background-color: #83b0de;

Background-Color: #83B0DE;

One color combination that is both vibrant and calming is the so-called Pastel Blue or the Switzerland Blue. This combination is specifically the background-color: #83B0DE; hex code. In a nutshell, it is a balanced mix of indigo blue, azure bluish-white, and turquoise green that adds an air of serenity and peace to any environment or project.

Color Combination

The Switzerland Blue, or the Pastel Blue, is a colorful combination of three different colors and tones. The dominant color of this combination is a bold indigo-blue, with smaller amounts of turquoise green and azure bluish-white added.

Hex Code

The hex code for the Switzerland Blue is #83B0DE. It has six characters divided into three groups of two, which start with the symbol # and then contain two alphanumeric characters each.

Usage and Effects

Because of its soft and gentle combination of colors, the Switzerland Blue is often used to create a pleasing and calm atmosphere. It can be used in a variety of different contexts, such as a backdrop for presentations and websites, or as a complementary accent color. Moreover, this color combination is also used in logos and images, as well as in physical spaces, such as offices.

Other Shades of the Hex Code

Besides the primary hue, there are also several secondary shades of the Switzerland Blue hex code. These can be explored further by breaking down the hex code into its various components and shades.

  • #839DDE: This is a lighter shade of the original combination, which is more muted and calming.
  • #7F83DE: This secondary shade of the hex code contains more turquoise green and less azure bluish-white
  • #6772B5: This shade has a darker, more saturated look with more intense indigo blue and turquoise green tones.


The Pastel Blue of Switzerland Blue is an universally liked and versatile color combination. Its hex code background-color: #83B0DE; conveys a sense of calm, harmony, and peace. It is a combination of three distinct yet balanced colors—indigo blue, turquoise green, and azure bluish-white—that when used together can create projects that are both eye-catching and soothing. Moreover, there are a variety of shades of the initial hue that can be examined further by breaking down the hex code into its various components and tones.

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