite outfits.

Chunky Rings

Chunky rings have been one of the top jewelry trends of 2016 and it’s not difficult to see why. These oversized rings are particularly eye-catching as they hold symbolic meaning and also accentuate the intricate details such as carving or engraving.

As with all jewelry trends, there is a range of options available when looking for a chunky ring, from vintage designs to modern updates. Gold and silver rings, both adorned or simply plain, can be found for any budget.

The appeal behind chunky rings s that many of them have symbolic meaning behind their shapes, such as those featuring infinity symbols, knot motifs and more. For example, some people might view an infinity symbol as representing never-ending love or friendship between two people. While others might opt for a simple diamond cut in either gold or silver band embellished with inscriptions or engravings.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to expressing your own personal sentiment through these types of rings. It’s no wonder why these rings have become so popular this year.

Finally, wearing a chunky ring can also make a statement without being too bold. Rather than wearing multiple pieces of jewelry at once – which can often come off heavy and overdone – having just one standout statement piece allows one to convey their own unique style without appearing over-the-top.

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And when it comes to accessorizing – less is definitely more. So make sure you stand out in your own unique way by adding that special touch with a selection from this season’s best trend: chunky rings.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces were a major trend in 2016 jewelry, and it’s easy to see why they are still popular today. With the ability to mix and match different chain lengths, material types, and pendant styles, layered necklaces allow people to express their individual style while elevating any look.

Layering creates the opportunity to dress up a casual outfit or amp up the glamour of an evening ensemble in an effortless way. In 2016, gold metallic was all the rage for these fashionable layering pieces; gilded metal chains with glimmering glass beads can take any look from day to night.

The sheer variety of designs available with layered necklaces is nearly endless as there is something for everyone no matter what your personal taste may be. From bold statement pieces composed of oversized pendants and mixed metals, to more subtle designs featuring mismatched freshwater pearls and ornate charms.

Whether you want to keep things classic or make a loud statement by wearing several chains together – there’s an option waiting for you. Additionally, because each layer consists of a much smaller piece than regular single-strand options this makes them much lighter and easier on your neckline (which can be fantastic when shopping for wedding jewelry).

Another plus is that since you have multiple pieces at play there’s more maneuverability for preserving their lifespan over time; simply swap out individual strands instead of having to purchase an entirely new necklace if one should happen to break or need repair. Make sure to find pieces that work with your body shape so your product will stay wearable long-term.

All in all, this trend offered many benefits that rang true in 2016 and continue today: Besides making a stylish addition to any wardrobe – layered necklaces are playful yet timeless.

Geometric Earrings

Geometric earrings are one of the hottest jewelry trends for 2016, allowing fashionistas to make bold and modern statements. From animal-inspired shapes such as birds and cats, to shapes like stars, moons and diamonds, these earring styles can take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. This trend is also intensified with metallic detailing, giving it even more interest and depth. Accessorizing with a pair of these statement pieces instantly adds a unique edge to any outfit.

The biggest addition that this trend has made to the jewelry world is the rise of the “ear jacket” style. Debuting in 2016, this fashion must-have combines two earrings in one; a small stud pairs perfectly with an edgier piece that fits around or behind it. The result is an eye-catching design that perfectly blends high fashion with traditional elegance.

This is the perfect look for anyone looking to express their originality and stand out from the crowd; by covering multiple piercings on one side or both ears in coordinating accessories, you can add charm and personality with minimal effort. Whether your go-to’s are tiny rhinestone encrusted studs for a feminine touch, vivid colors for more dramatic flair or simple lines for sleek sophistication – there’s something out there for everyone.

So try out the geometric trend this season and bring your wardrobe up to date with the latest jewelry trends.

Colorful Adornments

The use of colorful stones, gems, and crystals to adorn jewelry was a big trend in 2016. Consumers were drawn to the vibrancy and eye-catching nature of these colorful pieces. A great way to take advantage of this trend was through color-blocking multiple stones, gems and crystals in one piece of jewellery. People really enjoyed the idea of having two or more different types of stones that all relate in terms of hue making up one statement piece.

Designers used the new-found freedom with color provided by these items to create truly stunning products while customers were loving it because they could be creative with their style without an expensive outlay cost normally associated with fine jewelry. This also allowed them to express their individual sense of style as opposed to just blending into a crowd.

For those who weren’t fanatical about drawing attention with bold colors, subtle pastels were also available for desired results. Instead of creating something vibrant, which would have been otherwise out of character for them, buyers could settle on an accessory still created from colorful pieces but much softer than their counterparts.

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The result was a delicate look representative in part from the variety between tones and hues used together within each piece. Jewellers offered a range based on what your natural personal style is whether you welcome loud jewelry pieces or yearn for more gentle tones that naturally complement your apparel selections.

Bohemian Bracelets

In 2016 the hottest jewelry trend is combining traditional bohemian styles with a modern flair. This looks comes together authentically with the help of some key pieces: tassel, beaded, and charm bracelets.

The soft fabrics on tassel bracelets bring out the natural texture in any wardrobe while adding a unique touch to any ensemble. Unlike more formal styles of jewelry, they are lightweight and add classic boho details to all your favorite casual ensembles from cutoff shorts and tanks to light summer dresses.

Beaded bracelets stay true to their roots by bringing an earthy yet stylish vibe to the popular bohemian look. Crystal silver cabochons arranged on colorful waxed strings become subtle works of art when layered alongside other accessories like bangles or cuffs. They usually feature earth tones such as turquoise or red, but many new variations can also incorporate charms and other metals for that true Boho feel.

Charm bracelets take this trendy style one step further by adding a personal touch; each piece is typically adorned with symbolic charms, coins or pendants that are special to the wearer and invokes positive energy in the form of protection, luck or spiritual power. This concept has been resurrected in modern times and become one of the most popular trends in bohemian-style jewelry this year.

Layering multiple cuffs is key when it comes to creating an up-to-date boho look that’s full of personality as well as Eastern-inspired charm. By combining classic elements with modern sensibilities anyone can pull off this timeless look in no time at all.

Hair Accessories

This year has been a major revival for hair accessories; barrettes, headbands, pins and combs no longer consigned to the back of girls’ bathroom cabinets. Instead, these pieces are making a profound impact on today’s fashion landscape as subtle and stylish statement pieces. Fashion houses have championed this resurgence, with a strong focus on shimmering jewels as an integral part of any outfit.

The crown jewel in this trend however is undoubtedly the inclusion of Hair Jewels – tiny gems such as stones, crystals or pearls that help add little diamond touches to your overall aesthetic. A rhinestone can quickly turn your average updo into something shimmering and dazzling, and many fashion experts cite that it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to jazz up their wardrobe.

This accessory adds flair in so many regards, including being able to sport diamonds on all budgeted restrictions.

Smaller, delicately placed jewels look alluring spread discreetly across a hairstyle; when thought out well they create depth with wonderful amounts of sparkle. And if you ever want to take it a step further – literally – there is plenty of scope for bigger accessories too: bows with decorated accents are becoming popular for those looking for something more significant and eye catching.

If you’re looking to embrace the new hair jewelry trends from 2016, then taking inspiration from runway shows these days becomes invaluable – there really are no definitive rules dictating what you can wear and how. The trick here is experimentation – try adding multiple hair jewels to different styles or playing around with colors until you find what suits you best; let yourself flaunt something fun at the same time.

A simple and festive way of sprucing up any look could actually start right at the roots – sparking heads may be taking center stage-and we suggest it’s worth giving them a shot.

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