Az Jewelry

Introduction to Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry is a specialty retailer located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. With over 10 years of experience in luxury jewelry, Az Jewelry specializes in offering premium quality pieces with impeccable craftsmanship and exceptional quality precious metals. They offer a wide selection of jewelry for any occasion such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets. They also offer custom-made pieces upon special request from their expert craftsmen. The store is known for its friendly customer service, unique contemporary design and superior attention to detail. Az Jewelry prides itself on providing customers with an unforgettable shopping experience at every visit.

History of Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry first came onto the jewelry scene in 2014 when two creative minds, Jeff and Sara Trujillo, decided to follow their lifelong passion and enter the handcrafted jewelry market. They started by creating pieces from excess stones and materials that friends would consume from larger establishments, determined to create sustainable jewelry manufacturing.

Initially focused on Aztec-inspired designs that played with geometric shapes and patterns, soon their collection grew to include original designs made of sterling silver, some with their third partner, Francisco Trujillo – who added insights on creating unique pieces by combing modern design into traditional creations.

As time passed, Jeff & Sarah’s work gained attention from local artisans and media outlets alike allowing them to expand their reach beyond Albuquerque city limits throughout the nation with online sales. It didn’t take long for Az Jewelry to become a sought after brand which reaches countries all over Latin America like Colombia, Peru and Mexico today. With an appreciation for nature infused into every piece they produce, Az Jewelry continues to stay true to its core values while finding new ways to bring accessible luxury jewelry within reach of all people.

Uniqueness of Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry offers a variety of unique features that set it apart from its competitors. The company specializes in custom designs, allowing customers to create pieces of jewelry that are truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, Az Jewelry houses a large collection of fine gemstones and precious metals to choose from when designing custom jewelry. Customers can even choose their own specific cuts and settings, creating truly unique and special jewelry pieces. Furthermore, they offer complimentary engraving services as well as a wide selection of ready-made pieces for those looking for something more traditional.

Collections Offered by Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry offers a wide range of options for customers to browse and purchase. Customers have the ability to explore their vast selection of jewelry collections, which include engagement and wedding rings, statement pieces, everyday wear, diamonds, pearls and natural stones. Customers can also explore Az Jewelry’s special collections such as Runaways – a line of free-spirited jewelry that embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration; Flora – a line of delicate floral designs inspired by nature’s beauty; Timepieces – an exquisite collection filled with sophisticated timepieces featuring automatic and quartz movements; One Carat Plus – contemporary diamond rings where one carat is just the beginning; and Exclusives – a capsule collection featuring limited-edition pieces that are only available at select locations.

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In addition to browsing its impressive selection of collections, customers can also enjoy personalized services such as one-on-one shopping sessions with expert designers or customized jewelry design consultation. When customers are ready to buy, they can easily purchase items via Az Jewelry’s secure website or visit select retail stores around the world.

Benefits of Shopping with Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry provides numerous benefits to customers. First, they offer top quality authentic jewelry from a variety of well-known designers at competitive prices. Second, customers can shop safely and securely knowing that all payments are processed using data encryption technology for maximum security. Third, customers will benefit from the excellent customer service provided by a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are committed to meeting their needs and satisfaction. Finally, Az Jewelry offers a satisfaction guarantee which ensures that customers are 100% happy with their purchase or they can receive a full refund. With these benefits in mind, shopping with Az Jewelry is truly a pleasant and rewarding experience!

Giving Back with Az Jewelry

Az Jewelry has been a proud supporter of its local community since the company’s founding. Az Jewelry regularly donates proceeds from their sales to charities and causes that make an impact in the local community. They also host annual fundraisers and special events at their store where customers can come together to raise money for those in need.

Az Jewelry also offers exclusive discounts and promotions to customers who actively give back to the local community. Customers are encouraged to volunteer their time or donate profits from their purchases to an organization they believe in. For every donation made, customers will receive a 5% discount off their total purchase at Az Jewelry. In addition, every customer who gives back will be entered into an annual giveaway with prizes ranging from a free necklace or bracelet set, discounts off future purchases, or even a night out on the town!


Lisa: I recently purchased a beautiful engagement ring from Az Jewelry. It was crafted with exquisite detail, and is unlike any other ring I have seen! I was also really impressed by the customer service provided. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating – they were eager to help me find just the perfect ring for my fiancee.

Andrew: From start to finish, my experience with Az Jewelry was one of a kind. They had an amazing selection of pieces from which to choose from- it seemed like no matter what my style or budget was, they could provide something that fit perfectly. Additionally, their employees were so personable during our visits. We could tell they truly understand and love jewelry! Overall, this has been one of my best purchases ever made!

Promotion of Az Jewelry

1. Email Marketing. Email marketing campaigns are a great way to let customers know about new products, services, or promotions from Az Jewelry. This can be achieved by using email newsletters, automated emails triggered by customer actions, and targeted emails to customers who have shown an interest in the company.

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2. Social Media Marketing. Posting regularly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is a fantastic way for customers to get updates about Az Jewelry and its latest offerings. Utilizing sponsored posts and paid advertisements on social media may also be beneficial in order to reach the right target audience and increase awareness of the company’s products and services.

3. Advertising Campaigns. Advertising campaigns through digital channels such as Google Ads or native ad networks can help drive traffic to your website and increase brand awareness among potential customers who may not have been exposed to your brand previously. Placing ads in relevant publications or newspapers could also prove beneficial depending on the type of product being offered by Az Jewelry.

4. Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies. Encouraging satisfied customers to share their experience with friends and family members is one of the most effective ways for them to find out more about Az Jewelry’s offerings as well as helping build trust with potential customers too! Offering rewards and incentives for referrals is another excellent way of utilizing word-of-mouth strategies effectively.

Shopping Assistance

Az Jewelry offers a variety of services tailored to helping our customers find the perfect piece of jewelry for their special occasion. Before shopping with Az Jewelry, it is recommended that customers research what type of jewelry they are looking for and determine a budget. We also recommend making an appointment in advance so that we can provide personalized assistance and spend one-on-one time helping customers find the perfect item. Furthermore, if desired, we offer gift wrapping and engraving services to take your purchase to the next level. Customers should also know that we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. Finally, we offer a return policy on our products so people can rest assured they will receive exactly what they are looking for.


In conclusion, Az Jewelry offers a unique selection of exquisite and timeless pieces that add flair to any outfit. With traditional designs and quality craftsmanship, you can rely on them to provide a lasting product that won’t break your budget. Whether you’re looking for an accessory for a night out or something special to mark a memorable occasion, the experienced staff at Az Jewelry is here to help with friendly advice and guidance. Invest in an Az Jewelry piece today and show off your unique style made to last.

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