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Appelblom Jewelry Co is a renowned jewelry company located in downtown Toronto. Founded by Samuel Appelblom in 1887, the company has been creating stunning and unique pieces for over a century. It is known for its remarkable craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail. From classic gold bands and engagement rings to statement-making necklaces or earrings, Appelblom Jewelry Co strives to explore the enchantment of jewelry.

The shop works with top-notch artisans from all over the world who have years of experience working with precious metals and gemstones. Every piece is handcrafted, often featuring intricate details that you won’t find anywhere else. Appelblom Jewelry Co also works closely with customers to ensure that every design meets their exact specifications. Whether customers are looking for an heirloom piece or something more modern, Appelblom Jewelry Co has something special for everyone.

In addition to its custom designs, Appelblom Jewelry Co also offers an impressive selection of ready-made pieces that bring together classic beauty with timeless elegance. From anklets adorned with colourful stones to sparkling chandelier earrings and delicate headpieces, each item perfectly captures the exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite design of Appelblom’s creations. Customers can take comfort in knowing that all materials used by Appelbolm Jewelry Co are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers around the globe.

Beyond their beautiful designs, what really sets Appelblom apart from other jewelry companies is their commitment to excellence in customer service experiences as well as ethical practices in business operations like environmental sustainability initiatives and responsible sourcing policies. The team at Appelbolm takes great pride in meeting their customers’ needs every step of the way, right up until they find their perfect piece of jewellery!

History of Appelblom

Appelblom Jewelry Co. was founded in 1965 by August Appelblom. After working in the jewelry business for many years, he decided to open his own shop on Main Street in Seattle, Washington. His goal was to create unique and exquisite pieces of jewelry that could be cherished for generations.

August and his team quickly gained a reputation for producing beautiful handmade jewelry, passionately crafted with expert skill and precision. Customers from across the country began to seek out their offerings due to their stunning craftsmanship and unique designs.

From its humble beginnings at the original Seattle store, Appelblom Jewelry Co. has evolved into one of the most recognized brands in the luxury jewelry market today. Wordspread quickly about their fine pieces and the demand grew exponentially over time. As such, August opened additional stores throughout the USA within several years of starting the company. In addition, they currently offer their products through an expansive website which attracts customers from around the globe.

In addition to growing geographically over decades, Appelblom also changed its marketing approach and product lines over time to keep up with customer demands and changing trends. Today, they offer an extensive range of high-end diamonds, wedding rings, designer watches, chains & necklaces as well as special collections like vintage pieces and one-of-a-kind showstopper items catering to a wide diversity of tastes & preferences. They have even recently collaborated with numerous fashion houses like Gucci, Prada & Burberry on signature gift sets that have been extremely popular amongst luxury enthusiasts .

Sustainable Practices

Appelblom Jewelry Co is a global leader when it comes to sustainable practices and solutions. The company takes steps to reduce its environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and create a healthier working environment for their employees. One of the most important initiatives from Appelblom is its recycle program. This includes using recycled metals and gems in all their products, ensuring no additional material are extracted from the earth. In addition, when working with these recyclable materials Appelblom applies zero-waste policies, which ensures no byproducts or unnecessary waste are created in the production of their jewelry. To further reduce the impact on the environment Appelblom sources responsibly grown wood for their packaging to support local industries and eliminates single-use plastics from its processes.

The commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the products made at Appelblom Jewelry. The company also takes steps to insure that their offices and factories are powered by renewable energy such as wind turbines, solar power, and water power systems. Furthermore they have implemented energy efficient solutions in all areas of operations such as more efficient LEDs lights and movement sensors. They have also made sure that only green cleaning products are being used to maintain hygiene standards without compromising on safety or health of their staff or customers. With clear commitments towards better business practices, Appelblom continues to be a leader in the jewelry industry for sustainable solutions and practices.

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Unique Creations

At Appelblom Jewelry Co, our exquisite collection of handmade jewelry is designed to dazzle and delight. We feature some of the most unique pieces from around the world, including luxurious diamonds from Africa, pearls from Tahiti and authentic Chinese jade. We promise craftsmanship quality to each piece we create, which is why you can be assured that your purchase is an investment that will last a lifetime. Our team of expert jewelers will work with you to design the perfect piece for any occasion or special moment, from wedding rings to pendants, earrings and more. Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern-chic, there’s a beautiful Appelblom creation just waiting to be discovered. As well as creating custom designs, our portfolios are filled with remarkable styles spanning many eras such as Edwardian and Art Deco classics through to contemporary collars and cuffs. We use only the highest quality materials in each piece — yellow golds, white golds and platinum plated metals made by top brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Bulgari all make up our signature selection just waiting to be customized with your choice of gems or stones. With so much eye-catching grandeur available at Appelblom, it’s easy to find the perfect gift for someone special or treat yourself to something truly remarkable.

Crafting Process

Appelblom Jewelry Co prides itself on the careful craftsmanship put into each and every piece of jewelry. Our process starts with sourcing the highest quality materials available. Each stone, chain, or gold bar is inspected for its quality before we begin to craft anything. From there, each piece is handpicked and given special attention during the entire crafting process. As we bring together precious and semi-precious metals and stones, our intricate designs are brought to life with precise techniques that create timeless pieces of jewelry that last generations. We use traditional techniques like soldering to join pieces together as well as applying modern processes such as laser welding for a stronger bond that retains a small profile. In addition to working with precious metals like gold and silver, Appelblom Jewelry Co also expands into alternative materials such as titanium and stainless steel for an edgy look that still carries our signature design DNA. The final step in each piece involves polishing and setting stones to ensure the highest level of quality assurance before they are passed down through the family.

