Afon Jewelry

Introduction to Afon Jewelry

Afon Jewelry is a luxury outlet originally established in New York City in the early 1900’s. From the start, their commitment to creating beautiful and timeless jewelry has been unwavering and today they remain an iconic brand known worldwide.

They offer high-end diamond, gold and platinum pieces plus a wide array of gemstones from emeralds, diamonds sapphires and rubies. All carefully selected for maximum effect and timeless beauty. Afon Jewelry offers unique designs that incorporate traditional techniques as well as contemporary ideas along with modern technologies which are crafted by artisans who take pride in their workmanship. With these practices our clients can be sure that the pieces they purchase are of the highest quality available on today’s market.

Our classic designs range from stunning engagement rings to earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, statement pieces and more. We also provide custom design services for those seeking something truly special. Our master goldsmith partners will be happy to assist creating truly one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry with special meaning whether as a gift or personal adornment. In addition to offering unbeatable craftsmanship, Afon Jewelry also pays attention to trends while keeping each piece looking classy and tasteful ensuring our customers receive timeless creations no matter when they have been made

A Brief History of Afon Jewelry

Afon Jewelry was founded in 1997 after the Philanthropic Initiative of Mr. Tom Ferris and his wife, Anna Louise Ferris. The company started out by offering innovative jewelry designed and crafted with traditional methods to deliver a timeless yet stylish look. With its keen eye on quality, Afon quickly gained a respected standing in the world-wide market for fine jewelry.

By 2001 Afon began skipping the middleman and opening its own retail stores which showcased unique pieces from collections all over the globe—especially from their own workshops based near Florence, Italy. Every piece was lovingly crafted by hand, handmade and examined five times to ensure every detail is perfect before being offered for sale at an affordable price point.

The next arrival came in 2008 when Afon extended its reach further by opening up an iconic flagship store located in London’s fashionable Regent Street and became certified as an environmentally friendly company by utilizing Gold Refined™ green gold processing techniques which avoided wasteful mining practices and heavily reduced the use of electricity, water, and other resources.

Today, Afon Jewels is recognized as one of the most reputable jewelers in Europe with millions of satisfied customers who appreciate their sustainable philosophy matched with elegant style they offer year round with exclusive offers such as designing custom pieces online or through personalized services like creating custom diamond necklaces or rings just to name a few! Whether it be an engagement ring or simply celebrating small moments, Afon makes sure to make every life experience memorable with something special that will last forever.

Quality and Craftsmanship of Afon Jewelry

Afon Jewelry is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship, as each piece is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the best materials possible and skillful hands. Every product that leaves their workshop reflects the same level of quality, regardless of its size or design.

The company uses only the finest alloys such as sterling silver and 14K gold to ensure their jewelry will last a lifetime. They carefully select stones from around the world and take care to ensure their merchandise is conflict-free, both ethically and morally. Their artisans combine traditional metalworking techniques with sophisticated modern machinery to bring out unique features in each piece.

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To guarantee customer satisfaction, Afon Jewelry’s craftspeople use special tools to sign each work on acanthus leaf shapes so customers know it’s an original item. This signature ensures that no two pieces are ever alike, making sure that every piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

The company takes great pride in its commitment to producing high standards when it comes to crafting jewelry pieces. As a result, they are confident that they can meet any challenge while offering exceptional quality at affordable prices – an essential factor when considering fine jewelry.

Types of Afon Jewelry

Afon Jewelry offers an impressive and stunning selection of jewelry pieces for all occasions. Whether looking for something special for a gift, or wanting to add some sparkle to any outfit – Afon has something available in every style. For those with contemporary tastes, there are necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings featuring modern designs in gold and silver. Those who prefer exquisite classic jewelry have an array of vintage-style options to choose from as well. Afon Jewelry also offers beautiful items set with semi-precious stones, unique pieces crafted from precious metals such as platinum or palladium, and even luxurious diamond designs if you’re feeling truly indulgent! And for those special moments when only the most extraordinary will do, take your pick from the incredible couture collections that showcase the best of luxury and craftsmanship in every piece. No matter what the occasion or preference, Afon Jewelry provides remarkable choice in quality adornment – go ahead and show off that unique shine!

