Art Deco Jewelry Dealer

Art Deco Jewelry Dealer is known for specializing in the highest quality pieces of period fine art from the time. As a knowledgeable antique jewelry dealer with years of experience in the trade, they have built up an impressive and varied selection of Art Deco rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings, and other items.

Their collection includes pieces directly imported from some of the major European makers including Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels – but also features fine American designs. Each item has been carefully hand-selected by experts to ensure it is authentic, stylish and desirable.

The Art Deco jewelry dealer seeks out pieces that will stand out – those that truly embody the look and feel of the era. Whether you are looking for something classic with timeless appeal or a more striking statement piece, this store can find a design that matches your tastes and budget.

With such a wide array of beautiful styles available – everything from elegant evergreen diamonds to geometric emeralds – buyers are sure to locate something perfect for them. The team at Art Deco Jewelry Dealer also does custom work with their exclusive ‘Create Your Own’ service which will create pieces based on customers’ specifications.

This dealer offers more than just stunning jewels; it also offers valuable advice regarding identification, styling tips and insurance advice when purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces so that customers know what they’re investing in is worth not just its aesthetic value, but its price tag too.

This attention to detail has kept them among the most trusted dealers within their community since their founding back in 1951 making Art Deco Jewelry Dealer a great source for anyone wanting to add some vintage sparkle to their wardrobe.

Introducing Major Art Deco Jewelry Dealers

Introducing major art deco jewelry dealers, we have to look no further than Cartier. With a long history spanning back over 130 years, Cartier is one of the oldest and most iconic jewelry dealers in the world. It is associated with groundbreaking innovation and ultra-luxurious designs that come together to create a truly timeless look and feel.

Since its establishment in 1847, Cartier has continually been pushing boundaries and creating unique designs that are unlike any others on the market today. Their signature Art Deco designs have consistently captivated audiences around the world, as they combine modern luxury with classic styling.

Cartier begins its design process by taking inspiration from current trends and transforming them into something distinctive. From sophisticated diamond necklaces to glamorous watches, their pieces are designed to bring out your own special style.

They use high-quality materials including gold, platinum, and precious stones to craft beautiful pieces that stand out from their competitors. The company’s highly-trained artisans carefully handcraft each piece to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship before it’s sold in stores around the world.

In addition to traditional pieces, Cartier also offers emerging designers a platform from which they can launch their own unique collections while still being a part of this iconic brand name. This allows dynamic young creatives to put their own spin on existing designs or contribute entirely new concepts into this ever-evolving field.

Such innovative approaches keep customers interested in what is to come next from Cartier, as every collection shows off another side to this remarkable jewelry dealer’s truly exceptional portfolio.

Customize Your Art Deco Jewelry

Customizing Art Deco jewelry is a great way to make an old, classic piece feel brand new. As many of these pieces are from the 1920s and 1930s, these customizations can be incredibly difficult to come by. By using an Art Deco jewelry dealer, those who own or wish to acquire one of these masterpieces can now improve the look of their jewelry without compromising its age and value.

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An Art Deco jewelry dealer provides many customizations including engraving designs onto specific pieces as well as other intricate details such as polishing and stone choices. Engraving is a very popular customization when it comes to these ornate pieces. It allows owners to make the piece their own with a personal sentiment that will last for generations.

The process itself uses different machines and diamond tipped tools in order to create this effect on metals used in various Art Deco pieces. When it comes to stones, customized colors can be chosen or even diamond encrusted elements for added value and sparkle.

Finally, polishing helps give old metal components used in jewelry from this era a refreshed look and feel. Polishing helps remove scratches or other signs that can show due to years of wear over time.

With the help of an experienced dealer, things such as buffing surfaces are done in order to bring new life into older jewelry pieces worn by our past generations. Restoring or reinventing its beauty is made easy with the help of professionals specializing in this form of fine jewelry decoration artistry.

Vintage vs. Modern Art Deco Jewelry

Art Deco is a style of jewellery that refers to the period of time from 1920 to 1940, which is characterized by geometric shapes, bold colours and the use of both precious and synthetic materials. It is a popular style that has been gaining momentum in the modern day due to its unique aesthetic appeal.

