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Highlight Various Collections

At Arsis Jewelry, we have many different collections to offer our customers that can match any style. Our signature collection, the Arsis Collection, is composed of delicate necklaces, earrings and bracelets crafted from 18K gold and studded with precious stones like diamonds and rubies – perfect for any special occasion. The Daydream Collection features a more modern look with colorful quartz gemstones set into sterling silver pieces such as rings and cuffs. Our Natural Splendor collection combines intricate shapes inspired by nature with bold colors to create eye-catching rings, cuffs and pendants. If you’re looking for something truly unique, take a look at our Funk Collection where you’ll find one-of-a-kind rings forged from stainless steel and enhanced with black rhodium plating. Each of these collections adds a little something special to your wardrobe!

Arsis and Celebrities

One of the most renowned celebrities to have worn Arsis jewelry is Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. She wore a pair of earrings during her promotion for Maleficent, which were a stunning pair of diamond drop earrings made by Arsis. The diamonds shimmered perfectly against Jolie’s black ensemble and gave her an ethereal look.

Fashion icon Kate Moss was also seen wearing an intricate gold necklace from Arsis at the inauguration of a gallery in Paris. Her look was classic and timeless – just two words that perfectly describe the fine pieces crafted by Arsis Jewelry.

The 80s supermodel Jerry Hall has also been associated with Arsis jewelry and had her chance to shine at the Sports Illustrated 50th birthday show in Miami, where she chose a set of bold yellow gold and diamond hoop earrings from Arsis Jewelry. They gave elegance and sophistication to her outfit, making it impossible for anyone to miss these magnificent pieces!

Rapper Cardi B has also become a fan of the beloved brand after being spotted wearing their dazzling diamond chandelier earrings to an awards show, adding luxury and glamour to her entire look.

All these beautiful ladies have used Arsis jewelry to enhance their appearances and make any look more captivating – showcasing why this brand is so popular amongst celebrities!

Faq Section

Q: What is Arsis Jewelry?

A: Arsis Jewelry is a unique jewellery collection founded by fashion designer and gemologist Chanelle Renee. Offering unique and distinctive pieces of jewellery that have been handcrafted from diamonds, gold, pearls and fine silver, Arsis Jewellery offers high-end products for an array of customers. Specializing in the use of rare stones and gems sourced from across the world, Arsis believes in creating exceptional jewellery that speaks to several different styles.

What To Put In Resin Jewelry

Q: What types of jewels does Arsis offer?
A: Arsis offers a variety of stunning jewelry ranging from necklaces, earrings, engagement/crown rings, bracelets/cuffs and pendants. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted using only the finest materials to ensure top quality goods are being made available to our customers. Furthermore, all our jewelry come with a certificate of authenticity so you can enjoy it long-term with peace of mind.

Q: What is the cost range for the pieces?
A: The price range for Arsis Jewellery varies depending on the intricate details or precious stones found in each piece. Most pieces range between €100 – €2,000 but may go beyond this as certain pieces contain more exotic stones than others.

Design Tips

1. Take the time to play with different combinations of pieces to make a unique look that is all your own. Mix and match gold, silver, diamonds and semi-precious stones for a sophisticated touch.

2. Layer up your necklaces with varying lengths for a stunning statement piece. Use mid-length necklaces or even short choker necklaces as layering options to create depth and visual interest.

3. Experiment with color palettes when styling Arsis jewelry to add impact to a minimalistic ensemble. For instance, green onyx looks great when paired with sapphire stones for an eye-catching look that turns heads!

4. Keep in mind the metal tone of your Arsis jewelry pieces — while mixing multiple metal tones can enhance visual appeal, sticking to one (such as rose gold, yellow gold or white gold) can bring harmony and cohesion to an outfit or lookbook shoot.

5. Balance out bolder pieces by pairing them with delicate items for balance and contrast. Alternatively, opt for more subtle pieces if you are looking to keep things low key, but still have some sparkle in your outfit!

Environmental Consciousness

At Arsis Jewellery, we care about the environment and sustainability. We ensure that all of the materials used in our jewellery are sustainably sourced and ethically procured. We work with suppliers who are committed to fair wages and humane working conditions.

We make a conscious choice to support ethical mining practices and use only dealers who adhere to sustainable standards when sourcing raw materials. We avoid using unsustainable metals such as gold mined by cyanide leaching, which can be toxic to both humans and ecosystems.

Jewelry Between Front Teeth

In addition, when manufacturing our jewellery, we take measures to reduce waste into microscopic levels by utilizing an in-house recycling process. This approach has helped us achieve the highest purity available for our jewellery design.

Moreover, Arsis is committed to environmental protection not only through its production practices but also through its conservation initiatives. Throughout the year, we partner with various NGOs focused on conserving wildlife habitat or national parks from illegal deforestation and poaching activities. On top of that, a portion of proceeds from select collection pieces are donated directly towards these charities for long-term environmental preservation programmes in Asia Pacific countries like Thailand or Malaysia.

By leveraging materials from reliable sources and partnering with organizations focused on environmental protection, Arsis Jewelry plays an important role in leading a more sustainable future and advocating for responsible resource management around the globe.

Creative Uses for Arsis Jewelry

The versatility of Arsis Jewelry allows for endless possibilities when it comes to creativity. For example, try wearing one of their statement necklaces with a plain white t-shirt and jeans – the simple outfit will be instantly elevated. If you want to get even more daring, try layering up your necklaces or wearing multiple earrings at once. You can also experiment with colour by picking pieces in bright shades or textured metals against a muted outfit. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new; there are so many ways to make Arsis Jewelry work for any look. You can also pair some of their delicate rings or bangles with everyday casual looks such as oversized kneck sweaters or mini skirts for an added touch of glamour. And if you really want to show off your style credentials, why not match different colours or layers of jewelry together? Get creative with Arsis Jewelry and see how many unique looks you can come up with!

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