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Artie Yellowhorse jewelry is remarkable. Handcrafted with the utmost skill, each piece is sure to evoke surprise and delight. Artie uses only the finest stones and precious metals to create unique works of art that capture a Native American style while incorporating contemporary design. From gorgeous necklace pendants inlaid with turquoise, malachite, and lapis lazuli, to intricate earrings with silver detailing, no two pieces are alike. An astounding array of rings — some delicate enough for everyday wear and others ornate enough for special occasions — feature distinctive stones of coral, azurite, opal, and gaspeite. Every item evokes wonder through its intricate patterning, texture, and stone choices. Further enhancing their craftsmanship is the fact that all items are made from both hand-hammered recycled sterling silver and gold plate with a finish that stands the test of time. Strikingly beautiful Artie Yellowhorse jewelry can be yours as a unique addition to your wardrobe or a perfect gift for someone special.


Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry stands out among other jewelry brands due to its unique combination of beauty, style, and quality. Each piece of Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry is individually handcrafted by Navajo silversmiths in the United States, making it a true piece of American craftsmanship. The stones used to make the jewelry are sourced only from reputable suppliers to ensure that each stone contains no foreign material or synthetic treatments. As such, each piece is as beautiful and authentic as it can be.

The commitment to detail and quality also continues into the design process of each piece. By studying natural textures and curves, Navajo designers are able to create pieces that will never go out of style – allowing the wearer to express their personality through their jewelry in a timeless way. Even after years of wear and tear, Artie Yellowhorse pieces still maintain their exquisite beauty thanks to its superior silverwork and polish provided by experienced silversmiths with decades of experience in the industry.

When compared to other jewelry brands on the market today, Artie Yellowhorse is an impressive exception that exudes a quality unlike any other brand – making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a truly special piece of jewelry.

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Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry is known for its unique and traditional designs, created with inspiration from the artist’s diverse cultural and spiritual connections. Artie draws influence from her Navajo ancestry and multi-cultural upbringing, blending a mix of traditional symbols with modern lines to create bold and beautiful jewelry.

The spirituality behind the pieces is an endless source of inspiration for Artie. In the Navajo culture, jewelry is believed to hold a great power, thus it was essential that each piece was designed to connect powerfully with its wearer. Symbols such as feathers and stars may be used to represent elements like nourishment or endurance while sacred animals bring both protection and comfort. Taking these design cues, Artie also creates pieces paying tribute to her personal experiences growing up on the Navajo reservation in Gallup, New Mexico. She shares stories through her crafts connected to magic moments experienced in the lands around her – the dramatic desert sunsets, vast starry skies at night, rich legends passed down by elders, and vibrant colors of nature that burst across the landscape during spring season.

Additionally, she often incorporates materials from nature such as shells from different kinds of seabed creatures gathered along beaches that reflect back Indigenous cultures’ connection with water. As she captures these natural elements in her creations she also honors spiritualities surrounding them by bridging together different metaphysical practices as well as expressions of Native American beliefs tied deeply between all living Beings on this Earth. Ultimately connecting two distinct worlds: modern fashion appeals featuring Native heritage perspectives.


Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry is more than just an iconic brand of Navajo jewelry. Behind its masterful designs, lies the story of the talented artisans and designers who bring the beautiful pieces to life.

Meet Artie Yellowhorse herself, Navajo artist, leader in her field and owner of Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry. With nearly 40 years of experience creating custom and limited edition pieces for her global clientele, it’s no wonder she has become a well-known name among collectors around the world! She learned from her father—an Elder craftsman—and began going door-to-door to show off her wares as a young entrepreneur.

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Plus, explore our San Felipe Pueblo workshop where skilled silversmiths craft each piece one at a time with love and precision. Watch closely as they shape sterling silver with torch flames and tiny hammers before bringing beautiful turquoise accents together to create vibrant colors that will last a lifetime.

The care and craftsmanship that goes into making each individual piece truly comes alive when these artisans put pen to paper or torch to metal. Get to know these artisans through stories, interviews and conversations – you may be surprised by what you learn!


Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry proudly celebrates the storytelling spirit of its namesake, the late Navajo silversmith Artie Yellowhorse. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted in her own distinctive style that reflects her respect for her Native American heritage and culture.

From necklaces and earrings to pendants and bracelets, weaving ancient symbols into modern designs has become a cornerstone of the Artie Yellowhorse brand. Every intricate line and spiral carries on the lineage of storytelling spanning generations.

In addition to being regionally recognized as master silversmiths, the creative team at Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry also allows customers to tell their own unique stories through custom pieces made from scratch. The Artie Yellowhorse team knows that each design honors not just an age-old tradition but makes a connection with the customer’s individual journey as well.

In keeping with tradition, we make sure to share each piece’s journey in its entirety―from where it began through its very purpose in life. This commitment to attention and detail is why customers return again and again for another handmade work of art that merges meaningful symbolism with elegant beauty.

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