Antique Jewelry Portland

Introduction to Antique Jewelry Portland

Portland, the bustling city on the west coast of the United States, is home to some amazing antique jewelry. Its historical roots in early America mean that Portland is a wonderful place to purchase vintage and antique pieces that are truly unique. With its reputation for supplying high-quality jewelry, it’s no wonder that residents and visitors to Portland alike flock to stores whenever they’re looking for some rare and interesting pieces.

Some of the most spectacular pieces in Portland can be found at local antique stores scattered all across the city. From downtown storefronts to back alley boutiques, there are numerous gems just waiting for their new owners. Whether it’s a stunning piece of estate jewelry befitting a queen or an elegantly crafted signet ring from celebrated fine jewelers, the city’s selection is sure to astound everyone from those who collect antiques as an investment to those who simply love fashioning themselves with creative accessories.

At Antique Jewelry Portland you can shop around and find luxurious items such as diamond engagement rings, necklaces set with precious stones, watches made out of gold – even classic brooches fashioned in timeless styles! And with so much variety within these historic pieces, you’ll definitely find something special that stands out from everything else on the market today. For sure any jewelry lover will say “yes” when they see their perfect item just waiting for them in one of these well-loved stores.

Overview of Antique Jewelry

Portland is home to some of the finest antique jewelry in the country. Since the 1850s, goldsmiths and other jewelry makers have been creating beautiful pieces that stand the test of time. From Georgian styles to Art Nouveau items, the selection of antique jewelry available to collectors and connoisseurs alike is amazing.

Among the most popular types of antique jewelry found in Portland is Victorian-era jewelry. The late 1800s saw a period of ornamental extravagance, with necklaces and chokers featuring beautiful natural pearls as well as intricate cameos made from sapphires or rubies. Gold chains were also popular, adorned with charms such as hearts or flowers.

The Edwardian era was another time of great prosperity in Portland – it experienced a surge in industrialization and a growing middle class which had money to spend on luxury items such as exquisite jewelry. Charms made from opal and diamond earrings set in platinum were commonplace at this time.

Another type of antique jewelry that can be found in Portland is Art Deco, which draws influence from various movements including modernism and cubism during the 1920s. In contrast to Bohemian-style motifs typical during Edwardian times, Art Deco items showcased much more linear designs and playful textures. Popular pieces featured geometric shapes with colored stones embedded into them such as amethyst or onyx for added interest.

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Finally, there are mid-century designs popularized by Italian artists during 1950s-1970s whose visions influenced fashionable trends worldwide – Old European Cut Diamonds combined with modern gold setting materials brought about great works of art like rings encased with single cuts or pave diamonds for an undeniable glamorous look that never goes out of style. Overall, there’s great vintage treasure hidden among Portland’s so many delightful shops specializing in antiques making it one of America’s top cities for discovering old fashioned gems!

Benefits of Shopping Antique Jewelry in Portland

Portland is the perfect place to shop for high-quality antique jewelry due to several factors. For starters, many antique jewelry stores in Portland specialize in premium pieces that are carefully inspected to ensure that they meet a strict quality standard. This assurance of quality helps shoppers feel confident knowing they are investing in an authentic and well-crafted piece of jewelry.

In addition, Portland offers an especially unique selection of antique pieces. From gems and pearls with histories dating back several centuries to century-old rings and necklaces crafted using traditional methods, shoppers have access to a wide range of collectible jewelry that one won’t find elsewhere. Furthermore, many shop owners will attempt to customize services for each customer’s needs — giving them a personalized shopping experience that big-box stores simply cannot provide. With such personalized attention from knowledgeable experts who understand the ins and outs of antique jewelry purchasing, shoppers can relax knowing they made the best choice possible for their new piece.

A Guide to the Best Antique Jewelry Shops in Portland

Portland is home to some of the most renowned antique jewelry shops around and offers a variety of well-crafted pieces that would surely spark a fashionista’s curiosity. For those looking for the perfect accessory or heirloom, Portland has an array of stores with ample selection of vintage, traditional, and modern pieces—from Art Deco to mid-century finds.

When searching for antique jewelry in Portland, consider visiting GoodAsGold Vintage and Antiques as well as Lawrence Jewelers. GoodAsGold boasts that they have been serving customers since 1981 and are devoted to evidence-based preservation of antiques to create an honest environment for their customers. Meanwhile Lawrence Jewelers is a family-owned business that specializes in European-style jewelry and features watches hand-selected by experienced jewelers. Those seeking an even more diverse selection can find gems at EveryStone Antique Jewelry World, provided by owner and appraiser Vivian Yves Beckwith. Beckwith carefully selects each item for her collection, offering some of the highest quality and easy access for anyone searching for fine antique jewelry.

For unique findings from around the world, head over to Artifacts International., a local gallery dedicated to craftsmanship from centuries ago. This store carries everything from engravings from the 19th century all up through the present day. Local connoisseurs can also browse Old Port Coins & Currents on Northwest Hoyt Street for their offerings of old coins as well as estate pieces sourced from all parts of Europe and Asia. Portlanders raving about this shop emphasize how friendly staff members treat them every time they visit, making it worth stopping into even if you’re just out window shopping!

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Tips for Making the Most of Antique Jewelry Shopping in Portland

When shopping for antique jewelry in Portland, it is important to make the most of your experience. Here are a few tips and suggestions that can help you find the perfect piece while getting great deals:

1. Utilize local knowledge: Take time to do some research and talk to locals who know about antique jewelry in the area. Ask for recommendations for reputable stores or ask about special prices on items you may be interested in. You may even find some hidden gems by talking to people that know the area well.

2. Research before shopping: It’s important to find out as much information as you can about antiques before going shopping so that you know what styles of jewelry are being sold and which pieces are more valuable than others. Knowing this information will help you make an informed decision on what pieces to purchase and for how much money.

3. Set a budget: Setting a budget ahead of time will ensure that you don’t overspend or buy something at too high a price. It’s also important to bring cash with you when shopping so that you have enough money to pay for what you have found without having fees associated with using credit cards or other forms of payment options.

4. Shop around: Take time out while shopping in various stores, as prices and selections can vary greatly from place to place. Don’t be afraid to go back into stores multiple times until you find the item that suits your needs perfectly!


If you’re in the market for a timeless piece of antique jewelry, Portland is the perfect place to find one. With its incredible selection of vintage and antique jewelry stores, it offers customers an array of options with something to suit any taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a ring, bracelet or necklace, Portland has a store that can cater to your needs and help make sure you get just what you want. With reputable dealers and reliable customer service, shoppers can confidently purchase their next piece of antique jewelry with ease and satisfaction. So take the plunge, explore Portland’s antique shops, and find the timeless treasure that is just perfect for you!