Angel Aura Crystal Jewelry

Angel Aura Crystal Jewelry is a type of jewelry made from natural quartz and enhanced with different elements such as silver, platinum and even titanium. It is known for its beautiful rainbow-like iridescent sheen God displays a variety of purple, blue, pink and gold hues. This jewelry is very popular due to its attractive aesthetic qualities, unique metaphysical properties, and reasonable cost.

Angel Aura jewelry can be used to increase positive energy in the environment and boost our moods. Wearing it can act as a shield of protection from negative energy or spirits, improve communication with angels in meditation and spiritual practices, aid intuition and mental clarity while also boosting creativity.

Additionally, people believe that wearing angel aura crystal jewelry can reduce anxiety and stress levels while helping us connect deeply with our highest selves and connecting us into both spiritual realms and the divine power that runs throughout the universe.

From ancient times until today many cultures have connected the power of crystals with energies either from ourselves or other sources like the earth or nearby planets. As we live within this world each day it’s no surprise then that there’s an emotional connection we form with things like angel aura crystal jewelry that bring this energy into our lives.

The undeniable fact remains – when we wear this type of jewelry we FEEL more uplifted in spirit despite what’s happening around us at any given moment in time. We may start to see our life proceeding along smoother pathways than before which tend to reflect the beginning stages of manifestation which many believe begins first within the energetic realm before showing up physically in our world.

History and Origin of Angel Aura Crystals

Angel aura crystals are among the most sought after gemstones today. They have a unique shimmering appearance and are believed to be connected with spiritual growth and open communication with angels. The history of such stones dates back centuries, when they were highly prized by ancient civilizations for many reasons including their beauty and cosmic energies.

When it comes to the origin of Angel Aura crystals, it is thought that these gems came into existence as a result of tanning procedures that were conducted by alchemists throughout Europe. During this process, quartz was altered through chemical reactions which modified its surface and changed its chemical composition.

This process imbued the quartz with special colors as well as supernatural powers which many believed would bring luck and joy to whoever wore them. As a result, they quickly became popular amongst patrons of magicks shops all around Europe in the 16th century.

Angel Aura Crystal Jewelry

  • While it is believed that pendants made with angel aura crystals help protect the wearer from dark forces or negative energies, others use jewelry items created from this stone to enhance personal power.
  • The natural coloration of angel aura gives these gems an opulent appearance so jewelry made with this type of crystal creates an eye-catching display.
  • These types of adornments can be found in many forms such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.
  • In addition, many people believe that wearing items like Angel Aura crystal jewelry can assist in releasing stress and filling their hearts with love.
  • Due to its extraordinary properties, angel aura crystal jewelry pieces have become incredibly valuable and desirable.

Unique Attributes and Characteristics of Angel Aura Crystals

Angel Aura Crystals are precious gemstones known for their beautiful, shimmering pastel hues. This particular type of crystal is created through the combination of Gold, Silver, and Nickel which are infused into natural quartz at a molecular level. There are many unique healing properties and advantages associated with Angel Aura Crystals that have been recognized in spiritual and metaphysical literature and practices around the world.

The first attribute associated with Angel Aura Crystal jewelry is the intense beauty of its coloration, which typically carries shades of purple, pink, blue or green. The reflective nature of this stone creates a spectacularly captivating iridescent reflection in sunlight or under illumination. Wearing an Angel Aura Crystal pendant has also been linked to feelings or physical examples of peace, joy, calmness, and positive emotional states.

  • Enlightening Illumination
    • Gorgeous Pearlescent Sheen
    • Vibrant Hues and Colors
  • Energetic Influences
    • Peaceful Energy
    • Enhancement of Positive Emotions

Angel Aura crystals may be useful resources for clearing the energy field prior to meditation experiments as they appear to resonate with very high energy frequencies. Many people who wear these crystals potentiating experience enhanced concentration and an increase in manifestation capabilities during meditation exercises as well as chakra balancing endeavors. Angelic inspired energies can often be sensed when wearing these beautiful crystals too – sometimes making them feel especially protected and safe from external influences.

