Best 2020 Jewelry Trends

2020 has brought some truly amazing jewelry trends. From classic gold pieces to exquisite statement pieces, the best of 2020 jewelry trends have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an everyday accessory or something luxurious and extravagant, there is bound to be a piece of jewelry that will match your unique style and personality. Here is a look at the must-have jewelry trends for 2020.

Chunky Chains: One of the most popular pieces from this current year’s collection is the chunky chain. This trend has been popular since 2019 but it has gained even more traction this year due to the newfound obsession with streetwear fashion.

Chunky chains come in all different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for adding some extra interest to an outfit. They can also be a great way to dress up or dress down an ensemble while making a bold fashion statement at the same time.

Statement Earrings: Statement earrings are another 2020 staple that are here to stay. These earrings range from minimalistic studs to extravagant chandeliers. Statement earrings in bright colors like cobalt blue and hot pink will instantly spice up any wardrobe and make any look pop out from the crowd. If you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal effort then statement earrings are definitely for you this year.

Chain Necklaces: Chain necklaces are a timeless classic that pairs perfectly with both casual and formal attire alike. This season’s designs range from simple interlocking pieces to elaborate beaded creations adorned with crystals and semi precious stones, lending themselves well to personalization so don’t forget about pendants. With their versatility, chain necklaces have shown no signs of fading away anytime soon.

Multi-colored Stones: Multi-colored gemstones are all the rage right now as far as jewelry trends go in 2020 – mix and matching different shapes, colors and sizes is encouraged. This playful approach can instantly add glitz and glamour by day or night; turquoise adds bohemian sophistication while sapphire lends itself well to something more tightly choreographed-ideal for layering bracelets together too.

Conclusion: Whether you choose one piece or all these trending jewelry items, one thing is certain: you’ll always be on-trend if you stick with these best 2020 jewelry trends this season.

So don’t be afraid to express your individual style – take chances; go big or small; mix metals in a single piece; combine bright colors; play around with different textures-explore endless possibilities while indulging your sense of creativity through fashion accessories that evoke opulence without feeling overwhelming.

Creative self expression (and lots of sparkle)-that’s what wearing jewelry should feel like no matter what year we’re in.

Style Statement

2020 has been a year like no other, and the jewelry industry is no exception to this rule. As people continue to make style statements through the pandemic conditions, jewelry trends have shifted away from flashy bling that was popular in the past.

Now designers are turning to subtle elements and minimalism for an updated look. Natural stones, geometric shapes, layered necklaces and dainty earrings are just some of the ways people have been wearing their jewelry with confidence and style.

One of the most popular choices in 2020 jewelry trends has been natural stones like opal, moonstone, turquoise and quartz crystal. These unique gemstones come in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes which allows them to be expressed in many different ways depending on individual preferences. From simple studs to bold necklaces filled with colorful gems, there’s something natural stone denoted specifically for everyone.

Another classic trend hitting all fashion arteries this year is geometric shapes from classic triangle studs to diamond lined triangles or hexagons reminiscent of modern art pieces. Geometric shapes provide a timeless addition to any wardrobe when it comes to jewelry as they go perfectly together for mixing and matching between earrings or layering with other chains, necklaces or bracelets understated beauty makes them a great starting point for new accessories too.

Finally, layer upon layer of delicate gold necklace chains will remain a constant factor in jewelry trends typical of 2020 throughout all seasons ahead. The possibilities when it comes to layering necklaces are virtually endless – from layering multiple longer length snippets necklace chains each featuring its own charm as seen at Paris Fashion Week 2019 or flaunt various pendant charms on shorter strands of multi-style chain combinations further extending your style choice.

Bling It Up

2020 was definitely the year of bold and extravagant jewelry. Bling is back in business this year and it’s here to stay for 2021 too. With fashion trending towards bigger and brighter designs, there’s never been a better time to try out some larger, more over the top pieces.

Necklaces with giant medallions or big statement pieces are definitely on trend this season. Even if you usually prefer subtle jewelry, now might be your chance to take a leap of faith and make an adventurous jewelry choice. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing something really large and eye catching, there is also smaller statement pieces that still allow you to add a splash of sparkle to your wardrobe.

The modern chunky chain look has also made a huge comeback for 2020 and 2021 for both men and women alike. We’re talking about those thicker chains that used to come from your grandparent’s jewelry armoire gathering dust – they are now widely appreciated as the new classic trend setting piece.

These look great layered up around the neck with longer chains along with some medium length chains that have more traditional shapes like circles or ovals dangling closer to the chest area. They bring just enough texture to an otherwise basic outfit while offering up just a little bit more eclecticism than most other types of jewelry can provide.

