Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017

The Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017 is an event that allows for the best of innovation and design in the fashion domain from all over the world to be celebrated. The unique gathering brings together innovative designs from Asia as well as a variety of fashion jewelry, accessories, and other great pieces that represent the international trends in fashion.

Participants of this special event range from leading manufacturing brands to wholesalers, exporters, importers, marketers, and much more in between. It allows creative minds around the world to showcase their incredible styles on an international platform.

At the Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017 participants can take part in a series of exhibits and seminars to get acquainted with networks from leading industry professionals. In addition to networking opportunities, visitors have chance to participate in educational programs and product showcases that not only highlight current trends but allow for crucial business collaborations.

This year’s event also focused on highlighting Asian culture and traditional fashions which were also featured at showcased by manufacturers and designers alike. Furthermore, they were able to discuss production management strategies/solutions that increase efficiency without comprising product quality.

Location and Dates

The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair, held annually in the large and bustling city of Hong Kong, is a major destination for the best in jewelry and accessory trends around the world. 2017 marks the eighth year of this one-of-a-kind event, which brings manufacturers and retailers from all over Asia to discuss new technologies and designs.

The venue for this year’s fair is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre located on the beautiful Victoria Harbour waterfront.

Being situated in thriving Hong Kong is part of what makes this annual event so unique. Attendees have easy access to numerous entertainment options both inside and outside of the conference center, allowing them to get a break from business deals as well as find inspiration for their own product lines.

During their stay, attendees can explore all that Hong Kong has to offer, including its vibrant nightlife scene featuring a variety of bars, lounges and restaurants, as well as nearby shopping districts filled with designer clothes, electronics, jewelry and much more.

Whenever possible during their stays at AFJAF 2017, attendees have ample opportunity to take advantage of some of the amazing sites around the area. From relaxing boat cruises throughVictoria Harbour or excursions up into the Peak District near Kowloon Cityone can easily find something enjoyable no matter what they’re looking for.

If someone opts to take an outdoor tour through some of downtown’s main attractions such as Lan Kwai Fong or Temple Street Markets they can expect to be dazzled by some diverse colors early mornings before hitting up the AFJAF showcase floor later in the day.

Additionally nearby attractions like Ocean Park (an emulation theme park) Tramways (a double decker bus), or island hopping via ferry s are also great distractions that provide even more sightseeing fun; ensuring visitors receive plenty value for their entire visit.

Exhibitors and Products

The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2017, recently held in China, displayed a variety of elegant, stylish and exclusive products. Although the fair showcased many different exhibitors, a range of more than 1,000 jewelry and accessory brands was on display. The products could be broadly divided into four categories: Personalized Collections, Costume Jewelry & Accessories, Ornaments & Objects of Art and Gemstones.

Personalized Collections included handmade jewelry items with unique designs crafted from natural materials such as marble, jade and slate stone. These featured necklaces with exotic pendants made from African diamonds and custom-designed bracelets made from intricately carved pearls. Suitable for both formal wear and everyday use, these items were loved by visitors for their distinctiveness.

Costume jewelry & accessories on display consisted of high-end designer collections featuring combinations of shells, leathers, Swarovski crystals as well as semi-precious stones like agates and amber. Items such as hair accessories and handbags were also available in various styles. Customers not only appreciated them for their eye catching style but also their unbeatable quality that spanned through multiple seasons.

Ornaments & Objects of Art were particularly exquisite at the fair featuring home decor pieces in which craftsmen had put in painstaking effort to create works of art with gemstones embedded in them-from sparkling vases to bright multi-colored lamps. One can find pieces resembling famous gothic architecture while others featured delicate filigree work or sculpted Egyptian gods adorned with Swarovski crystals.

These attracted customers looking for a more upscale look rather than ones going for simple yet classic designs like those seen in costume jewelry or personalized collections.

Gemstone lovers will be fascinated by the vast selection available at the fair covering a spectrum ranging from precious stones such as diamonds and rubies to semi-precious stones made from coral or turquoise or tourmaline. Many customers favored these distinct pieces which often feature nature’s beauty within shapes cut out by skilled artisans-each piece being truly one of a kind.

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The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair is a popular annual event held in Hong Kong by the Asian Federation of Jewelry Trade Associations. Celebrating its 8th anniversary in 2017, this exhibition is aimed at enhancing the jewelry industry across different countries in the region.

The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2017 (AFJAF) will be hosted from 7th to 10th June at the Asia World Expo close to the Hong Kong Airport. It is expected to gather some 200 exhibitors showcasing over 700 brands of highly fashionable jewelry and accessories from different countries in the region.

This year’s fair brings new and diverse designs that aim to reflect 2017’s trends, making it one of the biggest events for jewelry designers, retailers, distributors and trend distributors throughout Asia.

This unique event focuses heavily on fashion jewelry by presenting information related to 2017’s most anticipated jewelry trends projected for the upcoming year. Various techniques used by professional designers such as electroforming, stamping and stone setting will be showcased during workshops organized as part of AFJAF 2017. Visitors can explore an array of different styles ranging from precious metals to cubic zirconia.

Instead of running continuously throughout all four days, each day will have a set theme with live presentations reflecting those specific themes on stage setups monitored by renowned fashion reporters. Some expert speakers including Gina Rockwell, founder of successful Prolific Store service in the US, will give attendees insightful advice about retail business strategies as well as latest, up-to-date market trends regarding jewelry consumption all around Asia.

