Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

Art Deco Jewelry in Pueblo Co is an exclusive jewelry store that offers many unique pieces of art deco inspired jewelry. It offers a unique selection of vintage and modern jewelry made with a variety of different materials, from gold and silver to diamond and gemstones. Stylistically, the designs range from classic art deco inspired pieces to on-trend contemporary designs. With their reputation for quality craftsmanship, you are sure to find something special at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co.

Quality Crafting and Materials Used for Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

At Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co all pieces of jewelry are handmade with utmost precision and care using only the finest materials available. The traditional goldsmithing techniques used by their skilled artisans ensure that each piece is crafted with attention to detail and quality.

Gold, silver, gemstones, and diamonds are all used to create stunning pieces of jewelry that are both luxurious and timeless. And because they pride themselves on creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces, the process usually takes weeks or sometimes months to complete depending on the complexity of the design.

Additional Services Offered By Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

For customers looking for bespoke designs, Art Deco Jewelry also offers customized services as well as repairs and appraisals for existing pieces. Whether it’s having your already bought piece re-sized or restoring a heirloom item, the dedicated staff at this store will work closely with you until you have the perfect item you had envisioned from the beginning.

Appraisals help give an accurate estimate of your piece’s worth if you ever intend to sell it in future. Lastly, before leaving their shop with your purchase, each customer is provided with detailed care instructions ensuring that your investment remains in its best condition for years to come.

History of Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co and its Evolution

Art Deco jewelry has its roots in several different movements of the 1920s and 1930s. During this time, the fashion industry began to be inspired by more abstract elements, creating clothing and accessories that celebrated the modern age.

Art Deco jewelry exemplified the softer side of modernism by incorporating curvilinear lines and geometric shapes into its designs. This allowed for a more simplistic approach towards design, resulting in a look that was heavily influenced by cubist art as well as styles that could be considered Art Nouveau or Constructivism.

The majority of Art Deco jewelry is made from precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. The metal of choice was often combined with colored stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds in order to create pieces with a distinctive look. Because of its trademark use of both shape and color, Art Deco became one of the most popular items during its heyday in America.

In Pueblo Co specifically, Art Deco jewelry can be found primarily sold in local antique stores or vintage boutiques. For those looking for something more visually striking and bolder than traditional Victorian-era necklaces or rings might find themselves drawn to this type of ornamentation due to its colorful composition and architectural details.

It also makes an excellent addition to any collection of dresses or accessories designed with an Art Nouveau or Constructivist theme in mind. Therefore when shopping for jewelry customers can often find a variety of stunning pieces created by local artists that represent their interpretation of this style along with more commercial brands like Tiffany & Co who used these same philosophies when creating their timeless designs.

Benefits of Choosing Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

When looking for jewelry, Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co is a great option. This company is known for its ability to provide customers with a unique selection of jewelry pieces that reflect the design of the 1920s-1930’s era. Not only are these pieces timelessly beautiful, but they also boast many benefits that will make them popular choices for anyone looking to add an element of class to their wardrobe.

One of the most enthralling benefits of choosing Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co is the opportunity to accessorize with items that won’t lose their value over time. The production of this type of jewelry dates back to the early 20th century, and as a result, it has become more collectible than ever before.

Furthermore, having vintage jewelry can also add a romantic element to any outfit; you will always have something unique and exquisite that stands out from the crowd.

Aside from being fashionable and stylish, purchasing from Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co can also help wearers express their individuality. All their jewellery pieces have been carefully crafted, with intricate details and symbolism making them one-of-a-kind statements in fashion. Additionally, this manufacturer is still producing new designs for 2020 so that clients don’t have to solely rely on vintage models; modern ones are also available for purchase.

What Is Art Deco Jewelry

Overall, selecting jewelry from Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co means gaining access to beautiful artwork steeped in history while being able to show off your own creative style at the same time. With access to both contemporary and vintage collections, there really is something here for everyone regardless of their individual aesthetic preferences – all at reasonable prices too.

Trending Pieces of Jewelry Sold at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co. is a gem in the heart of Colorado. Located on Lafayette Street, this jewelry store has been serving the local community for nearly thirty years. The shop offers a wide range of unique and exquisite pieces from all around the world, from necklaces and rings to earrings, pendants, and other precious items.

Their selection of jewelry reflects the tastes and styles of different cultures, so no matter your preference there is something here for everyone. Many customers seek out this establishment for custom-designed pieces that are crafted with an attention to detail that is second to none.

The trendiest pieces of jewelry sold at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co are their signature collections, which change frequently as new pieces arrive. Rare gems such as sapphires, emeralds, opals and diamonds are used to create bold statements that capture the style of traditional art deco designs combined with contemporary elements. The eye-catching appeal of these prized possessions make them highly sought after by customers looking for something special that doesn’t follow the conventional trends.

In addition to the signature collections available at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co., they also feature an array of antique-style jewelry from centuries past. For those who appreciate a bit of history in their wardrobe choices, these vintage items offer a touch of sophistication reminiscent of yesteryear but featuring modern materials and craftsmanship techniques.

If you’re looking for something truly timeless in your jewelry collection, you can be sure to find it at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co., be it a necklace accented with pearls or an intricately detailed pendant made from gold or silver filigrees. And with its knowledgeable staff members working diligently behind the scenes each day to ensure customers always find what they need, you know you can depend upon this beloved Colorado jeweler time after time.

