Atlantis Fashion Jewelry

Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is all about making a luxury statement for affordable prices. As the company’s founder, Sudesh Jain, once said: “We believe that beauty should not have a price tag”. Founded in 2018 and based in India, their mission is to create timeless pieces of fashion jewelry that will suit any outfit and outfit. From exquisite necklaces and earrings, to unique rings and bracelets – they guarantee to bring out your inner sparkle without the hefty price tags.

Design Philosophy: Explain how their designs are created

Sudesh Jain design philosophy is to produce beautiful, eye-catching pieces by combining traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by experienced artisans from all over the India who all use the highest grade of materials available, such as fine silver and gold alloys along with semi-precious stones like rubies, topaz and quartz. Every piece reflects a unique yet stylish look ensuring that it remains timeless, regardless of season or year.

Popular Pieces: Details/ info on some of their most popular pieces

One of Atlantis Fashion Jewelry’s most popular collections are the Diamond Lace series; ornate diamond lace chokers inspired by Victorian-era royalty and nobility. Over 500 stones adorn each one while two large diamonds sit atop each piece creating an opulent yet understated look throughout both the day and eveningwear options available.

They also offer various earrings featuring colored gemstones set within detailed filigree backdrops as well as bejeweled charms suspended from intricate braided chains – adding a touch of easy elegance to everyday ensembles. Finally; charming stone encrusted rings offered in both cocktail and stackable designs for endless layering possibilities complete their range of fashionable jewellery.

History of Atlantis Fashion Jewelry

The story of Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is a classic origin story for a successful brand. Established in the late 1980s, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry was founded by two founding members from families with long-standing careers in jewelry development and design.

From their humble beginnings crafting small collections to market directly to customers, they quickly developed a cult following. After perfecting their designs, they then partnered with some of the biggest names within the industry to develop modern but timeless pieces that would become recognizable worldwide.

The launch of Atlantis Fashion Jewelry couldn’t have come at a better time as demand for quality jewelry was on the rise throughout Europe. The company began showcasing their pieces during select exhibitions and acquired more business partnerships with boutiques, museums, and other fashion influencers around the world.

Through word of mouth from these events coupled with an increasing presence within high-end publications and designer shows, the brand experienced exponential growth within Europe over successive years and unlocked opportunities for international hosting appearances which further expanded its reach and success even more.

Celebrated for pushing boundaries with design elements such as bold shapes combined with instantly recognizable materials like gold and silver, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry has since become synonymous with contemporary chic style amongst clients across numerous socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to global celebrity support and iconic partnerships-such as lending pieces to Hollywood productions centered around luxury aesthetics-the strategic use of social media marketing campaigns has only served to accelerate recognition further still.

Nowadays, there isn’t an Instagram feed or red carpet appearance without an exceptionally crafted piece donning its seal. For nearly three decades dedicated to quality craftsmanship and innovation through artistry, you can always trust Atlantis Fashion Jewelry as your premier choice when it comes statement neutrals or eye-catching statement pieces.

Signature Styles & Materials

Atlantis Fashion Jewelry offers signature and unique styles of exquisite jewelry pieces. Their pieces are created using the finest materials, ranging from sterling silver to 925 white gold and various gems, including topaz and amethyst. The exceptional quality of each and every handcrafted piece is evident in the design itself. Additionally, the intricate details applied by the artisans making this jewelry add to its beautiful aesthetic.

The founder of Atlantis Fashion Jewelry describes the design philosophy for their jewelry as showcasing traditional craftsmanship with modern touches making each piece timeless masterpieces. Working closely with skilled craftsmen in Asia, Atlantis strives to combine their creative outlook on fashion with an appreciation for classic Asian designs to create a signature look that cannot be found elsewhere.

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Looking through the products offered by Atlantis Fashion Jewelry, it becomes clear that beauty is key when it comes to their achievement of creating stunning pieces that can be used for years and handed down generations as heirlooms. Quality is just as important to them as aesthetics; every piece is carefully inspected before shipping out to ensure that it meets customer standards.

With customer satisfaction as a priority, Atlantis puts a strong emphasis on equipping shopping collections with unique pieces they can keep close while making memories to last a lifetime with their loved ones.

Collection Highlights & Pieces

Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is a luxury fashion retailer recognized for its exquisite pieces. Their collections feature adornments crafted with precision and skill out of the finest gems, materials, and metals. From statement earrings to dainty rings, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry offers shoppers an immense variety of styles that are on-trend yet timeless.

One of their signature lines is the Flower Power collection featuring delicate flower petals made from a variety of precious metals including gold and silver. Each piece is engraved with specific instructions to represent the unique stories behind each formation as inspired by ancient beliefs in order to bring wearer luck, protection and even healing properties.

These jewelry pieces come in different shapes and sizes – small necklaces, big earrings – making them perfect to wear during festive occasions or even everyday life.

Another highlight from Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is their Crown Collection which promise flamboyance and opulence with their crown-like details in each piece. It’s designed especially for modern monarchs that want to add a touch of royalty into their looks.

Similarly with the Flower Power collection, there are also different sizes available within the Crown Collection that can be worn anytime throughout the day or for formal events. For example, one of their best-selling rings is a statement gold crown with cubic zirconia stones surrounding it for extra elegance.