Styling with Afon Jewelry

One of the best ways to show off your Afon Jewelry is to mix pieces within the collection for an optimal styling look. Here are some tips and ideas for finding the perfect match.

Mix metal tones: If you have a necklace and bracelet in gold, pair it with earrings or a ring from our silver collection for a beautiful contrasting look.

Color blocking: Create visual interest by combining bold colors such as coral, turquoise and deep purple together in one outfit. You can even switch up patterns that feature these colors like striped pendant with a solid ring.

Layer it up: Want more of a dramatic effect? Stack some gold cuffs and wear multiple rings along with dainty necklaces to give your look dimension. With typical classic combinations, it’s easy to opt for a coordinated jewelry set – but layering Afon pieces creates an extra special statement!

Care and Maintenance of Afon Jewelry

Caring for Afon Jewelry is important in order to ensure its longevity and beauty. We recommend cleaning in warm, soapy water (using a mild soap such as dishwashing liquid) and then rinsing with warm water and drying thoroughly with a soft cloth. For best results, jewellery should be stored in a clean, dry area out of direct sunlight.

When wearing your Afon Jewelry avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as chlorine, perfume, hairspray and detergents. Ion plating should not be exposed to heat or hot water because it reduces the lifespan of the coating. Use care when applying moisturiser or other creams while wearing jewellery as this may cause discolouration over time.

We also suggest that you have your jewelry inspected regularly by a professional jeweler every 6-12 months to check for any loose stones or clasps, clean the settings if needed and polish all metal components if necessary. If you plan on going swimming or in any other water related activity please remove any jewellery before hand to prevent tarnishing and discolouration.. Do not sleep while wearing jewellery as this can lead to problems such as chipped stones or twisted chains; [you should also] protect your jewelry when doing activities such as household chores and gardening which could potentially damage pieces due to contact with harsh chemicals and abrasive objects etc.*

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Finally, when not wearing your jewelry ensure that it is kept safely secure in an appropriate box or packets with anti-tarnish strips inside – avoiding contact from anything that may prematurely age the material used in the piece(s). Be sure to only use specialized cleaning fluid designed for jewellery – never mix products together when cleaning nor ever submerge gemstones into any potion fluids. This can weaken them overtime and damage their structure making them look dull.

Inspirational Real-life Stories

At Afon Jewelry, what truly makes hearts grow fonder is when a gift from us feels even more special. One of our most treasured experiences was when one of our customers wanted to surprise her daughter with a necklace that featured the names of her grandparents. Each piece was custom-made with so much love and care – in the exact font they requested – all the while providing a thoughtful way to honor the family’s beloved memories.

When our customer’s daughter opened her special gift, it was filled with tears and laughter as she carefully admired each engraving. Knowing how much joy it brought during such an important milestone in life made it all worth it for us. We smiled ear to ear as we welcomed this touching story into our family of admirers willing to go above and beyond to show their appreciation for loved ones.

This moving experience reaffirmed the importance of providing meaningful gifts through jewelry design – something we enjoy doing every day at Afon Jewelry! Further stories from our customers and admirers have gone on to inspire beautiful expressions of thankfulness and heartfelt gestures, ranging from sentimental anniversaries, breathtaking engagements, inspiring graduations, multifaceted symbols of friendship, lovely mothers rings and so much more! Our pieces carry with them stories full of love and appreciation, simple reminders that create lasting impressions throughout generations.


Afon Jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion. Its unique pieces are carefully crafted and created with sustainability in mind: each piece is made using recycled and upcycled materials, helping us to look after the environment and support an ethical industry. The jewelry pieces feature a lovely blend of classic and modern design elements, making them timeless and suitable for anyone. Each piece is handmade by experienced local artisans, ensuring that every item is made with care and attention to detail. The variety of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, metals and gems mean that you can find something special for your loved one that reflects their individual style. As well as making stunning gifts, Afon Jewelry also offers unique customization features so you can create something truly extraordinary. From meaningful engravings to creating entirely new pieces, you can make your gift even more special. So whether it’s a birthday present or a wedding anniversary surprise – Afon Jewelry has something for every occasion!

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