A Link Jewelry Design

Introduction to A Link Jewelry Design

A Link Jewelry Design is a jewelry-making business that specializes in stunning and unique jewellery pieces. A Link Jewelry Design offers customers the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind custom designs or purchase pre-made pieces of jewellery from their collection. Crafted with top quality materials, their pieces range from classic to modern designs. They offer earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more – something perfect for everyone! Whether you’re looking for bridal jewellery or something special for your next event – they’ve got you covered!

Their website is beautifully crafted with hundreds of images showcasing just some of their lovely creations. Customers can easily browse through the pages to find the perfect piece of jewellery to go with their special event. For those wishing to go down the custom route, they offer a bespoke service with consultations held online or in store. Here customers can describe what type of design they are looking for and their highly skilled team will get to work creating their masterpiece!

Whether it’s a birthday present or a simply an accessory for the wardrobe – A Link Jewelry Design provide amazing jewelry at affordable prices and truly make every occasion sparkle!

The A Link Story

A Link Jewelry Design was founded by the designer Claire Lander in 2005. After many years of design experience in the fashion and jewelry industry, she set out to create a company that would provide sophisticated and timeless pieces that could be worn for both special occasions and everyday adventures. With her passion for jewelry making, Claire has seen her designs come to life with each new piece.

Claire draws inspiration from an ever-changing world around her, seeing beauty in everything from architecture to nature’s curves. She sources her materials from all over the globe and uses traditional artisanal techniques to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that bring a unique touch to any outfit or style. This level of care and master craftsmanship really brings A Link Jewellery Designs’ product line to life, providing subtle twinkles of glittering light combined with elegant details inspired by nature.

With a focus on authenticity, uniqueness and intrinsic quality, it is easy to see why customers are drawn to Claire’s creativity. Since 2005, A Link Jewellery Designs has been working hard to create jewellery designs that exude character, elegance and beauty for any occasion. From modern hoop earrings featuring intertwining lines of precisely cut tension diamonds and contemporary rings elegantly designed with entwined strands of bright sapphires; each piece tells a story that is unique yet timeless. These stories draw the customer in, inspiring the memories they will make when wearing their personalized piece of art – something no other accessory can provide!

The Craftsmanship and Quality of A Link Jewelry

At A Link Jewelry Design, we take unparalleled pride in the caliber of craftsmanship that goes into each of our pieces. Our prestigious team of designers, jewelers and craftsmen has over 65 years combined experience in creating some of the most beautiful custom-made jewelry in the world.

We utilize a variety of crafting techniques to create our personalized designs, including casting, stamping and engraving for fine details as well as soldering and polishing. Our casting techniques result in very intricate detailing that can be seen at a microscopic level; we use high-grade gold or platinum to ensure long lasting results. Our process begins with specialty waxes which are handcrafted using discarded wax molds. This helps produce consistent textures with stunning aesthetic detail that is perfectly preserved during the investment step before being casted.

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Once our pieces have been molded, we then move onto stamping and engraving our intricately detailed designs unto them – often utilizing lasers and CAD programs. Using these methods provides superior accuracy when compared to conventional methods such as etching by hand. After this, we take special care to polish every piece ensuring maximum brilliance while retaining all its minute details before attaching it to its setting with soldering expertise that is unsurpassed by any other standard in the industry.

All our final products are imbued with an eye for quality assurance from start to finish providing luxurious results that make A Link Jewelry Design one of a kind – a fitting symbol for those once-in-a-lifetime occasions!

A Look at the Core Values and Ethos of A Link Jewelry Design

A Link Jewelry Design is built on a belief in connecting people with timeless jewelry that provides more than just beauty. The brand strays away from traditional corporate values to prioritize elements such as craftsmanship, quality and meaningful relationships.

At A Link Jewelry Design customer satisfaction is the priority and every piece of jewelry is made with exceptional attention to detail and quality. By investing in skills, knowledge and the right materials, they produce pieces of jewelry that are made to last. In addition, the artisans have a passion for heritage jewellery techniques which can guarantee that each item is crafted with authenticity.