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Types of Angel Aura Crystals and Their Uses

Angel aura crystal jewelry is a beautiful choice of jewelry for those who wish to have an ornamental accessory that contains metaphysical properties. This type of crystal therapy typically utilizes stones that are quartz based and evokes a spiritual influence within the material’s compact structure.

The most popular type of angel aura crystals are attracted from clear quartz which has been exposed to vaporized silver and platinum particles. These materials become permanently bonded with the quartz molecules during this process creating the unique base for these stunning pieces of jewelry. Let’s take a look at a few types of angel aura crystals and their uses:

  • Surface Coating Angel Aura Crystals – These stones are primarily used for healing, renewal, and purification sessions. They have an outer coating that captures light and emits a brilliant iridescent finish when worn.
  • Raw Angel Aura Crystals – The unprocessed varieties of the stone with raw character are ideal for grounding purposes as well as increasing mental clarity.
  • Purple Amethyst Angel Aura Crystal – Said to be worn by Archangel Uriel, this stone is excellent for calming energies, helping in meditation, and shielding from negative energies.

In addition to these types, some of the other varieties include: Rose Quartz Angel Auras, Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz Angel Auras, Bronzite Crystal & Moonstone Angel Auras, Blue Kyanite & Opalite Gold Jade Angels Auras. Depending on the item’s intended use will depend on ones selection when looking for an Angel Aura crystal piece.

Some people might choose one color for luck, while others prefer another hue for its protective qualities or even its ability to instill love into one’s life.

Regardless which variety you choose each piece usually has powerful effects within its smaller design; offering users energy cleansing capabilities as well as activating higher levels of consciousness & balancing the body mind & soul connection – all contributing factors that give angel aura crystals their desirable reputation amongst many metaphysical practitioners today.

Popular Way to Wear Angel Aura Jewelry

Angel Aura Crystals are one of the most popular and beloved natural stones used in handcrafted jewelry. They have a beautiful and unique iridescent sheen that catches the eye and adds an extra sparkle to any outfit.

Many people choose to wear angel aura jewelry as a way to stay connected with their spiritual side and call upon the healing benefits associated with these crystals. Whether it’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, there are so many ways to express your personal style with angel aura crystal jewelry.


One of the most popular ways to wear angel aura crystal jewelry is as a necklace. In addition to its healing properties, wearing angel aura crystals as necklaces can be a fashionable statement piece that stands out from traditional jewelry. You can find different designs; from simple strands of angel aura beads, delicate pendants or intricately crafted chokers. The variety makes it easy for anyone to find something special that fits their style and preferences.


Earrings make up another big part of fashioning yourself with angel aura crystal jewelry. These crystals also come as studs, dangles, hoops, drops or any other choice that you consider stylish. Those who already wear earrings know how they can completely change an outfit by adding just the perfect touch of sparkles and shine.

This is multiplied even more when it comes to angels aura crystal earrings – giving them an extra boost in drawing attention wherever they go. Combining your favorite design with matching colors may result in jaw-dropping compliments from friends or strangers alike.

Bracelets & Rings

In addition to necklaces and earrings, many also choose to accessorize themselves with angel aura wearing bracelets and rings. Bracelets adorned with this stone make perfect gifts for friends or family looking for something special.

They can be worn stacked together with different designs for mix-matched styles or match perfectly put together for a look like no other. Angel aura rings are also great investments for those who love more subtle pieces but still want something luxurious – adding both beauty and authority through their presence.

Caring and Cleaning Tips for Angel Aura Jewelry

Angel Aura quartz is a truly beautiful and magical crystal. The stone itself looks like a pale rainbow, with gorgeous pink, blue and golden hues throughout. Angel aura quartz is great whether you are wearing it in a piece of jewelry or just using it as part of your daily meditation practice.

