Affordable By Design Jewelry

Affordable by Design Jewelry is a quality jewelry brand dedicated to making luxurious, stylish pieces of jewelry accessible and affordable to all. Unlike many jewelry brands that are limited to only the wealthy, Affordable by Design Jewelry allows anyone and everyone to own beautiful pieces of fine jewelry without breaking the bank. Since its inception in 2019, the brand has continued to make strides in providing customers with lasting, quality pieces that deliver timeless elegance and sophistication.

Design: Stylish Designs for Every Occasion The designs featured in Affordable by Design Jewelry lines always put fashion first while maintaining accessibility and affordability. Not only can customers purchase pieces for regular wear, but they also have the option of choosing from an array of sets suitable for formal occasions-all while being budget-conscious.

From contemporary necklaces to classic earrings, there is something for everyone available from this collection. Whether it’s buying as a gift for someone special or simply treating oneself, Affordable by Design Jewelry has become a go-to source for designer costume jewelry made with genuine materials.

Materials: Genuine Materials Used A major draw of Affordable by Design Jewelery is its use of genuine materials such as silver and gold-plated metals as well as Swarovski Crystals, CZ Diamonds, stones and more. Each piece created is set with quality materials so customers have the assurance that their purchased piece will last no matter how often it gets worn.

As an added bonus, all items come presented inside high-quality cases meaning customers can be sure their new accessory will stay protected during its journey to them-every custom prefers safekeeping after all. Furthermore, accompanying each item also includes an authenticity card further confirming that not only is your order coming straight from the factory floor but at a wonderful price too.

Benefits of Affordable by Design Jewelry

Affordable by Design jewelry is an incredible new concept in the jewelry industry. By creating high-quality jewelry pieces that are designed to be affordable, customers have access to beautiful and timeless adornments without breaking the bank. This concept takes into account the fact that quality-made products should not solely be reserved for those who can afford a higher price tag.

The beauty of Affordable by Design is that each piece has been crafted with tremendous attention to detail, delivering customers great value at a fraction of a cost than its typical counterparts. The top-grade materials used for all theirjewelry pieces will provide you with years of enjoyment without having to spend an extravagant amount of money.

In addition, because these designs are affordable, you can experiment with lots of different looks so you will never get bored with what you decide to wear.

For those who value uniqueness and high “wow factor” when wearingjewelry, Affordable by Design shines in its selection of exclusive pieces which feature striking colors and intricate detailing; yet still managed to come in prices competitive with more commercial pieces found in larger jewelry stores. These one-of-a-kind items range from earrings embellished with colorful semi-precious stones or fashion rings mixed with rose gold and sterling silver combining classic lines with modern twists.

Furthermore, many accessories featured throughout their extensive catalog manage to include men’s jewlry – giving your partner the opportunity to enjoy unique fashion trends available today for everyone regardless of sex or age.

Affordable by Design’s inventory curation is vast, offering a wide array of styles ranging from traditional motifs, vintage charm,estoresque luxury – giving everybody an ideal choice for any occasion and wearer personality combined together perfectly. Ultimately, by shopping at Affordable by design Jewelry you no longer need to sacrifice quality for affordability again.

Variety of Affordable by Design Jewelry

Affordable By Design Jewelry specialize in creating beautiful and affordable pieces of jewelry for customers. The company offers a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, all of which make for some lovely additions to any outfit. From gold to silver, Affordable By Design Jewelry has the perfect accessory for any occasion.


The designs offered vary from classic shapes like circles, hearts, crosses and stars to more intricate designs such as filigree and beading. For more elaborate pieces, the customer can also opt for personalized designs with engravings or charms. All of the designs are handmade with high-quality materials that promise durability and strength.


Affordable By Design uses precious metals like sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. They also offer various gemstones that add color and sparkle to their collections; customers can choose from sapphire, emeralds, rubies and opals among many others.

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These materials are 100 percent authentic which makes them a great investment in terms of lifetime value. Additionally, Affordable By Design Jewelry has a range of Contemporary Synthetic Materials such as Cubic Zirconia or Cubic CZ to add an extra something to its items; these stones reflect light in a way that Maximizes Shine – this makes them High Quality alternatives for those on budget.


To ensure maximum satisfaction with their consistent products, Affordable By Design also follows guidelines strictly during the production process; pieces go through several quality checking processes during design development until completion of order shipment. Additionally, all orders come accompanied by a certificate compliance verification so customers know they’re getting genuine precious stones or metals. The company is also compliant with environmental policies which help reduce energy consumption throughout the production process.

Background of Affordable by Design Jewelry

Affordable by Design Jewelry, otherwise known as ABD Jewelry, is an independent jewelry label operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by Moha Awad since he began the company in 2014, the primary mission of this business has been to provide high-quality jewelry at a price point that’s accessible to everyone. The idea behind the name is that ABD Jewelry strives to have “affordability built into the design”.

Moha was first inspired to start his own jewelry company when he became disappointed with the limited selection of high-end accessories available for those on a budget. Having grown up surrounded by family artisans and traders within the goldsmith and artisanal craftsmanship industry in Egypt, Moha had a deep appreciation for classic styles combined with modern trends. With this knowledge, it only made sense for him to channel his passion into creating fine jewelry pieces at reasonable prices.

Going against traditional jewelry retailers, ABD Jewelry puts their main focus on custom design which makes each piece unique and encourages customers to become involved in the creative process along with Moha himself. Drawing inspiration from history and culture around the world, he likes to combine different techniques with contemporary style elements in order to create something truly special for every customer who comes through his door.

