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Introduce At Present Jewelry

At Present Jewelry was founded by creative entrepreneur Reagan Yost, with a mission to bring together timeless design and eco-conscious practices. Drawing on her background in fashion and sustainability, she founded At Present with the idea of creating high-quality pieces that are made responsibly and designed to last. Every piece is handcrafted using recycled sterling silver and ethically-sourced gemstones, designed to celebrate individual style without damaging the planet.

Yost’s journey began when she joined forces with master artisans from all over the world to create an exclusive collection of jewelry that was crafted with care. The goal was to ensure that each piece ” from earrings and necklaces to rings andbracelets ” intertwined traditional craftsmanship while also providing sustainable sourcing solutions. The company also focuses on building relationships within their chosen communities in order to be financially conscious and respectful of ethical regulations.

Today, At Present Jewelry continues their mission of sustainability through their commitment to exquisite pieces crafted with materials either reclaimed or sourced responsibly. Each item is meant to inspire a connection between people and the planet, while expressing personal authenticity throughout the journey.

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Feature Clients or Customers

At Present Jewelry offers customers a wide variety of stylish and unique accessories to help them express their individual style. From chunky statement necklaces to delicate stackable rings, the options are endless to enhance any outfit, whether it’s an everyday casual look or an evening formal style.

To feature those who trust At Present Jewelry to accessorize their looks, customers can easily join the conversation by using the hashtag “#MyAtPresentLook” on Instagram or Twitter. Customers can upload pictures of themselves wearing any piece from At Present Jewelry ” whether it’s one item or a layered ensemble ” showcasing just how they have created and pulled off their look with ease. In addition, they can get involved in At Present Jewelry’s community by sharing styling tips and advice with fellow customers. By featuring real customers, the company fosters relationships with its audience so that potential customers can see how amazingly beautiful each and every one of the featured clients looks wearing At Present Jewelry accessories!

Moreover, to truly give its audience a chance to be part of the brand, At Present Jewelry also hosts giveaways through social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook as well as through their website blog. Fans of the brand can enter for a chance to win exclusive pieces from limited collections for free. Additionally, At Present Jewlery puts out regular newsletters that include coupons and promotional offers for loyal patrons. All this helps create brand loyalty and transparency between customers and At Present Jewlery so that new shoppers will continue choosing the business when selecting jewelry accessories.

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Explore the Creative Process

At Present Jewelry focuses on creating unique and meaningful jewelry pieces. Their design process begins with a thorough understanding of the story behind each piece. Each item is inspired by stories that reflect things like family, magic, nature, origin, life journey and more.

The creative process is based on combining this story-telling narrative with sophisticated design elements that are current and modern while also staying true to traditional craftsmanship. Every piece that At Present Jewelry produces is handmade from raw materials such as mixed metals and semi-precious stones.

The final step in the design process for At Present Jewelry is production, which is done in-house their studio in Montreal using their own exclusive design molds and methods. To ensure the highest quality possible each item goes through several rounds of rigorous inspection before it’s ready to ship out . This attention to detail allows At Present Jewelry to provide beautiful one-of-a kind pieces to customers around the world.

Offer Styling Advice

At Present Jewelry allows you to express your own sense of style and creativity and create powerful, one-of-a-kind looks. Here are some styling tips on how to turn At Present pieces into outfits that will get you noticed:

• Pile up the layers: Start by layering shorter necklaces like chokers, pendants or bibs with longer styles for a bold look. Alternate textured gold, silver and rose gold pieces to add dimension and visual interest

• Statement Earrings: Make a big statement with statement earrings paired with simpler designs for a wow factor.

• Bracelet & Necklace Combos: Pair together two or three bracelets with coordinating necklaces in different sizes and colors for a power combination.

• Stackable Rings: Create an arm party effect with stackable rings in an array of colors and shapes for maximum impact.

• Go Head-to-Toe: Matching headbands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings can really make a look stand out. Choose from different sparkling crystal designs or stick to glittery jewels in classic cuts like pearls and diamonds”the possibilities are endless!

Offer Gift Guides

At Present Jewelry offers an extensive range of gift guides to make searching for the perfect gift a breeze. The gift guides make it easy for customers to find the exact item they are looking for within their budget. Through a carefully crafted selection of pieces and price points, customers can easily find something that’s both thoughtful and special. The gift guides also offer helpful suggestions on what type of items might be suitable for particular occasions or events, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day and more. With At Present Jewelry’s expansive collection of jewelry pieces, there is certain to be something for everyone; from classic diamond rings to contemporary statement earrings or necklaces – making your shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable!

Expand Caring for Jewelry Section

At Present Jewelry suggests you follow these steps to ensure proper maintenance just like you would give your favorite garment or high-quality item:

1. Use a polishing cloth or microfiber cloth to gently buff the piece before and after each use. This will remove dirt, dust, and oils that accumulate on metal, highlighting the beauty of your jewelry piece.

2. Store jewelry pieces separately in jeweler jewelry boxes or pouches so that they do not rub against other items and cause scratches or wear and tear to the metal parts of At Present’s jewelry.

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3. Use mild soap and water (or a gentle detergent) with a soft toothbrush to clean stones such as turquoise, opal or pearl when necessary. A bi-weekly soak in warm water is also recommended for gemstone rings or bracelets. After cleaning, dry your piece thoroughly with a clean dry cloth, taking special care of any settings or bezels surrounding stone(s).

4. For silver pieces, use only specially-formulated silver cleaners to clean off dirt when needed and polish tarnish from the surface of the metal using either a cloth treated specifically for silver cleaning (jeweler’s rouge) or specialized silver polish dips available at most stores specializing in jewelry supplies

5. Always avoid contact with chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine and alcohol as these harsh substances can damage both metal components and natural stones used by At Present Jewelry irreparably

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Link to Other Sites

At Present Jewelry specializes in creating handmade, quality jewelry for every occasion. The website offers a wide range of beautiful pieces for different prices, styles and metals. The jewelry is designed with particular attention to detail, which makes each item truly unique and sophisticated. The website also features custom designs that can be tailored to the specific needs of customers. Furthermore, At Present Jewelry offers special services such as repair and resizing, so customers will always leave with the perfect piece they were looking for.

To provide further resources and information, At Present Jewelry should include links to their own website and other related sites on topics such as care instructions for their jewellery products, artists and their stories behind the pieces they have crafted, how to pick the right metal or gemstone, FAQs regarding payment options and delivery times and tips on how to style individual pieces of jewellery in everyday tasks. By introducing these links it would help customers find more information about their purchases as well as inspire them get creative when wearing it!

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