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Welcome to Artisans Fine Jewelry, a unique collection of hand-crafted pieces that is sure to leave an impression. Our artisans have dedicated their lives to crafting jewelry that carries a timeless and beautiful sentiment with it. Every piece has been created with careful attention to detail, making them special and truly remarkable.

We are proud to celebrate the many talented artisans who help bring these pieces to life in our shop. Each artisan creates custom designs, so you know you’ll find something that speaks to your personal style. Whether you’re looking for elegant rings, expressive pendants, or lovely earrings – our diverse selection offers something for everyone.

At Artisan Fine Jewelry, we believe jewelry should be more than just wearables; it should be something of value and beauty – a true work of art. We strive to make sure our customers are delighted with each and every piece they purchase from us and provide unparalleled service if any repair or maintenance is needed in the future.

As you browse through our shop, we invite you to take a minute to immerse yourself in this world where craftsmanship meets artistic expression: a world filled with beautiful jewelry that expresses a unique story all its own


Artisans Fine Jewelry has a long and storied history that dates back over one hundred years. The brand was founded in New York City in 1915 by two immigrants, Peter and Henry Levan. Before immigrating to the United States, they had already gained extensive experience crafting jewelry back home in Europe.

Their original focus was on creating traditional European-style jewelry designs—think filigrees, engraved settings, and delicate cut stones—made with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. Over the years, their pieces became known for their intricacy and quality, earning them loyal customers who passed down their love of Artisans Fine Jewelry from generation to generation.

While maintaining their traditional roots in style and craftsmanship, Artisans Fine Jewelry also began innovating with new materials such as gold and platinum. These new materials allowed them to create more unique pieces without compromising on quality or craftsmanship—perfect for the modern woman who wanted something bolder than a classic look yet still elegant enough for special occasions. In addition to developing bolder designs, Artisans also began embracing new techniques like laser engraving and computer aided design which enabled them to bring even greater detail into every piece they crafted.

Today, Artisans Fine Jewelry continues to push the boundaries of style while honoring its traditional roots in craftsmanship. Every piece is expertly sculpted with intricate detailing that has made it one of the most beloved fine jewelry brands of all time. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with the beauty that emanates from each individual piece—a lasting testament to its rich century long history of excellence!


Artisans Fine Jewelry stands out for their commitment to craftsmanship. They believe in creating pieces that beautifully honor the time-honored traditions of handcrafted jewelry design. From start to finish, each piece is carefully constructed and inspected to ensure that each customer receives a product of the highest quality.

Key processes and procedures are involved when crafting beautiful jewelry pieces at Artisans Fine Jewelry. Each piece begins with an idea or custom design request which is whisked away to the manufacturing process. Metalsmiths form and shape metal structures while artisans set stones and intricately carve out designs across metal surfaces. Quality control specialists then evaluate every single detail including karats of gold, shapes, sizes, and weight of stones, as well as sharpness of edges and many other aspects. These strict measures are implemented to guarantee that every piece meets Artisan’s uncompromising standards for excellence.

After all the work has been done it’s off to the finishing room where polishing, plating and engraving take place before going through a series of thorough QC inspections once more .Following all these steps Artisans Fine Jewelry proudly present fine quality crafted jewelry pieces available exclusively from their website or pick-up from retail outlets near you..


Artisans Fine Jewelry offers customers an array of beautiful pieces to choose from in their diverse collection of jewelry. They feature earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets that have been individually crafted with the utmost care by skilled artisans from around the world. Many of these artists use techniques such as hand-engraving, polishing and etching in order to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to become cherished family heirlooms. Artisans’ collections showcase a variety of metals such as gold and silver as well as gemstones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies. For those looking to add a hint of color or sparkle to any outfit, Artisans has it covered with options ranging from dainty charms and delicate beadwork to larger statement pieces. From timelessly elegant designs to chic modern styles, Artisans makes sure their customers have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect jewelry. To ensure that each piece lasts for years and decades to come, all products from Artisans Fine Jewelry are made using only the finest materials available.

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Engagement Jewelry

Artisans Fine Jewelry is a renowned jewelry shop that specializes in engagement and wedding jewelry. With over 40 years of experience designing exquisite pieces for meaningful moments, Artisans Fine Jewelry’s commitment to creating the perfect piece of jewelry for each individual ensures their customers will be getting the most special item.

Their selection of engagement rings is both diverse and breathtaking. Couples can select from hundreds of options in all styles, from sterling silver to rose gold Accented with hand-set diamonds, block sets, and sapphire accents. Artisans’ exclusive designs feature intricate filigree detail, halo settings, slender split shanks, and vintage-inspired beauty – taking one-of-a-kind pieces to the next level!