The company values customer service highly to ensure customers are receiving the best experience possible. One way this is achieved is by providing personalized customer support offering advice both before purchasing and after as A Link Jewelry Design’s team want you to be delighted with your purchase for years to come.

Moreover, A Link Jewelry Design’s ethos focuses on being earth conscious through using recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds when possible in order to remain environmentally friendly under their commitment to responsible production practices. Not only does this support sustainability efforts but also helps raise awareness of ethical and sustainable practices among customers and within their business network.

A Link Jewelry Design’s aim is for its pieces become beloved family heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation; therefore, they offer free lifetime inspections, free cleaning services and free rhodium plating services infinite times during the lifetime of a piece of jewelry bought at A Link Jewelry Design so it will always look its best regardless of age or occasion.

Showcasing of Recent Creations

A Link Jewelry Design showcases the latest creations created by the company, offering customers a unique opportunity to see pieces which have been made especially for them. Customers can watch video interviews with the designer of these pieces, to gain an understanding of how each piece has been made and why certain design choices were made. Many customers even have the chance to speak to the designer themselves, or at least watch them as they discuss their inspiration and techniques that they’ve utilized when creating new designs. The studio also has photographs from shoots of recent collections, and customers can browse through these displays to admire their favourite pieces in greater detail. Customers who purchase something from A Link Jewelry Design can look forward to having it delivered in special boxes, protected by stylish packaging to ensure the item is completely secure until its buyer is ready to wear it. Furthermore, after-sales services are available such as cleaning and polishing of existing jewelry pieces so people don’t have worry about keeping their jewelry in perfect condition for years to come.

Finishing Touches

A Link Jewelry Design has been captivating the hearts of jewelry lovers for years with their eye-catching and intricate designs. Their collections include customizable simple, but stunning pieces that anyone can enjoy wearing. Not to mention, every piece is made with utmost attention to detail so that it stands out from other jewelry brands.

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Experts in the fashion industry have raved about A Link Jewelry Design’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even those who are not particularly fond of accessories or jewelry find themselves drawn to the subtle elegance of A Link Jewelry Design’s creations. The materials used for each and every design has them lasting for years without any issue too, making these pieces a great investment for all of those looking for an exceptional item.

Satisfied customers also rave about this brand. They praise the stylish beauty of A Link pieces, noting that they always get compliments when wearing them at events or special occasions. Customers love how light they feel while still giving off a luxurious impression, making them comfortable yet luxurious enough to wear on any occasion and not come up short.

The finishing touches make all the difference when it comes to A Link Jewelry Design’s products; no wonder why so many people love them! Every design showcases a unique blend between functionality and aesthetics, creating masterpieces that everyone can appreciate and admire. Whether you’re looking for a timeless heirloom or an eye-catching statement piece, fans are sure to find something special among the vast selection offered by A Link Jewelry Designs!


A Link Jewelry Design is a company dedicated to the craftsmanship of creating beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces. Although highly experienced artisans craft these pieces, each customer plays an important role in contributing to the overall legacy of A Link Jewelry Design. From having Christmas parties with ironers and goldsmiths, to preserving vintage 80s designs, customers are at the heart of every piece they create.

Customers have the opportunity to make their mark on the history of A Link Jewelry Design. One way they can do this is by submitting ideas and feedback through the company’s various channels. By providing insight into their favorite looks and styles, customers help refine and shape each new collection that comes out. Additionally, customers who purchase jewelry from A Link Jewelry Design can also share stories about how it affects their lifestyle or how it reflects their personal style – allowing them to be part of something special and contribute even further to the legacy that A Link has created over its decades-long existence.

In addition, customers can show appreciation for their favorite designers by following them on social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest and staying up-to-date with all their projects. They can also reach out directly through email or over the phone for more details on specific designs or materials used for a particular piece. By listening to what customers have to say and collaborating with them along each step of the way, A Link Jewelry Design creates unforgettable memories that will live on forever in heirlooms passed down through generations!

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