Feature pearls are another emerging trend in 2020/2021 specifically designed by artist collaborated works that offer us high end looks without compromise. The traditional look of pearls has been carefully blended together with modern designs such as geometric shapes, mixed metal finishes & distinctive symbols; creating jewelry which remains timeless yet relevant for today’s fashionista.

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Their color scales from white to grey or pink pearl tones create subtle stressors which adds lightness & balance to whatever outfit you put on. Probably one of the hottest looks coming out for this season will be the feature pearl necklace layering combo which includes two wired thin box chains ending off in two slightly different sized pearls finished at each clasp point located on either side of neckline region.

Have It All

Are you ready for the most stylish 2020 jewelry trends? The jewelry selection of this year is an interesting mix of modern, timeless, and runway pieces that combine seamlessly for a complete look. Showcasing these statement pieces will take your fashion style to the next level.

The color metal is one of the main trends in this season’s collection. It has been seen on glamorous runways from Paris to Milan and its gracing many necklines and wrists all over the world. You can expect to find layered gold necklaces with a mixture of neutrals accents or rose gold stackable rings for sophistication and intricacy in your daily wear.

Whether it be pendants, drop earrings, hair accessories or bracelets – mixing neutral stones and metals is always a timeless look. Another great trend is art deco inspired pieces they often include geometric designs featuring luminous diamonds and sparkling metals such as white gold or yellow gold.

Finally, surprise elements are the fun way fashionista’s add oomph to their wardrobe – so why not in your jewellery too? Bold unexpected shapes like statement rings featuring engravings, graphic designs are definitely making a big comeback this fall/ winter season – think sleek arrows and dangles alongside heart shapes combined with dazzling gemstones such as sapphire or malachite stones.

Layer them with some of the previously mentioned art deco delicate jewels and you’ve created an exuberant look that won’t go unnoticed.

Your wardrobe should be any combination of being comfy yet bold – 2020 jewelry trends allow for just that. Now, don’t forget those stunning hoops, magnificent cuffs , barrettes and pearl studs. Adding even one piece of the fun new trends ensures you’ll stay on top of your game without compromising what you actually want from your style; visible added glamour. Go ahead tell us which new trend you’re wearing this season by connecting through #Jewelry2020 hashtag.

Going Vintage

This season’s jewelry trends are a combination of vintage and modern styles. One of the standout features of these pieces is the use of vintage elements such as filigree, plumettes, and tarnished silver. These details add a unique visual element to any outfit, allowing you to show off a bit of your individual style while still keeping things classic.

For example, many necklaces feature exposed mechanical parts or old pocket watch mechanisms. These pieces have an industrial or rustic look that injects some life into any wardrobe for a truly special look.

The combinative nature of retro and current fashion transcends with earrings too. From hoop designs inspired by Edwardian looks to more modern chandeliers that wouldn’t be out of place at a late-night party – many art creators are taking bits from different eras and creating eclectic collections that spark interest from all types of people regardless of age or culture.

Whether it’s cascading fringe earrings comprised of multiple chains for night-time rendezvous, elaborate dangling one-of-a-kind stone drops for more formal events; in 2020 both subtle touches and bold statements provide adornment options for any occasion.

Another great way to incorporate vintage style without being overly nostalgic is through use of natural materials like wood and linen cord bracelets. It’s easy to find one with a unique woodgrain pattern as they come in a variety shapes and sizes – often adorned with pearls or other adornments like rustic charms – give an almost tribal feel that make them fixtures on any trendsetter’s wrist.

The material coupled with cording makes these highly resilient pieces perfect for daily wear no matter where life takes you as it provides both an effortless sort of gracefulness that goes well with comfortable workwear yet easily transitions into weekend attire without missingbat beat.

Chunky Chains

Chunky chains are a must have trend in jewelry design for 2020. These bold, statement pieces command attention and add a touch of edgy glamour to any look. From shiny gold designs encrusted with gemstones to contemporary silver pieces, you can make a statement with chunky chains no matter the occasion. Whether you’re looking for something timeless to wear everyday or a one-time conversation starter, chunky chains are the way to go.

Layered looks: Stack your way to stylish success in 2020

Whether it’s adding more bracelets to your existing layers or mixing your favorite necklaces together, layering is quickly becoming the most popular fashion trend this year and when it comes to jewelry it’s no exception. Layering allows you to create unique combinations with multiple styles and colors while remaining creative at all times.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to layered looks; combining subtle hues, large designs or different metals can all be used to create daring combos that turn heads wherever you go.

Pearls: How pearls became the must-have accessory of 2020

Gone are the days of pearls being solely for grandmas. This classic and timeless accessory has been given an upgrade in recent years and has become the ‘it’ item of 2020 in jewelry departments everywhere.

Freshwater pearls have especially grown in popularity; ranging from baroque-shaped earrings long pearl necklaces that can double as chokers, this is definitely one trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Not only do they provide an effortlessly sophisticated look but they also make great gifts thanks to their broad appeal.