Not stopping there, couples can also explore their collection of wedding bands that pairs perfectly with their partner’s engagement ring. From classic eternity bands to floral patterns crafted in either 14k rose gold or 14k white gold – many complete with colored diamonds – these timeless pieces are sure to bring an awestruck smile on your big day.

By offering an unforgettable selection of unique designer jewelry made with certified conflict-free diamonds and recycled and Eco friendly precious metals, Artisans Fine Jewelry has revolutionized the way people express their everlasting love through style! Servicing both online shoppers as well as those visiting their Oregon location — Artisans promises impeccable craftsmanship plus top notch customer care that makes them stand out among others in the industry!

Commitment to Sustainability

At Artisans Fine Jewelry, environmental sustainability is of utmost importance to us. We believe that it is our responsibility as a company to be mindful of the planet’s resources and take steps to reduce our impact. We strive to be an example of how industry and art can coexist in harmony with nature.

To maximize our commitment, we source materials and outsource services responsibly whenever possible, using reputable vendors who are conscious of their own environmental footprint and adhere to ethical standards. Additionally, we choose sustainable packaging and shipping materials whenever feasible, encouraging customers to repurpose or recycle them when done.

In terms of jewelry production, we work diligently not only to produce beautiful pieces from hammered gold to intricate designs but also do so in ways that have minimal environmental impact. To ensure this, we use ethically-sourced materials that realize cost savings in the long-term while creating innovative designs over time. Moreover, we invest heavily into modern technologies for metal recycling and recovery – part of our mission being zero waste in all operations– and create usable objects from unwanted metals.

Finally, Artisans Fine Jewelry is committed not just to environmental sustainability but also social responsibility; hence, we are proud partners with numerous organizations supporting charitable causes around the world providing economic opportunities through trade investments. Our goal is authentic relationships with stakeholders knowing that agreements drawn not only benefit Artisans but entire communities as well.

Recent Events

Artisans Fine Jewelry has recently celebrated its 30-year anniversary. To commemorate the special day, they held a free shopping event at their flagship store in downtown Miami where customers could purchase select pieces with a 25% discount.

Additionally, Artisans Fine Jewelry has announced their upcoming promotional campaign devised to attract new customers as well as reward existing ones. For every purchase of $250 or more, shoppers will receive a complimentary item from the jewelry brand’s summer collection range. The offer is valid worldwide and applies to both store browsing and online checkout options.

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In addition, the jewelry brand is preparing for an exclusive showcase event that will take place within the next few weeks. At this special gathering, customers can mingle with industry professionals and sample some of Artisans Fine Jewelry’s outstanding pieces while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Invitations have already been sent to select VIPs and will be extended to loyal shoppers closer to the opening night event date.


Artisans Fine Jewelry has an impressive reputation for delivering excellent service and high quality pieces. Reviews from customers demonstrate their consistent commitment to providing excellent customer service and exquisite pieces of jewelry. Many customers have stated that Artisans use only the best quality materials for their jewelry, pay great attention to detail, prepare pieces with expert craftsmanship, and provide helpful guidance in selecting pieces that perfectly reflect individual styles. Customers boast about the company’s friendly and knowledgeable staff who goes to great lengths to make sure that all questions are answered promptly and orders fulfilled quickly. Others highlight their wide range of selection, competently designed custom-made items, timely turnarounds, flexible payment options, as well as competitive prices which make them stand out from other stores. Customers can also feel good knowing that they have made a responsible purchase; Artisans Fine Jewelry strictly supports ethical practices such as no child labor or low wages. Thus, Artisans Fine Jewelry consistently stands tall among its competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and giving its buyers beautiful memories at an accessible cost point.



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There you have it – a few of the many reasons why Artisans Fine Jewelry is worth checking out. The quality of craftsmanship and the unique designs ensure that you are getting a piece of jewelry that stands out from all the others. With the wide variety of options available, there is sure to be something for everyone. Whether you’re searching for a timelessly classic or with-the-times fashionable piece, Artisans Fine Jewelry has something to offer. They provide personalized attention and work with customers to find exactly what they are looking for within their budget range. With their dedication to customer service, commitment to sustainability, and stunning collection of original pieces, Artisans Fine Jewelry is an apotheosis for thoughtful curation. If you’re in the market for fine jewelry that not only looks great but will last a lifetime, then I highly recommend investing in something special from Artisans Fine Jewelry.

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