Taking care of angel aura jewelry is important to ensure its maintenance and beauty in the long run. Here are some tips you can use for caring and cleaning angel aura jewelry:

  1. Keep your angel aura jewelry away from water, soap, oils and lotions.
  2. Clean your angel aura jewelry regularly by wiping it with a soft cloth.
  3. Store each piece inventory separately to prevent scratches or cracking due to contact with other pieces.

In order to properly store the angel aura jewelries, it is important that you find an appropriate storage box which should be lined in velvet or any other type of protective cloth. This will help keep dust away from the delicate material while also allowing air stagnant to make sure the stones stay strong and vibrant within the box. Additionally, storing each piece separately will reduce accidental scratching and chipping which could occur otherwise form contact between different pieces.

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If your angel aur crystals should become scratched or broken due to some mismanagement, they can often be repolished using warm soapy water on a damp cloth. Be sure not too scrub too hard as this may cause more damage than heal it.

Natural sunlight helps maintain the color qualities and shine of your gemstones over time as well but be wary when placing them in direct sunlight for extended times as high temperatures can occur if left unattended for too long. If possible try and store them away from hot areas where sunlight enters indirectly such siding window sills during peak hours of the day.

Advice on When and How to Wear Angel Aura Jewelry

Angel aura jewelry is increasing in popularity due to its stunning multi-coloured iridescent effect. General advice on when and how to wear angel aura jewelry predominantly depends on the purpose for which you are wearing the jewelry. Angel aura crystal jewelry has been used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes, as well as for protection or purely cosmetic reasons.


Angel aura can be used therapeutically in many ways. It connects with divine energies of the angelic realms, allowing for healing and stimulate spiritual growth. It can be worn at any time and in any occasion including while sleeping. Wearing it next to the skin is recommended if you would like to benefit from its healing properties most effectively.


Wearing an angel aura pendant around your neck is recommended if you want the angel forces working alongside you all day long. You can also visualise angels around you when wearing it, which helps create a protective atmosphere against negative vibes or intentions from others around you.


Angel aura looks beautiful when worn. It makes a great statement piece that will catch people’s eyes with its shimmery light reflection feature. It is best paired with a simple outfit so that it stands out more and can help create a lively look even just by itself without adding other accessories into the mix. Here are some suggestions on what to pair with Angel Aura:

  • A plain black t-shirt with jeans
  • A white button-down shirt
  • A little black dress

How to Select the Right Angel Aura Crystal for You and Your Needs

Angel aura crystals are unique pieces of jewelry that are said to have healing powers. Angel Aura crystals are made with an amethyst crystal that is bonded to or coated in various metals like Platinum, Titanium, or Silver.

The colors range from soft pastels to bright rainbows and each color indicates a different type of energy that it can bring into your life. For instance, the pink crystals aid in developing compassion and understanding while green ones promote emotional balance and harmony in relationships.

When choosing an angel aura crystal for yourself, it’s important to consider the type of energy you want to bring into your life as well as any specific ailments or issues you want relief from. The color of the crystal should be taken into account when making your choice; for example, if you need help expressing yourself confidently, then a pink crystal might be best suited for you.

If you’re looking for clarity or greater motivation in life, then a blue crystal could work wonders.

Not only can certain colors influence different energies within us but they can help bring increased mental and physical strength too. For instance, A deep purple may increase our imagination and stimulate intuition; while clear stones help sharpen psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.

Likewise yellowtones can sharpen focused energy and aid in decision making while earth tones like browns’s give off grounding energies. It also helps if you hold each crystal before deciding which one will be right for you; this way you’ll know how each one makes you feel on a deeper level which might be more impactful than simply considering aesthetics alone.

Ultimately angel aura crystals provide beautiful energies with powerful healing properties that allow us to integrate them into our lives easily as we progress along our journey towards self-improvement and enlightenment. With some consideration of your own needs and desires combined with knowledge of what each color means, selecting the perfect piece of angel aura jewelry is easier than ever so search until you find your perfect match today.