Colorful Earrings

Colorful earrings have been a huge 2020 jewelry trend, and many designers are choosing to focus on eye-catching pieces this year. Colorful hoops, tassels and geometric shapes are the main focal points of these designs. Bright colors like yellow, blue, green and purple help to add a unique flair to any outfit and can make for a bold statement piece.

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Fun drop earrings with abstract shapes like stars, rainbows and filled outlines are also popular this season. Not only do these earrings look great, but they’re also easy to mix and match with different outfits for different occasions. And if you don’t feel like wearing a necklace or bracelet during the summer months, colorful dangling earrings are the perfect way to draw attention to your face without being too flashy or overwhelming.

Stacking Rings:

Stacking rings have been an incredibly trendy accessory in 2020 when it comes to jewelry. This trend is all about combining several ring styles in one set, typically featuring two or more midi rings of various sizes alongside thicker statement rings.

Designers have been offering up an array of options ranging from simple bands in classic golds and silvers to more striking stone-paved collections full of stones such as lapis lazuli, pearls and tigers eye – as well as plenty of rainbow shades between them all. Lately we’ve seen plenty of intricate sets featuring contrasting tones which give each ring its own unique identity while still creating a unified aesthetic when worn together.

Arm Cuffs:

The arm cuff is another stylish jewelry trend that has made a major comeback this year. Arm cuffs used to be associated with punk or rocker style looks; however this season it’s all about luxurious designs that feature materials such as gold vermeil set with precious stones like sapphires and diamonds or textured metals such as brass coated with silver for an edgy vibe.

We’re seeing several minimalist interpretations with very slim bands – often single gemstone sets at one end – that happily hug your wrist without feeling bulky or unnecessary. Then there are the bold two line arm cuffs which provide complete coverage; big enough to really turn heads yet light enough so they don’t weigh your arms down.

Wear It Right

When it comes to picking the right jewelry for your unique style and various occasions, there are many trends to peruse for 2020. From chunky statement pieces to delicate and layered looks, trendy colors and custom-made designs, choosing just the right pieces can be a daunting task. Before you venture into this year’s jewelry trends, consider where you will be wearing them and develop a personal style that reflects who you are.

For 2020, many of the popular jewelry trends revolve around big, bold and grandiose statements like oversized earrings or large chain link necklaces. When pairing up these types of jewelry with an outfit, consider proportions; pair chunky statement pieces with something on the simpler side like a basic t-shirt or dress.

Moreover, combine different metallic colors together – sterling silver and gold – for a unique look that is eye-catching yet not too overwhelming. Lastly layer multiple necklaces together for a modern fashion forward look that will make any ensemble stand out from the crowd.
Maximalism is definitely in when it comes to rings in 2020 – from big sculptured knuckle rings or even double finger ones bringing more attention to hands paired up with other accessories like bangles or cuffs. For lighter everyday looks opt for thinner rings with colorful stones and intricate details that can standout on their own when dressed down.

Colorful gemstones such as rubies, opals, turquoise and crystal quartz add life to every accessory whether they are earrings bracelets or more – accessorizing should always be playful and fun.

When choosing what type of jewelry trends in 2020 suit you best , look at age old classics then mix them up with current fashion trends – most importantly wear what shows off your personality because at the end of the day no one trend would work for everybody. Jewelry should be seen through individual eyes so fall in love with something new this season.

Wrapping Up

The jewelry trends for 2020 so far have been bright, fun, and stylish. Earrings that feature bold shapes such as circles, stars and moons are popular pieces, as are statement necklaces that can add an extra bit of pizzazz to any outfit.

We’ve also seen a lot of nature-inspired designs with natural materials like wood, stones, and leather incorporated into jewelry pieces. Additionally, charms and layers are making their way back into the zeitgeist with layered beaded necklaces showing up this year in droves.

One way you can stay fashion-forward is to be choosy about the jewelry items you buy and make sure they suit your individual style. If you want something a bit more daring than classic pieces might offer, go for the bold geometric shapes or eye-catching charms.

On the other side of the spectrum if you prefer timeless sophistication then layered beaded necklaces or wooden accessories would work best to meet your needs. Lastly, don’t forget to consider color – choose jewelry items with complementary hues to whatever clothes you’re wearing that day.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep up with the latest 2020 trend when it comes to jewelry – a few additions here and there can overhaul any look quickly. If you want an even bigger refresh of your wardrobe all at once then going all-in on a new trend such as statement earrings or charm necklaces is always an option.

Whichever route you decide to take just remember there is no limit when it comes to accessorizing. So express yourself through your style without fear of judgement and rest assured knowing that anything goes this season in fashion culture with regards to jewelry trends.

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