For example, one of his signature pieces is a vibrant opal pendant set between golden filigrees designed off Filigree Craft practiced throughout India. Such combination highlights Moha’s willingness to be open minded towards reviving vintage artisan techniques while staying loyal to classy contemporary designs.

Going beyond jewellery apparel Accessories like vintage watches have been added as well. As if not letting any opportunity pass it by – ABD Jewelry continues adding genuine leather products handcrafted from guatemala city. While expressing an eclectic mix between boho chic fashion statement – rooted in tradition colors from Guatemala.

Special Features of Affordable by Design Jewelry

Affordable by Design Jewelry has proven to be the go-to brand for those not willing to sacrifice style and quality for price. With its minimalist designs, creative design elements, and high-quality materials, Affordable by Design jewelry offers something that is truly unique.

  • Minimalist Designs
  • Affordable by Design jewelry offers a range of versatile minimalist designs that express individual style without being overly flashy. Whether you’re looking for subtle studs or bold hoop earrings, there are plenty of options to choose from.

  • Creative Design Elements
  • Affordable by Design also features creative design elements such as intricate filigree detailing, delicate chains, vivid colored accents and more. These pieces are perfect for adding some extra sparkle and pizzazz to any look.

  • High Quality Materials
  • The Affordable by Design brand uses only the highest quality materials available when creating its pieces such as sterling silver, gold plated brass, and genuine gemstones. This ensures that each piece is crafted with durability and longevity in mind while still remaining affordable. Plus shipping is free for all orders over $40 so it’s easy on the wallet too.

How to Maintain Affordable by Design Jewelry

Affordable by Design jewelry is known for its creative designs and quality craftsmanship. With proper care, it can last a lifetime. Here are some tips on how to maintain and take care of Affordable by Design jewelry in order to keep it looking beautiful.


  • Use a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris from the piece.
  • Gently brush away any excess residue with an old toothbrush.
  • Wash the jewelry using soap and warm water, rinse thoroughly, then dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.


  • Store your jewelry separately so that items don’t get scratched or tangled.
  • Keep pieces in a fabric-lined box or drawer.
  • Put each item into an individual plastic baggie for extra protection from oxidation, tarnishing and scratching.
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  • Inspect the item regularly for wear & tear. If you notice any damage, please visit your local jeweler for professional repair or restoration services.
  • Replace missing clasps, pins, or other components if necessary.
  • If stones are loose in their settings, they should be re-tightened by a professional.

Where to Find Affordable by Design Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or need to complete your daily outfit, jewelry can easily add style and class to an ensemble. However, not everyone has the budget to purchase expensive designer pieces. Fortunately, Affordable by Design jewelry offers high-quality pieces at an unbeatable price that become the perfect accessory for any occasion. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying Affordable by Design jewelry online versus physical stores.

First, let’s look at purchasing items in physical stores. Shopping from a store allows customers to try on multiple styles and get a feel for how the jewelry looks before making a purchase.

Additionally, they have immediate access to assistance when needed from experienced salespeople or staff members who can provide valuable insights on certain styles and materials used in each piece of jewelry. However, physical stores do have limitations as customers may find limited options available and often have no idea what other pieces exist until special orders can be made.

The alternative is shopping online, which provides several advantages over physical stores. Online jewellery offers significantly more variety than traditional stores with countless unique designs that would otherwise be unavailable to shoppers locally. Because online reviewers provide detailed insight into quality and performance of products being offered it’s easier to make informed decisions even though you don’t physically inspect the goods first hand.

Also when shopping at online jewellery stores customers save time as it doesn’t require travelling from shop to shop in search of desired items and instead makes selection process direct from comfort of own home or mobile device from anywhere at any time; as long as they’re connected to internet.

Moreover since there are no overhead costs associated with web-based retailers prices tend be considerably lower than those offered at usual brick-and-mortar jewellery shops meaning it’s possible purchase stunning pieces even when dealing with tight budget constraints or financial contingencies while also avoiding added cost associated with transportation (in case item needs shipped).

Finally let’s summarise advantages of each option:

  • Shopping in physical stores – Ability try out different styles/pieces & receive advice face-to-face.
  • Shopping online – Access countless unique designs & information regarding product quality, Save time & money


The conclusion to Affordable By Design Jewelry is that not only do they offer reasonably priced jewelry but also a variety of financing options to help consumers get the items they want. Their payment plans allow customers to make several small payments on a piece of gold or silver jewelry, so no one has to deny themselves the joys that this beautiful accessory has to offer.

This easy process is designed with the customer in mind and ensures that everyone has access to quality jewelry at an affordable cost.

Not only does Affordable By Design Jewelry have excellent financing options, but their selection of products is unbeatable. They offer pieces of gold and silver at all range of prices, from under $30 up towards hundreds of dollars. Whether you are looking for something special for yourself or a unique gift for someone else, Affordable By Design can provide it. Plus each item comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee should any issues arise.

Lastly, Affordable by Design maintains its commitment to brilliant craftsmanship and exceptional customer service which sets them apart from other jewelry stores in the market today. As well as offering free shipping within United States and discounts all year round, their helpful team seeks to understand your needs before suggesting products tailored specifically for you – no matter what budget you may be on or what look you’re trying to achieve.

Therefore, if you’re searching around for excellent value designs then Affordable By Design Jewelry should be your go-to place for affordable yet quality fine jewellery.