Collection Highlights

The Appelblom Jewelry Co is known for its award-winning lines of custom-crafted jewelry. They have created some of the most sought after pieces, ranging from couture necklaces and rings to next generations of high-end watches. Below are just a few of their collections that have made them famous:

Their Exquisite line features timeless pieces with a traditional appeal. Artfully crafted in gold and silver, these creations capture soft curves and rich textures for an elegant look that never goes out of style. Accented with brilliantly colored gemstones and luxurious pearls, these intricate designs are perfect for any occasion.

Their Rose collection is designed to be worn both day and night, as it combines a delicate femininity with a rugged durability. Crafted from sterling silver alloyed with 18K rose gold, it’s detailed touch of rose accents adds a splash of color to any outfit.

The Signature Pieces line consists of chic statement pieces that make you stand out from the crowd. Reminiscent of Hollywood glamour combined with contemporary edge, these unique jewels are handcrafted with luxury grade metals such as platinum and palladium. Encrusted with stunning sapphires or diamonds twinkling in each piece adds an extra touch sophistication to anyone’s wardrobe.

Lastly, their Crossover Designs provide customers with quality creations that range from classic to modern design concepts. Beauty meets strength in every piece constructed from various precious metals showcasing expertly cut stones set alongside unexpected details like nature inspired motifs or two-tone mixed metal styles offering texture contrast for an eye catching look.


Appelblom Jewelry Co has a commitment to social responsibility that is at the core of their business practices. They pride themselves on creating meaningful collaborations with their partners and artisans in order to provide quality handcrafted jewelry that strengthens communities, while also having minimal environmental impact. To maintain these relationships, Appelblom offers technical training which allows artisan partners full control of the process, as well as being actively involved in each stage of production.

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Appelblom places emphasis on an intuitive approach when it comes to designing their jewelry. They draw inspiration from many sources such as cultural themes, local biodiversity and everyday landscapes that surround their artisan partners. This approach helps to ensure the culture and story behind each piece of jewelry is honored and has an immediate connection with the viewer. As part of this design strategy, Appelblom looks for opportunities to reuse traditional methods with a modern spin in order to create pieces that have a distinct character which reflects its origin authentically.

In addition, Appelblom puts sustainability at the forefront of their craftsmanship by trying to reduce waste materials whenever possible. Along with making use of recycled metal for metalworking processes Appelblom utilizes natural materials such as semi-precious stones, along with other sourced recycled materials like amber and malachite for stunningly unique pieces that promote ethical sourcing across all types of product lines. By working closely with artisan partners they are able to establish strong partnerships built around trust while delivering beautiful handmade jewellery in an ethically sustainable way from start to finish.

Reputation and Ideology

Appelblom Jewelry Co is one of the most respected and successful jewelry companies in the world. Founded over 50 years ago, it is still very much in demand by customers who know and appreciate the quality of craftsmanship and design that go into every Appelblom piece. With branches located across multiple continents, Appelblom Jewelry Co is a global brand known for its fine diamonds, precious metals, and jewelry boxes. Its worldwide success has been attributed to its strict adherence to making sure each product meets the highest possible standards of both quality and design.

Appelblom Jewelry Co has based its operations around certain ideologies which have become central to the company’s overall mission. Firstly, it values ethical sourcing for all of its materials including diamond sourcing from conflict-free areas. Secondly, Appelblom employs talented artisans with extensive experience in jewelry crafting to produce all of their pieces with care and attention to detail in order to guarantee excellence in their products. Finally, Appelblom offers a lifetime warranty on all products purchased in order to ensure that those items are never without protection or repair. Overall, these ideologies set Appelblom apart from other companies as they prioritize customer satisfaction over profit alone. Their commitment to outstanding service makes them an ideal partner for fashionable buyers who expect luxury goods built on tradition along with dedication for continual improvement. By consistently creating fabulous jewelry pieces as well as putting an emphasis on good customer service practices, Appelblom continues to build upon its established reputation for reliable partnerships within the industry

Final Note

After decades of exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to the highest industry standards, Appelblom Jewelry Co is closing its doors for good. Many have admired the company’s stunning creations over the years and have fond memories to carry on. From their breathtaking diamond necklaces to timeless gold watches and earrings, Appelblom has been a pioneer in jewelry design. By combining their passion for quality craftsmanship with an incredible selection of gems, they have grown a dedicated customer base comprised of both faithful patrons and celebrities alike who came not only for beauty, but also for reliability.

Appelblom Jewelry Co will sadly no longer be around to create wonderful pieces of jewelry for special occasions. Their grand closing marks not just the end of an era, but also the loss of mastery and artistry necessary to bring unique pieces out into the world with pride. Customers can still admire the eye-catching designs that Appelblom offered since opening in the 1970s as many still remain owned by proud owners all over the world. Generations unlike before may no longer be able to experience their magnificent collection of jewelry firsthand, but they’ll always remain preserved in heartwarming memories passed down from friends, families, and loved ones who truly cherished what Appelblom had provided them over time. Farewell Appelblom Jewelry Co—your legacy will remain timeless.

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