Vintage Art Deco jewelry is one-of-kind pieces that were crafted during the original period when this style was most popular. These pieces often feature details like engraved designs, intricately cut gems and intricate metal carvings. Due to their rarity and high quality, clients are willing to pay higher prices than they would for a new piece. Vintage pieces also hold sentimental value as they can act as family heirlooms or be passed down through generations as a keepsake.

Modern Art Deco jewelry replicates the same styles from the original era but with updated materials such as white gold and sterling silver instead of older metals like brass or copper. In addition to having lighter weighted materials, modern pieces may have more intricate details that you wouldn’t find in vintage pieces such as pave setting of diamonds and multicolored gemstones.

As these pieces don’t have any collector’s value, collectors may be able offer discounted prices for these more recent designs compared to those from the period itself.

Jewelers with experience in this style have extensive knowledge on both vintage and modern Art Deco jewelry so they can provide professional advice on which type would be best suited for any given purchase. Clients must take into account their budget, personal tastes, desired color schemes and individual lifestyle when making a purchase whether it be vintage or modern decorations jewelry so they can enjoy it well into the future.

Latest Art Deco Jewelry Trends

The Art Deco style of jewelry is defined as having geometric shapes and motifs from the beginning of the 20th century. This style of jewelry has held its popularity over time because of its timelessness and captivating beauty. In recent years, some modern trends centered around Art Deco jewelry have been emerging in the market to give this classic style a contemporary twist.

One such trend that has taken off in the world of Art Deco jewelry is the use of vibrant colors. Precious stones like sapphires, opals, emeralds, and tourmalines can be used in marquise cuts for an eye-catching look. Color also can be introduced by enameling metal pieces with bright colors, adding exciting new shades to a traditional art form.

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Metals are another key factor of Art Deco jewelry design, and many materials including white gold and platinum are being used today to create designs of the period. Vintage pieces made with base metals such as brass or bronze are also highly sought after by collectors due to their unique patina and limited production numbers. An attractive element is also added when designers combine different metals together into single pieces, creating intricate patterns that brim with character.

Finally, prominent settings further bring out a sense of class associated with Art Deco jewels as they were often presented in creative ways that could creatively contain complex cuts of stones or unusual artisanal settings such as chevron designs or lattice work. The combination between contemporary colored stones and antique metalwork provides a perfect balance between modernity and nostalgia; something that timelessly resonates yet remains fashionable.

This mix allows for more traditional patterns to shine in an entirely new light – forming an everlasting accordion between yesteryear’s fashion and today’s taste for sophisticated vintage inspired designs.

Ethical Sourcing of Art Deco Jewelry

The Art Deco era was one of the most vibrant and interactive time periods for jewelry design. With its eye-catching shimmer and distinct, dazzling style, Art Deco jewelry has been captivating admirers for years. Unfortunately, many traditional dealers overlook or ignore important ethical considerations when sourcing products, such as environmental impact or worker exploitation. As an ethical Art Deco jewelry dealer, it is vital to ensure your pieces are sourced ethically and responsibly.

When considering environmentally conscious sourcing of jewelry pieces, there are a few key considerations that should be taken into account. First and foremost is materials used in production and any potential processes involved with extracting those materials.

This should involve researching: the country of origin; how they were mined or refined and any associated hazardous wastes generated; the likelihood that people have been exploited or harmed; as well as potential emissions or other environmental impact from the process itself. If you already have reliable suppliers, use this research to make sure practice transparency about their practices so you can make accurate statements about the provenance of each piece of jewelry that is sold in your shop.

In addition to being mindful of the impacts on people and planet when selecting sources, it’s also important to consider both craftsmanship and quality when bringing items onto your shelves (or website).

Evaluate each piece as not only grown but opposed similarly sized pieces available elsewhere – even if they are cheaper-an ethical shop will be able to show due diligence in seeking out high-quality items that were created with minimal additional negative impacts to communities and their environment.

Additionally, retailers should use their buying power to negotiate better terms with manufacturers like availability bonuses or discounts based on quantity orders placed in order bring down costs all around while still ensuring quality stays high.

Therefore by taking these steps towards sourcing your inventory responsibly you not only protect fairness for producers but also display a level of commitment to sustainability that customers can appreciate – ultimately making them more likely return again and again.