Available Financing, Payment, and Returns Options

Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co. is known for their finely crafted pieces that are often one-of-a-kind. Customers looking to purchase pieces from Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co. will be happy to know that the boutique offers many payment, financing and return options so customers can find a purchase plan that fits their budget and lifestyle.

When it comes to payment options, buyers have the flexibility of selecting from credit cards, PayPal and cash payments. Payments made with a credit card will only occur after payment has been verified with the issuing bank. This process may take up to 48 hours, based on when the order was placed.

PayPal allows for quick transactions, but restrictions do apply in some cases. Cash payments must be made in advance before having any items shipped out or picked up at one of their locations.

Financing options are also available at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co., including easy installment plans lasting 12-18 months through select partners. All financing plans come with an interest fee attached-buyers should read carefully before signing any agreements or contracts. Lastly, returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase (when the original proof of purchase is provided).

Buyers must fill out the return form they receive upon product delivery and pay attention to exclusions listed on all Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co policies related to returns. Depending on the buyer’s location, refunds may take 14 business days for processing and cash refund timelines depend on what type of payment was initially made upon purchasing product(s) from Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co.,

Overall, buyers who choose to shop at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co can feel confident knowing they have access to flexible payment plans and an array of return options if need be. The store strives to make sure customers are 100% assured in their purchases which is why customer service continues to be a top priority in store operations even years later since their opening day.

How to Clean and Maintain Art Deco Jewelry

One of the most classic forms of jewelry is art deco jewelry, which can be found at many stores in Pueblo Co. This type of jewelry brings an old-world charm and sophistication to any outfit, making it a great choice for those looking to dress up their outfit or make a memorable gift. However, just as with any type of jewelry, art deco jewelry also needs special care in order to maintain its original beauty.

It’s important to note that art deco jewelry may have gemstones or other materials that require extra cleaning attention. Before cleaning your jewelry items, it’s best to check with a professional jeweler to see what the specific instructions are for individual pieces. Generally speaking, you should use a soft cloth or brush to remove dirt and dust from your item.

Art Deco 89 Jewelry History

You can then dip the item into a mixture of warm water and mild soap for a deeper clean if necessary. For more delicate pieces, consider using a soft toothbrush with the soap solution or seek out specialized products from your local store that are designed specifically for art deco jewelry cleaning.

Aside from regular cleaning techniques, you can also take steps toward preserving your art deco jewelry by avoiding contact with harsh chemicals and substances like lotions and perfumes that could potentially damage the stones or tarnish metals like gold and silver. Additionally, it’s important to store each piece carefully so they don’t get tangled with one another and cause scratches on each other’s surface.

Lastly, taking advantage of regular maintenance services offered by trained professionals in Pueblo Co will ensure your jewels remain in pristine condition over time so you’ll be able to enjoy them again and again.

Additional Services Offered at Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co

Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co specializes in providing exceptional fine jewelry and services to the community of Pueblo, Colorado and beyond. They offer a comprehensive selection of diamonds, gemstones, colored stones, gold jewelry, and more. Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring or just something special for yourself or a loved one, Art Deco Jewelry is the place to go.

In addition to offering stunning jewelry for any occasion, Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co provides additional services that make their store truly stand out from the crowd. For those customers who may need an extra hand with finding exactly what they’re looking for, the knowledgeable staff at Art Deco Jewelry can assist with customizing your piece based on your individual specifications.

If you want something designed from scratch, they will work with you every step of the way to create exactly what you have envisioned. As if this isn’t enough, they also provide repairs on both new and vintage pieces as well as appraisals so you can be sure that your treasured pieces are properly valued.

For those special occasions where time is of the essence, Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co has got you covered as well; they offer express services such as same-day engraving and even overnight options such as priority shipping so your package arrives when its needed most. It’s also worth noting that all purchases come with a standard warranty which provides extra peace of mind should anything go wrong with your purchase.

Last but not least, for those times when money might be tight but sentiment means everything – Art Deco Jewelry also offers layaway plans making it easier than ever to give someone special just what they are looking for – a beautiful symbol of affection.


At Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co, when it comes to finding the perfect piece amongst a remarkable selection of jewelry for any occasion, there are surely plenty of reasons why the boutique offers quite the appeal. From sweet anniversary gift ideas sure to dazzle today’s couples to timeless pieces that will stand out on special occasions such as weddings, Art Deco Jewelry in Pueblo Co has no shortage of amazing accessories for everyone’s needs.

Art Deco Jewelry is renowned for both its quality and its unique designs. The store carries more than just the usual fare; they host some beautiful and historic pieces from different cultures around the world.

Perhaps their most notable contribution is their wide variety of original art deco creations, available in both 14k gold and sterling silver to ensure customers have piece of mind while purchasing something special. They also feature a selection of rare gemstones, fine-crafted diamonds, true artisan gems and other exquisite pieces that are simply second to none in terms of craftsmanship.

Finally, Art Deco Jewelry Pruebel Co provides excellent service throughout all stages of the buying process. In addition to giving helpful advice on each necklace you choose, our experienced staff will also assist you in selecting an item for a particular purpose or occasion without adding pressure or taking away from your decision-making process.

Customers are always sure to leave with confident and informed purchases each time they visit Art Deco Jewelry Pueblo Co. What’s more? With competitive prices on designer jewelry that make shopping here even more worthwhile, customers can now look forward to spending well-earned money on beautiful products like never before.