Additionally there will be networking opportunities between participants and vendors so that they can potentially discover new resources or even make contacts with other vendors who either buy/sell or produce items presented during this exhibiton./.

Featured Talks

The Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017 was a huge gathering of retailers, wholesalers, and buyers. This year, the event featured talks and specials presentations by industry leaders who discussed the trends and innovations in the fashion jewelry and accessories world.

Leading the way in this event was Cara Manuilla, President of True Image Design and Vice President for Product Development for Jeweled Fashion Design Co. She gave a talk on new trends in fashion jewelry design, sharing her expertise on how to create jewelry items from concept to reality. Her talk sparked interest among many retailers who were keen to learn more about ways to increase their product designs through newer methods.

Notably, she touched upon how updated technology such as 3D printing can provide a unique opportunity for designers to create intricate, personalized pieces.

The second presenter at this fair was Michael Santos, Manager of Necklaces By Mark LLC. He spoke about the importance of setting an efficient yet cost-effective production system. He highlighted his view on optimal inventory management since it is difficult to predict the correct season or terms in which the accessory market shall move forward. His presentation triggered questions amongst many eager participants regarding key elements such as supplier relationships, pricing models and retail strategies.

Overall, The Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017 saw some inspirational talks shedding light on important subjects that range from concept development to inventory control systems that are important aspects when dealing with fashion items. It also provided a great opportunity for professionals and businesses looking expand their knowledge within their industry as well as encourage local businesses to build connections between fellow traders so that it can be beneficial for everyone involved in the future events or activities.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an important part of attending the Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2017. It’s a great opportunity to meet potential contacts and expand one’s business reach. With lots of vendors, designers, buyers, experts and big players in the industry all gathered under one roof – it’s a great chance for attendees to gain exposure and create valuable relationships.

To maximize networking opportunities at the 2017 AFJAF, having a plan ahead is essential. First, try familiarizing yourself with the exhibitors that will be present. By understanding who represents what brands and gets what type of message across, attendees can focus their conversations on topics that are relevant to both parties and make connections more easily. Having this knowledge not only makes you look well prepared but also puts you in a better position to exchange ideas with fellow exhibitors.

Another useful tip would be to attend workshops related to your field of interest or expertise while at AFJAF; this way you can get connected with others who share similar interests as yours. Additionally, why not join some side events or seminars that are happening during the event?

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You never know who you might meet or how much you can learn from these events which may prove helpful when you decide to pursue any future business relations after the fair has ended.

Finally, wearing something that identifies which company/brand you are representing immediately sets up an atmosphere for collaboration instead of competition because having this knowledge would make it much easier for others from similar industries approach you confidently and start building strong relationships quickly. All in all, AFJAF provides attendees with plenty of networking opportunities; using these tips should help ensure that everyone gets something worthwhile out of attending this event.

Fashion Showcases

The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2017 is an event that showcases the latest trends in fashion jewelry, cosmetics, shoe wear and other accessories. This year’s fair is being held in Singapore at the Singapore Expo from August 10th through to August 12th. The theme of this year’s show promises to be an exciting mix of new and upcoming trends and designers as well as established brands.

There are several fashion showcases programmed throughout the three day event including live models showcasing some of the hottest designs from around the world. For those who can’t make it to this amazing event, they will still be able to view all the looks that were on display by visiting their website which features updates throughout the duration of the fair.

As part of their scheduled shows, each designer will have a chance to present their collection during a 15-minute presentation with a few moments dedicated to bonus questions regarding their work.

The schedule also includes talks by experts in various fashion related fields such as concept design, craftsmanship and catwalk styling. These dialogue sessions will provide insight into how they overcame difficult challenges while creating unique pieces that would set them apart from their peers.

For those looking for more practical advice there will also be seminars on sourcing materials, inventory management and marketing tips, just some of the essential topics covered by leading industry insiders who can offer professional advice and guidance.

As part of these talks there will be opportunities for discussions covering a vast range of topics related to running one’s own business within this creative industry. All these events promise to make sure that everyone leaves with something new learned no matter what level they are at within their career path in fashion jewelry or accessory design.

Press Opportunities

The Asia Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Fair 2017 is one of the largest and influential jewelry events in South East Asia. The event consists of an array of exhibitors, showcasing the latest fashion collection for the upcoming season.

Attendees at the event have access to some of the most sought after fashion designers and jewelry makers from around the world. It is no surprise then that this event has become a must-attend for press professionals looking to stay up to date on upcoming fashion trends within Asia.

Press professionals have multiple options when it comes to obtaining credentials for this highly anticipated event. In addition to applying directly through the registration link, individuals with editorial publications can also receive credentials through establishing a working partnership with media contacts at participating companies or exhibitors. The media team will provide any additional information needed regarding passes, exhibits, and more.

For those who plan on covering stories from this event, guidelines have been provided by the organizers to ensure that reports are accurate and helpful in informing attendees on what they can expect to find during the show.

Important factors such as preparing accurate coverage plans ahead of time, listening attentively during presentation stages, providing feedback regularly on products showcased at event both before and after it takes place must be adheresd too if one intends on using their platforms for publishing purposes.

It certainly has never been a better time for all press professionals out there when it comes to making sure that readers have access to timely as well as reliable news relating to current trends in Asian fashion jewelry market. The Asia Fashion Jewelry And Accessories Fair 2017 provides a great opportunity for all involved; not just exhibitors and buyers but also those hoping on getting exclusive insight into this vibrant market full of potential.

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