Overall, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry delivers quality craftsmanship inspired by nature’s beauty combined with classic designs perfect for modern consumers desiring upscale yet glamorous fashion jewelry pieces without breaking the bank account.

Popular Celebrity Fans

Atlantis Fashion Jewelry has become a celebrity favorite when it comes to designer bling. The fashion powerhouse produces stunningly beautiful and unique pieces that have caught the eye of many famous names. Everyone from Hailey Bieber to Cardi B have been spotted wearing Atlantis’ statement-making pieces, further boosting the brand’s visibility and appeal. We’ve seen spanking new chains, surrealistic backlashes, glittering earrings, onyx pendants, shoulders encrusted with tiny diamonds – you name it.

No doubt this high-end jewelry purveyor has made a name for itself in just a few short years and they’ve now grown into a company that others turn to when seeking something special or innovative. As stars continue to grace their pieces at events around the world, fans yearn for the same fabulous look. Whether it’s high-end wedding diamonds or subtle streetwear earrings and necklaces, people have come to rely on Atlantis for quality every time.

From magazine articles about their designs and comments from music artists about how amazing their jewelry looks on them, the brand collaboration between Atlantis and celebrities has only served as free publicity for both parties involved. It has also readily accessible pieces easily obtainable by nearly anyone who wants basically a snapshot of what some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are wearing in recent press photos or even behind-the-scenes videos.

It’s easy to find out which pieces were used at red carpets events or awards shows – watching motion pictures often give us valuable information on popular trends. It’s all thanks to these exclusive partnerships between celebrities and designers such as Atlantis Fashion Jewelry that keep fans informed of up-and-coming chic styles while keeping them informed of current celebrity trends.

Shopping Options & Locations

Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is the premier destination for all things fashionable. Not only do they offer a wide selection of unique jewelry items, but their ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service makes shopping with them an experience like no other.

When it comes to shopping options, customers have a lot of different ways to shop with Atlantis. They offer the convenience of online shopping through their website where customers can browse options at their own pace and easily check out using secure payment methods.

Shopping online also means that special deals and discounts that may not be represented in physical locations can be taken advantage of. For those who are more comfortable with in-person purchases, Atlantis also has physical locations throughout the country where shoppers can find gorgeous pieces from this beautiful collection.

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The customer experience is always paramount at Atlantis, which is why so many satisfied customers return again and again for excellent service and unbeatable prices. Many long-time shoppers appreciate how knowledgeable the staff at Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is about their products. With helpful advice on selecting perfect pieces for any look or occasion, it can often feel like you have your own personal shopper when you step into one of these elegant stores.

Even while shopping online, customers don’t feel like they miss out as they receive prompt responses and friendly assistance if they ever have questions during browsing or checkout (or after). And best of all, Atlantis stands behind its products by offering a generous satisfaction guarantee that ensures customer trust and loyalty in this brand.

Brand Philosophy & Values

The philosophy behind Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is to provide a wide variety of affordable and stylish jewelry that customers can mix and match to create their own unique style. This message is reflected in the diverse range of items they offer, ranging from statement pendants to subtle earrings. The company was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to express themselves through fashion, regardless of their budget and taste.

Whenever designing new pieces for the collection, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry strives to incorporate elements of sustainability in order to ensure that each item is as ethical as possible. From sourcing sustainably-sourced materials such as recycled gold and recycled silver, to working with Fair Trade partners whenever possible – the brand seeks to make eco-friendly choices wherever possible.

Additionally, in selecting its partners it has very stringent criteria when it comes to labour practices and environmental policies adapted in manufacturing centres.

When it comes customer service – Atlantis Fashion Jewelry treats customer satisfaction as a number one priority – which reflects in their customer service ethos. Being mindful of costumers’ needs, orders are shipped out quickly but also safely using certified shipping companies with tracking details provided at every stage.

Additionally customer queries get answered promptly via email or phone so that any question or concern can be addressed as soon as possible by a knowledgeable team member who will guide you through all necessary information.

Understanding the importance of returning customers, extra time and thought go into refining logistics process not just for launches but also returns ensuring customer satisfaction with each purchase decision made. All this combined together shows an example for how important customer service is for Atlantis Fashion Jewelry’s business model moving forward into 2021.


Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is a brand providing fashionable and stylish accessories for any occasion. From earrings to brooches, shades to lockets, their products have been designed with care and attention to detail to ensure every accessory stands out from the crowd. Their jewelry is perfect for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries, but can also be an ideal option for more casual everyday wear. They also offer excellent customer service, so customers never need worry about potential issues post-purchase.

\In conclusion, Atlantis Fashion Jewelry is a great destination for those looking to accessorise in style. With pieces suitable for special occasions as well as everyday wear, their collections are designed with both fashion and affordability in mind. Their commitment to excellent customer service ensures getting the right product is just as important as finding the perfect match.

Finally, make sure you sign up to their newsletter where they share exclusive offers and discounts, plus there’s even the chance to enter a giveaway featuring unique personalized jewelry. Why not take advantage of this fantastic opportunity today?.